35 clever, cheap things that make you feel a hell of a lot better (according to tons of reviewers)

So many shoppers have vouched for the products that really work. (You might be surprised.)

35 clever, cheap things that make you feel a hell of a lot better (according to tons of reviewers)
ByErin Celletti and BDG Commerce
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Sore muscles, headaches, a bad night’s sleep: They’re part and parcel of the human experience — but there’s no need to struggle unnecessarily. You can alleviate a lot of life’s little discomforts with the right tips and tricks. Luckily, Amazon reviewers have weighed in with the most helpful tools for feeling better and many of them can be had for just a few bucks (and on your doorstep in just a few days). Scroll on for the best things that can take you from less-than to feeling-good with just a few clicks.


A multitasking lower back wrap that provides hot & cold therapy

If you have lower back strain, you likely know the importance of ice and heat therapy — but alternating between ice packs and heating pads can be a drag. This all-in-one lower back ice and heat wrap has you covered (literally). Thanks to the two interchangeable gel packs, you can keep one in the freezer and one handy for the microwave, so you can give yourself the temperature therapy you need, when you need it.

One reviewer wrote: “This is one of the easiest and comfortable ways I have found to "ice" my back. My doc wants me alternate heat and cold on my back. Heat is easy but until this item, the cold part was hard. The Magic Gel Ice Pack is easy to use and sturdy. The velcro is firm without it being over constricting. Last night I started to fall asleep while wearing it. I would recommend this 100%.” — Maine Mimi


This knee cushion that’s perfect for side sleepers

A must-have for side sleepers, this cushy pillow fits perfectly in between your knees and thighs to provide a more supportive sleep posture. It can help to soothe discomfort and tension in your back, legs, hips, and knees by reducing the pressure that is often put on your joints while sleeping. Constructed from memory foam, it’s made for bodies of all shapes and sizes.

One reviewer wrote: “Immediately upon placing between my knees I felt my hips align better and my lower back kind of fall into its natural sway. If I try to sleep without it now I am acutely aware of my knees bonking together and how uncomfortable my whole body is. I absolutely recommend this product.” — Amazon reviewer


This ergonomic seat cushion that helps with back discomfort & posture

We all know that sitting all day is less than ideal for our bodies, so finding a way to maintain a comfortable, aligned position is essential. This ergonomic seat cushion helps you maintain the natural curvature of the spine by supporting a seated position. It’s contoured for optimal comfort and pressure relief, and has a removable and breathable mesh cover.

One reviewer wrote: “I am having trouble with my hip and this pillow really takes pressure off my lower back and makes it bearable to sit for long hours. I'm not seeing any flattening of the pillow either. It's fairly large and fits the whole seat.” — Miagirl


These toe separators that help keep your toes in alignment

If you’re dealing with foot issues, these toe separators can help, working to alleviate symptoms of bunions, overlap, and even corns. By straightening the big and second toes, the soft gel separators help ensure proper alignment to help prevent friction and absorb pressure. Washable and reusable, they’re intended for all-day wear, but can also be slipped on for relief after wearing narrow-toe shoes.

One reviewer wrote: “I love the soft texture. It works great to keep the separation between toes and prevent crossing over. Comfortable to wear while walking around the house.” — Ginger

  • Available options: 4


This facial mask that offers both hot & cold therapy

When it comes to feeling better, sometimes you need ice and sometimes you need heat. Thankfully, this facial mask exists, which can do both. For cold therapy, toss it in the freezer or fridge, and for heat, pop it in the microwave. It’s helpful for everything from relieving headache discomfort to soothing sinuses, and the flexible gel beads make it comfortable to wear.

One reviewer wrote: “Boy am I glad I purchased this one! It stays cool for over an hour!! the fuzzy lining make it's comfortable to keep on your face for long and I find that it feels amazing.” — Niki R.


This neck & shoulder relaxer that helps release tight muscles

Soothe stiffness and soreness with this neck and shoulder relaxer that helps restore proper cervical curvature and alignment while releasing tension. This tool is reversible: One side offers gentle traction while other creates a more intense stretching session. Created with soft but dense foam, the relaxer also has six massage points to help release muscle knots.

One reviewer wrote: “This is a great pillow/neck relief cushion. Makes a positive impact on my neck pain when I use it 10 to 15 minutes every other day. Using a computer or phone for more than 6 to 8 hours daily, will put a kink in your neck. This cushion is a natural relief!” — Renee


The sports water bottle that actually helps you stay hydrated

With over 133,000 reviews and a near-perfect 4.8-star rating, this cult-favorite sports water bottle is your answer to staying effortlessly hydrated. It’s made of stainless steel and features double-wall insulation that will keep your drink cold for up to an amazing 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. A powder-coated finish adds to its stylishness and three different leak-proof lids (a straw lid, stainless steel lid, and flip-top lid) provide drinking versatility.

