75 cheap, clever gifts for women that are 10x more impressive than what you usually give

Get ready to take your gifting to the next level.

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I always get a little annoyed with myself when I buy and wrap up another generic gift. We all do it sometimes because, it’s hard to find something amazing for the women in your life without spending your entire paycheck. So, I found 75 gifts that are 10 times more impressive than your go-to scented candle or butterfly-printed tea towel.

Every idea on this list is super clever but still just as cheap as whatever gift you usually grab. Plus, there are still plenty of soothing spa-like options and cool home goods to choose from if you just really love the calming candle or kitschy kitchen towel.


This water-resistant bamboo bath tray with spots for everything

This bamboo bathtub tray is a great go-to because every busy person can use a wine holder or a secure spot for their phone during a relaxing bath. The waterproof design lets you prop up a tablet for scrolling or watching a show, and there’s also plenty of room for body scrub and extra bubble bath on this expandable piece.


A vibrant, softening body scrub with soothing lavender

This 10-ounce tub of body scrub is adorable enough to display on your bathroom countertop with its vibrant purple color, and it has super soothing ingredients. It’s filled with calming lavender oil, glowy grapefruit oil, hydrating shea butter, and, of course, plenty of exfoliating natural sea salt.


This secure roll-up mat to keep puzzles portable & tidy

This puzzle mat makes it easy to take a break from an intricate puzzle because you can roll it right up into the included storage bag. It comes with foam rollers and sturdy straps to make the cleanup process easier. Plus, the bottom is non-slip to keep an otherwise slippery puzzle in place.


This zip-on silk pillowcase with a cooling, soft feel

This zip-on pillowcase is made of luxurious 100% mulberry silk, but this chic fabric is surprisingly machine-washable. It has a cool touch that will be a serious upgrade paired with any sheet set. In addition to looking so expensive and stunning, it helps with skin hydration and even prevents frizzy hair overnight.


A spa-like micro-needle roller for extra glow in their skincare routine

This titanium micro-needling roller will easily pair with their usual skincare because it’s a quick-to-use exfoliator, thanks to the 540 .25-millimeter titanium needles. This sleek little roller also feels spa-like, and it’s even ideal to use right before any serums to make them absorb even better.


These dainty earrings that are filled with real miniature flowers

These teardrop earrings stand out from all of the minimalist hoops and studs because they have real pressed flowers inside. These super dainty miniature flowers are arranged in clear resin to create a colorful floral pattern, and it’s all finished off with sterling silver trim.

  • Available styles: 6


A versatile, easy-to-use egg cooker with 91,000 five-star reviews

This egg cooker is super useful but also adorable to gift with a bubble-like shape and colorful design. This mini appliance can cook up to six boiled eggs at once, and you even get dishwasher-safe poaching and omelet-making tools, which makes it super versatile for hands-off cooking. It also has a labeled measuring cup and a single button on the front to make it extra easy to use in the morning.


This super popular card game that only takes a few minutes to learn

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza is a colorful card game that doesn’t need a ton of complicated instructions. It comes with easy-to-learn illustrations that only take a few minutes to understand, and each game session only lasts 10 to 15 minutes. This adorable game is so easy that you only have to learn the five words that are printed right on the box, which is why it has a 4.8-star rating after 42,000 reviews.


These mushroom-shaped plant stakes to help their watering schedule

Not only will these watering stakes help plant parents out with their watering schedule, but they’ll also look like adorable little mushrooms growing in each planter. The terra cotta material will automatically add water to dry potting soil for up to two weeks and have big holes on top for mess-free refills.


These iridescent & geometric wine glasses that are so trendy

These stemless wine glasses have a super trendy iridescent finish that will easily stand out from the classic glasses in their cabinet. This unique glass design creates a rainbow finish that’s still transparent enough to see how much wine you have left. They also have a geometric design to make these dishwasher-safe and colorful glasses really stand out.


A long-lasting eyelash curler with a chic satin pouch

This eyelash curler feels super expensive because it comes with a chic satin storage bag and has a glossy rose gold finish. This gentle yet effective beauty tool will also last way longer than a classic curler because this lifting curler comes with removable silicone pads that are easy to replace when they wear out.


This compact milk frother that works with the touch of 1 button

This milk frother is a super versatile gift. Not only will it froth up whatever milk is their go-to in 15 seconds, but it also mixes up matcha or hot chocolate with the simple press of a button. The lightweight frother has a handheld design that will easily fit next to any coffee setup, and it even has a sturdy stainless steel stand.


