Cheap things that'll make you enjoy your home & backyard so much more

You’ve never had such a good time at home.

Cheap things that'll make you enjoy your home & backyard so much more
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If you find yourself going out to dinner or for drinks seeking a festive or pleasant space to enjoy yourself, maybe some of that money would be better spent making your own home a fun place to hang out. For the price of a few drinks, you can turn a patio space into a party zone or remake the living room as a Zen and minimalist retreat. All you need are a few of these cheap things that’ll make you enjoy your home and backyard so much more.


This solar lamp made of a glass mosaic

Decorate your outdoor space with this mosaic table lamp to create a warm atmosphere with a colorful, mystic vibe that requires no maintenance. The mosaic pattern throws decorative light on your table, warming your outdoor gatherings with light that’s akin to candlelight. But it charges itself with the sun, turns on automatically, and turns itself off.


These big dice for fun in the yard

Add some fun and games to your yard with this set of giant dice. It comes with scorecards for playing “Yardzee” and “Farkle,” as well as instructions for over 20 games that tap into the fun of tossing huge dice onto the grass. The wooden dice are weatherproof, light enough to handle easily, and are easy to read. You can tote it all to the park or beach in the included wooden bucket.


The pan that makes perfect eggs

Whipping up the perfect breakfast is so much easier with the right tools. And this egg frying pan makes it easy to fry perfectly shaped eggs. Each egg gets its own cup in the pan so there is no running together. And foods slide right off the nonstick surface. A bakelite handle protects your hands from the heat.


A bird feeder with a view of your feathered friends

Bring nature up close where you can see it by sticking this bird feeder to the outside of your windows and filling it with tasty seeds. The birds will enjoy the snack and the rain protection while they dine. And you — and your cats — will enjoy the bird antics.


This window film for light filtering & privacy

When you don’t want the hassle, decor change, or expense of curtains but you want privacy — and some light filtering — adhere this privacy film to your windows. It creates a beautiful stained glass effect inside and blocks the view from all the eyes that are outside. It blocks 96% of UV rays and reduces glare by up to 79%, which is better for your furniture, floors, and energy bills.


A solar-powered wind spinner for the garden

This wind spinner adds decorative, kinetic movement to your outdoor spaces. Stick the post into the ground and the solar-powered LED lights will illuminate the garden while the pinwheel flower sculpture spins in the wind. The two pieces of the flower spin in opposite directions while the flower itself turns its face into the wind.


This anti-fatigue mat for your hard floors

If working in the kitchen, at your potting bench, or in front of a standing desk or workstation is hard on your back and feet, set this anti-fatigue mat under you. It softens the hard floor with a squishy surface that is comfortable to stand on. “Made my days go from barely bearable and painful, to being able to focus on the great things of my job and actually enjoy it,” said one reviewer. “I feel like a new person leaving work every day.”


This squeegee to get the windows clean

This window-cleaning squeegee turns an impossible task into something fun to do. Dip the microfiber cloth into your cleaning solution and scrub the windows clean. Then switch to the soft, flexible squeegee to wipe away the liquid and leave your windows spotless and streak-free. The handle extends to 53 inches to bring even high windows into reach.


The solution for that rug that’s trying to kill you

Yes, that rug with the curled corners and a tendency to slip out from under you is trying to kill you. Stop it with these corner grippers before it gets you. Peel and stick the four pieces to the corners of your rug and they will hold those curling corners down and grip the floor so your rug stays put.


This laundry basket with wheels

Wheel your dirty laundry from the closet to the laundry room in this laundry basket with wheels. The heavy-duty laundry bag is easy to remove. The wheels lock into place when you step on the lever. And it comes in six colors and three sizes. “This makes the almost intolerable job of laundry just a little less horrible,” said one reviewer. “I enjoy rolling from each room gathering the clothes my children have scattered everywhere.”


