40 cheap & clever pet products on Amazon you'd get a sh*t ton of use out of

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As a pet parent, you’re probably always on the hunt for new toys and other essentials to keep your animals (and yourself) happy. Some pets are obviously more high maintenance than others, but no matter the shape or size of your furry or scaly companion, we all just want them to live their best possible lives. Throughout my upbringing my family has owned dogs, cats, bunnies, ducks, chickens, frogs, and fish, so my love for animals runs deep, and I’m obsessed with finding new toys, clothes, and treats to spoil the family pets with when I visit home.

Much to mine and every pet parent’s delight, there are a wealth of genius pet products to be found on Amazon that you will use every single day (and maybe several times a day). They’ve got everything from the obvious necessities with clever features (like this light up collar and calming dog bed) to the completely extra and over the top (this pet carrier backpack to tote cats and small dogs around with you.)

Whether you’re searching for new ways to enrich your cat’s mind or some tools to clean the fish tank, you’ll find a bunch of the cheapest and cleverest pet items here. Read through these 40 products that you and your best friend are sure to use all the time – and by best friend, I obviously mean your pet.


An endlessly reusable roller that picks up pet hair with ease

Unlike adhesive rollers that use disposable, single-use paper to pick up hair, this reusable pet hair remover is built with a patented brush system that removes it more effectively. Use short back and forth strokes to lift all the debris from your furniture, comforters, blankets, and clothes, empty out the chamber, and use again. This genius product is a fan-favorite on Amazon, with over 71,000 five-star reviews.


A doggy doorbell system to help prevent accidents

It’s easy to train your furry friend to use these dog doorbells when they need to go outside. It hangs from your doorknob with three adjustable levels of bells for different size breeds, and the bells themselves are durable enough to stand up to daily use. It’s a great way to prevent accidents while house breaking your puppy, and adult dogs can more clearly communicate their needs with it too.


A cat water fountain with 37,000 five-star reviews on Amazon

Some particularly picky cats refuse to drink from still water bowls, so this adorable pet fountain is the perfect solution to keep them hydrated. It has a 2.5 liter tank with a quiet, triple-filtered pump that keeps water circulating throughout the day — enough for a small to medium size cat. There are three flow modes to encourage your cat to drink, and it even comes with a silicone pad to catch any spills. This pet fountain is a cat parent’s go-to; it has over 37,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


The best-selling puzzle that challenges your dog to search for treats

Make your dog work for their treats with this interactive puzzle game. Designed at a beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert levels for all breeds of all intelligence levels, these puzzles have pieces with compartments to hide treats, kibble, or other small bites. Your pup will have to figure out how to nudge each of the pieces to obtain their reward, reducing boredom and redirecting them from destructive behaviors while engaging their minds.


These natural driftwood branches that are totally unique

These assorted branches of driftwood will add a natural look to your aquarium environment. The set comes with three totally unique pieces ranging from 4.5 to 9.5 inches long, and each one is lightweight and durable enough to last underwater or in arid environments for years. Fish can hide among the driftwood, and reptiles can climb on them, making these equally great for aqua


An automatic laser pointer that keeps your cat engaged

Invest in this laser pointer tower for some hands-free play time. It stands on its own and automatically runs random laster patterns across the floors, engaging your cat’s natural hunting instincts. It turns off automatically after 15 minutes to prevent over-stimulation, and you can also use it manually for more interactive play.


An eco-friendly scratch mat that attaches to the arm of your sofa

Prevent damage to your couch in style with this scratch mat sofa protector. It’s available for the left or right side of your coach and loops around the arm of your sofa to deter your cat from scratching other surfaces of your home. This scratch mat is made from an eco-friendly sisal material that cats can use to sharpen their claws without ruining your furniture without taking up the space or other scratch pads.


A clever portable paw washer to clean your canine’s feet

The pains of taking your dog out on wet days or walking with them through muddy parks will quickly become obvious from the state of their paws — and your floors. To keep both clean, add a little water to this portable dog paw washer, dip their paw inside, and twist. The silicone bristles inside will remove any dirt and debris from their paws gently, turning this handy item into something you’ll want to keep it handy all year long.


A heavy-duty storage container that keeps kibble fresh for weeks

The Vittles Vault is a pet parent favorite; it has 4.7-stars on Amazon and over 26,000 total reviews. This airtight pet food storage container uses gamma seal technology to lock in food, keeping it fresh for weeks and safe from pests, with an added bonus of locking your pets out. The BPA-free, stacking containers come in 40 or 60 pound styles, depending on how much food you like to buy at once.