One reviewer wrote: “This water bottle is not just a water bottle; it's a hydration game-changer! I recently heard someone say that staying hydrated is all about being happy with your drinking vessel. Man, were they right. I had a Kleen Kanteen for years. Despite it always being at my side, I still felt like I wasn't drinking enough. Now, with the Iron Flask, I find myself crushing it. The straw lid is by far my favorite and makes it so easy to drink.” – Brian L.

  • Available colors: 35


This intensive lotion that hydrates & protects super dry hands

Aptly named Gloves in a Bottle, this game-changing hand lotion doesn’t just hydrate skin — it bonds to the surface layer of skin cells, acting as a shield to prevent your skin from further moisture loss and irritation. And it’s not just for hands, it can be used anywhere else you need hydration. Lasting for up to four hours, it retains its power even through hand washing, then naturally fades as skin cells slough off.

One reviewer wrote: “I have tried many different hand lotions trying to help with the dryness and nothing really worked. I tried this product because of the reviews, and I can say if you are dealing with dry hands get it! This stuff in just a few days has made such a difference!” — Abbey


An acupressure mat that reviewers swear by for just about everything

At first glance, this acupressure mat may look intimidating since it’s packed with tons of plastic “needles,” (not really needles) that stimulate acupressure points throughout the body. This improves circulation, which has the potential to help with all kinds of things, including reducing muscle soreness, soothing headache discomfort, and calming nerves. It feels a little strange at first, but you’ll quickly get used to it — and love it.

One reviewer wrote: “I don't know exactly how many weeks it took, I just know that one day I realized I was moving like my old self again. Now I use it for maintenance. If I've had an especially demanding day on the job, I'll come home, shower, wait for my lotion to absorb, and then get on this mat. I will also use it in the morning if I wake up stiff.” — Amazon reviewer

  • Available colors: 15


A ventilated memory foam pillow that offers firm, cooling support

If you like like a firmer sleeping surface for your head, this memory foam pillow is one that reviewers constantly reward with good ratings — one reported that it “checks almost every box” and another wrote, “It's soft without being squishy, supportive without being hard.” Besides offering plenty of support to side and back sleepers, it’s ventilated and infused with cooling gel to provide plenty of airflow and temperature regulation overnight.

One reviewer wrote: “I have tried 4 pillows in the last 3 years and none have felt like this pillow. It is firm yet soft when you lie on it. It won't conform or "bunch up" so using it as a prop up pillow won't work. I highly recommend this pillow for side sleepers and it is also comfy when sleeping on your back.”— Amazon reviewer

  • Available sizes: standard — king


The shower steamers that add aromatherapy to your daily routine

Ease stress and tension while indulging in a hot shower, complete with these shower steamers. Just place a disc in the corner of your shower, and it’ll release vapors as the water hits it. They come in a set of six, which includes powerful aromatherapy scents such as menthol and eucalyptus and calming lavender.

One reviewer wrote: “These shower bombs are delightful, rejuvenating and swell beyond amazing! Not only does it stimulate your senses but the shower and then the whole room is invigorated with these sumptuous smells! Thank you for the R & R I get from using these shower bombs!“ — Valerie

  • Available options: 5


These cooling pillowcases that you’ll never have to flip over

Tired of flipping over your pillow to get to the cooler side? With these cooling pillowcases, you’ll never have to again. One side of each pillowcase is made with Japanese cooling fibers that transfer away body heat while you sleep, so it remains continuously cool to the touch. The other side is made with breathable cotton for all-season sleeping. Choose which one works best, depending on the time of year.

One reviewer wrote: “This really does work to keep my head cooler for better sleep. I had been soaking cotton pillowcases after a day in the Texas summer sun, and it's miserable trying to find a more dry part of the cotton pillowcase in the middle of the night.” —Austin Fest Fan

  • Available sizes: standard — king


This height-adjustable footrest for better posture & comfort

For better posture and comfort while sitting, this footrest provides support to your feet and legs while reducing pressure on the joints. The two-piece set makes the footrest height adjustable, so it works with a variety of leg lengths for optimal comfort. The cushion insert is made with 100% memory foam and has a grippy underside to keep it in place.

