50 clever things under $35 that'll make you like your home a lot more

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Buying new items to improve a home or add comfort shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. From ways to upgrade your kitchen backsplash to gadgets that make life more convenient, this list offers an assortment of ideas on how to easily implement upgrades to your home for under $35. To be honest, the products included will probably make you like your home a lot more than you already do. Plus, most of them are easy to install yourself, which means no unreasonable or expensive renovation projects to worry about.

If you’ve been looking for ways to spruce up your living room, you need to look at the chenille square cushions and the velvety soft throw blankets. They will both bring comfort and style to the space. In need of storage options around the house? There are a couple shelving options that will suit a variety of needs. And don’t forget the simple everyday necessities as well, like bath towels. Do you remember the last time you bought a new set of bath towels? Or got new pillowcases?

With the help of this list, you won’t feel like you’re breaking the bank with the useful home improvement suggestions.


The LED lightbulb that combines ambience with convenience

Change the way you see things in your house with this smart light bulb. Using Bluetooth technology, choose from over 16 million color options that can be easily programmed with the light schedule. Control this amazing light feature directly from your smartphone for added convenience.


A satin pillowcase that’s as good for your skin as your hair

These satin pillowcases help reduce any breakage or unwanted frizz in your hair when you’re sleeping, and they even help keep your skin hydrated. With over 20 colors options to choose from, you can find a color that will work with your current bedding. They come in four different sizes, too, which all feature envelope closures.


A nonslip loofah bath mat you didn’t know your tub needed

This bath mat will have you scratching your head as to how you’ve showered without it until now. There’s no need to worry about plastic or suction cups ruining the bottom of the tub, all thanks to the special PVC anti-slip layer on each mat. As an added bonus, this mat is washable and shouldn’t leave behind soap scum or scuff marks.


These LED closet lights that are motion activated

No longer struggle looking through dimly lit closets with these motion sensor LED lights. Firmly press the adhesive strip on the back of the light to any wall or ceiling in your closet for easy installation. These lights are battery powered and have motion sensors, so your closet instantly lights up when you open the door.


This iron wine rack that fits underneath your cabinet

This iron wine rack is simple to install for convenient storage with easy access to your wine glasses. Even better, you can also use it for a variety of cocktail glasses as well. There are options for the amount of rows and different finishes to choose from, so you’re sure to find a fit that seamlessly blends in with the rest of your kitchen decor.


A Wi-Fi extender for additional wireless coverage

This Wi-Fi extender from NETGEAR provides up to an additional 1,200 square feet in wireless coverage. It has the capacity to support up to 20 devices, as well. The set up is as simple as pressing the WPS button. As the work culture and environments continue to evolve, this gadget is a must have.


This small, lightweight air purifier that works quietly

This portable air purifier is highly efficient at filtering out pollutants in any indoor space it occupies. You can also program the speed (three options) and duration it will run (five options). Use it in your home office, bedroom, kitchen, or even a bathroom. Additionally, there is minimal sound output when the air purifier is on, so no need to worry about excess noise.


A square chenille pillow perfect for a bench or the floor

If you ask me, one of the best features of this square, tufted pouf is that it is hypoallergenic. There is beautiful scalloped detailing around the edges of the pillow that add a unique design element. It’s made from 100% chenille for a plush feel and look, choose from seven colors to add a touch of luxurious comfort to any room.


This soap dispenser system that will transform your shower storage

Tired of having endless bottles for shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and other essentials crowd your shower space? This hotel spa luxury dispenser system is the perfect, simple solution to clear out that clutter. There are two design options you can choose from that allow you to monitor the levels of product in each dispenser. They’re easy to install thanks to the waterproof adhesive mounting brackets on the back of each individual section.


This set of double-walled glass mugs

These borosilicate glass mugs are perfect for a wide array of beverages. They were specifically designed to be double-layered, allowing the mug to maintain the temperature of your beverage for longer than an average cup. For added convenience, they’re also dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.


A 2-shelf shower caddy for optimal storage

These stainless steel caddies are rustproof and come in a stylish matte black finish. You can use these racks to store additional, random items in the kitchen, bathroom, office, and more. There’s no need to worry about damage from installation, as a hidden adhesive strip allows for easy mounting.


This plug-in light dimmer for any room

Add this plug-in dimmer for an easy upgrade to any floor or table lamp around the house. Simply plug the dimmer into an outlet and you are all set to go. To adjust the amount of light, use the slide button to make things brighter or darker. This specific model is only compatible with halogen and and incandescent bulbs.


A sleek, wall-mounted storage rack for the kitchen

This wrought iron kitchen rail comes with adjustable hooks that let you store up to 10 cooking utensils. Since the hooks are removable and adjustable, you can also display things like pans and mugs. When properly mounted onto drywall, the rail can hold up to 15 pounds.


An adjustable plant stand made of bamboo

This indoor pot holder for plants expands between 8 and 12 inches to fit a variety of pot sizes. Each stand is made from 100% bamboo to ensure strength and durability to support large and heavy potted plants. The mid-century mod design will add a stylish element to any room.