A Hawaiian sugar lip scrub that’s seriously hydrating

This lip scrub comes in an aesthetic little container that will look so cute on the bathroom counter. Beyond its packaging, this tub is filled with exfoliating Hawaiian cane sugar, hydrating shea butter, and even kukui oil, so you won’t even have to reach for a lip balm after using this restorative, brightening scrub.


A unique hand-casting kit with mess-free steps & tools

This hand-casting kit makes it easy to craft a mess-free statue, which is ideal for couples, families, or even pet parents. This budget-friendly kit has every possible tool you might need to create a unique keepsake, like a detailing stick, sandpaper, and even practice powders so you get the perfect cast.


These shower steamers with a ton of luxurious & stain-free options

These shower steamers are obviously a go-to gift with their adorable gift box and spa-like designs. Each colorful steamer is packed with essential oils and sprinkled with little dried flowers to make them feel even more luxurious. They have a stain-free design to keep your tub clean, and these chic steamers even work with cold showers.


A chic faux leather tote with durable reinforced stitching

This minimalist faux-leather tote bag is such an easy-to-style option, and it even comes with a chic little tassel. It also has reinforced stitching, so it’s sturdy enough for whatever laptop or heavy water bottle you need to carry. Of course, there’s also a button on top to make this budget-friendly bag even more versatile, and it comes in nearly 150 styles for every person on your shopping list.

  • Available colors: 148


This fluffy sock pack with soothing lavender & vitamin E built-in

This two-pack of fluffy socks are even better than normal. Why? Because the soft, plush fabric is infused with lavender and vitamin E, so they’ll relax you and moisturize your feet without feeling greasy or sticky like lotion. These machine-washable socks also have a stretchy fit that’s comfy on your ankles.

  • Available styles: 15


This stress-relieving coloring book with curse words & intricate designs

Not only is this adult coloring book filled with pretty, intricate designs, but it also has hilarious quotes with plenty of stress-relieving curse words sprinkled in. You also get 30 fine-tip markers to fill in each elaborate design and all of the pun-filled quotes. It’s a winning combo that has earned a 4.7-star rating on Amazon.


These cuticle pushers with an aesthetic & washable glass design

This pack of cuticle pushers is surprising luxurious, thanks to the frosted glass design that’ll look seriously aesthetic with anyone’s polish and nail care tools. They have a dual-sided design, with a larger pusher as well as a precise pointed end for cleaning harder-to-reach spots. These easy-to-rinse cuticle pushers also come with storage cases to protect the glass design.


These versatile & dainty bud vases with a modern look

These bud vases are a super versatile decor piece for plant parents because they have the perfect compact shape for propagation projects. If they don’t have a ton of house plants, these dainty glass vases with a chic wooden base are also perfect for flowers.


A cult favorite lip balm with moisturizing murumuru seed butter

Not only is this lightweight lip balm super trendy right now, but it also has a unique gummy bear flavor and subtle purple tint that’s so unique and fun. (But if that isn’t your vibe, it comes in four other flavors and colors.) The glossy formula also has shea butter, vitamin C, and murumuru seed butter to make this aesthetic balm super moisturizing.


A heart-shaped initial necklace with durable 14-karat gold plating

This is the trendiest initial necklace because the choker style with an adjustable chain is easy to layer, and it comes with an adorable, tiny heart charm. This custom-feeling initial charm might look dainty, but it’s actually made of brass with super durable 14-karat gold plating, which makes it look much more expensive than it is.

  • Available styles: 53


An expensive-looking LED wine opener with 27,000 five-star reviews

This electric wine opener looks like such an expensive gift because it has a sleek LED light and a matching foil cutter. Beyond looking so premium, this best-seller is functional and opens up 30 bottles before you need to charge it again. When you do need to recharge it, this stainless steel bottle opener comes with a tidy little charging stand that’s easy to tuck in a cabinet.


This quirky planter that’s actually quite practical

Grab this adorable planter for a decorative piece to mix in with all of the plain pots in a plant parent’s home. They can also change up this face-shaped planter’s hair depending on what greenery they plant in it. To top it off, it has furniture-protecting pads and, of course, a drainage hole, which makes this unique decor piece a premium pot on its own.


