Designers say these things make your home look dated — here are the cheap upgrades they recommend instead

Making your home modern can be as easy as changing the sheets.

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Sometimes I find myself getting a little too comfortable with the dated details in my home. I’ll spot an older decor piece I never get around to swapping it out, or I’ll know my kitchen could use some kind of upgrade, but it’s hard to spot exactly what it needs. It happens. Even if you like to keep up with your home decor, it’s easy to ignore a few dated details and honestly — just get used to things.

So, I found a bunch of designers to tell me the exact things that make your home look dated, plus all of their cheap and easy upgrades to help modernize any space.

The upgrade: A laser & bubble level that sticks right on your wall

To help out with all of your new hanging projects, this laser level comes with a wall attachment, so it’s hands-free while you hang your frames. On top of the super helpful 360-degree rotating laser, you get two different bubble levels that are backlit and easy-to-see, so you can know for sure that your art is hung up correctly.

Upgrade: The clear drawer organizers that you can arrange next to each other

If you want to hide clutter in drawers like Kropovinsky recommends, these plastic organizers will make sure that it all stays tidy. They come with stick-on non-slip pads that are completely transparent, so they’ll blend right in with these stackable containers. These organizers also have rounded corners to easily fit the four different sizes sizes next to each other.

The upgrade: This chic floor lamp with 2 stylish bulb options

For a chic floor lamp that doesn’t look like an LED lamp, grab this option with two vintage-looking bulb options. You get a clear or an amber-colored bulb to choose from, depending on how warm and cozy you like your lighting under the sleek glass shade.

The upgrade: This trendy floor lamp with a ton of customizable settings

Shaffer also recommends adding in a few floor lamps, and this LED lamp feels seriously sleek and trendy. The slim base has a bendable top, so you can tuck it next to a chair and tilt it to the perfect angle. You can also use the remote or buttons on the lamp to turn the brightness all the way down to 10% for movie nights, change how warm the light looks, set a timer, and more.

Dated thing: Those old & harsh lighbulbs around your home

“No interior design project is complete until the correct lighting has been applied,” Decorilla lead interior designer Devin Shaffer says. “Layers of light are the secret to making a house feel like home.”

The upgrade: A dimmable bedside lamp with a super functional base

Shaffer also notes you cannot forget table lamps, so be sure to stick this super functional LED lamp on your bedside table. It has two USB ports neatly hidden in the wooden base, so your phone always has a spot where you can easily charge it. Plus, the trendy base is touch-controlled, so it’s super easy to turn on and change the brightness.

The upgrade: These soft white Bluetooth lights that are easy to set up

“Swapping out old light bulbs with controllable Bluetooth bulbs immediately connects us with our space,” Shaffer suggests. And these Bluetooth lightbulbs come in an easy-to-setup pack. After you install them around your home, you simply use the included app or Amazon Alexa to control all of your updated lighting. Not only are they a breeze to control, but they also create a cozy soft white glow that you can easily adjust to your needs.

The upgrade: A trendy glass lamp with the coziest vibe

This lamp is a super cool option with its adorable and minimalist mushroom shape. The patterned glass will add some neutral texture to your space, and it adds to just how warm and cozy the included LED bulb looks. This handblown lamp is also small enough to tuck anywhere in your home as an accent light.

Dated thing: Oversized wall clocks taking up space

“A big pet peeve of mine is seeing oversized wall clocks taking up valuable wall space. Admittedly, there are currently two wall clocks in my apartment and I'm not sure why because I use them to check the time maybe one or twice a year,” Shaffer also says. “Now that we have digital clocks everywhere, it's time to take them down and showcase canvas art, create gallery walls, or invest in an original art piece.”

The upgrade: This wall art pack that’s made from easy-to-hang, durable canvas

Shaffer recommends swapping out those clocks with some wall art, and this pack will give you an easy gallery wall moment. Each of these minimalist pieces is made of waterproof and super sturdy canvas design, so you won’t even have to grab frames. They’re finished off with a modern design and a bit of greenery and florals that will fit in any space.