One reviewer wrote: “This product was an economical solution for me at my desk. I am short and my feet do not touch the floor when working at the computer. This foot rest allows me to work comfortably without strain on my back.” — Shirl

  • Available colors: 5


This foot balm that helps prevent blisters before they start

Beat blisters to the punch with this anti-blister balm by BodyGlide. Formulated with apricot and comfrey leaf oils, the balm is boosted by vitamins A and C to help soothe irritated skin and prevent future blisters from forming. The balm won’t interfere with your body’s natural sweating, and won’t stain your footwear.

One reviewer wrote: “I had problems with my shoes rubbing my little toes or sandal straps rubbing a red line over the top of my foot. Bought this product on a whim and have been shouting praises for it ever since. All my toe, heel and strap rubbing issues vanished when I applied Foot Glide to my problem areas before putting on the shoe.” — GrandmaBell


These steaming eye masks that soothe headaches & eyestrain

Looking for relief from dry, scratchy eyes or a behind-the-eye headache that just won’t budge? These steam eye masks just might do the trick by releasing a bit of warm mist when you unwrap and apply them. The resulting heat and moisture can help relieve eye fatigue and dryness while soothing tension. Plus, they feel really, really good (especially after a long day in front of a screen).

One reviewer wrote:: “Really works great. I use these followed by an eye scrub and then a nice preservative free eye drops. My eyes feel almost young again!”— Deborah McPhereson

  • Available options: 9


A trigger point massage tool that gets to hard-to-reach places

If you’ve ever been desperate for a back massage but couldn’t reach the spots where you needed it most, this massage tool is for you. The Body Back Buddy is designed to help you manually apply pressure to hard-to-reach places, thanks to the 11 knobs spaced out across the S-shaped tool. There are also handles to give you a good grip while you achieve muscle release.

One reviewer wrote: “This is a brilliant and helpful tool for people experiencing pain in their back shoulders, neck, hips and thighs. It helps the individual put pressure on the exact area where the pain is, then release and go again.” — Elaine D.

  • Available options: 3


This illustrated yoga mat that encourages a regular practice

Whether you’re a newbie or well-seasoned, this yoga mat will help get you in the flow of regular practice thanks to the 70 illustrated poses printed right there in front of you. It provides a comfortable surface at 5 millimeters thick and is long enough to suit taller yogis. Roll it out to enjoy a self-guided routine that won’t require you to look up poses online or follow along with a class.

One reviewer wrote: “I'm new to yoga, so I love the ability to look down and be prompted into new poses. The mat is the right amount of sticky (make sure you follow the instructions and wipe it down with a damp cloth), and it gives a nice amount of cushion without being too cushy to get in the way of stability.” – Amazon Customer

  • Available colors: 6


This scalp massager & shampoo brush that feels amazing

If you’re looking for ultimate relaxation while you shower, this scalp massager and shampoo brush is the answer. Besides stimulating circulation and relieving tension, the brush can help remove dead skin cells and product buildup. Made with soft silicone, the massager comes with two attachments — one with short nubs and one with long — so you can choose which feels best.

One reviewer wrote: “My hairdresser has used one for years. It feels great on the scalp. I find it works better with conditioner than shampoo because your hair is less tangled.”— Carla Van Cleave

  • Available options: 2


This super soft sherpa blanket that’s perfect for cold, cuddly nights

Get super cozy with this plush, luxe throw blanket made from microfiber “cashmere” on one side and faux sheepskin on the other. It’s available in nine colors, and — even better — sizes that range from throw to California king. That means you can outfit either your sofa or your sleep setup in luxurious comfort.

One reviewer wrote: “I love it so much that this is my third purchase of this blanket! It is incredibly soft, well made, cozy, warm, and washes well. I bought the first one to see how I liked it…fell in love with it, whole family fought over using it on the sofa so bought another one for the second sofa.” — Debbie Trammell

  • Available colors: 9
  • Available sizes: 7


A pressure point massager that hurts so good

You know when something “hurts so good”? That’s what you’ll get with this pressure point massager stick that works to reduce stiffness, break up lactic acid buildup, and stimulate circulation. Made with three rolling nodules, the built-in spikey ridges work to dig deep into the fascia. It even comes with a downloadable guide to get you started right away on a range of different exercises to start feeling immediate relief.

One reviewer wrote: “Well I feel like I've become addicted to this stick. I'm not a masochist by any stretch of the imagination but Holy Smokes this hurts so good [...] If you have a Foam Roller - Buy this you'll love/hate it on equal measures. To be honest for the price it's better than a foam roller without all the acrobatics.” – medina4me


This cult-favorite botanical body lotion that’s famous for its sustainability practices

Does your skin need a little extra TLC? Give it a mega-dose of hydration with this nourishing, creamy body lotion by Weleda. Packed with high-powered ingredients like chamomile, rosemary, shea butter, and sunflower seed oil, this easy-to-spread lotion gives your skin long-lasting moisture. What’s more, Weleda’s products are third party-certified for protecting biodiversity in harvesting ingredients as well as using sustainable production processes.