These super soft, velvety decorative pillow covers

This set of velvet pillow covers adds a sophisticated touch of decor to a couch or bed. The zipper for the covers is hidden for a nice sleek design feature. With over 35 color options to choose from, there is something for everyone. The set comes in four different square sizes, too.


A rainfall showerhead that adds luxury to any shower

This upscale rainfall showerhead not only turns your shower into a spa-like experience, but it also is high-pressured so your whole body is constantly immersed in the water. The rubber jets are easy to clean, making it easy to maintain the flow pressure. This showerhead is universal and will attach to any standard shower arm.


This 3-outlet power strip with a sleek, thin outlet cover plate

Power strips are great for providing additional outlets when needed, but they can also be clunky with large wires and take up a lot of space. This reimagined power strip has a sleek, flat cover plate that helps keep your wires neat, tidy, and out of sight. It’s available in three different cord lengths, including 3, 6, and 8 feet.


This pleated window shade that lifts without a cord

You can trim this window shade at your home to get the perfect fit for you windows. (Use any sharp edged knife or scissors to cut the shade to your needed specifications.) The fabric allows for privacy and protection from UV rays as it filters light through it. For an added safety precaution, the shade lifts manually without a cord.


These waterproof shelf liners for the refrigerator

These colorful refrigerator mats help keep your shelves clean from typical fridge spills. Each mat is made from durable ethylene vinyl acetate, so they can be cleaned conveniently in the dishwasher. They can also easily be cut or altered to fit the space you need.


This warm, fuzzy, lightweight throw blanket

This faux fur blanket is made from a blend of fleece and microfiber. You can use it as a decorative accent for a chair or couch, as well as added warmth while in bed. Caring for this blanket is easy; it’s machine washable and can be put in the dryer. It’s also available in seven colors.


A multipurpose lap table

This 100% bamboo lap tray can be used for a variety of purposes. Use it as a serving tray for breakfast in bed or a portable desk for your laptop to name a few. And no need to worry about assembling this tray as it will arrive already put together for you.


A set of 3 hanging, decorative wall mirrors

These uniquely shaped wall-mounted hanging mirrors will make a statement in any room. The stylish link chains, rounded mounting knob, and geometrically shaped surfaces make for an impactful design that’s not something you’ll see everyday. They’re also available in a circular design.


An organizer that sorts & arranges tea bags

Any tea lover could use this standing tea organizer. Easily find the bag of tea you want without having to rummage through a drawer or cupboard. This organizer holds up to 120 tea bags, and the clear plastic bins that hold the tea bags can be removed and cleaned in the dishwasher.


This marble countertop bathroom vanity set

This four-piece bathroom accessory set includes a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, hand soap dish, and a tumbler cup. Each piece is made from a durable resin material with a marble design that gives a sleek, modern look. The set is also available in black marble.


These floating shelves that are rustic yet functional

This set of three floating wall shelves are perfect for showing off your indoor plants or showcasing other decorative items. They’re constructed with wooden bases and metal brackets, and they don’t take up any floor space. These are also available in eight color combinations — perfect for your office, bedroom, or living room areas.


A motion sensor light for the front porch

Switch out your current porch light with this wireless, motion sensor light that will provide additional security at your front door. The light is equipped with LED Floodlight Technology, which allows the light to vividly shine and spans a broad area. No need to worry about rain and snow as this light is also made to withstand all types of weather.


This toothbrush holder that also dispenses toothpaste

Upgrade your bathroom situation with this wall-mounted toothbrush holder. This is a multifunctional container that allows you to easily store items such as toothbrushes, razors, cotton swabs, and other bathroom necessities. As an added bonus, you can disassemble the holder for easy cleaning.


This metal storage basket for hair styling tools

This wire storage basket is made from alloy steel, letting you put away hairstyling tools while still warm. Use the two hooks to easily hang the basket on the back on a cabinet door. It’s a great way to get additional storage if you’re short on bathroom space, and it’s available in three shades: chrome, satin, and bronze.


An electrical outlet wall plate that doubles as a night light

These guide-light wall plates are the perfect adult version of a night-light. The LED light is built into the plate (which snaps into place), ensuring no one can move the light. You can walk to the bathroom or grab a glass of water during the night with no problems now.


This efficient grill and panini press

This George Forman grill and panini press features two grill plates that cook food simultaneously. It’s compact and efficient, and can hold up to four servings or patties at once. Plus, it features nonstick coating, and has a removable and dishwasher safe drip-tray to save messes from hitting your counter.


These glass storage containers that are oven friendly

This set of three glassware storage containers are safe to use in your oven. It comes with a large rectangle, medium square, and small circle so you have options to choose from. They’re all made out of durable, odor-resistant borosilicate glass that can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.


These super absorbent linen towels

These plush cotton towels come in as a set of four — but in addition to bath towels, there are options to add on hand towels and washcloths. Choose from six colors and find the towels you like best. The collection currently has over 11,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A cushioned mat that prevents fatigue

This supportive foot mat that’s made of squishy, yet supportive foam has a variety of benefits associated with its use. Positive outcomes may include improved posture and circulation, as well as your feet not feeling tired after standing for long periods of time. It is also waterproof with a nonslip bottom, so this mat should stay put.