A light-up neon dog collar for nighttime walks

Dark-colored dogs became basically invisible when you let them out at night. Help keep an eye on them during evening walks and outings with this LED illuminated dog collar. It comes in six bright neon colors that offer high visibility at all times. One hour of USB charging powers the battery for up to five hours, and all colors come in six adjustable sizes to fit dogs of all breeds.


A squeaky squirrel puzzle toy that keeps boredom at bay

This hide-a-squirrel squeaky plush toy is a challenging, interactive toy for your doggo. Hide the stuffed squirrels inside the tree trunk, and allow your dog’s natural hunting instincts to take over from there. It’s easier on their teeth than harder plastic toys but will keep them equally stimulated and engaged.


An easy-to-use scraper that cleans algae from your fish tank

This two-piece fish tank glass scraper helps prevent the buildup of algae and other debris, and makes it possible to keep your tank clean without disrupting your aquatic animals or scratching your glass. One piece of the scraper rests on the inside of the tank, with the other piece on the outside attached by a magnet. The inside piece scrubs the glass with tiny hooks as you manipulate it from the outside with the comfort grip handle. The magnet is super strong, but should it become detached, the plastic device will float to the surface so as not to disturb the inhabitants of your tank.


A simple cat dancer toy that has almost 20,000 five-star reviews

Simple in concept yet seriously fun for your feline, both your wallet and your cat will love this interactive cat dancer toy. The flexible, springy steel wire has rolled cardboard on one end that cats can’t resist, allowing you two to play together. This simple but genius toy is a cat and cat owner favorite, with over 19,700 five-star reviews on Amazon.


These textured gloves that remove hair as you pet your furry friend

Ever run your hands through your dog or cat’s coat, and pulled it away to find a huge clump of hair? Try brushing them with this pet grooming glove, which can be used wet or dry to quickly and effectively groom your furry friend. It has 268 silicone nubs that give them a gentle massage as you brush through their fur. In addition to being soothing for your furry friend, this glove is comfortable to wear, with breathable mesh fabric and a velcro-adjustable wrist to fit palms of various sizes.


This snuggly stuffed toy that eases your dog’s anxiety

Not everyone wants their dog curled up next to them in bed every night, but you can make their kennel feel more comforting for them by letting them cuddle with this snuggle puppy heartbeat toy. This plush toy has a battery-powered heartbeat that can play 24/7 or on an eight hour timer, easing your pup’s anxiety about being in their kennel. Not only will your dog look absolutely adorable with it, it’ll result in less barking and whining, meaning more sleep for you.


This plush cat toy that looks and moves like a real fish

Once your cat gets ahold of this flopping fish toy, they won’t be able to resist playing with it. Every time they touch the plush toy, the motion sensor inside kicks in and it starts wiggling across the floor, encouraging them to pounce and chase after it. It looks and moves like a real fish, and even includes a pouch of catnip to excite and delight your feline friend. This is an Amazon best-seller, with nearly 16,000 five-star reviews.


A set of 5 stuffing-free squeaky toys that provide fun for hours

These animal-shaped squeaky toys were designed with dog safety in mind. Each of the five toys have two squeakers (one in the head and one in the tail), and absolutely no stuffing inside — just crinkly paper to entertain your pup. Destructive dogs are at less risk of making a mess and can’t accidentally chew the stuffing, and the eyes are embroidered on as well to prevent choking. Toss them in the wash as needed for a refresh, as these toys are high-quality and will last much longer than other plush alternatives.


This best-selling cat window hammock that is so easy to install

Your furry companion may be confined indoors, but you can still give them some outdoor views with this cat window hammock. It attaches to any large window with heavy duty suction cups and steel wires that can support up to 40 pounds, so it can even be used by multiple cats at one time. This hammock easy to remove and re-assemble as needed, and your cat will love lounging and birdwatching from their new perch, which offers them a safe spot to get away from the action on the ground.


A blacklight flashlight that can help detect urine left by sneaky pets

If your pet has a habit of peeing where they shouldn’t, it may be worth your while to invest in this LED blacklight. It detects food and urine stains that are otherwise invisible, revealing where your rugs, carpets, and clothes may need to be deep cleaned. It has a 15 year battery life, and all you need are three AA batteries to get started, just some features that have helped this handheld flashlight gain over 25,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


This seat cover that helps keep your car clean from pet hair

Not only is this seat cover an easy way to help keep your car clean from pet hair, but it’s also scratchproof as well as waterproof — just in case your pup has an accident. The universal design means it’ll fit onto nearly any car seat. Plus, it even comes in four colors: black, blue, orange, and pink.