This grass paint for a ‘perfect’ lawn

When your grass looks dead — either because it is or because it is in an unfortunate dormant phase — and you want it to look green, as yourself what The Queen of Hearts would do? She would paint it green, right? Make nature bend to your will by painting your brown grass green with this easy-to-apply grass paint. “My yard looks good again,” said one reviewer. “It turns brown grass green again and no one would know unless you tell them.”


These solar lights you can sink into the ground

Light the way through your garden and pathways by strategically sinking these solar ground lights into the ground. They are easy to deploy. Just push the spikes into the ground. They throw light upward so they are great around the pool, in a flower bed, or under the house numbers. And once you put them in the ground, they turn themselves on and off, charge up with the sun, and withstand whatever people or the elements throw at them.


A salad kit that delivers a colorful bowl

This vegetable garden in a box has everything you need to grow a colorful plate full of nutritious foods. It includes seeds for exotic cucumbers, lettuce, beets, onions, and radishes so the results are colorful, delicious, and worth the effort. And it has the pots, soil disks, and plant markers you need to get started right away.


This sprinkler system for the trampoline

Turn your trampoline into a cool, summer experience by adding this trampoline sprinkler to the setup. While you bounce and have fun, it will douse you with a gentle mist, turning the fun into a near-pool play event. It attaches to the trampoline net and has a dry area for safely entering and exiting the fun. “This has made it possible for the kids to enjoy our trampoline all summer long,” said one reviewer.


The incense that keeps bugs away

Would you like to enjoy outdoor spaces without being attacked by relentless mosquitoes? Light a couple of these mosquito repellent sticks to chase the pests away. The citronella scent is pleasing to humans but highly offensive to mosquitos so if you light these in a perimeter around you, the mosquitos will leave you alone. This is a pack of 12.


A faster way to make pancakes & cupcakes

Whip up some pancakes without the mess and mixing bowls by using this batter dispenser. You can mix the ingredients directly into the jar and pull the trigger to drop the perfect dollop of batter onto the pan. It even has measurements printed on the side so you can skip the measuring cups. It works for cupcakes, cookies, and other baking projects, too. “I enjoy baking a lot more since using this handy dispenser!” said one reviewer.


These solar ball lights for mystical yard lighting

Create magical vignettes throughout your garden by hiding these solar ball lights among the flowers, placing them near paths, and dropping them into potted plants. They charge by the sun, turn themselves on at dusk, and go out by morning. This is a pack of two.


The smart plug that works outside

Connect all your outdoor lights, sprinklers, and fans to your smart home system by plugging them into this outdoor smart plug. You can plug three things into it, connect it to an app on your phone, or manage it with your Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Put the outdoor lights, sprinklers, and fans on a schedule, turn them on and off with your voice, or set up routines.


This retractable bedside table

Keep all the gear you want to have at hand when you are sleeping or lounging in bed in this clever bedside shelf that clamps to the bed frame. It has room for your reading material, beverage, phone, and more, and doesn’t care if there is floor space for it to stand on. It folds away when you don’t need it.


A pop of fruity color for the bathroom

Add a pop of fresh color and a summer vibe to your bathroom by dropping this cute bath rug that looks like a slice of watermelon in there. If watermelon is not your jam, you can choose from seven other fruits, flowers, and foliage. All of them are soft and super absorbent.


This bidet attachment for a better life

Upgrade your bathroom and your life by adding this bidet attachment to the toilet. It attaches under the seat and delivers a refreshing, cleansing upside-down shower to your nether bits whenever you sit on the seat and turn the dial. You will wonder how you survived without it.


A remote control dropper for your drone

If you have fun with your drone, this remote-controlled object launcher will make that fun even better. It allows you to carry things with your drone and drop them on command. So you can deliver things to the neighbors, win water balloon fights — by dropping damp from above, and more.


This racket that zaps bugs

Turn the dread of a bug in the house into a sport by arming up with this fly zapping racket. It puts the odds in your favor by delivering 4,000 volts to any bug you tap with the net. It even has a light so you can hunt in the dark. “I can enjoy my home fly-free again!” said one of nearly 14,000 five-star reviewers.