The upgrade: These easy-to-arrange frames with hanging templates

These frames are such an easy option if you have a bunch of unframed wall art that you’ve avoided hanging up. Styling them on your wall won’t be a huge hassle because these wood-tone frames come with hanging templates, which helps you plan out a larger gallery wall. You also get three different sizes, so you can easily add dimension to your space.

The upgrade: These gold-tone frames for a super put-together wall

This seven-pack of metallic-tone frames makes it easy to fill up a wall without making it look too cluttered because it comes with three sizes that perfectly pair together. All of these sizes have matching and removable matte boards to make them look even chicer. Plus, the glass is super durable, which is always helpful when you’re hanging them.

The upgrade: A cute mantle clock that looks like a unique vintage find

Though she’s anti-wall clock, Shaffer notes, “I do want to mention that mantle clocks and decorative shelf clocks are perfectly fine to keep as it's always tricky to fill bookshelves and built-ins.” To add some personality to your shelves, add this pewter mantel clock with distressed details that make it look like an heirloom or super cool flea market find. Available in four vintage finishes, this clock is only 6.5 inches wide, which makes it ideal for filling in awkward spaces.

Dated thing: Cluttered spaces & scattered blankets

“Nothing makes a home look older than stacks of magazines, books, papers, and trinkets. Keep only what you love and need. Hide the rest in baskets, boxes or drawers that are out of sight,” says interior designer and founder of Arsight Artem Kropovinsky.

The upgrade: These chic fabric storage cubes with durable leather handles

When it comes to the baskets that Kropovinsky suggests, these storage cubes have a stylish, neutral fabric design, all while keeping your clutter hidden. They’re topped off with leather handles and metallic hardware to make them look seriously chic. This pack is also reinforced with sturdy cardboard, so they will hold up against heavy throw blankets or weighty decor.

The upgrade: These large canvas bins with minimalist style

If you love a neutral storage moment, these storage bins are the minimalist cream canvas ones to grab. At nearly 15 inches long, they’re a larger storage option great for blankets or shoes and they hold up to 30 pounds. They have simple leather handles that will blend in with any decor, and they even come with matching leather label holders hidden on the side.

The upgrade: These washable linen bins with stackable lids

If baskets aren’t enough for hiding extra-messy clutter (like seasonal decor you rarely use), these collapsible bins with lids on top to keep it all tucked away. With those handy lids on top, you can also stack up these chic linen-covered bins in a closet, and it’ll look much better than plastic bins or cardboard boxes. You can also clean these bins in water to keep your storage clean and avoid mustiness.

The update: A minimalist geometric holder to keep magazines tidy

When it comes to the book and magazine clutter Kropovinsky mentions, this minimalist magazine holder gives you a nine storage slots. The metallic geometric wire design is durable enough to keep all of them upright and looking tidy. The unique shape also makes it super sturdy — no matter how many papers you have.

Dated thing: The worn out doorknobs around your home

Kropovinsky also recommends “changing the knobs, pulls and handles on your cabinets, drawers and doors” to take care of a dated vibe in your home.

The update: A sleek matte doorknob with a modern square design

To tackle all of the doors that feel dated, this highly-rated doorknob with a sleek square base will look seriously modern, and it will fit right- or left-handed interior doors. To make it feel even more updated, this easy-to-install handle has a smooth lock-free handle and is available in three modern finishes: matte black, satin nickel, and polished chrome.

The update: These highly-rated handles that are so versatile

Available in 10 finishes and eight different styles, this door lever is the one to reach for because it comes with self-aligning screw holes that are so easy to install — all you need is a simple screwdriver. It comes with an interior lock, and it even fits into left- or right-handed doors to make the setup process even quicker.