A plush pet bed with raised edges for them to snuggle up inside

Dogs who like to curl up when they sleep (or as I refer to it, being a cinnamon roll) will love this calming dog bed with raised edges. The doughnut shape allows them to rest in the center and creates a sense of security while supporting their head and neck. It has a plush microfiber fabric in three neutral shades, and comes in sizes extra-small through large: an extra-small can fit a cat or a dog up to 15 pounds, and a large can support a dog up to 100 pounds.


An extendable flirt pole toy that offers a new way to play with your pup

Give play time an exciting new twist by introducing this flirt pole with a lure on the end. You may have seen similar toys before for cats, but this one is larger, more durable, and comes with two replaceable rope chew toys for the end, so it’s a great toy and training tool for dogs of all sizes. Be sure to use this toy outdoors or in a large, open play space to give your dog plenty of room to jump around and burn off tons of energy.


A clever clear backpack that makes it so easier to travel with your kitty

This pet carrier backpack can be a great accessory for traveling with a small pet or indulging a curious cat’s desire to be outside. It expands to fits a cat up to 13 pounds or a dog up to 10 pounds, and they’ll be able to see their surroundings clearly through the large clear bubble window. Nine large ventilation holes on all sides allow them plenty of air, and the bubble part expands to provide more room for your pet. You can wear this backpack on the front of your body or carry it by the top handle to reach in and comfort an anxious pet.


This gravel vacuum that will keep your aquarium cleaner for longer

This easy-to-use, hand-operated gravel vacuum can assist with suctioning away dirt and feces, washing out sand and gravel, and changing the water in your tank, processes that are notoriously annoying. One happy reviewer wrote: “I've used these sorts of vacuums most of my life and this is easily the best due to the siphon bulb. It picks up massive amounts of dirt from all levels of the gravel, even down to about 3 inches, and drops the gravel quickly so your exit bucket doesn't fill too quickly...This one has a nice big entry tube and a smaller exit tube — the design that works. Love that it has a filter that strains the water as it goes through as well.”


This cat bed that transitions into a fun tube toy

This innovative cat essential is a toy and a bed all in one. The tunnel bed transforms from a cushioned circular bed with raised edges to a tunnel that cats can run through and hide in. The 98-inch tunnel has a soft lining and a dangling ball toy that makes for engaging play.


A weighted jacket to keep your dog calm during stressful times

If your poor pup suffers from anxiety during fireworks, thunder, travel, or other stress-inducing events, the Thundershirt anxiety jacket could be just what they need to settle. It envelops their body and applies gentle, constant pressure that keeps them calm without any medication or training. It’s been proven effective in over 80% of dogs, and comes in sizes XX-small through XX-large to fit dogs between 7 and 110 pounds.


A grooved rug that helps protect your floors from cat litter

Some cats have a habit of scattering litter across the floor after doing their business. If that’s your pet, you need this litter mat to protect your floors. Its grooved, mesh texture traps litter instead of it spreading across your carpet or hardwood, but it’s still easy to vacuum or rinse clean all while being comfortable on your four legged friend’s feet. It measures 46 by 35 inches long, covering a large amount of floor space for especially messy kitties.


A handheld vacuum that’s built to handle pet hair

This powerful Bissell handheld vacuum has a multi-layered filtration system and a special rubber nozzle that attracts and pulls out hair and dirt from fabric and carpeted areas as well as a suction nozzle for gathering cat litter and pet food. This handheld vacuum comes with a 16 foot-long power cord, so it can clean stairs, cat trees, upholstery, and other hard-to-reach surfaces, and the bagless system is easy to just dump in your trashcan.


The silicone brush that will make doggy bath time less of a hassle

Make bath time a little easier for you and your dog by installing this silicone dog bath brush. This clever tool attaches to a hose or shower spigot and allows you to brush through their fur as you rinse, turning a two step process into one. An ergonomic strap slips around your hand, so the brush sits centered in your palm with the power button in the middle. This kit includes the brush itself, an adjustable strap, adaptors for both an outdoor hose and a shower head, and an eight foot hose for reach.