A tiny storage cart that you can fit anywhere

Tuck all the laundry supplies in that slim space between the appliances. Keep your desk supplies organized under your desk. Or tuck your vast collection of personal care supplies into the tiny space next to the vanity. This rolling storage cart is less than 5 inches wide but it holds lots of gear on its three tiers. It comes in five colors and with hooks you can attach where you like.


This wireless doorbell that’s easy & stylish

Installing a new doorbell does not have to be an expensive endeavor involving electricians and wires. These wireless doorbells are so easy to install, that you can do it while sipping coffee. Peel and stick the button to the entry and plug the receiver in wherever you can hear it indoors.


The bias lighting that transforms movie night

Transform your TV-watching experience by mounting this bias lighting to the back of the screen. It throws gentle light at the wall behind the screen, which works wonders on the image in front of you. The extra bit of low light reduces the contrast, allowing your eyes to see darker blacks and brighter colors. One reviewer says, “This product is simply awesome. It is very bright and adhesive works great. Has remote control for it too that you can change while sitting down in front of it. Plenty of color and settings options. If you’re thinking about it, just buy it.”


A shower head that makes bathing more fun

When you step into your shower, is the experience among the best thrills of your day? If not, you need to upgrade your shower head. This high-pressure rain shower head will make you wonder why you ever showered another way. It pushes the water through anti-clog silicone jets to douse you with a torrent of rain. It looks beautiful, too, and comes in six finishes.


These lights that attach to your fence

Turn the fencing that surrounds your yard, patio, or porch into lighting by mounting these solar deck lights to it. They mount to any vertical surface, charge with sunlight, turn on at dusk, and turn off in the wee hours of the morning. “A beautiful soft light,” said one reviewer. “Adds an ambient vibe. I love these little lights.”


A foot spa you can pull out anytime

Take a load off, sink your tired dogs into this foot spa, and enjoy a relaxing at-home pedicure whenever the mood strikes. It vibrates to offer a gentle massage and you can control the vibration level with your toes. There’s a knobby disk in the center for a deeper massage. “I really enjoy the way my feet feel after treating them to the foot spa,” said one reviewer.


This bug zapper so you can enjoy the outdoors

Enjoy your deck more by setting this outdoor bug zapper up out there to eliminate the pests that circle while you try to relax. It lures mosquitos away from you with the LED light and zaps them when they fall for the trap. “Helped us enjoy our backyard all summer long without the pesty buggies bothering us,” said one reviewer.


This appliance that makes the best sandwiches

Whip up a delicious pressed and melty sandwich in seconds by putting your assembled snack in this sandwich maker. It heats top and bottom while pressing the sandwich into a tasty panini. It also grills meat quickly and whips up crispy eggs. It’s nonstick and easy to wipe clean.


A fan you can wear all day

May you have luck and a wind that always blows a gentle breeze on your face to keep you cool. Failing luck, though, there is this portable neck fan that guarantees you will always have a breeze in your corner, one that is gentle, keeps your hair out of your eyes and looks stylish. It’s rechargeable, won’t trap hair, and comes in nine colors.


The cup holder for the couch

Where do you set your cocktail or coffee when you are parked comfortably on the couch? This cup holder is the solution. It holds five beverages, or use it to keep track of the remotes and your snacks. It has a handle so you can grab it when you take your relaxation session to bed.


These wind chimes that are also art

Add some decor and an element of musical, zen peace to your outdoor spaces by finding a place in your garden for these wind chimes. The metal bells catch the wind and turn it into delicate sounds while the art expresses your personality. There are 13 styles to choose from.


A hammock chair that’s so comfortable

Wherever you go, this hammock chair will make sure you have a comfortable place to sit when you get there. Hang it between two trees, sit back, and relax. It allows for upright seating or relaxed kicking back. It packs into a tiny bag and weighs almost nothing so you can easily get it in your pack or day bag.


