35 cheap ways to make your backyard look so much nicer with almost no effort

Your backyard will be your favorite spot to hang out.

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Once the sun is shining, our backyards become one of our favorite places to spend time. Whether you love having company over or want to create a sanctuary where you can truly relax, there are so many tips and tricks to transform your outdoor space on a budget.

From creating a welcoming environment to maintaining yard upkeep, these products are a no-brainer for anyone looking to spruce up their home. Ahead, check out 35 affordable products that will make your backyard look so much nicer with almost no effort.


Easily install a cedar pathway

This wooden curved garden pathway is crafted from four feet of weatherproof wood and rubber spacers that connect each plank. The wood can easily be cleaned with a simple hose rinse and conveniently rolls up so you can store it away in the off-season. But, it’s not just good for outdoor decor. As one five-star reviewer raved, “My two dogs like to run in the yard and they ran a path into the ground on that part of the yard that tends to get quite muddy, especially after a rain. They now run on the pathway which helps to keep their paws cleaner and also protect the ground!”


Decorate with eye-catching garden sculptures

Instantly elevate your backyard with this outdoor solar decoration that will add a touch of color to your space. It’s available in five different hand-crafted mosaic patterns that reflect and recharge from the sunlight. Whether you sit it next to your flower garden or as the centerpiece on your picnic table, you can’t go wrong.


Illuminate your pathways with solar lights

Enhance and cozy up your garden with solar pathway lights — but make sure they’re water-resistant and weatherproof like this 10-pack from Amazon. The durable design requires no wires for easy installation — in fact, you can use them right out of the box. Once powered by the sun, you can expect up to 12 hours of gorgeous warm light.


Use outdoor rope lighting to set the mood

This pack of solar string lights features 33 feet of 100 LED lights that are totally waterproof. Whether you’re decorating your patio or deck, these lights are a great and affordable way to bring whimsical elements to your home. They even have eight different modes, so you can set a new light pattern every night. Choose from 12 different colors, ranging from a gorgeous pink to a festive green.


Powerwash surfaces before expecting company

Give your patio and shed a quick refresh with this high-pressure washer attachment that is also great for at-home car washes. The durable stainless steel design includes five spray nozzle tips, so you can choose from an array of different spray patterns. It’s worth noting this is not suited for a garden hose, but for a pressure washer hose that has the proper fittings.


Make sure your lawn is watered

Keep your lawn hydrated with this tip-proof three-arm sprinkler equipped with three rotating arms and 12 spray nozzles that can reach up to 32 feet. Reviewers say that the installation process is super easy, and if you’re worried about this small but mighty sprinkler covering the bases, have no fear — it covers 3,600 square feet.


Try to take control of pests

Formulated with natural plant-based ingredients, this mosquito-repellent candle works to keep bugs away, especially when it comes to backyard barbecues. It burns for up to 30 hours long and is made with refreshing scents such as citronella, peppermint, rosemary, cedarwood, and lemongrass oil. Your guests may not even realize the candle’s prime purpose isn’t just to provide a little ambiance.


Try to attract hummingbirds with a bright feeder

This bright-hued hummingbird feeder is an adorable way to attract hummingbirds to your yard. Available in three colors, it’s crafted from environmentally-friendly plastic that is lightweight and totally heat-resistant to withstand hot summer days. Just simply fill the container with honey and sit back. It also comes with a brush for easy cleaning.


Section segments of your garden with river rocks

Available in mini, small, or medium sizes, these decorative rocks are the perfect way to add a touch of luxe to your backyard. Whether you use them to create a pathway, help with drainage, section out garden veggies, decorate around the pool area, or fill a planter, there are so many creative ways to incorporate these rocks. Choose from solid white marble tones, or go all-natural.


Organize your unruly garden hose with a holder

Neatly find a home for your garden hose with this sleek hose holder. Crafted from rust-resistant metal, this stand is a gorgeous way to store your hose to avoid tripping over it. The durable design is 42 inches high, just over five pounds, and has the best reviews. “Finally, a hose holder that’s as sturdy as it is attractive!” exclaimed one reviewer. “I set one up in our front yard and one in the back. It’s got a three-pronged base that really grips tight when pushed into the soil. No wobbling or tipping over when you wrap or unwrap the hose from it.”