This rechargeable electric lighter that looks so sleek

This electric lighter has LED lights to show how much charge it has, and it’s a great reusable option for someone with a large, pricey candle collection they already have. This sleek candle lighter has a USB charging port is neatly hidden, so it’ll still look sleek on a coffee table. Plus, it has a sliding button to tuck away and protect the actual lighter head after lighting a candle.


A chic compact mirror with an LED makeup light

This light-up mirror has the same ring of super bright LEDs that a makeup mirror on a vanity or bathroom counter would have, but it’s small enough to take with you. This clever compact has a foldable design to keep it scratch-free in your bag. Plus, one of the mirrors is 10X magnification to really feel like you’re using your fancy makeup mirror at home.


These furniture-protecting record-shaped coasters with colorful labels

This pack of record-shaped coasters comes with a bunch of different labels for colorful and music-themed coffee table decor, each with a clever pun title like “Rest On Me” or “No Marks On The Table”. Each mini vinyl in this set of six is finished off with non-slip pads to protect furniture from hot coffee mugs or condensation. Plus, they come in an adorable and on-theme wood-tone gift box.


A matching bamboo matcha set that’s worth displaying

This handcrafted matcha set is the easiest way to upgrade their go-to latte because it comes with a matching (and super aesthetic) scoop, whisk, and spoon for the perfect cup of tea. The 100% natural bamboo material is easy to rinse off, and it will easily match any kitchen decor or tea station.


A 20% shea butter lotion with a luxurious finish

Not only does this hand cream look super expensive with its chic recycled aluminum packaging, but inside, it’s filled with 20% shea butter to make it feel extra luxurious. To amp up how expensive it feels, the honey and almond extract formula leaves behind a super silky finish, all while deeply moisturizing the skin.


This magnetic meat thermometer with handy temperature charts

This LED meat thermometer is a serious upgrade from a classic thermometer because it has safe cooking temperatures on the front, so you can stop googling “medium rare steak.” It accurately reads the temperature of your food within three seconds, which is just as fast as expensive, premium models. This waterproof thermometer also has a built-in magnet to keep it within reach on your fridge.


These breathable gardening gloves with a comfy & stretchy fit

These machine-washable gardening gloves are the perfect upgrade for those uncomfortable and loose-fitting rubber garden gloves because they have a stretchy design to keep all of the potting soil out. They have hand-protecting rubber details, and the bamboo fabric is breathable enough to wear on long houseplant re-potting days.

  • Available sizes: Small — 2X-Large


An exfoliating skincare cloth to take off makeup with just water

This soft makeup-removing towel is honestly easier to use than any gel formula or micellar water remover because it simply uses water. It has a soft side for washing off eye makeup and a more exfoliating side for other steps in your skincare routine or to take off stubborn makeup. It’s machine washable too, which means she can use this eraser for a long, long time.


These lightweight reading lights with cozy LED settings

These lightweight book lights are super versatile because they come with a glowy warm-toned light, a bright natural daylight option, and even an extra-soft white light, so you can use them any time of day. Clip them to a book or stand them up on a table, and these bendable LED lights will last for up to 30 hours per charge.


The durable water bottle with a genius fruit infuser inside

This water bottle isn’t your average flip-top, nonslip to-go drinking vessel. Nope. It comes with a removable infuser that allows you to flavor your H2O with berries, herbs, or other fruits for delicious, easy-to-drink hydration. For the best results, let your fruit soak for a few hours before heading out the door.


A foldable phone stand with chic gold-tone accents

Unlike most phone stands, this super compact option actually looks chic on a desk or bedside table. It has non-slip details that blend right in with the trendy color and a glam gold-tone accent on the adjustable arm. It also folds up flat, so you can easily take this piece from the bedroom to the office to the kitchen.


This spa-like exfoliating mitt that’s completely reusable

This exfoliating mitt is a spa-like gift that’s completely reusable. It’s the perfect exfoliator to hang in the shower and reach for every two weeks for smoother, softer skin or before applying self-tanner. After each use, it creates glowy skin, and it even works on sensitive skin.


A peace lily plant with a neutral planter & year-round blooms

This live peace lily plant is obviously better than flowers because it adds that floral vibe and a bit of greenery to their space year-round. It comes already potted in a neutral beige and white pot that’s super easy to style in any home, and it only needs some moderate watering, making it great for beginners and experienced plant parents.


