Designers say these eyesores around your home are actually easy to fix — here's how

The experts give their advice on the products that’ll easily upgrade your space.

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The secret to keeping your home neat and organized may very well be in the details. From shoes tucked haphazardly under the bed to stains on the carpet, the little things can make all the difference. That’s why Mic has enlisted a team of the top designers in the game to help you fix the eyesores that could be keeping your place from reaching its full potential.


Eyesore: Outdated window treatments

Fix: These eye-catching balloon shades

Artem Kropovinsky, interior designer and founder of Arsight, wants you to let the sunshine in: "New curtains, shades, or blinds can add color, texture, and privacy to a room. Opt for a classic roman shade or a modern roller shade to suit your style.” These balloon shades are easily adjustable, thanks to the attached ties, which can also be tied into bows. They'll block up to 99% of light and UV rays. You can choose between 29 stunning colors based on the aesthetics of your home.


Eyesore: Trends you regret trying

Fix: These tile stickers that are available in 7 classic colors

"Nothing ages a room more quickly than patterns and textures that were trendy a decade ago,” says Simone. If you find yourself wishing you’d made a more timeless decorative choice, Simone continues, “Peel and stick tiles in a contemporary pattern are a quick fix for updating your flooring or backsplash if you want to try out a trend or cover up an old one!” These particular tile stickers come in seven classic colors, and you won't need any messy or complicated tools to install them: as the name says, all you have to do is peel and stick, and their eco-friendly material will resist water and heat over time.


Eyesore: Outdated light fixtures

Fix: These industrial ceiling lights

Give your light fixtures a modern makeover with this industrial chandelier. According to Mike Semegen, the owner and project manager of HelloHome Studio, "Walking into a home no matter what the age, and seeing old fixtures makes the space look old. There is simply no other way to put it. This eyesore can be remedied by replacing outdated fixtures with updated models.” Its step-by-step instructions make for an easy installation process, and the lights are bright and powerful enough to illuminate any room in your home.


Eyesore: Cheap-looking cabinets

Fix: These elegant drawer pulls

Raquel Kehler, a house flipper and interior design creator, knows the importance of details like elegant drawer pulls. She shares, “To instantly elevate your space, replace these outdated pulls with ones made of luxe metals like brushed brass, antique brass, bronze, nickel, and stainless steel in a black finish.” These brushed nickel pulls come with rounded handles that prevent bumps, scrapes, and injuries. They come in packs of one to 100, so you can buy just the right amount you need.


Eyesore: Not adding life to your walkways

Fix: This perennial gardenia plant

Much like your lawn, your walkway is one of the first things you see when you approach your home, so you want it to look just as beautiful as the rest of your place. Baena loves colorful flora like this perennial gardenia plant, which features stunning green foliage and white flowers and comes in a one-gallon nursery pot. She shares that “Choosing bright plants and flowers to line walkways can also boost curb appeal."


Eyesore: Visible cord tangles

Fix: This multi-piece cord organizer kit

This cord organizer kit makes a fantastic solution to the tangled wires can that clutter up our desks and kitchen counters. Kehler agrees, citing its “various items to help you organize your cables, such as cable clips, ties, and cable sleeves. For cables near a desk, you can get a cable management box that fits under the desk so that everything stays out of sight.” With 36 adhesive cord holders, four cord protectors, and two cable tie rolls, each durable component of this kit is sure to last for years to come.


Eyesore: Cords that are hanging from the wall

Fix: A cord cover you can install easily

Unsightly cords hanging from the wall can disrupt your decor in a heartbeat. That’s why Adams recommends a cord cover like this one, which comes with a strong double-sided adhesive for easy installation and a snap-on cover that lets you add or remove cables with ease. “Cable covers also help prevent feet from tripping over any long-running cords, providing an additional safety benefit,” he shares.


Eyesore: There's clutter everywhere

Fix: A slim vertical storage tower

Finding new places to store your essentials can feel like a neverending puzzle, but Kristina Davis, Interior Designer and Furniture Expert at Letti & Co, has an ingenious solution: vertical storage. “Removing unnecessary items and establishing clear pathways can instantly improve the look and feel of any room,” says Davis. You can always “use vertical storage to make the most of your room.” This slim vertical storage tower fits stealthily into smaller spaces, and its fabric drawers add elegance and durability.


Eyesore: Having an unkept lawn

Fix: This grass seed & fertilizer mix

Messy and overgrown lawns can downgrade your space before you even enter the house; that’s why this grass seed and fertilizer mix is such a helpful investment. Grace Baena, an interior designer at Kaiyo, says that “Homeowners can spruce up their outdoor area by doing simple landscaping tasks such as edging flower beds, removing weeds, and seeding sparse patches of grass." This particular mix gives you growth and results between 12 and 21 days after your first use, which is astonishingly fast, and the fertilizer helps the seeds grow at up to two times the rate they would on their own.