A big stash of water balloons

You never know when the water wars will start so stock up on this pack of 1,200 water balloons and make sure you are armed and ready. They are designed to hold water so they won’t burst while you are filling them and the assortment of colors makes for a festive armory.


A lighter that needs no butane

You don’t have to worry about wet matches or lighters that run out of butane if you own this electric candle lighter. It charges via USB and will start in the rain or wind, making it so much easier to light a wick or fire. The long gooseneck will reach into deep candles and firepits. Choose from 10 colors.


This daily sunscreen that won’t make you pasty

Go outside without destroying your skin by wearing this SPF 36 broad-spectrum invisible sunscreen when you do. It is infused with green tea, cica, and sunflower seed oil to hydrate your skin and make your complexion glow. “I have very sensitive skin and this is great!” said one reviewer. “Very light. Great for everyday use!”


These pretty water glasses you cannot break

Add this set of six unbreakable drinking glasses to your kitchen options so you always have a pretty glass for a cocktail or ice water. The gem-like colors look pretty in the hand. And the unbreakable acrylic can go outside to the pool or grace the dining table for a gathering. Each holds 13 ounces.


A butterfly garden that lights up at night

Bring the night butterflies into your garden by sticking these solar garden butterfly lights amid the flowers. They fly at the end of flexible poles so they sway in the wind and take all their power from the sun. “I really enjoy watching these butterflies sway in the wind during the day,” said one reviewer. “The lights are very bright and stay lit all night.”


These kitchen sponges that look like sushi

These washabi sponges (get it?) add whimsy to the washing up. They look like big pieces of delicious sushi — shrimp, tamago, and tuna — but work like dish sponges, with a non-scratch scrub pad on one side and a highly absorbent and soft sponge on the other.


An insulated sleeve for to-go cups

Keep this insulated cup sleeve in your day bag so you can grab a cold or hot beverage on the go without worrying about burning your hands or dripping cold condensation down the front of your shirt. The thick neoprene insulates your beverage, too, so it will stay hot or cold longer. Choose from six sizes and a huge number of colors and patterns. You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite iced drink in your backyard, condensation free.


These beverage holders you stick in the ground

When you are relaxing on the sand at your favorite beach or chilling in the yard cheering on a game of croquet, you need a place to put your beer or wine, right? Stick one of the lawn stake beverage holders into the ground and it will do the job. They assemble quickly and hold cans, cups, and bottles right at your elbow. There are two color options.


A firepit for the yard

Wherever there is a fire, people will gather. Turn your yard into a gathering place by setting this backyard firepit amid a collection of outdoor chairs. It has a frame for setting drinks or food plates on. There is a lid to keep the fire from sparking onto the patio. When the weather is too hot for a fire, fill it with ice to keep the drinks cold.


These candles that chase away mosquitos

Protect your outdoor gatherings from invading hordes of stinging mosquitos by setting these citronella scented candles on your outdoor dining tables. They create atmosphere and light while discouraging bugs that dislike the smell. “I use these all the time to enjoy my backyard in the early evening and never suffer from mosquito bites,” said one reviewer.


The ticket to cooking without recipes

Some people can walk into the kitchen, survey the available ingredients, and whip up a delicious meal without consulting a recipe. If you want to join the ranks of these improvisational cooks, these no-recipe recipes are your ticket. The founder of NYT Cooking walks you through the strategies you need to get there and tempts you with 100 photos of the results he has accomplished with this method. Ditch the recipe and have some fun in the kitchen.


This mesmerizing wind spinner

Hang this wind spinner where it can catch a breeze so it spins, reflecting light and making your space beautiful. Choose from seven styles — a cat, hummingbird, lotus flower, and more — and enjoy the mesmerizing movement and colors. “It’s absolutely beautiful, especially when it spins in the breeze,” said one reviewer. “Beautiful addition to a deck, patio, or garden area!”


A wedge pillow for comfort

This wedge pillow makes it so much more comfortable to sit up in bed to read, to sleep with your head elevated to mitigate breathing trouble, or to elevate your legs while sleeping on your back or reclining. The foam is firm, supportive, and soft. The cover is removable so you can wash it.


