Clever things that are gaining a massive following on Amazon

From a tiny waffle maker to a cleaning gel that’s kinda magical, these products are pretty smart.

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This list is packed with a bunch of different things, but I promise they all have something in common: they’re super clever. Whether it’s an article of functional clothing, a unique solution to a common kitchen problem, or a cleaning product that makes your life so much easier, you need these clever products in your life.

How do I know you need these things in your life? Well, I made sure to only add the clever things that are gaining a massive following on Amazon. That way, this list is even more reliable when you’re searching for an easy, clever fix, whether you’re searching for the perfect bubble-shaped ice tray a teeth-cleaning dog toy that won’t get covered in bite marks, or a pack of microwave lids that collapse to fit in your kitchen cabinets.

So, whenever you’re feeling like you need a clever upgrade, fun new gadget, or product that’ll make your life easier or more fun, simply go through this list — other Amazon shoppers definitely are.


These wireless puck lights that go under built-in storage

You won’t mind these battery-operated lights under your cabinets or built-in shelves, because each of these super thin LED puck lights is only 1.25 inches thick. That means they won’t stick out after you mount them with the included tape or screws and will simply look so sleek. There’s also a remote, so you don’t have to hide wires or a light switch, making these easy-to-install lights a great lighting solution for shadowy spaces.


This big pack of gentle stain-removing wipes

These natural stain-removing wipes are super gentle with their 100% biodegradable formula. This bulk pack is even free of peroxide, chlorine, allergens, dyes, and scents that you might not want on your clothes or fabrics. Of course, each of these pH-neutral wipes work on new and dry stains, making them great for keeping in your bag at all times.


These individually wrapped gold eye masks that are infused with collagen

The rejuvenating hyaluronic acid and castor oil is just as impressive as the 24-karat gold in these moisturizing under-eye masks. They, of course, have plenty of other stand-out ingredients like collagen, glycerin, vitamin C, and more to depuff and brighten your skin. Plus, these fun masks are individually wrapped, so they’re easy to store and use.


This car organizer that won’t flop over while you drive

This collapsible car organizer won’t flop over while you drive or pack away your groceries, because it’s complete with latches to stop it from sliding around, plus a non-slip divider insert to keep your things organized. It can be completely folded up, used at half size, or expanded fully, depending on the amount of tools in your backseat or groceries in your shopping haul. Whatever you tuck into this multi-pocket organizer, it’s complete with a handy waterproof lining.


A magnetic pickup tool that’s even helpful in the rain

This powerful magnetic pickup tool has three LED lights and a waterproof design, so it’s even helpful for finding things in the rain and in shadowy spaces. This must-have tool expands up to 22.5 inches, and the 360 degree flexible design makes it handy for grabbing things like dropped keys and change between car seats.


An easy-to-use vacuum attachment for your dryer & other hard-to-reach spots

Simply attach this vent cleaner to your vacuum’s hose to clean lint, fuzz, and dust out of your dryer. It’s a durable and flexible tube that won’t just help your dryer run more efficiently, but it’s also helpful for other household vents and super slim spaces. It’s complete with a vacuum adapter and a handy wire to help guide the direction of the hose.


These quick-drying, highly absorbent towels that are helpful for the gym

This set of moisture-wicking towels aren’t only quick-drying, but they’re also odor-resistant, making them the perfect gym accessory. These highly-absorbent microfiber towels can soak up four times their weight in liquid and come in three convenient sizes: a large towel, a face towel, and one that’s the perfect size for your hair (in case you shower at the gym). This set also comes with a convenient mesh carrying bag and an elastic band, making them a great travel companion.


A peppermint-scented shoe deodorizer that’s nourishing for your feet

Mist this shoe deodorizer in your shoes or on your feet to feel and smell super fresh. Unlike other shoe deodorizers, this talc-free spray is full of essential oils like peppermint, lavender, and tea tree that are cooling and nourishing for your skin, so it doubles as a soothing foot spray. It even has anti-fungal properties and moisturizing ingredients to really help your feet when you wear sneakers.


This ventilated sponge holder that dispenses dish soap

This stainless steel sponge holder gives your sponge a ventilated spot to hang out when you’re not washing dishes. Below this breathable tray is a unique dish soap container. Simply press the sponge down on this holder, and it applies dish soap for you. Plus, there’s an easy-to-empty tray that stops water from going into your soap supply and promotes fast drying.