One reviewer wrote: “This product is terrific, it's as if my skin had a thirst that has finally been quenched! The all-over hydration is a real game changer. Not only did it feel like a tropical getaway for my skin, but being free from parabens, it was a health-conscious choice too.” — Margaret R.


This turmeric body scrub that exfoliates & smooths skin

If your skin is feeling dry and irritated, turn to this Himalayan salt body scrub to enjoy a hydrated and smooth result. It delivers a nourishing dose of antioxidants while exfoliating salt helps to slough away dead skin cells. Ingredients such as collagen, aloe vera, and jojoba oil add elasticity and moisture in addition to leaving skin with a healthy glow.

One reviewer wrote: “I’m on like my fourth order and this is still my favorite product. I have super dry skin and need to exfoliate all the time and this does the trick! Also makes your skin insanely smooth and clean. I can’t say enough about this product and is essential to my great skin care routine . I never write reviews but if I could I’d give it 20 stars! Do your skin a favor and just get it!” – Paige Gutzke


A 2-pack of foot masks that slough away dead skin for baby soft feet

Instead of spending time uncomfortably buffing and scraping at tough, dry feet, give this two-pack of peeling foot masks a whirl. Infused with a blend of fruit acids and extracts, the exfoliating foot masks comes in the form of “socks” that are super easy to apply. Just slip them onto your feet and give it an hour — your skin will begin to peel within about a week.

One reviewer wrote: “I decided to try this and I'm so happy! Didn't feel like it was doing anything during the hour it was on my feet. Next day I noticed my feet felt different, but they looked the same. 4 days later all the dead skin started coming off. This has been easy, painless, and very effective.” — Amber

  • Available scents: 11
  • Available sizes: 2


This weighted blanket that calms both your body & mind

Need a little help falling asleep? This weighted blanket will be your new best friend. The blanket uses deep-pressure stimulation to produce a calming effect and help increase happy hormones, allowing your body to relax more easily as you drift off. It’s filled with glass beads and made with a cotton-blend cover for breathability. Customize the weight of your blanket to your body weight for the best benefits.

One reviewer wrote: “The weight distribution is perfect and I don't feel the need to move the blanket around to find the right spot. [...] The beads are surprisingly comfy, and I can use this blanket outside of my bed and still get the hug effect from it, but you only get the full power of this blanket if you lie down. Overall, 10/10 and if you are having trouble sleeping, try out this blanket.” — Jared

  • Available colors: 11
  • Available weights and sizes: 12


This bubbling foot spa that soothes tired muscles

Give yourself a soothing, rejuvenating foot bath at home with this bubbling foot spa. It has water jets and raised bumps that gently massage your feet while keeping preheated water at a cozy temperature. It even has a built-in splash guard to prevent water messes as well as a pumice stone for exfoliating rough skin.

One reviewer wrote: “Easy to use, sturdy and makes great water movement. My feet felt comfortable and the massage balls were perfect moving my feet over them. Gentle and relaxing.” — Chana Mikel


This personal space heater for instant warmth

Say goodbye to freezing feet at the office or at home with this compact personal heater. This mini space heater has three fan settings and a temperature-control dial for customization. For safety, it has built-in protection for overheating and a tip-over switch that automatically turns it off in case it gets knocked over.

One reviewer wrote: “Don’t let the size fool you, this is a powerful heater that will warm up any space that you need it for! I love it!” — Kiki

  • Available colors: 2


This rainfall showerhead that transforms your bathroom into a personal spa

Instantly transform your shower experience with this easy-to-install showerhead, complete with an added water filter. The 6-inch head creates a luxe, high-pressure rainfall effect, and the self-cleaning nozzles help fend off future mineral buildup. Available in a wide range of upmarket finishes, the head installs in just five minutes on any standard shower arm.

One reviewer wrote: “Literally a game changer! Since installing it, which was very simple! Every time I take a shower I feel like I am in my own personal spa! The water pressure is incredible I also highly recommend the extension arm. Truly amazing product!” — Amazon reviewer

  • Available finishes: 29


A detangling brush that won’t cause pain while it smooths strands

Safeguard every last precious strand without causing a bit of pain with this detangling brush that has over 55,000 five-star reviews. It’s designed with special cone-shaped bristles that work with the hair instead of against it, combing through knots and tangles with ease. The handle features an ergonomic shape and comes in a range of pretty colors and patterns such as blue, coral, and terrazzo.