Clean up after your pets

We love our pets, but the mess in the backyard? Not so much. Make cleaning up a whole lot easier with this dog pooper scooper that comes with a stainless steel rack and tray. The handle extends over 36 inches so you don’t have to bend down, making it extra convenient. Thousands of reviewers have given it a 4.7 out of five stars on Amazon, which is pretty telling.


Reseed bare areas of your lawn

Thousands of shoppers love this grass seed that helps their lawns grow greener, quicker, and thicker with just a minimum of three hours of sunlight. These seeds are heat and drought-resistant and also work to keep insects away. The brand recommends watering daily for two weeks for the best results.


Get a handle on unruly weeds

This gardening kit comes with everything you need to maintain a healthy backyard. The 10-piece set includes a large shovel, trowel, water sprayer bottle, gardening glove, hand rake, weeder, cultivator, pruner, shears, and most importantly, a durable bag to neatly organize all of your tools. This set has accumulated over 5,500 five-star reviews from happy home gardeners.


Add sturdy, decorative planters

Decorative planters are a surefire way to elevate your yard. This round shape style from Amazon is handcrafted from sleek concrete that comes in an array of classic shades. It’s available in different width measurements ranging from 10 to 18 inches. The bottom features a drainage hole, making it ideal for outdoor use, and it’s surprisingly lightweight given its durability.


Add more places for guests to sit

Create a warm and welcoming entryway with this garden bench. The durable iron steel material is water-proof and resistant to rust, so it will last for years regardless of the weather. What customers love the most is how easy and fast the assembly process is. As one five-star reviewer wrote, “This bench is perfect for the area in front of my house. It was easy to assemble. It is sturdy and at a great price.”


Add decorative water features

Thousands of shoppers love this bamboo water fountain for creating a zen environment in their backyard. It comes with an electric pump that has three speed settings and everything else you need to set it up in less than five minutes. The handcrafted design is a great accent to add to any yard, home office, or bathroom. As one five-star reviewer explained, “The pump motor sits securely on the bottom held by suction cups. The sound of the running water and the added humidity to my plants are an added benefit! Great value and I’m contemplating getting another!”


Make entertaining easier with a break-resistant tray

Boost the aesthetic of your outdoor table while simultaneously making it easier to entertain. This melamine serving tray is BPA-free, lightweight, and shatter-resistant. Its raised edges keep food and cocktails steady, while its built-in handles give you a sturdy grip. It’s even dishwasher-safe for effortless clean-up.


Consider an outdoor rug for a more indoor feel

Instantly warm up your space with this outdoor patio rug that comes in five different sizes, ranging from five to nine feet wide. It’s crafted from a waterproof and stain-resistant material that won’t get ruined in bad weather. Shoppers love this rug for its anti-slip bottom and because it easily folds up for neat storage.


Serve your wine with style & practicality

Rather than using plastic cups or bringing your delicate wine glasses outside, opt for these unbreakable wine glasses instead. They’re made from stainless steel, so they’re break-proof and dent-resistant — plus they better preserve your drink’s temperature and are dishwasher-safe. Their rounded shape and stemless design enhance the flavors while cradling comfortably in your palm, and you can get them in tons of other colors (both solids and ombre patterns).


Give new life to old patio furniture with spray paint

Long-lasting spray paint is the key to instantly reviving your old furniture. The metallic tones add a touch of luxe to any paint project and the oil-based formula works for most surfaces including wood, metal, glass, concrete, and more. The best part? It dries in just under 30 minutes. You can buy it in up to 61 colors.


Add a magnetic screen door that closes behind you

A number-one best-seller with over 65,000 reviews, this magnetic door screen is a brilliant investment for people who have kids, own pets, or love to entertain. Like most screens, it’s made from mesh to allow fresh air to flow through while stopping bugs. Unlike most screens, it has a seam of strong magnets in the center, so you can walk right through it while your hands are full and it’ll automatically close behind you. Each order includes metal thumbtacks and adhesive hook-and-loop strips for installation.


Repaint your patio

This porch and patio floor paint is loved for its durable and long-lasting acrylic formula. The gallon-size container covers up to 400 square feet on smooth surfaces and can be used to restore anything from your porches, basement floors, patio, and furniture around your home. This brand of paint will also stand up again fading and peeling.


Get coasters that can handle the elements

Most coasters are as delicate as the glassware on top of them, so you wouldn’t consider bringing them outside. These silicone coasters are the exception. They’re so durable, you can leave them out there full-time if you wanted to — especially since they’re dishwasher-safe — but they’ll still minimize slipping and protect your outdoor furniture. You can also use them as jar openers, trivets, and drink covers.