Dated thing: Clear vases for your flowers

“Flower vases look awesome. But hyper-glossy, plain, and transparent flower vases might make a home look dated and not very modern,” says Simran Kaur, the founder of Room You Love.

The update: A wavy vase with the trendiest ceramic finish

Kaur says, “Ceramic, minimalist, sleek, and streamlined vases (like this one) can up the home decor almost immediately without being tight on the pockets!” Even though this matte Steviieden vase is simple with its ceramic material, it has a wavy design and subtly speckled finish that makes it look super trendy. This neutral cream vase also has a pretty small opening on top, so you’ll only need a few flowers to create a trendy bouquet in your home.

The update: A set of neutral vases with easy-to-style shapes

This three-pack of vases is such a good swap for a dated vase collection because it comes with enough to style multiple bouquets of various sizes around your home. They’re made of ceramic, just like Kaur recommends, and these neutral vases come with a bunch of versatile shapes that look good together or separate.

The update: A simple textured vase with a wide opening for big bouquets

“Another great alternative is to add a modern take to the glass vases by considering cute textures and lighting, as in this one for example,” Kaur says. This ceramic vase is all about adding that trendy texture to your vase collection. At the same time, the white finish and the compact geometric shape make it simple enough to style with flowers all over your home. This versatile vase is also compact enough for small bunches of greenery.

The update: An on-trend glass vase with an aesthetic glowing design

If you do want to go with a glass vase, Kaur recommends this handblown vase that literally makes a splash. Stick this textured vase on a sunny table or countertop during the day, and it will glow in a super aesthetic way at night. When it’s not glowing, this vase has a vintage and textured design that’s on-trend.

Dated thing: Fake plants mixed in with your decor

“As we all are moving towards more sustainable designs and aesthetics, having faux plants and flowers at home is a recipe for grandma-ish home decor,” Kaur says. “Having real plants at home is a simple swap that can create a big difference!”

The update: These real succulents with 5 colorful options

This pack of succulents is the perfect way to start swapping out your faux plants because they come already potted and they’re totally low maintenance. You get a colorful mix of five species, so you can be sure that they’ll add plenty of colorful and unique greenery to your space.

The update: These live plants with ready-to-style planters

If you prefer flourishing greenery instead of small succulents, this pack of real plants comes with three different types of air-purifying greenery. They also come with matching neutral pots, so you can immediately style these lush live plants in your home instead of searching for planters first, which is why this Amazon shopper favorite has over 12,000 five-star reviews.

The update: A fluffy money tree with a slim & minimalist pot

If you love some oversized greenery in your space, grab this 16-inch tall money tree because it’s a large plant option that’s easy to take care of and has plenty of lush greenery on top. It comes in a minimalist planter, and it has a slim braided trunk, so you can easily tuck it between other decor pieces.

Dated thing: Pillows that match your sofa a bit too much

“If you have the matching pillows that came with your new couch, cover them up with coordinating throw pillow slipcovers. Buy a group of different color slipcovers in the same color family like earth tones- terra cotta, olive, and brown,” says Nichole Abbott, an interior designer with FLOOR360. “Nothing says dated like exactly matching pillows.”

The upgrade: These velvet pillow covers with a bunch of textured tassels

These throw pillow covers are sure to stand out from your sofa, like Abbott recommends, because their velvet fabric has a slightly shiny finish. Not only do these zip-on covers add a luxurious texture to your sofa, but they’re also topped off with delicate tassel trim, which adds more visual intrigue to your space.

The upgrade: These corduroy pillow covers with plush stripes

These zip-up throw pillow covers will definitely stand out from your sofa’s upholstery with their striped corduroy texture. Even with all of that plush and cozy texture, these pillow covers are completely machine-washable. No matter which of the 18 accent colors you choose for your couch (including the olive color that Abbott likes), these fluffy covers are fade-resistant.