Eyesore: Lack of natural elements

Fix: This balancing cairn

A home without any plants or flowers can feel cold or uninviting, which is why Julio A. Arco recommends “adding more plants, flowers, or natural elements such as wood or stone to create a more inviting and natural environment.” The architect, interior designer, and blogger at Bark & Chase loves outdoorsy touches like this balancing cairn, which sits easily on any level surface and looks amazing indoors or out. Made of a stone material that's absolutely timeless, it's held together with metal pegs and glue, and it'll add a peaceful touch to your desk, bathroom, or bedside table.


Eyesore: Having too many kitchen gadgets

Fix: These stackable kitchen & counter shelves

Okay, so you saw a French press, a milk frother, and a heart-shaped waffle maker on TikTok, and now you don’t have any more counter space. These stackable kitchen and counter shelves made of metal and bamboo will help you get your devices and products in order while you make room for the things you actually need. Once you’ve “cleared the decks, it's time to hide things in attractive containers. [...] Maximize vertical space in your kitchen by storing items on vertical shelf units,” says DeCapua.


Eyesore: Wall defects are out in the open

Fix: This world map that’s super lightweight

Peyton Robinson, head of marketing and professional interior designer at Foter, knows how easy it is to cover up blemishes on your walls: "[Use] a tapestry to add more color and assert your personality.” Robinson especially loves this world map, which is made of lightweight and durable flannel fabric and comes in three sizes to accommodate your space. One amazing idea for couples? Robinson says, “To document their travels, personalize it with pins to where they’ve been together or [add] photos to the location on the map to brighten up their walls and make it more interactive.”


Eyesore: Caulking is too old

Fix: This adhesive caulk that sticks like glue

Teri Simone, the head of design and marketing for Nieu Cabinet Doors, is a fan of “quick DIY fixes that homeowners can do in an afternoon.” One such example: caulking that looks old and worn, which you can easily fix with this adhesive caulk that sticks like glue to create a waterproof seal around sinks, showers, and even kitchen countertops. Because “cracked and dirty caulking around the sink, counters, and backsplash can really age a space,” you can tackle these areas easily without the unpleasant odor of many other caulk products — and it’s easy to clean up with just water.


Eyesore: Your grout is dirty

Fix: This grout cleaner that’s commercial strength

While grout pens can be a huge help, sometimes bathroom floors just need a good professional-grade scrub. Nathan Claire, the founder of Buying Jax Homes, says that “dirty grout can make tiles look dingy and dated.” If you don’t want to “make a cleaning solution of baking soda and water,” then you can “use the Black Diamond Stoneworks Grout Cleaner available on Amazon... then scrub with a stiff brush.” The grout cleaner works well on porcelain, marble, ceramic, and tile, and it's strong enough for commercial use without ever damaging your surfaces.


Eyesore: Having a dull front door

Fix: This door paint that prevents rust

Knock knock — who’s there? An upgraded front door that looks better than it did on move-in day, thanks to this door paint that prevents rust. "Adding a coat of paint to the exterior will renew a home's look,” says Baena, since “taking care of these small maintenance details helps create a more inviting space outdoors." Since this paint resists weather and corrosion, it'll protect doors of all materials, including metal, wood, and fiberglass, and it’s completely dry one to two hours after you use it.


Eyesore: The wrong lighting for your space

Fix: This smart dimmer switch

This smart dimmer switch will majorly upgrade your lighting system, with its brightness indicator, up/down buttons, and voice control capability. You might not even realize how much of a change it’ll make, since "upgrading lighting fixtures and switching to energy-efficient bulbs can instantly brighten and modernize a room,” according to Kropovinsky. He especially likes the addition of a dimmer switch “for added versatility."


Eyesore: Items that lack personality

Fix: These cute ceramic vases

Flavorless decor can be just as unsightly as clutter — and it’s not as fun. Kropovinsky recommends that you "add personal touches to a room with decorative accents such as throw pillows, vases, and wall art.” Kropovinsky continues, “Choose items that reflect your personal style and that complement the overall design of the room." For instance, these cute ceramic vases come in three unique shapes and calming colors, not to mention their high-quality ceramic material. Display your favorite flowers and plants in your living room, kitchen, or on your bedside table.


Eyesore: Your drapes aren't the right length

Fix: These light-blocking drapes

Cameron Johnson, the CEO and founder of Nickson Living, knows that elegant drapes are only part of the equation: “One cringe-worthy mishap is hanging drapes that are too short for the window or opening they are designed to cover.” Luckily, you can fix this issue fast with a slightly longer choice like these light-blocking drapes, since you can always “err on the side of going with ‘too long drapes’ and hanging them on a rod high above the window to create the perfect hang length.” Made with a heavier fabric that actually helps regulate the temperature of the room, these come in 29 beautiful shades (pun intended) and 20 sizes, so you can choose the length that best fits your windows.


