Cheap things on Amazon that'll impress the hell out of you

It’s rare that products are all this good.

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Sometimes I only think about restocking my cleaning supplies or budget-friendly clothing pieces when I think about buying things from Amazon, but there are a ton of finds out there that are surprisingly cool. These things won’t just impress you — everyone that comes over and sees your aesthetic decor piece, fun kitchen find, chic skincare products, or seriously useful cleaning tool will be impressed too. Plus, they still have that classic and budget-friendly Amazon price tag — such a win.


A lightweight & wearable reading light with a helpful timer

This USB-rechargeable reading light fits like a comfy necklace, so you won’t have to adjust an annoying clip-on light every time you turn the page. It has two lightweight LED lights, and you can easily bend them to light up both pages at once. They also come equipped with a 30-minute automatic timer if you have a habit of falling asleep reading.


These seriously moisturizing heels socks with a gel lining

These washable heel socks are way more impressive than your usual go-to lotion because you can moisturize dry and painful heels all day. Each one has a breathable vitamin-infused gel lining that’s more than comfy enough to sleep in, so you can easily fix cracked heels overnight. And if you do wear them while sleeping, the toeless design will


An easy-to-wash airtight container for deli meat & cheese slices

Swap out those annoying plastic bags with this dishwasher-safe airtight container that’s specifically for your favorite deli meat or cheese. This clear-top container will keep salami, bacon, cheese slices, and more fresh, and it even has grooves on the bottom to collect extra liquid and prevent any gross sliminess.


These exfoliating cloths that are made from machine-washable mesh

These unique washcloths are made of a super exfoliating net fabric to make your shower routine easier and more effective. Their stretchy nylon material lathers up your favorite soap or body wash, and it dries quickly to avoid any gross mildew. You also get three of these machine-washable exfoliating cloths, so you’ll always have a clean one in the shower.


A reusable pet fur remover that’s a best-seller on Amazon

Roll this pet hair remover right over whatever sofa, rug, or blanket is constantly covered in pet fur, and watch as it effectively picks it all us. The reusable, grippy fabric design grabs all of the fur with an electrostatic charge instead of those annoying single-use sticky sheets that take way too long. It also has a button on top to easily empty it when your space is fur-free.


An exfoliating foot file with luxe etched glass design

This foot file is made of durable and gentle etched glass that feels so luxurious. This pink foot file might look adorable with your skincare tools, but it’s also durable enough to take care of painful calluses. This easy-to-wash grooming tool has a comfy ergonomic shape and a cover to protect the glass between exfoliating days.


This extendable duster to quickly take care of dusty fan blades

You won’t have to stand on a chair and see just how much gross dust is on top of your fan’s blades with this extendable duster. Instead, you can catch and sweep dust right off of the top, bottom, and even the sides of the blades without seeing any of it, because the soft, grippy duster will wipe it all off.


These stick-on LED puck lights for elevated lighting all over your home

These dimmable puck lights will look so impressive around your home because they’ll add expensive-looking lighting under cabinets, on shelves, or even in your closets. Each of these LEDs comes with an adhesive stick-on option and screws to make the setup super easy and customizable to your needs. You simply tap them when you walk into the kitchen or your closet to turn them on or use the remote to set them on timers or dim them.


A set of mesh bags that make grilling way easier

Mushrooms, onions, shrimp, and other small pieces of food are delicious when grilled but not always easy to keep from falling between the grates — that all changes with these clever mesh bags for barbecuing. Not only can you cook anything in them and infuse them with that great charred flavor, they also allow you to turn everything at once. Made of a food-safe, industrial material, these bags are safe to use up to 500 degrees.


These easy-to-use tooth-whitening pens that Amazon shoppers love

If you love keeping up with a teeth-whitening routine, these pens make it such an easy process thanks to the precise, little brush on the end. They’re compact enough to tuck right next to your toothbrush, and they’re even pre-filled with the super gentle, enamel-safe gel. These are the best-selling gel of their kind on Amazon, with over 25,000 five-star reviews.


This deodorizing shoe spray that smells like pine

Eliminate smelly shoe odors with this deodorizer spray. And I mean really eliminate them. This easy-to-use bottle doesn’t just mask smells to smell like grime and pine, it really gets rid of unsavory scents and leaves behind a fresh fragrance. Best of all, this spray isn’t just for shoes; it works on gym bags, hats, clothes, and other things, too.