A durable scratch pad to keep your cat from ruining your furniture

Instead of destroying your furniture, let your cat rip apart this scratcher pad instead. It closely mimics the texture of tree bark, which satisfies their scratching instincts and helps keep their claws from getting too long. Made from heavy duty corrugated cardboard, this scratcher pad is reversible and long-lasting, with a few different size and style options to choose from. Trust me: your cat will be obsessed with scratching and lounging on this pad.


These pretty faux leaves that will give your betta fish a place to rest

Give your fish tank some flair and your fish a nice hammock to rest on with these betta fish leaf pads. The featherweight faux leaves measure less than three inches long, and suction to their tank walls, swaying with the wind. Some betta fish will enjoy resting on the leaves, while others will like hovering below them to take a break from their busy swimming routine.


An automatic toy that helps engage cats’ natural instincts

The next time your cat is meowing for your attention while you’re on the phone, try distracting them with this rotating butterfly toy. The glow-in-the-dark toy features a sturdy base with a circling butterfly on a flexible wire, mimicking the movement of butterflies in the wild, which engages their hunting instincts. Cats of all ages will love playing with this battery-operated toy, and you’ll love watching them pounce around.


A treat pouch with multiple compartments that’s perfect for dog training

Using treats of different values to train your dog will help them understand the priority of different behaviors. This rapid rewards pouch has multiple interior compartments to organize various treats, and even has a zippered back space for your phone, keys, and credit cards as well as side pouches for poop bags and other small necessities. It has an adjustable waist belt strap, and a magnetic cord pull system to open and close it easily.


A popular roller toy that offers hours of amusement for one or more cats

Cats and kittens of all ages will love this best-selling roller toy, which has three tiered levels with spinning balls they can bat around with their paws. Setup is easy and they can play completely independently or together with another feline friend. It has a non-slip base, and will keep them distracted and stimulated for hours at a time.


A purring cat pillow that eases stress with a familiar sound

If you’ve got a kitten or an anxious cat on your hands, try soothing their stress with this purring pillow, which has over 8,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. They can lay on it or cuddle with it as it lets out a soothing cat purr sound, easing stress and separation anxiety. The purr mechanism is activated each time the toy is squeezed or cuddled, and lasts up to two minutes.


An automatic fish feeder that is very easy to use

When you’re away from home during work or vacations, make sure your aquatic animals still get fed on time with this automatic fish feeder. You can set the battery-powered feeder for up to four feedings a day using the LED display, and it fits a wide variety of fish and turtle food types, including flaky, strip, granulated, and more. One full charge lasts for up to six months, so you can set and forget this feeder for a weekend away from home without relying on a pet sitter.


A reliable rubber toy that’s perfect for filling with treats

The KONG toy has over 14,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, and it’s easy to see why. Just fill it with peanut butter or another snack to give your dog an enticing treat that they have to work for. It’s veterinarian-recommended as one of the most durable dog toys on the market, and it’ll satisfy their need for mental stimulation and encourage healthy play over destructive behaviors. You can also use the KONG to play fetch; the unpredictable bounce will make for a fun, interactive game.


An Alexa-compatible indoor security camera that has two-way audio

Keep an eye on your animal companions while you’re at work, the store, or on vacation with the Blink mini indoor smart security camera. The Alexa-compatible camera is complete with motion detection and two way audio that allows you to monitor what’s going on inside. You can even set alerts to be sent to your phone when motion is detected, so you can see if the family dog has gotten into the trash and scold them through the phone.


A 3-pack of catnip-filled toys that will make your cats go crazy

Your furry friend will almost certainly go bananas (literally) for these organic catnip toys. The pack of three comes with an herbal-infused banana, rainbow, and shark toy that cats love to nibble, carry, and bunny kick around the house. Reviewers report that the toys last for years and that they’re crowd favorites among their cats, which is why they have a 4.8-star rating on Amazon. One happy cat owner said: “My cats LOVE these toys!!! You can smell the catnip as soon as they come out of the bag...They are super durable and heavyweight. My cats did put chew holes in them pretty quickly, but that’s to be expected and it didn’t impact the integrity of the toy. They are still holding up nicely.”


A reversible, water resistant sofa cover that has 28,000 five-star reviews

Let the dog or cat up on the couch without sacrificing your furniture to the pet hair gods. This microfiber reversible slipcover is a tri-layer water resistant slipcover that will protect your sofa from hair and other pet-related stains as well as regular wear and tear. Available in three sizes and over 30 colors, to use this sofa cover, just drape it over the couch and tuck any extra fabric into the gaps in the cushions. This easy-to-install cover is machine-washable, two features that have helped it earn 28,000-plus five-star reviews on Amazon.