These packing cubes that come with a travel laundry bag

With this packing cube set, you’ll have an organized spot for your outfits and your laundry while you travel. Unlike other packing sets, these water-resistant cubes come with a travel-size laundry bag with a built-in clip to stop your laundry from falling out in your suitcase. Plus, all of packing bags are complete with breathable mesh cutouts on top so you can see exactly what’s in each compartment. With enough space for a 14-day trip, these versatile cubes are an Amazon shopper favorite with over 16,500 reviews and a 4.8-star rating overall.


An easy-to-read meat thermometer that works so quickly

While you’re cooking, this digital meat thermometer tells you the temperature in two to three seconds, which is just as fast as much pricier options. It also has a large, easy-to-read interface that works in Fahrenheit or Celsius and a guide that shows the ideal temperatures for popular meats. You don’t have to think about this water-resistant meat thermometer during after-dinner cleanup, because it’s complete with an auto-shutoff feature and an oversized loop or magnet to hang it up.


This compact button pusher that turns on appliances for you

This compact button pusher uses 3M adhesive to attach to appliances with buttons or even your light switches (as long as it’s a rocker-style switch). Use your phone to turn on your coffee maker, boot up your computer, flip on a Bluray player, or buzz someone into your apartment. It also lets you click on appliances with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.


A hanging organizer that lets you see all of your hats

These hat organizers attach with velcro and fit right onto the hangers in your closet, and they’re way better than stacking your hats. These organizers are complete with 10 rust-resistant clips that are gentle enough that they won’t create creases on your trendy hats, all while allowing you to see every cap in your collection.


These pimple patches that let you know when to take them off

If you’re prone to popping or picking at zits, these hydrocolloid pimple patches are the thing to grab. That’s because these transparent dots extract the pus and then turn white when they’re done shrinking and reducing the redness of a pimple. They’re also seamless and super sticky, so they protect your skin and you won’t be tempted to pull them off early.


This car organizer that helps keep your necessities between your seats

There will be no more losing your bag on the floor or having to dangerously reach in the backseat to grab your stuff once you install this adjustable car organizer. This breathable mesh organizer gives you a handy pocket right between your front seats. It simply hangs from your headrests and secures at the bottom with strings and clips. Plus, you can flip it around if you want an extra storage spot in the backseat or use it as a barrier to keep your pets in the backseat.


A fast-working charging station with spots for each device & cord

Organizing each of your devices and their coordinating cords isn’t the only thing this charging station can do. It’s also complete with LED dividers that turn off when each device is done charging. You can even adjust these illuminated dividers to fit your larger tablets. In addition to reducing the clutter of long wires, you’ll always know where all six of your chargers are.


These color-changing packets for backyard bonfires

These small packets actually change the color of your bonfire at your backyard party, adding stunning shades of blue, purple, red, and green to your fire. Plus, these unique packs are actually mess-free because you don’t even have to open them — just toss the whole pack in the flames for an hour of stunning colors. They’re also OK for use in your indoor fireplace.


The reusable, absorbent dishcloths that dry quickly to avoid mildew

This pack of reusable dishcloths will definitely beat a classic washcloth when it’s time to clean. It’s not just because these safe-for-all-surfaces cloths are washable and reusable. They also absorb 20 times their weight in liquid, and they avoid all of those mildewy odors because they’re extra quick-drying.


This slim & comfortable running belt with tons of pockets

This running belt might be super low-profile, but the zipper pockets easily fit your phone and has a spot to thread your headphone cord through. There’s even a specific pouch to hold onto your key and change. This clip-on bag is also made of moisture-wicking fabric that’s durable and flexible, making it a great outfit addition when jogging or hiking.


A sheet tucker that helps with picking up your heavy mattress

Grab this compact sheet tucker if you dread picking up that heavy mattress every time you want to make your bed with crisp, clean corners. It’s made of durable plastic, so it won’t snap while you tuck. It’s also helpful for making your bed every day or for when you change your sheets because it works with both fitted and flat sheets.


This wide pizza cutter with a handy cover

This pizza cutter will make you forget all about the roller design that rarely works well and is hard to clean. Instead, it has a wide stainless steel blade that cuts the entire width of the pie while keeping the cheese where it’s supposed to be — all you have to do is rock it back and forth. Beyond pizza, it’s also useful for chopping herbs, veggies, desserts, and more. This dishwasher-safe slicer comes with a handy cover for between pizza nights.