A non-stick meat tenderizer that works for garlic & more

This dishwasher-safe meat tenderizer will instantly make your kitchen feel more professional, and it’s surprisingly versatile for your go-to dishes. In addition to tenderizing and pounding out meat, the flat side makes it easy to crush cookies for desserts, while the textured side is great for mincing up garlic. It’s also non-stick, so even sticky garlic gloves won’t get stuck on it.


This handheld fan with a desk stand & makeup mirror

You’ll reach for this portable four-speed fan all the time because at 6.6 inches long, it’s small enough to tuck in your bag, and it even has a built-in stand to pop it on your desk. There’s also a little mirror on the front of this USB-rechargeable fan, so you can touch up your makeup while you’re also cooling off.


These transparent & waterproof sticky notes to add to your books

These sticky notes are completely transparent, so you can pop them right on top of a page in your cookbook, studying material, or notebooks, add a little note for yourself, and still see the original words underneath. They’re also completely waterproof in case you spill something on your notes.


A chic, water-resistant organizer with slots for chargers & earbuds

This electronics organizer comes with one large mesh pockets, five smaller mesh pockets and stretchy elastic bands to hold onto all of those easily tangled chargers, tiny earbuds, a mouse, and more. It all zips up flat into a chic little quilted bag with plenty of protective padding and water-resistant fabric.


This carbonated mask with an impressive exfoliating formula

This carbonated clay mask has a bubbly formula that’s fun to apply and watch foam up. It feels like a smooth clay when you apply it, so it’s easy to spread it all over your skin before it starts bubbling. Those bubbles then mean this activated charcoal-infused mask is cleansing, exfoliating, and smoothing our your skin.


These protective blue light blocking glasses that are so durable

These blue light-blocking glasses are super durable and even bendable, so they’ll be completely fine in your work bag or tossed on your desk in between Zoom meetings. Of course, you also get a matching matte black case and even a little drawstring to protect these lightweight glasses even more after work.


These transparent, dishwasher-safe food covers for easier leftover storage

This pack of dishwasher-safe food covers will impress you with their leak-proof design and how darn stretchy they are. You can easily stretch them to cover up different pots and bowls around your kitchen, saving you from making more dishes. Plus, the silicone material is completely transparent, so you can easily peek inside to see which leftovers are inside.


These pimple-absorbing patches that are totally translucent

These pimple patches have a seriously impressive translucent design that’s so comfy and easy to wear — even if you’re planning on going out or sitting in video meetings all day. Each of these medical-grade dots is completely alcohol-free and packed with redness-reducing hydrocolloid to shrink a painful spot.


This viral cleaning paste to quickly scrub every surface in your home

This cleaning paste has gone viral with 124,000 five-star reviews on Amazon for a reason. It has a mild abrasive formula that will take care of whatever stains or annoying sticky or rusty spots you’ve been trying to fix around your home. It works on a wide variety of surfaces including metal, porcelain, marble, wood, glass, and beyond, so it won’t scratch up any of your dishes, and it even leaves a shiny finish on your surfaces.


A dewy & trendy facial sunscreen with moisturizing ingredients

This SPF 40 facial sunscreen has a hydrating hyaluronic acid-infused formula which justifies just how viral and trendy it is right now. It also has niacinamide, vitamin B5, and antioxidant-protecting sea lavender to give it plenty of glowiness to use it as a dewy makeup primer.


An insulated mug that automatically seals after you sip your coffee

There are zero annoying flip-top lids or screw-on tops with this travel mug because it has a simple button on the front whenever you want a sip of coffee. This vacuum-insulated mug automatically closes with a leak-proof seal when you take your finger off the button, which helps to keepo drinks at the optimal temperature for hours when paired with the stainless steel construction.


This best-selling pencil pouch with a surprisingly large capacity

Not only does this pencil case look super trendy with its 17 fabric and color options, but it also has sneaky hidden storage. The zipper on the side lets you open up the entire side of this pouch, so you can easily grab pencils from the main pouch when it’s sitting on your desk. Plus, this unique design gives you elastic straps to keep your absolute favorite pens in.