This curtain that keeps bugs out

Go ahead and throw open the doors and let in some fresh air. If you hang this magnetic screen door curtain first you won’t have to worry about insects taking advantage of this ingress to invade your home. And unlike a screen door, it is easy to install and to walk through with your hands full. Even pets and children can get through it without your help. But the magnets snap it closed so the bugs stay out.


A clock that also tells you the temperature

Get your daily statistics at a glance by setting this digital clock in a convenient place. The big, bold numbers deliver the time, the date, and the room temperature. The brightness is adjustable. It can do two alarms for weekdays and weekends. “A pretty minimalistic take on a fully featured clock,” said one five-star reviewer.


A spice rack that spins

Put all your spices within reach by installing them into this revolving spice rack with a small footprint. It holds 16 jars in less than a foot of counter space. Just spin it to find what you need. It comes with 340 pre-printed labels and 46 blank ones. There is a chalk pen and funnel to make filling and labeling easy. Choose from five colors.


These smart light bulbs

Updating your lighting to app and AI-controlled smart lighting is as easy as screwing in a light bulb, if you screw these smart LED light bulbs in. You can connect them to your phone or smart home system to set up easy mood lighting, put your lights on a schedule, or shout at your smart home to turn the light on or off. This is a pack of two.


A tiki torch for the yard

Turn your outdoor space into a tropical festival by sticking this tiki torch into the ground, filling the bowl with fuel, and lighting the wick. It delivers a big flame that lights your gatherings and keeps insects away. Even when not lit, the big, bold torch brings a tropical paradise vibe to your yard.


This adorable & versatile plant stand

Gather together a half dozen of your cutest houseplants and set them into this elegant plant stand so you can have more plants without them taking over every surface in your home or on your deck. It turns a few small potted plants into a display that’s easy to water. It also works for storing kitchen items, too.


These cafe lights that are powered by the sun

String these solar cafe lights from your patio or between a few trees to create a European cafe mood in your outdoor rooms. Once you hang them, they will do the rest of the work. They charge with the sun, turn on at dusk, and turn off in the wee hours. This is 27 feet of lighting. “Nice to sit outside and just enjoy the night-time with calm lights,” said one reviewer.


A sprinkler for easy watering & watery fun

Set this three-arm sprinkler down on the grass and let it do the work of watering your lawn and gardens while you — and the kids — cool off by running through the gentle spray. It has three rotating arms and 12 spray nozzles and can water 3,600 feet of grass. “It sprays evenly and [gently] enough for birds to fly into the water to get a shower,” said one reviewer. “My newly planted, very young oak tree thrived when I used this sprinkler on her daily.”


This silicone gap filler that fixes the kitchen

This silicone gasket is the easiest and most effective gap filler that you are likely to find for your kitchen. Cut it to size and place it over the gap between your stove and counter or wherever you need to stop liquids from squeezing through a gap and causing a mess. It resists fingerprints and comes in two colors.


These candles that won’t start a fire

Create the kind of ambiance only a candle can make without adding a fire hazard or chore to your day with these flameless candles. Turn them on and off with a remote and enjoy completely believable candlelight without any actual fire. You can set them to turn off automatically so you can fall asleep in candlelight. They come in eight colors.


The trick for making hot drinks cold

Why is it that whenever you crave an iced coffee, the only available brew is so hot that it will turn ice to water in seconds? This HyperChiller is the solution. Pour fresh-made coffee into it and it will turn that hot beverage cold in seconds, without ice. It works on wine and beer, too.


These carafes that are perfect for parties & every day

Make a batch of lemonade, cold brew, sangria, or iced tea, and store it in the fridge in this water carafe. The flip-top lid keeps it fresh and makes it easy to pour. It’s shaped to fit into the fridge door. And it’s elegant enough to pull out and set directly on the table for a meal. This is a pack of two.