A water-resistant yoga mat in the trendiest vibrant color

Even if she already has a yoga mat, this one is totally gift-worthy because it has an extra-cushioned, half-inch thick design and comes in the trendiest colors to stand out in the gym, like lime green and pink. This mat with a carrying strap is also water-resistant, so it can handle sweat, and it’s easy to wipe down after working out.


The luxe glitter- & flower petal-infused bath bombs with a 4.8-star rating

This gift set of scented bath bombs is packed with fan-favorite scents like lavender, rose, coconut, and more, and each fizzy is unique. Some of these moisturizing bath add-ons even have dried lavender petals or shimmery glitter to make them feel even more luxe while you soak. The fragarence and color are both long-lasting, which is why this fan-favorite set has a 4.8-star rating on Amazon after over 42,000 reviews.


These automatic salt & pepper grinders with a sleek, easy-to-use design

This pack of automatic salt and pepper grinders is a sleek kitchen gift with stainless steel accents and built-in LED lights, so your giftee can see just how much seasoning they’re adding with the simple tip-over design. They have an adjustable grinder on top and clear compartments on the bottom so they can see when it’s time for a refill.


A unique indoor gardening kit that produces fun bonsai trees

This super unique indoor gardening kit comes with bonsai tree starter seeds, so plant parents can take their setup to the next level. Each kit comes with four burlap growing pots and light wood labeling stakes that will look trendy on any windowsill. Plus, it has little pruning clippers for when the four different types of bonsai trees start to grow.


These chic, viral glasses with bamboo lids & glass straws

These drinking glasses are perfect for giving their cold brew or favorite drink a trendy vibe. This drinking glass upgrade comes with bamboo lids, so they could even use them to swap out bulky to-go tumblers. Plus, the lids have perfect cutouts to fit the trendy glass straws.


An stylish throw blanket with a fluffy sherpa side

If you’re going to gift a blanket, this fleece throw is the one to go with because it has the softest, fluffiest, and warmest sherpa fabric on one side. It’s such a cozy option, but the reversible piece looks chic too, since one side has a striped color fabric that adds some brightness and texture to a living room or bedroom.


This adjustable rolling pin for *perfect* baking projects

This beech wood rolling pin is perfect for every single baking project because it comes with adjustable rings to easily control how thick the dough is. Not only are these removable rings helpful for the perfectionist baker, but this roller also has measurements printed on top, so when you need a 12-inch pie shell, you don’t have to break out a ruler.


These chunky & seriously comfy gold-plated hoops

These hoops have 14-karat gold plating to amp up how expensive they look — even though they are so cheap. Their trendy, seriously chunky design still looks minimalist with a simple infinity-style shape. Plus, this budget-friendly pair is lightweight and always super comfy with a hypoallergenic design.

  • Available colors: 3
  • Available sizes: 20 mm — 50 mm


A huge pack of soy wax with candle making accessories

This huge pack of natural and unscented soy candle wax is paired with 100 cotton wicks to make a ton of candles. It also comes with sturdy little centering tools to make sure each wick stays upright and looks professional. Perfect for beginners, this kit gives you so much wax that it won’t matter if your giftee is just starting out and messes up a few candles.


This soft & sweat-absorbent headband with Bluetooth headphones

This soft sleep headband is a stress-relieving gift because it has Bluetooth headphones hidden inside of the breathable and stretchy fabric. The pause and volume buttons on the front are equally as soft, so they won’t get in the way while your giftee is sleeping. It also absorbs sweat, so it can even work as a workout headband.

  • Available colors: 17


This sleek hand blender with a 3 useful attachments

Not only does this sleek stainless steel hand blender with nine speeds feel super fancy, but it also won’t take up a ton of space in their kitchen. It comes with classic attachments like a blender and a durable whisk, and it even comes with a trendy milk frother attachment for fancy morning lattes.


A thick camping sleeping pad that packs down to the size of a water bottle

This inflatable sleeping pad adds a luxurious touch to your camping gear because the 2-inch thick construction and unique pressure point design helps to even out body weight, which can help with tense muscles. Of course, this comfy pad is also super durable, with a waterproof and tear-proof nylon fabric and thermal insulation to keep you cozy. In the morning, this lightweight pad can fold up to the size of a water bottle for easy carrying.