Invest in some outdoor party games

Kick it up a notch with this yard pong game that thousands of shoppers can’t get enough of. “I ordered several yard games for a family gathering I had this summer. Lots of family, lots of games! This helped keep people engaged,” one five-star reviewer raved. This ultra-fun game is perfect for every age. It comes with four balls and 12 buckets as well as a carrying bag that makes it easy to transport from home to the beach. Since the buckets stack, it’s also easy to store.


Chill, serve, & protect your drinks

Because these serving carafes are made from durable glass and have matching airtight lids, they’re surprisingly versatile while entertaining. Infuse water or alcohol with fruit, chill your drinks in the fridge while keeping them fresh, display and serve them on your outdoor table while keeping bugs out, and allow for easy pouring with the drip-resistant, narrow-necked design. Each one holds 1 liter of liquid.


Use fake ivy for added privacy

Create more backyard privacy with this gorgeous faux ivy fence. It measures 47 inches long and 11.8 inches high and comes in a range of different styles. Whether you opt for sunflowers, or apple leaves or stick with simple greenery, this expandable fence is a great way to block the sun and protect your privacy while simultaneously adding extra decor to your backyard.


Use a scraper brush to make your backyard grill look brand new

When grill season is in full force, it’s important to have this grill cleaning brush and scraper on deck. The 18-inch long design features an ergonomic grip that sits comfortably in your hand while the other side is equipped with a stainless-steel brush. It’s easy to wash in soapy water after use, and can easily hang dry while awaiting your next barbecue.


Invest in solar-powered lights to illuminate your yard

These solar lights are a safe alternative when you don’t want to use real flames. Available in a pack of six or 12, these lights are a chic way to brighten up the patio or garden — plus, they also make for fun party decor. They’re also frost-resistant and waterproof, so you can leave them up all year round. All you have to do is stick the lights into the ground under direct sunlight and voila.


Create an outdoor pet station

Our backyards are equally for our pets as they are for us, and these stainless steel bowls will make your dogs feel right at home. The rust-resistant design holds up to 2 cups of food or water (though there are larger sizes available for bigger dogs) and features a nonslip rubber base to secure it in place. It’s also a great way to ensure your pets stay hydrated on hot days.


Add security with an outdoor camera

You can never have too much security, so you might as well add this inexpensive night-vision surveillance camera to your cart to feel extra safe. The waterproof design is equipped with night vision that detects motion and features two-way audio. It also serves as a great way to keep an eye on your pets if they’re playing outside. Cloud storage also makes it easy to save all of your video footage.


Refresh your old welcome mats

Make your friends and family feel extra welcome with this adorable nonslip doormat. From birds to puppy paw prints, this mat is available in 13 designs that are both cute and functional. Each mat is crafted from 100 percent natural coconut coir and measures 16 by 24 inches — although 18 by 30-inch mats are also available. This makes a great addition to keep outside any entrance door, especially if you live in areas that are known to get muddy.


Use decor that lights up at night

This decorative watering can is a super unique way to incorporate solar lights into your garden. Crafted from copper wire and 90 LED lights, this anti-rust design is waterproof and has an easy on-and-off switch. Available in multiple colors, the solar lights illuminate for eight to 10 hours long, helping showcase your outdoor flowers even more.


Hang sun catchers from your deck

Available in a pack of three, these gorgeous crystal suncatchers create an instant vibe of positivity. Whether you hang them on your windows, in your car, or in your yard, you’ll discover a perfect rainbow every time the crystal catches the light, helping add a welcoming glow to any space. This set would also make for a creative housewarming gift. Each piece is eight inches long, and three come per set.


Place a bat house to give bats a safe space

This wooden bat house is the ultimate way to attract bats and give them a safe environment. It’s crafted from weatherproof cedar wood and features two double chambers inside. You can easily mount it to a tree or the side of your house with the included screws. Bonus: It also doubles as a natural way to repel mosquitos.


Add a decorative trellis to help organize your garden

With an impressive 4.6-star rating, this leaf sculpture serves as a trellis for any climbing vegetable plants in your garden. It’s crafted from a weatherproof metal with interwoven ivy plants. It measures 72 inches tall, including the 8-inch stake that you can seamlessly stick into the ground. You can also use it inside to give your indoor plants a beautiful place to grow.