This oil and vinegar glass bottle dispenser set

Use this glass bottle dispenser set for easy access to your oil and vinegar from now on. The pour spout on this specific bottle is what sets it apart from others. It’s double sided and has a long spout for slow pouring as well as a short spout for quick pouring. When you need to refill either bottle, use the collapsible funnel that comes with it.


An adjustable, suction cup shower head holder

If you’re hoping to upgrade your handheld shower head, this adjustable holder is a great option. It’s easy to install nearly anyway in the shower, all thanks to the suction cup technology. The holder can also swivel and adhere to various surfaces including tile and glass. Plus, it has over 10,000 five-star ratings.


This window film for added privacy

The great thing about this one-way tinted glass covering is how much value it adds to a space. It helps filter out the majority of harmful rays from the sun, and they can even help keep spaces cooler and allow for some extra privacy. Two shades are available: black and silver.


A hotel-quality shower curtain with a waffle-weave texture

This waffle-textured shower curtain is extra durable, but it maintains a sleek and modern feel. It’s made from an impervious polyester material, so you don’t need to worry about mildew build up or any unwanted odor penetrating the fabric. You can easily toss the shower curtain in the washing machine to clean it when needed.


This down comforter that’s as soft as a cloud

With sizes ranging from twin to oversized king, this lightweight down alternative comforter is also hypoallergenic, as it’s made with polyester. An added surprise to this comforter is the fact it’s reversible; you get two color options in one. It even has built-in loops to help you secure a duvet.


An self-applicable stick on patterned wallpaper for furniture

If you have an old piece of furniture that needs a little sprucing up, this marble-patterned paper is a great way to refurbish items on a budget. Use the grid pattern on the back to cut out the exact measurements needed for your project, and stick it onto the surface with the adhesive backing.


These two, small artificial house plants

You can add these synthetic rosemary and eucalyptus plants to any space for no-fuss decor at home or in the office. They’re set in biodegradable pots and have realistic green leaves. If you have trouble remembering to water plants on a regular basis, this set of two is the perfect solution for you. One reviewer wrote, “I absolutely am in love with these.”


This marker set that fixes scratches & more in wood

If you have any wood items with scrapes or other blemishes, this furniture market set helps restore the state of those pieces. Included are eight repair markers and wax crayons in a variety of finishes, along with a sharpener for the crayons. Use them just like regular markers to fill in the scuffs and scratches; it really is that easy.


A toilet paper roll holder with built-in shelf for a phone

This stainless steel toilet paper holder adds convenience to your bathroom experience with its phone shelf. Another nice feature is when the roll is empty, you can simply slide it off the holder and then slide a new one on to replace it. There’s even one available that holds two rolls.


A box that keeps all your power cords out of sight

This cable management box is the perfect solution to managing all of your power cords in a simple, organized fashion. It was designed with the intention of helping it blend in with other home decor. Choose from two sizes — small and large — based on the amount of cords you need to hide.


This mesh screen door that closes magnetically

You can walk outside with your hands full or food or beverages thanks to this retractable mesh screen with magnets. This setup conveniently allows you to move hands-free in and out of the house, while the screen keeps out bugs and other outdoor critters. It even comes with a lifetime warranty.


This clear window shelf for plants

Mix up the decor in your home with the window shelf that’s perfect for growing some small indoor plants. This shelf can hold a max of 10 pounds, and it’s totally clear to match any decor. It could also be beneficial in the kitchen to grow some fresh herbs to use when cooking.


These rubber pads that cushion closing doors

Mitigate loud noises when closing closet or cabinet doors with these bumpy, rubber sticky pads. Once you peel off the back, simply stick the pad where needed, such as kitchen cupboards, cabinet and desk doors, and more. One pack comes with both clear and black stick-on pads.


A beautifully, stylish accent rug

This functional but gorgeous rug is a great way to bring in some texture and color to a room. Made from 100% polypropylene, it will hold up incredibly well to everyday wear and tear in your home. Choose from several size and color options to find the right fit for you.


A mini humidifier that can go anywhere

This personal-sized, portable humidifier comes with two operating times; six and 12 hours. The built-in water sensor automatically determines when the water level is too low and will shut itself off. If you want to add a pop of color, choose from one of the five other options available than white.


This stick-on subway tile backsplash

This modern subway tile backsplash comes in a set of 10, each measuring 12-by-12 inches. Using these adhesive tile sheets is an easy and affordable way to remodel a kitchen or bathroom without the trouble of a traditional renovation. They come in different colors, too, including shades like yellow marble, light blue, and teal.


This set of corner-mounted shelves for extra decor

This set of two mounting shelves for right-angled corners helps make use of space that is often overlooked. It also comes with an option to choose shelves with a wiring aisle in the event you will be placing electronics on them. You can choose from different shades, too — and they’re simple to install with adhesive tape and hardware (which aren’t included).