Eyesore: Your cords are a tripping hazard

Fix: This power strip with its own adhesive

Have you ever let a cord snake across a doorway or common area, only to trip over it later? Adams has a helpful piece of advice: "Instead of plugging your cords into a power strip on the floor, consider mounting a power strip underneath your desktop to keep cords organized and out of view.” He says that “you’ll need Velcro fasteners for secure mounting, as well as cable ties to bundle and wrap up excess cables.” This particular power strip comes with its own handy adhesive, and its four plugs and four USB ports ensure you'll have all the real estate you need for your many devices.


Eyesore: Your floors are scratched up

Fix: These peel & stick vinyl floor tiles

According to Claire, "Scratched or worn-out flooring can make a room look tired. Consider an affordable flooring option like these peel-and-stick vinyl floor tiles.” Because you don't need any additional tools, they're super easy to install, and their permanent adhesive means that once they're in place, they won't budge. Plus, they're washable and water resistant, so you can install them anywhere and clean them without the hassle.


Eyesore: Keeping a messy bed

Fix: A white duvet cover that’s soft & breathable

Top sheet haters, rejoice. Here’s a lesser-known “way to keep your bed looking put together without all the effort.” DeCapua recommends “doing away with your top sheet altogether,” because “using a puffy down-filled comforter or duvet in place of a top sheet plus blanket plus bedspread makes bed-making a breeze." A white duvet cover made from a soft and breathable microfiber fabric feels so comfy, you'll forget you ever had a top sheet, and its eight corner ties keep the filling smooth and evenly spread.


Eyesore: Making a mess of your home office

Fix: This desktop organizer that’s super sturdy

What if messy rooms actually made you feel anxious? "Clear surfaces help us relax by reducing anxiety and inducing a zen-like attitude toward the daily grind,” notes DeCapua. “But how do you corral a stapler, hole punch, binders, stacks of bills, and the like?” She loves this desktop organizer that leans against the wall for its cubbies of various sizes and its sturdy wood material, not to mention its adjustable composition.


Eyesore: The home doesn't have a good flow

Fix: This water-based paint

"Choose a color scheme that will flow throughout the home, and keep in mind that you don’t have to stick with the same shade throughout,” says Davis. This water-based paint comes in 33 sweet shades that are sure to spruce up your space, and because it's self-sealing, you won't even need to use a top coat. Because it’s so inexpensive and useful, you can even take a suggestion straight from Davis, and “consider painting each room in a different color to create an interesting and cohesive look.”


Eyesore: The fuse box is sticking out

Fix: This beautiful macrame wall art

Hide unsightly fuse boxes with hanging decorations, like this beautiful macrame wall art. Made of 100% cotton cords, it features three macrame sections and three wooden bars, and it'll look beautiful over your couch, fireplace, or even a crib in a nursery. According to Robinson, this piece “covers the box, but makes it accessible when needed while giving your home the [chic] vibes of comfort you seek.”


Eyesore: Not realizing the importance of light

Fix: These flameless candles with a romantic glow

Beautiful lighting can transform your space; just ask Ben Kuhl, a kitchen remodeler and the CEO of Shelf Expression. He recommends flameless candles like these for a romantic glow that won't create a fire hazard. “Not only will these brighten your space, but they are also a safe option,” he says. Use the included remote control to adjust the ambiance from a distance and set a timer for two, four, six, or eight hours of lovely light; their battery-powered LED bulbs are an especially great choice for homes with young children or pets.


Eyesore: Rugs that curl

Fix: This 8-pack of rug grippers

“Rugs with curled edges create both an eyesore and tripping hazard,” Johnson says. This 8-pack of rug grippers is a fantastic buy that ensures your carpets will stay in place. Made with an easy-lift design that lets you clean under them without losing their adhesive, their EVA foam tips grip the floor and allow you to pull them up when you want to change things around. Plus, you’ll be much less likely to trip and fall on slippery rugs that slide around.


Eyesore: Worn area rugs

Fix: This fluffy & affordable area rug

Semegen cites ratty rugs as the first domino in a chain reaction of messiness: "The moment you see an old area rug you begin to question everything else in a room.” He recommends that you “do yourself a [favor] and give your space a new updated look with a fresh new rug,” since “not only will it enhance the space by defining the boundaries of it, but it will give your home an upscale feel.” This fluffy area rug is a chic and stylish option. It’s available in multiple colors and sizes, so you can buy one that’s specific to your room.