These dainty glass coffee mugs with vintage-looking patterns

This unique set of coffee mugs feels super expensive with their dainty glass design, intricate vintage-style patterns, and golden spoons. Each of these 14-ounce textured mugs comes with a different pattern for a mismatched moment that will look so chic in anyone’s kitchen. Plus, the matching glass handles are nice and compact for storing them.


A clear window bird feeder with 2 food compartments

This window bird feeder with two feed compartments is a calming gift that’s seriously easy to set up. It comes with clear suction cups to blend in with the transparent design (and your window). And it’s that clear design that makes it so great for watching birds from outside and inside the house Plus, it has a weather-resistant roof and a sturdy little spot for the birds to hang out.


A chic glass cold brew maker with non-slip silicone accents

This glass cold brew coffee maker is perfect for making that jug of cold brew in the fridge look a little chicer. It has a built-in filter and easy-to-read measurements on the side. Plus, it comes with an air-tight silicone cap and a matching silicone base, so it will keep your coffee fresh and won’t slide around on a fridge shelf.


This fan-favorite pack of de-puffing gold eye masks

It doesn’t matter how many eye masks your giftee has in a skincare drawer — these de-puffing, brightening 24-karat gold-infused eye masks are so cool looking that you just have to gift them. Just put them on for 20 minutes, and anyone will look well-rested. They come individually wrapped, so they’re easy to travel with.


A best-selling pizza stone & paddle that looks super nice in the kitchen

This pizza stone and paddle comes with a durable and easy-to-clean stone for baking and slicing up the pizza (even frozen pies), and the end result will be pizzeria-like crispy. It’s oven safe up to 1,112 degrees, so you can even use it in an outdoor brick oven. Plus, you get a functional wooden pizza peel that looks nice enough to use as decor on your countertop.


These fuzzy slippers with a cute & cooling criss-cross design

This pair of fuzzy slippers with durable soles are obviously the best choice for a cozy gift because they have the trendiest design. The super fluffy fabric won’t feel too warm (or look too puffy) because these machine-washable slippers have criss-cross straps to keep your feet cool.

  • Available colors: 14
  • Available sizes: 4.5 — 10.5


A quick Monopoly card game with a near-perfect rating

This card game is a super compact version of Monopoly, so it’s great for travel, game night at the pub, or for people with small spaces. It’s also way quicker than the classic game and only takes about 15 to 45 minutes, so you’ll pull it out more often than a board game at parties. This card game is an Amazon shopper favorite with a 4.8-star rating after over 32,000 reviews.


A compact tortilla press that’s made from durable, heavy-duty cast iron

This compact tortilla press will look super impressive in anyone’s kitchen on taco night with its flaxseed oil-seasoned cast iron design. It has a sturdy, easy-to-use handle, and you can even fold up the handle to store this durable press in a kitchen cabinet or drawer.


These waterproof wireless earbuds that look & sound really expensive

Not only do these earbuds have a sleek wireless fit, but they also have a matching charging case to make them look even more expensive. The actual earbuds are super compact for an extra-comfy fit, and reviewers love the sound quality, which is why they have over 168,000 five-star reviews. These easy-to-recharge earbuds are also waterproof, so they’re good for sweaty workouts.


This chic pink makeup brush set that’s easy to keep clean

Not only does this brush set come with over a dozen precise brushes for every step of her makeup routine, but it also comes with a cleaning solution to keep them all clean and fluffy. Each one has durable birchwood handles, and they’re even topped off with metallic pink accents for a chic look. As a bonus, these brushes come with a brush cleaner to keep them working great for a good long time.


A compact bamboo cheese board with secure spots for everything

This bamboo charcuterie board has curved slots to tuck crackers or even olives that tend to roll off of the board. The flat center is perfect for cheese, and there’s even a drawer to pull out the hidden cheese knives. And no matter what cheese or meat you place on top, the board is resistant to scratches, stains, and odors.


These breathable packing cubes with a handy laundry bag

These water-resistant packing cubes are practical, and they’ll make anyone’s suitcase chic and organized. These cubes have mesh cutouts on top, so it’s easy to see all of your neatly folded clothes inside, and they can still breathe. This pack of zip-up cubes also comes with a drawstring laundry bag to really keep your suitcase tidy.


