Designers say you can make your home look 10x better with any of these cheap things on Amazon

High-end upgrades, low-end prices.

ByClaire Epting
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The way your home looks can play a huge part in how you feel — and a thoughtfully designed space allows you to unwind and enjoy your downtime. If you’re not sure where to start, I’ve rounded up some wallet-friendly design hacks that come recommended by design experts.

If a full reno is too intimidating, try making small changes. For example, revamp your throw pillows with these abstract pillow covers or infuse your kitchen or bathroom with warm earth tones courtesy of these cotton tea towels. Designers agree that these on-trend home products will liven up your space, without costing you a fortune.


This elegant glass pitcher that you’ll get so much use out of

Holding up to 2 liters of iced tea, lemonade, or a batch cocktail, this glass pitcher is an elegant yet functional addition to your entertainment area. Plus, “its thick glass makes it look worth at least a few hundred dollars!” says Keith Melanson, founder and CEO of renovation and interior design company Renos Group. Designed with a sturdy handle and a locking lid, the pitcher’s square shape is designed to fit in your refrigerator door.


A fluffy faux fur area rug that warms up your space

One way to give your space a new look is to add a faux fur area rug to the floor. “Rugs can add warmth and texture to a room,” says Kropovinsky. This one is piled high with ultra-soft fibers, creating a cozy spot to rest your feet after a long day. Pick a realistic shade such as beige or black, or opt for an unconventional hue such as light purple or dark blue.

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 8


This porcelain jar that looks like a real antique

Covered in a classic blue and white floral pattern, this porcelain jar looks like something that would sit on the shelf of your grandparents’ home — and that’s precisely why we love it. While it may look like a genuine antique, this jar comes at a much more wallet-friendly price. Fill it with tea, coffee beans, hard candy, and more.


These furniture sliders that make it easy to rearrange your room

According to Kropovinsky, simply rearranging your furniture “can give a room a fresh, new look.” Before you move anything, however, you should consider protecting your hardwood and carpeted floors by placing these furniture sliders under any large pieces. Besides shielding surfaces, they also make it easier to move big, bulky items. Featuring a combination of foam upper layers and either plastic or felt bottom layers, the pads support your couches and chairs as you slide them across the floor.


This geometric mirror that makes your room feel expansive

“Mirrors can make a room look bigger and brighter,” says Artem Kropovinsky, New York interior designer at Arsight. This geometric mirror is elevated by its gold-tone edges and metallic chain, which allows you to hang it from any hook in your home. Place it in a tight entryway to give the illusion of more space, or arrange it amongst a collection of graphic prints.

  • Available sizes: 2


A set of sheer linen curtains with a natural look

“New curtains or blinds can make a big difference in the look and feel of a room,” says Kropovinsky. For example, these flax linen curtains give your bedroom or living room a natural vibe. The slightly translucent drapes diffuse the light that enters your home, creating a relaxing ambience. Choose from over a dozen shades, including beige, sage green, and charcoal gray.

  • Available sizes: 8
  • Available colors: 16


This live succulent that’s easy to care for

“Adding a few plants to your home can bring life and color to any space,” advises Kropovinsky. This live succulent plant comes fully grown and ready to be placed in a decorative pot, bringing a touch of greenery into your home. It only requires occasional watering, so it’s a great starter plant if you have a busy lifestyle.

  • Available styles: 15


The faux fur throw that’s so luxurious

Interior designer Julia Dempster reminds us that a beautiful throw blanket doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. “Amazon's super soft faux fur throw is luxuriously soft, easy to care for, and available in a range of striking colors,” she says. At just a fraction of the price of designer blankets, this throw adds a cozy feel to any couch, chair, or bedspread.

  • Available colors and patterns: 5


This wireless picture light that illuminates your artwork

“I personally think lighting makes anything look more expensive, such as a picture light illuminating a framed artwork or a feature wall,” says Dempster. Following her advice, you can install this wireless picture light above your art print, painting, or photograph. The included remote allows you to adjust the brightness and set timers. Your art will look like it belongs in a museum.