Eyesore: Having too many cords altogether

Fix: This wireless mouse that’s ergonomically designed

Dave Adams, VP of Merchandising Design and Marketing at BDI Furniture, recommends cutting back on cords whenever possible: "One of the simplest solutions for managing your cables is simply eliminating them,” Adams says. “A wireless keyboard, mouse, and printer provide a nice clean and cable-free work surface while offering the same lag-free responsiveness as their corded counterparts." This wireless mouse is ergonomically designed for support and comfort, and with three standard buttons plus a forward/back feature, you can navigate all the pages you need without aggravating tired muscles or using extra cords.


Eyesore: Walls are blank & bare

Fix: This inexpensive 10-pack of picture frames

You can easily fill barren walls with prints and photographs, thanks to this inexpensive 10-pack of picture frames. With durable craftsmanship and frames in a variety of sizes, this set proves that the most beautiful home is the one that shows your personality. “Use photo collages to hide the defects or eyesores and add something meaningful and artistic to your home to beautify it in a way that represents your personality,” Robinson recommends.


Eyesore: Your bathroom is a mess

Fix: A cosmetic storage box

Robin DeCapua, the owner of Madison Modern Home, urges against adjusting to clutter: “Even if you've gotten used to seeing five lotion bottles, a couple of shampoo bottles, tubes of makeup, and scores of other products strewn across your countertop, maybe that guest who pops in to use your bathroom doesn't want to look at it. And even if guests aren't allowed in your primary bath, wouldn't it be nice to actually see your countertop for a change?” A cosmetic storage box keeps your bathroom essentials in one place without taking up too much precious counter space, and this one is made with beautiful and eco-friendly bamboo.


Eyesore: Forgetting to organize your bathroom bottles

Fix: This set of 24 printed bathroom labels

Uh-oh — you’ve sectioned your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and lotion into different bottles, and now you can’t tell what’s what. Fortunately, this set of 24 printed bathroom labels can prevent mess and help you organize the products you love. As DeCapua says, you want to “make sure you don't accidentally wash your hair with hand lotion.” DeCapua continues, “Try these waterproof labels, and you can finally achieve that spa-like atmosphere you've always wanted.” Bonus: if you want to replace a product or a bottle (or you're just feeling indecisive), these labels are incredibly easy to remove.


Eyesore: Disorganized utensils in the kitchen

Fix: This marble utensil holder

According to DeCapua, "Utensils need a home. They love being grouped in canisters like these, which hold a bounty of kitchen tools." Make your kitchenware extra happy with this marble utensil holder, which keeps your culinary essentials within reach while reducing clutter. Its nonslip pad stops it from sliding around, even when your counter gets wet, and its elegant marble design is a timeless classic for good reason.


Eyesore: You're not using your walls as a possible storage solution

Fix: These picture-hanging strips

Walls provide so much real estate that we can easily forget to use; that’s why Claire advises you to "use wall hooks like these Command picture hanging strips to maximize vertical space." With a strong adhesive back that still allows for effortless removal, these come in a variety pack that includes 16 large strips and 12 medium ones. Each one sticks firmly onto most surfaces, including paint, wood, laminate, and glass, and they won't leave residue behind after they're gone (hello, security deposit).


Eyesore: Rugs that aren't the right size for your room

Fix: This tufted throw rug

“A rug that is too large for the space can appear to eat the room.. and rugs that are too small are simply confusing,” says Johnson. You want to find a carpet that will “accent and elevate the space rather than detract,” like this tufted throw rug with stylish tassels that's available in six sizes. It's lightweight, machine washable, and vacuum-friendly for easy cleanup, and its design marries rustic and modern elements for a vibe that's sure to elevate your space.


Eyesore: Artwork is hung too high

Fix: These 3 floating shelves

"Most artwork should be hung at eye level with its midpoint around 60 inches and otherwise adjusted for furniture,” advises Johnson. If you’ve hung it out of reach, you can always “consider adding a floating shelf below it to make the wall and artwork feel more cohesive and appropriately placed.” These three floating shelves are one of the most versatile purchases you can make for your home, as they'll fit right in with your kitchen, living room, bedroom, or bathroom decor. They come with all the hardware you'll need for assembly and mounting, and you can use them to store anything from spices to toiletries to your favorite tchotchkes.


Eyesore: Your entryway is too sloppy

Fix: This insulated ice bucket that can serve double duty

Your entryway can quickly become “an eyesore without an overall direction or design” since people usually “focus on main rooms of their home,” shares Jung Lee, an interior designer at Jung Lee NY. She recommends that you “choose colors, unobvious multi-function items, and designs that most reflect your personal style,” like this insulated ice bucket. Aside from its ability to keep cold drinks colder for longer, Lee also thinks it could serve as a good catch-all. “Baskets, ice buckets, and planters can be useful containers for all of the items you tend to drop by the door,” Lee suggests. It’s a good opportunity to be innovative.