The upgrade: These faux-leather covers to add structure to your sofa

These sleek throw pillow covers are perfect to toss on a super plush couch because the faux-leather fabric will add some structure. They also have hidden zippers and all of the seams are reinforced, so they’ll look put-together no matter how much you lounge on your sofa.

Dated thing: Heavy fabric window shades

“Heavy fabrics, ties, fringed trim are old trends that can easily be replaced with fresh modern window treatments. Choosing the right window treatments can update your homes look and feel instantly. Unfortunately, they sometimes get overlooked in a home design,” James Stanley, interior design expert and the Principal and Founder of James StanleyNY, explains.

The upgrade: A roller shade that helps block light & cold

Instead of other window treatments, Stanley recommends “a lite weight sheer or light filtering roller shade for a tailored chic look.” This roller shade is a classic option, available in five colors and nearly 20 sizes to fit any room’s decor or window’s size. These shades come with all of the hardware you need to install, and once you do that, they can block UV rays and weather from getting into your home.

The upgrade: These sheer curtains with luxe metallic accents

For a truly luxe moment, these voiles have a geometric pattern made of gold foil that looks so luxe. These shiny, wavy gold lines are also super thin, so this unique pattern won’t look too bold in your space. Under that metallic design, these curtains are made of a lightweight, sheer fabric that lets light in, giving your room an airy, regal feeling.

The upgrade: These soft, sheer curtains that look really expensive

The exact opposite of heavy, these linen blend curtains let some light in but still allow for some privacy, making them the best of both worlds. They have a neutral oatmeal color that works equally well in a bedroom and living room, and there’s a slight texture to them to further add dimension to your home.

Dated thing: Worn kitchen hardware in dated colorways

For “an easy makeover that doesn’t break the bank,” Stanley says that swapping out your kitchen hardware can breathe new life into your cabinets and drawers. “Choose a pull that is more sleek-modern — or traditional and think of those great finish options, brass-black or oil rubbed bronze,” he explains.

The update: This pack of matte cabinet pulls with 2 screw options

These matte stainless steel pulls will instantly take care of all of those dated cabinets, and they’re minimalist enough for your kitchen and bathroom. This huge pack of pulls also comes with two screw options, including some you can trim to fit your cabinets or even your kitchen and dresser drawers.

The update: These minimalist bronze pulls that feel super luxe

Oil-rubbed bronze is one of the trendiest finishes today, and this 10-pack of cabinet pulls will make any color of cabinet pop. Made with a solid construction, these durable pulls are built to last, which is why they have an astonishing 4.8-star rating on Amazon after 3,800 reviews.

The update: These popular cabinet knobs for compact & minimalist hardware

These cabinet knobs are an Amazon shopper favorite with over 13,000 reviews and a 4.8-star rating. A versatile option, they come in four different finishes (matte black, oil-rubbed bronze, brushed brass, and brushed nickel) that will easily work with the vibe of your kitchen or bathroom. You can also cut down the included hardware, so these sleek knobs will perfectly fit the thickness of your cabinets.

Dated thing: Boring bedding that you’re tired of

“Drab bedding can quickly make a bedroom look outdated,” says Chris Alexakis, an interior designer and co-founder of CabinetSelect. “Choose fabrics with interesting prints or textures, in colors that complement your walls and furniture.”

The upgrade: An all-inclusive bedding set with a puffy & trendy texture

To refresh your bedding like Alexakis suggests, grab this super soft bed-in-a-bag set that is plush and breathable at the same time. The neutral, monochrome design comes in a dozen colors and six sizes, and it’s easy to work into your bedroom decor. It comes with all of the sheets and pillowcases you need, and it has a trendy texture on the comforter for that modern, geometric look.

The upgrade: A reversible quilt set with 2 trendy geometric options

This quilt set has plenty of cozy texture, but the three layers of microfiber fabric also feel super light and breathable. It has a reversible design, so you can switch the geometric pattern from colorful to neutral and simple whenever you feel like changing up the look of this machine-washable set.