  • Available colors: 3


A trio of pillar candles that add a warm, ambient glow to your room

Dempster suggests layering atmospheric lighting — including lamps, wall lights, and candles — to create a “rich, warm, inviting interior.” You can get started by lighting this trio of pillar candles with a rustic texture. Dripless and smokeless, the unscented candles provide up to 70 hours of burning time. Place them in a cluster on your table, or scatter them throughout your home.

  • Available colors: 10


These abstract art prints that make a huge statement

Dempster says, “Art can define a space; a huge statement piece can ground a wall, but it doesn’t need to swallow your budget as well.” That’s why she recommends this collection of abstract art prints that can be arranged to create one large collage on your wall. Frame them for instant polish in any room.


Some bold pillow covers that liven up your sofa

Dempster recommends these pillow covers as an easy and inexpensive way to switch up the look of your space. “Anything that adds contrasting textures and feels great is going to add richness to the interior,” she says. Featuring a bold, abstract pattern, the covers instantly liven up a plain, solid-colored sofa. They work with the pillow inserts you already own, which saves you from having to buy all-new pillows.

  • Available sizes: 3


This modern, minimalist vase with a donut shape

“If you buy just one vase this year, make it a circular ceramic vase with a hole in the middle,” says Robin DeCapua, owner and designer of Los Angeles home staging company Madison Modern Home. This style of vase is what DeCapua calls the “internet’s darling” — it has a modern, minimalist look that complements a wide variety of home decor styles. It looks even better when you place a single dried flower stem or a bundle of pampas grass inside.

  • Available colors: white, black


An eye-catching coffee table book in high-contrast black & white

Another way to add some intrigue to your living room? Keep a large book with an interesting cover sitting out on your coffee table. “Look for eye-catching covers in high-contrast B&W [black and white] or fun retro colors,” says DeCapua. Chanel: Collections and Creations is a great choice — the striking white camellia on the black background is equal parts elegant and dramatic.


The conical lampshade that’s on-trend

DeCapua suggests swapping out the drum shade on your lamp for a conical lampshade that looks a little more current. Made of a burlap-like cotton fabric, the empire shade allows just the right amount of light to shine through. “Keep your existing lamp bases, and update with the shade alone for a trendy look,” says DeCapua.


This embroidered pillow cover with a plant-inspired print

Switch up the look of your chair, couch, or bed simply by adding a vibrant cover to one of the pillow inserts you already own. “The hot new throw pillow style is color-blocking. Look for large abstract patterns with organic cut-out shapes,” says DeCapua. Featuring a colorful, plant-inspired print, this one adds a laid-back, aesthetically pleasing touch to any room.

  • Available styles: 7


These ornate candle holders that look like mini birdcages

These birdcage-shaped candle holders are what U.K.-based architect and interior designer Julie Rawding would describe as “granny-chic.” She explains: “Currently, granny-chic has evolved into more of a sophisticated style that is less kitschy and more contemporary.” Delicate and ornate, the metallic candle holders can be used to create a stunning centerpiece on your dining table.

  • Available colors: 3


A set of vintage-inspired sheets with a floral pattern

You can also incorporate the granny-chic trend into your home by replacing your solid-colored sheets with this vintage-inspired floral set. Made of a soft, cozy cotton flannel, the sheets are particularly welcome in cold weather. There are lots of different patterns to choose from, so you can pick the one that fits your style the best.

  • Available sizes: twin, full, queen, king
  • Available colors and patterns: 15


The ultramarine picture frame that adds a pop of color to your space

According to Rawding, ultramarine is the “it” color you’ll want to think about incorporating into your decor. “This is a bright, super-saturated color with a luscious, vibrant hue,” she says. This eye-catching ultramarine picture frame pops wherever you put it — on a coffee table, in your entryway, or on your bedroom dresser. Not a blue fan? Take your pick of any color of the rainbow, as well as pink and white.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 12


This minimalist accent table in a bright blue hue

With a streamlined, minimalist design, this end table is another great accent piece that incorporates ultramarine into your decor. Just big enough to hold a vase, a stack of books, and a cup of tea, the metal table proves to be functional without taking up too much space. It’s even suitable for outdoor use — place it on your porch, patio, or balcony.