These cloud slides with super lightweight soles

The soles of these cloud slides are the best because they’re so lightweight despite being 1.7 inches thick with plenty of shock absorption. The wide straps and comfortable base both mold to the shape of your foot. Simply use a hairdryer to loosen up these soft EVA slides and get a flawless, personalized fit.

  • Available sizes: 4-5.5 – 13.5-14.5
  • Available styles: 21


This clear shield that protects your stuff from your cat’s scratches

Your cat can’t scratch these transparent furniture protectors, no matter how much they love clawing your couch. They have a sheet-like and scratch-resistant design that securely sticks to a bunch of fabrics, including polyester and cotton. They’re discreet enough not to ruin the look of your furniture, too, which is a stylish bonus.


A milk frother that won’t clutter a kitchen drawer

The minimalist stainless steel stand holds this mini milk frother after you make your morning latte. Beyond its stylish look, this this battery-powered frother has a single button that’s easy to operate when you’re sleepy and is complete with a grippy silicone handle for non-slip frothing.


This super small car charger that doesn’t look bulky

This compact car charger has a short design that fits flush with your car’s cigarette lighter and transforms that often unused space into a functional USB charger with two ports. This all-metal piece won’t heat up in the compartment and will charge your phone quickly, making it a great thing to keep in your car at all times.


These small putty squares that clean out your earbuds

Instead of ruining your earbuds by picking at the gunk and earwax, grab these putty squares. The sticky formula cleans out your earbuds or any other device that’s a little grimy — all you need to do is squish it into the earbuds and pull it out. Plus, this putty keeps its shape and won’t stay stuck to your earbuds. These budget-friendly squares even help with restoring sound quality.


These cooling pillows that won’t shift around or lose their shape

These machine-washable pillows are made with a down-alternative — but they won’t shift around. They’re made with a cooling gel fiber filling that won’t bunch up or go flat. Plus, the breathable cotton cover won’t fade, and it’s even complete with a luxe 250 thread count and double edges sewing. It’s no wonder why these have over 108,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A pack of trendy matte claw clips that are super durable

This 4-pack of stylish claw clips are complete with a matte finish that won’t peel or get scuffed up, and it makes them extra-grippy for your hair. Plus, these large, durable clips are built to be nonslip and with long claw teeth that hold whatever hairstyle you’re clipping — and even work on thick hair.


This outlet extender with a functional shelf & nightlight

The three-sided shape of this outlet extender and surge protector is super functional, yet low-profile for your wall. The front has all of your smaller USB and USB-C spots, while the sides have classic outlets for appliances. Meanwhile, there’s a compact shelf for setting down gadgets with short cords and an automatic LED nightlight that you can turn on if you like the extra light.


These sandwich cutters that keep your bread intact & fillings inside

These zero-curst sandwich cutters won’t ruin your bread. They actually seal up your sandwich, so you can pack bunch of ingredients into your crustless sandwich without your fillings leaking out. Plus, these BPA-free cutters come with a circular cutter for chopping up meats and cheeses to fit perfectly into your sandwich pocket.


This 2-pack of blue light blocking glasses that are actually quite stylish

These blue light blocking glasses have a lightweight and durable nylon frame that’s easy to wear for every meeting, all while helping to prevent visual fatigue. In addition to helping you with looking at screens all day, this two-pack comes with tons of color options so you can look super stylish on your Zoom meetings, whether you’re working at home or in the office.


This anti-scald heat styling set for your beard

This isn’t only a brush for your facial hair — it’s also a flat iron for your beard. This ceramic straightener heats up in just 30 seconds and goes all the way up to 450 degrees, so it’ll even work on thick, curly beards. This anti-scald brush also comes with a case and a comb, making it great for traveling.


These USB string lights that make it easier to see your movie

These trendy USB string lights simply plug into your TV and stick on with 3M adhesive to add aesthetically-pleasing lighting to your living room, all while reducing eye strain. You can control the brightness, so it’s never too overpowering behind your screen. If you’re not into TV lighting, this strip of tk lights can also be used under cabinets and in your closet.


This slushie maker you can drink out of

You can drink your favorite frozen drink out of this quick slushie maker immediately after pouring it. That’s because it has a tumbler-like design that’s complete with freezing liquid inside, so you don’t have to add water. The silicone design is easy to squeeze for a slushie, and the cute cup even comes with a scooping straw.