A continuous mister bottle with an impressive leak-proof design

This mister bottle has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon because the continuous misting design is honestly that impressive. The leak-proof, spray-from-any-angle design is also versatile enough that you’ll want to stash a few of them all over your home for skincare, haircare, cleaning, and even taking care of plant babies.


These tidy, precise highlighters that come in trendy pastel colors

These highlighter pens are such an aesthetic add-on to your all of your desk supplies with their trendy pastel colors and square design. Each one has a precise, chiseled tip, and the adorable pastel colors won’t smear or bleed all over your notes. You also get a sleek clear case to keep these highlighters tidy.


This clip-on strainer to save pasta noodles from the sink

If you avoid pulling out your colander because it takes up a bunch of space in the dishwasher and is awkward to maneuver with a pot full of water, grab this dishwasher-safe clip-on strainer. The flexible non-stick design stops all of your pasta from falling in the sink, and you can operate the entire thing with just one hand.


A weighted sleep mask that blocks out all light

You’ll honestly forget about whatever your go-to eye mask is if you grab this adjustable sleep mask because it has a super soothing 4.2-ounce weighted design. The unique weighted glass beads can help out with stress, pressure, and even eye strain on weeknights after staring at the computer, all while blacking out light.


A versatile bowl that keeps snacks frozen & chilled

This unique bowl is obviously a must for your trendy acai bowls or, of course, go-to ice cream because it has a freezable design. You can also stick it in the fridge instead of the freezer to chill to keep your salads and fruit chilled and crisp. It also comes with a silicone bottom, so you can sit with your ice cream bowl, but your hands won’t get cold.


This durable, portable lock that’s easy to pop on to any door

This door lock is small enough to keep in your bag, and it’s super easy to stick it on your hotel door or simply a public bathroom door for some reliable security and privacy. The durable stainless steel design is reversible with two sizes, so you can flip this lock around to fit whatever door you’re working with.


A dishwasher-safe salad spinner that also works as a serving bowl & colander

This dishwasher-safe salad spinner is such a versatile tool for prepping salads, because it rinses and dries them quickly. It has a removable spinning basket that can work as a classic colander, a clear bowl for serving, a non-slip handle on top, and a little button to stop the spinning when your produce is all clean or the salad greens are dry.


This shampoo brush that’s so easy to use

This shampoo brush comes with two heads: one with exfoliating bristles and another with massaging bristles, so it’s versatile enough to reach for every time you wash your hair and scalp. It has a super easy-to-hold handle on top, and you can even use the gentle silicone design on dry hair before the shower.


A supportive knee pillow with a bunch of cooling gel

This memory foam knee pillow is the bedding add-on that will really amp up the comfiness by supporting your knees, spine, and legs. It’s perfectly curved for sleeping on your side, and there is even cooling gel accents on each side to make it even comfier. The washable cover also keeps this pillow looking great.


This light-up magnetic pickup tool that you’ll use all over your home

This extendable pickup tool will be shockingly useful all over your home because you can find utensils you dropped under the oven, things you dropped behind furniture, and screws you dropped in the garage. The magnetic design also has an LED light to make it super quick to find whatever you dropped.


An easy-to-freeze facial roller with grippy, comfy-to-hold silicone

This freezable facial roller is way more customizable and cooling than the jade roller you usually reach for. Fill it with water infused with bits of lemon, green tea, coconut milk, or whatever other skincare DIYs you love, and the silicone design will freeze it perfectly into facial roller that you can use without your hands getting wet or cold.


A gel cleaner that picks up the tiniest specks of dirt in your car & beyond

This cleaning gel isn’t just a fun and trendy cleaning tool — it will actually tidy up your car, keyboards, and more. The super sticky formula works on all of those small places (think: the gross air vents or grimy buttons on the computer). It also comes with a little container to tuck it away between cleaning days to keep it fresh.


This pour-over kit with durable details for everyday coffee

This pour-over coffee maker looks aesthetic, but it’s actually impressively durable enough for your everyday coffee. It’s made of heat-resistant glass wrapped in a non-slip silicone band that’s comfortable and easy to hold onto when you pour the hot water through the laser cut mesh filter and grinds.


An expensive-looking bidet attachment that looks built-in

This budget-friendly bidet attachment is an impressive add-on that will make your bathroom look seriously expensive. It comes with super easy-to-use, adjustable settings, and the durable plastic will stay rust-free by the toilet. It’s also completely adjustable, so it will fit hides under the seat.