  • Available colors: 19


A versatile cutting board made of acacia wood

“The use of warm wood tones and earthy color palettes will continue to be popular in terms of furniture and fabrics in the future,” says Rawding. To incorporate the shade into your decor for cheap, consider this acacia wood cutting board. Whether you use it as a serving board for charcuterie or as the base for a rustic centerpiece, it’s a versatile accessory that will never go out of style.


These earth-tone tea towels made of 100% cotton

Featuring warm shades of rust, tan, and khaki, this trio of tea towels is another way to infuse your home with earthy tones. A subtle tie-dye detail adds a hint of texture to your kitchen, as well. Each one is made of 100% cotton, which is highly absorbent and quick-drying — perfect for wiping up small countertop spills and messes.

  • Available multipacks: 16


A cotton duvet cover set with a subtle striped pattern

“There will be a big comeback for stripes,” Rawding states. “Whether used in wallpaper, textiles, or paint, they make an unmistakably bold statement unlike any other design element.” When used in moderation, a striped pattern can really bring a room together. Exhibit A? This cotton duvet cover set that’s covered in subtle stripes. Complete with a duvet cover and two matching pillowcases, this ultra-soft set also happens to feel great against your skin.

  • Available sizes: twin, full, queen, king, California king
  • Available colors and patterns: 20


This farmhouse-chic tablecloth with a tasseled hem

Made from a rustic cotton-linen fabric, this striped tablecloth gives your kitchen a farmhouse-chic vibe. The stripes are subtle — they add some texture to your dining room without ever being too distracting. A tasseled edge adds an extra bit of flair, lending a homemade look to the tablecloth.

  • Available styles: 5


The striped peel & stick wallpaper that’s so easy to apply

Switching up the walls in your home doesn’t have to be a stressful or time-consuming task — that is, as long as you use peel-and-stick wallpaper. Available in three different color combinations, this striped wallpaper is a great for creating an accent wall in your room. Perhaps the best part? It’s easy to remove once you want to change the appearance of your walls again.

  • Available colors: 3


These brushed brass cabinet pulls that are sleek & contemporary

Another one of Rawding’s clever home hacks? Updating drawer and cabinet door pulls with brushed brass handles like these. Their angular, square shape is sleek and modern — the cabinet pulls instantly elevate any piece of furniture you add them to. Plus, the set comes with all the hardware you need for installation.


A wine rack that can be mounted under your cabinets

Diana Hathaway, interior designer at Diana Hathaway Home, calls this under-cabinet wine rack an “instant style update” for your kitchen. Made out of durable, coated iron, the rack securely holds up to nine wine glasses — without taking up any room on your counter. “The added luxe factor is choosing stylish wine glasses to display, and it's also a space-saver — win-win!” she says. Opt for a matte black or white, or go for metallic gold or bronze.

  • Available colors: 4


Some stunning wine glasses that elevate your kitchen

Once you’ve installed your under-cabinet wine rack, it’s time to pick out some gorgeous glasses to put on display. This pair of wine glasses is utterly stunning — the cylindrical shape and ultra-thin stems are both modern and elegant. Made of premium, lead-free crystal, these are the kind of glasses you’ll want to show off.


This rattan pendant light that blends effortlessly into your room

“Rattan and light natural materials are enjoying a well-deserved resurgence, and fit effortlessly into any room,” says Hathaway. “Look for a stylish plug-in pendant light for a dark corner or over a casual table.” Hand-crafted with delicate details, this hanging rattan light fixture fills your space with an ambient glow. It’s also designed with a convenient in-line control that allows you to adjust the brightness to your liking.


A woven seagrass basket for your houseplant

“Rattan is an ideal accent for plant-loving homes, too,” says Hathaway. This woven rattan basket is made with all-natural seagrass. Designed with two handles for easy carrying, the basket makes the perfect holder for your leafy houseplant. Of course, if you don’t own any plants, you can use it to hold laundry, spare blankets, and more.