A minimalist water carafe that also works for coffee & tea

Displaying a water carafe in the bedroom or next to the bathroom sink makes every home look a bit more luxurious, and this carafe is a chic choice. It has a super minimalist design and comes with a little glass that fits right on top of the miniature pitcher like a lid. It’s made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass, so you can even use it for tea or an aesthetic coffee drink.


A luxe pack of sheet masks with nourishing formulas

This pack of sheet masks comes with five unique formulas, like a honey or even a pearl mask, to add a bunch of luxurious, revitalizing options to her skincare drawer. Each one has different benefits, like helping pores or moisturizing, and they all come in luxe and gift-worthy metallic packaging.


A luxurious wood wick candle that fits in anyone’s home

This scented soy wax candle looks seriously expensive and spa-like with its gold jar that will fit in anyone’s space. It has a wooden wick that lets off a satisfying, fireplace-like crackling sound, and it comes in classic botanical scents like lilac and rose, pine, and lavender.


This aesthetic detangling brush with a gentle design

Everyone will love this colorful little detangling brush because it has unique and super gentle bead-free bristles. Not only will this brush look super aesthetic next to haircare products, but the curvy shape is also easy and comfy to hold onto when you’re styling your hair, which is why it has over 51,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


These glossy copper cocktail mugs with easy-to-clean straws

These mugs have a glossy copper design with a hammered finish that looks seriously impressive, especially for serving Moscow mules. To make this pack look even more expensive, it comes with a copper measuring jigger, straws, and even a little brush to keep those matching cocktail straws clean.


A lightweight hair towel pack with a soft & secure fit

This soft microfiber pack of hair towels make hair washing day a bit easier and comfier, because they actually reduce frizz. Each one dries your hair super quickly, so you can spend less time on your post-shower routine. Plus, these lightweight towels have a secure fit to make them even comfier.


A chic pastel travel jewelry box with a built-in pocket

This travel jewelry box is covered in faux-leather with the chicest pastel color, so it’s honestly worth displaying on your bedside table when you’re not traveling. It has a velvet lining with two dividers, a ring roll, and a little stretchy pocket on the lid to tuck away necklaces or tiny studs.


This sleek, easy-to-use electric can opener that’s so compact

This electric can opener will fit in anyone’s kitchen because at just about 7 inches long, it’s compact enough to fit in any drawer. The unique design spins around on cans and leaves behind a smooth finish, so you won’t have any sharp lids in the trash. This magnetic opener has a simple button on top to make this an easy-to-use gift.


An expensive-looking facial steamer with skincare tools

This spa-like facial steamer might just be the most luxurious gift option, and it even comes with stainless steel skincare tools to help her take care of painful pimples or unwanted blackheads. The compact and glossy white design will look expensive on a bathroom countertop, and it runs for up to 30 minutes before refilling.


These adorable, lightweight pillow slides with a waterproof design

These extra-cushioned slippers look so trendy with their chunky fit and minimalist style. They’re made of a durable foam material that’s completely waterproof and quick-drying, so you can style them with outfits (not just stay-at-home loungewear). Plus, their adorable texture makes these platform slippers grippy and non-slip.

  • Available colors: 15
  • Available sizes: 4 — 16


A unique phone stand with a hidden Bluetooth speaker

This foldable cell phone stand has such a clever design because it has a built-in speaker on the bottom, so you won’t also have to splurge on a Bluetooth speaker. This speaker base is sturdy enough to prop up a phone or even an oversized tablet, which makes it great for the kitchen. Plus, the actual phone holder has a slot to fit your phone charger.


These glossy gold wind chimes with a rust-resistant finish

These wind chimes have a chic metallic finish that will stay clean and glossy (no matter how much it rains) because the chimes are made of rust-proof aluminum. That shiny finish is paired with trendy light wood accents and simple black strings that will look chic on anyone’s porch, all while making a charming sound when the wind blows.


This minimalist textured vase with a classic shape

This vase will look way more impressive than a plain glass or smooth ceramic vase because it has a trendy textured design. Not only does this vase have a unique pattern, but it also has a geometric shape and a glossy white glaze that looks modern yet classic all at once.


A cast iron grill press that’s versatile enough for weeknight dinners

This durable cast iron press is obviously helpful on the grill, but it also works for everyday meals on the stove. The versatile rectangular design will fit in a non-stick or cast iron pan for easy smash burgers or chicken breasts. It’s also topped off with a chic wooden handle, so it will look like kitchen decor when you’re not using it.