One reviewer wrote: “I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brush. My hair was thinning after accutane treatment and I noticed my regular brush was not helping. I didn't have high hopes for this but goodness was I surprised. Hardly any hair on the brush post combing and it detangles too!!! I will never go back to any other brush.” – SavouringLIfe

  • Available colors: 9


A deeply nourishing lip oil treatment made with agave & kukui oil

Hydrate and nourish chapped, dry lips with this nutrient-dense lip oil treatment infused with vitamins and heavy-duty moisturizers like shea butter, agave, and Hawaiian kukui oil. It’s available in clear and tinted formulas, so you can opt for the version that suits you best. According to the brand, it can provide up to a 46% increase in hydration after just one application.

One reviewer wrote: “This lip treatment is very hydrating, it has a nice creamy texture and it smells great. [...] you really only need a tiny bit, which also helps it last basically forever. 10/10 would recommend!” — Kayy

  • Available shades: 6


This purifying scalp tonic that targets dandruff & dryness

Give your scalp some extra TLC with this purifying scalp tonic infused with tea tree and peppermint extract. It provides an instant cooling sensation while it exfoliates the scalp and helps cleanse it from product buildup and flakiness. Plus, you can use it anytime, on either wet or dry hair.

One reviewer wrote: “It feels so good on your scalp. It makes my scalp tingle and is extremely refreshing. It makes my hair feel so clean and bouncy.” — brandi bolduc


This vertical mouse that aligns your wrist in a neutral position while you work

If you work on a computer, you know the strain it can have on your neck, back, posture, and wrists. But with this innovative vertical computer mouse, you can maintain a more ideal and neutral wrist and arm position while you click away all day. It operates on two AAA batteries and a 2.4G USB receiver, and even has a power-saving mode after eight minutes of idling.

One reviewer wrote: “I work on my computer all day and I was noticing pain in my wrist. After buying this and using it for a few days the pain went away! This changes the position of your wrist and it’s way better on it than a regular mouse. [...] I would highly recommend.” — Daniel


This exercise ball for full-body stretching & strengthening

Great for anything from physical therapy to daily strengthening to increasing flexibility, you will find an infinite number of uses for this exercise ball. It comes with its own handy pump and is made of durable PVC material that will last through the years. Able to hold up to 600 pounds of weight, it comes in five available sizes (especially helpful if it’s being used as an office chair) as well as a range of vivid colors to complement your space while you work out that core.

One reviewer wrote: “Looking for an exercise ball, look no further, this will do the job [...] Great quality for an exercise ball and for the price. Can be used for your strength training, stretching and other mobility and flexibility exercises. Options are endless. It comes with all you need and is ready to use in less than 5 min.” – Léon Rome

  • Available colors: 11


A yoga block to provide stability during poses

Allow yourself to really lean into that twist or triangle pose by utilizing this yoga block. Made of durable material with a soft, grippy surface, it will help you maintain structural integrity while you move through your yoga routine, additionally aiding you in deepening stretches and strengthening muscles. Beveled edges make the block easy to handle and the small size means it's a cinch to store.

One reviewer wrote: “I've been wanting a yoga block for awhile, so was happy to try this one out - it's perfect for what I need - that extra stability and for helping me reach just a bit farther.” – Melissa

  • Available colors: 3


This Korean lip oil that nourishes using apple fruit extract

If you’re a person who doesn’t like lip balms, glosses, or sticks, you will love this Korean lip oil that delivers hydration without a bit of stickiness. Dry lips will instantly feel moisturized with the help of apple fruit extract and apple seed oil. Plus, there is a range of different tints to choose from, such as darker pinks or light blushes that will work with your specific complexion.

One reviewer wrote: “So, I hate the feel and taste of lipstick and wanted an alternative that was moisturizing and adding some color to my lips. This lip oil is AMAZING. It darkens my lips just enough and makes them look soft and dewy, and it feels great.” – K. Pryor


These stylish blue light-blocking glasses that relieve eye strain

For those toiling away at screens all day, the effects can be felt in the way of eye strain, headaches, and sleep issues. Take matters into your own hands (and look stylish in the process) by donning these blue light-blocking glasses. They use a UV-filtering polycarbonate lens to reduce blue light, making it much easier to log those hours in front of the computer. Choose between either a black or tea-brown frame in a chic boxy look.

One reviewer wrote: “These are fantastic! I had struggled with migraines for years and needed a pair of glasses that would help me when I’m working. They are stylish and the tint is just right for those working on a computer all day.” – Rosa