  • Available styles: 5


These matte black wall sconces that add sophisticated mood lighting to your space

“Wall lighting adds so much elegance and mood to a space,” says Abby Evans, junior commercial designer for Metal + Petal. These cone-shaped wall sconces give your bathroom a streamlined and sophisticated look — you can install one on either side of your sink. If you’re currently renting your home or not looking to have extra electrical work done, Evans suggests using battery-operated bulbs to avoid any intrusive wiring or installation.


Some elegant glass vases for displaying a few fresh floral stems

“When it comes to creating a beautiful centerpiece, try purchasing cloche bud vases in bulk from Amazon and arranging them with a few fresh florals,” says Evans. Made of thick, transparent glass, this trio of vases is minimalist and elegant. Just add a single rose or a couple of lilies for a clean, simple look. Each vase has a different height, creating dynamic levels in your centerpiece.


These Velcro cable ties that make your home look much tidier

It may be a simple thing, but keeping your electrical cables tidy really improves the look of your space. “Visible cords can be so distracting to the eye,” says Evans. These Velcro cable ties allow you to bundle your cords together, so they don’t make a jumbled mess beneath your desk or TV stand. You get 100 ties in this wallet-friendly pack, so you can tackle cables everywhere in your home.


A wallet-friendly multipack of votive candle holders

Mary Patton, Houston-based designer at Mary Patton Design, loves to use glass votive candle holders to create mood lighting when the sun goes down. “I buy them in bulk and use them almost every day — I hate overhead lighting and love the look of candlelight at night,” she says. You get 36 votives for a super wallet-friendly price — scatter them around your home or group them together for a striking centerpiece.


The automatic soap dispenser that deposits the perfect dollop into your hand

This automatic soap dispenser manages to be both incredibly functional and easy on the eyes — its sleek, chrome-colored body adds a modern look to any kitchen or bathroom. The transparent tank also allows you to easily see when you’re running low on soap. “Its design isn't just aesthetically pleasing but is practically helpful in determining when you need a refill,” says Melanson.


These floating wall shelves with a pop of color inside

Colorful decor “adds vibrance, playfulness, interest, and beauty to the space,” says Simran Kaur, founder of design blog Room You Love. These floating wall shelves are a particularly clever choice — with a clean white exterior and a pop of color inside, they liven up any room without being too distracting. The square-shaped shelves are perfect for holding small planters, vases, picture frames, and more.

  • Available colors: 5


A decorative wooden knot that’s a total conversation starter

Kaur calls abstract home decor such as this wooden knot a “conversation starter” — despite being minimalist in design, it’ll still catch the eye of your guests. “You don't need too much space to add a decent contemporary flair to your home with these pieces,” says Kaur. Place the wooden knot atop a stack of books, on your mantle, or among the knickknacks on your shelves.


These minimalist statues with a Midas aesthetic

Kaur calls these resin statues “sober, minimalist, sleek, and eye-catching” — and they look amazing perched on a bookshelf or on a tall stack of magazines. The gold tone adds a luxe touch to any space, whether you place them in the living room, dining room, or your home office.


This unique lamp that resembles the glowing moon

This lovely little night light is about as unique as they come — where else can you get a lamp that looks exactly like the moon? Nestled in a minimalist wooden stand, the moon lamp casts a soft glow across your room. “Muted lights like this one add the perfect proportion of coziness, romance, warmth, and serenity to the home,” says Kaur. As if it couldn’t get any cooler, it also has color-changing options — so you can have a blue, red, or purple moon at your whim.

  • Available sizes: 5


The entryway organizer that keeps everything in one place

With a compartment for your mail, several hooks for your keys and bags, and a small catchall shelf, this entryway organizer keeps your living space from becoming cluttered with small items. “Wall shelves like this one are the perfect ones to add when you want just everything to be organized in one place,” says Kaur. The exposed wood option lends itself to a rustic look, while the matte black and white choices look a bit more modern.

  • Available colors: 3