An almond seed-infused cuticle oil that comes in a paint-on bottle

This cuticle oil comes with so many different nourishing oils, like jojoba oil and almond seed oil, so it will condition and soften your cuticles. It’s super easy to paint this formula on because it comes in a nail polish-like bottle, and it even has vitamin E to add a bunch of strength and antioxidants to your nails.


This stainless steel scale with adjustable & accurate measurements

This digital kitchen scale comes with a glossy stainless steel finish that’s so sleek you won’t want to put it away after cooking dinner or trying out a baking recipe. It also comes with two easy-to-use buttons that blend right in with the stainless steel top, so you can zero out any bowls or change the measurement increments from ounces to grams for accuracy.


These strong magnetic hooks to add storage spots all over your home

Stick these rust-free magnetic hooks right on your fridge to hold onto extra cooking utensils or onto your garage to hold mops. You get 10 of these stainless steel storage spots, which can hold 27 pounds each, so you can stick the extras on the side of your microwave, coffee maker, or anywhere else you can think of.


This best-selling pheromone essential oil that’s easy to wear

This unique pheromone essential oil with a roll-on design has a bunch of fruity and floral notes in its formula, including mandarin, mango, honey, cinnamon, and musk that are so easy to wear. It’s gone viral on TikTok for its alluring sensibility and has since racked up over 39,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A quick-drying bath mat that’s made of plush memory foam

This machine-washable bath mat is padded with a bunch of hidden memory foam to give you a seriously plush spot when you step out of the shower. This thick and comfy foam also dries quickly, so it can hang out on the floor after your showers without it getting mildewy.


This comfy lap desk with designated spots for all of your work supplies

With this lap desk, you can easily work with all of your essentials right in front of you — on the couch. It has a ledge to keep your laptop or tablet from slipping and comes with a mouse pad and a secure spot to prop up your phone. No worries about overheating, either because this lap desk comes with comfy padding on the bottom that allows air to flow.


The aesthetic citrus juicers that are perfect for a single lemon slice

These juicers are perfect for topping salads with a bit of lemon juice or adding some lime to your favorite sparkling water because they extract the juice from one slice of citrus while keeping your hands clean. They have a clear acrylic design and an adorable bird shape that will look so aesthetic on your table or countertop.


A comprehensive cleaning kit for grimy earbuds & their case

Instead of ignoring how grimy your headphones are, grab this earbud-cleaning kit. It comes with a bunch of easy-to-use supplies, like a sponge, brush, super precise pen tip, wipes, and more to get rid of earwax, dust, and stains from everything — even the case.


This minimalist electric kettle with a 4.7-star rating

Not only will this 7-cup electric kettle with automatic shutoff look sleek on your counter, but it will also work quickly to boil your water and safely turn off 30 seconds later. It also has one easy-to-use button on the handle to add to how minimalist this durable borosilicate glass kettle looks.


A unique LED projection lamp for glowy sunset lighting

This super aesthetic LED projection light is small and easy to decorate with, so you can turn it on every single night — instead of just pulling it out for parties. Even when you aren’t illuminating your wall in this unique sunset light, the sleek design will blend in with your other decor.


This seriously compact blender with the easiest smoothie cup

Not only is this seriously compact blender easy to tuck in a cabinet, but the top of it works as a dishwasher-safe cup after blending, which makes it great for to-go smoothies in the morning. Despite its 14-ounce size, this blender has full power and can crush ice and frozen fruits with ease, which is why it has over 65,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A compact laptop & phone cleaner with a dual-sided design

This laptop cleaner comes with two sides: a brush with super fine bristles to sweep between all of the keys and around the trackpad and a microfiber pad with a protective cover on top to take care of your monitor and phone screen. The brush also has a retractable design to keep it dust-free when you’re not cleaning your laptop.


A long-lasting portable charger that is surprisingly lightweight

This portable charger will easily fit on your desk or in your bag with its slim, lightweight design. The sleek matte-black finish is also completely scratch-resistant, so this charger with USB and USB-C ports will always look new. It also uses trickle-down charging to work like a seriously expensive charger, but it’s so cheap, which is why it has nearly 65,000 happy five-star reviewers on Amazon.