This compact car vacuum that comes with tons of useful attachments

This compact car vacuum will last such a long time because it’s actually cleanable. It even comes with a washable filter, spare HEPA filter, and a handy filter brush. Of course, it’s complete with three precise vacuum heads to clean all of the funky spaces between car seats, even the really hard-to-reach ones. You’ll also never have to lug this vacuum into your house to charge it because the 16-foot cord simply plugs into your car outlet, making this an easy thing to keep in your trunk for detailing on-the-go.


This water-resistant toiletry bag with a ton of useful features

This toiletry bag has a few key features that are super helpful for travel, including the little hanger that allows you to store this on the back of a door or on a towel rack and four transparent, water resistant zipper pockets that help keep bottled products upright. With the sturdy stitching, this hanging bag can handle a bunch of products yet it still has a soft finish with protective padding.


A set of 3 microwave lids that collapse to fit in your cabinet

This pack of heat-resistant microwave lids are easy to put away after reheating your leftovers (without splatters). The plastic design collapses to easily fit in your kitchen cabinets. Each dishwasher-friendly lid is complete with a handle to check and see if your food is warm and vents to promote even heating. Plus, you can flip them over and they’ll double as colanders.


This universal socket tool that helps you avoid an oversized kit

This universal socket tool saves you from buying an oversized kit with a bunch of different wrenches. Instead, this unique tool has 54 stainless steel spring pins that fit around different nut, hook, and bolt sizes. It comes in an extra-compact set with an ergonomic handle attachment and 10 screwdriver bits.


A sleek & customizable doorbell that’s wire-free

This wire-free doorbell and receiver set is easy to install, because the sleek design comes with both adhesive and a set of screws. No matter how you choose to mount the button, the receiver quickly plugs into an indoor outlet and works up to 1,000 feet away. After installation, customize this Bluetooth doorbell to your exact needs; it can be programmed to 50 different chimes at three different volumes as well as a silent mode.


A travel umbrella that won’t get water in your bag

You won’t mind tucking this windproof and waterproof umbrella in your bag after a downpour. The durable fiberglass ribs fold inside out when you close it, so the wet top goes on the inside of the folded up umbrella, while the dry part protects your bag. This umbrella is also easier to open and close than a lot of designs thanks to a handy, single-press button.


A tiny waffle maker that has over 173,000 five-star reviews

This waffle maker might be extra-compact, but it still gives you 4 inches of nonstick waffle-cooking space. Beyond waffles, this electric waffle maker is the best size to make small hash browns, biscuits, and super melty cookies. It’s complete with sturdy feet for stability while you cook and a light to let you know when it’s time to pour your batter and when your waffle is ready. This tiny kitchen tool is an Amazon shopper favorite, with over 213,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating overall.


This comfy zip-up hoodie that works with any outfit

This zip-up hoodie is a transitional weather must-have, thanks to the cotton and polyester fleece-blend fabric that’s pill-resistant. The mid-weight fabric isn’t too thick, either. Plus, all of the details (even the drawstring and zipper) match the classic colors in the fabric, making this a layering piece that will look great with any casual outfit.

  • Available sizes: Small — 3X-Large
  • Available colors: 11


This lavender-scented gel that helps out with dust in hard-to-reach spaces

This cleaning gel doesn’t feel like a gooey slime (thankfully). Instead, it’s more like a sticky putty that helps out with dust in hard-to-clean spaces like between your keyboard keys or your car vents. It presses into awkward spaces to clean out all of the gunk, dust, and dirt. It also leaves a lavender scent behind without leaving any extra gel in your vents or on your hands.


A durable teeth-cleaning dog toy that won’t get bite marks

This dog toy helps your pup’s teeth, but that doesn’t mean it will get covered in bite marks. It’s actually made of thermoplastic rubber that’s completely bite-resistant. Plus, it floats if you pup wants to chew on the teeth-cleaning texture during bath time. This anxiety-reducing toy is also complete with classic tassels on each side, allowing for multiple ways to play.


This stack of unique bubble-shaped ice trays

The clever thing about this stackable ice tray set is obviously their unique bubble shape. You simply fill these ice trays like your normal ones before popping the sphere-shaped lid on top. Once frozen, you can pour all of your bubble ice cubes into the included container that’s complete with a scoop, so you’ll always have fun-shaped ice on hand.