40 expensive everyday problems that can actually be fixed for under $35

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We’re somehow all convinced life has annoyances and little everyday problems. Honestly, that’s just not the case. We don’t have to use up our paychecks at the dry cleaner. We definitely don’t need to buy coffee from a barista every single day in order to have high-quality caffeine before work. And we don’t need to live with scratched up furniture.

Instead, it’s time to take a look through this list. It has all of your daily hassles on it, and I promise they can all be fixed for under $35. Probably the most expensive problem on this list is one that I know we all deal with: dry cleaning. There’s a laundry kit on this list that has everything you need to wash those “dry clean only” clothes. It even takes care of stained clothes, and all of the dry cleaning magic happens in your dryer.

This list even has everyday issues that are easy to overlook, like scratching your countertop when you clean or your wrecking your non-stick pan while you cook. You haven’t ruined your counter, and you definitely don’t need to go out and buy a new pan. Just get the gentle sponges and soft silicone spatulas on the list.

Now, we all know not to spend money on expensive fixes for these daily problems. While we’re at it — let’s pour a cup of homemade coffee with our new pour-over brewer and let everyone else know about these affordable fixes.


Problem: You stain your favorite clothes

Solution: Spraying, blotting & removing every stain with this non-toxic treatment

No matter what you spilled on your favorite shirt, pants, jacket, or dress, this non-toxic stain remover will fix it. Yep, even a bright red ketchup stain, deep set oil stain, or accidental blood stain will disappear. Just use a little spray, a few blots, a splash of water, and it will rinse right out. This biodegradable remover is safe for your clothes, furniture, and carpet and it’s OK to use around kids and pets.


Problem: You’re always buying drinks at the gas station

Solution: Pouring your go-to road trip beverage into a reusable glass bottle

Make fewer stops on your road trip, and save a little money with this bulk pack of reusable glass bottles. Fill one up with your favorite tea, another one with your spouse’s go-to seltzer, and the rest with juices, water, smoothies...whatever. The durable glass won’t hold onto any odors, even if you pack kombucha in them. Each bottle has a colorful neoprene sleeve to keep them identifiable and a leak-proof stainless steel lid. They’re also safe to use for your coffee or any other hot road trip beverage.


Problem: Charger cords keep fraying

Solution: Saving your cords with these protective silicone covers

There’s nothing more irritating than fraying chargers, but you’ll never have to worry about it again with this 24-pack of cord protectors. They’re made of flexible silicone, so they’re easy to pop onto any round cable and they move with your charger. Protecting your cords doesn’t have to make your phone charger bulky because the curly design is super low-profile. This fraying charger fix comes in black, gray, or multi-colored.


Problem: Your favorite shoes smell

Solution: Spritzing your kicks with this natural deodorizer

This shoe deodorizing spray is full of natural ingredients, and it has a lemongrass and eucalyptus scent which neutralizes less pleasant odors. But this spray is great to use all over your home. You can use this essential oil-infused formula anywhere you want an extra fresh scent, like your bathroom, laundry room, or closet. It’s so concentrated, it will last for over 700 spritzes.


Problem: Leftovers go bad

Solution: Saving & reheating food with these easy-to-pack containers

I promise you’ll want that pasta you made for dinner the next day. So, pack it away in these durable borosilicate glass containers. Your fridge won’t smell like basil and marinara because each container comes with an air-tight and leak-proof lid, which also makes them perfect for packing your lunch for work. These containers are also safe in the freezer, dishwasher, oven, and microwave — just be sure to remove the lid before heating.


Problem: You misplace everything

Solution: Keeping up with your things with a small Bluetooth tracker

If you have a habit of losing everything, these BlueTooth Tile trackers are the solution you’ve been looking for. It’s small enough to clip to your keychain, zip up in your wallet, or toss into your bag. When your missing item is nearby, your Tile will ring, and when it’s far away, the Bluetooth will showcase its last registered place. This device even works in reverse. Pressing the button on the back will call your phone for you, even if it’s on silent.


Problem: Produce keeps going bad too quickly

Solution: Placing this reusable produce-saving “apple” in your fridge

This produce-saving solution is a one-and-done fix. Simply tuck it in your refrigerator drawer with all of your fresh produce. It will save your fruits and veggies from getting mushy by absorbing all of the ethylene gas they release. It’s also completely reusable, thanks to refillable packets inside. Just be sure to swap out the absorbent packet every three months.


Problem: You overcook expensive meats

Solution: Checking your food with this digital meat thermometer

Quickly check on dinner with this digital meat thermometer to make sure your steak isn’t overcooked — or worse — your chicken isn’t undercooked. The LED screen tells you the temperature in only three seconds, making this just as efficient as much, much pricier meat thermometers. It’s also waterproof and easy to hand wash with the rest of your dishes.


Problem: There are stains on your counters & tub

Solution: Scrubbing away stains with these eraser sponges

Scrub away stains all over your home with this budget-friendly pack of eraser sponges and some water. You get so many of these magical melamine sponges, you can store a few in the kitchen and the bathroom. They’re made of three layers of extra-dense foam to get rid of spills, marks, and those stains that seem like they’ll never go away without pulling out any strong smelling chemical cleaners.


Problem: You’re wasting your favorite condiments & skincare

Solution: Getting all of your products out with a bottle emptying kit

This BPA-free bottle emptying kit is designed for getting the last little bit of your favorite salad dressing, lotion, and other liquids out of the bottle. The kit comes with plastic caps and adapters that are so versatile, they’ll fit on bottles of any size. These dishwasher-safe attachments are also handy for pouring the last bit of your facial moisturizer into a new bottle or a travel bottle.


Problem: Your favorite sweater & furniture has tons of pilling

Solution: Shaving off pills & fuzz with this handheld fabric shaver

Don’t toss out your favorite sweater or start shopping for a new sofa just because it has a little pilling. This handheld fabric shaver will take care of pilling and extra fuzz by gently shaving it with three different settings that work for your exact problem. It catches and stores all of the extra fuzz in a detachable lint catcher, and unlike other shavers, this one is rechargable. The extra-large shaving head is 2 inches wide, so it won’t take long to do an entire sweater or even your couch.


Problem: Your jewelry is looking dull

Solution: Saving money & cleaning all of your gold & gems at home

Instead of paying a ton at a jeweler, this affordable tub of jewelry cleaner will do the trick. You can safely scrub gold and platinum as well as precious stones like sapphires and diamonds. It also comes with a gentle brush to get between prongs. The deep-cleaning formula is completely ammonia-free, and it even disguises small scratches, so they’re barely noticeable.


Problem: Your sink is smelling less than fresh

Solution: Cleaning & deodorizing the garbage disposal with these tablets

Even your garbage disposal can use a little refresh sometimes, and these cleaning tablets are a simple, budget-friendly way to give it a scrub and help avoid pesky clogs. Just turn on the hot water, toss in a tablet, and run the garbage disposal for up to 30 seconds. The tablet will suds up and tackle left-behind grime, leaving your sink smelling fresher and cleaner.


Problem: Your kids are leaving the back of the car a total mess

Solution: A backseat organizer that doesn’t take up a ton of space

If you’ve ever had a backseat passenger in the car, you may have realized that things get really messy and disorganized after reaching your destination. Even pet parents could benefit from a backseat organizer that can keep every essential at arm’s reach. You can get this organizer in multiple colors to best complement your car’s interior, or get it in the color your child prefers the most. (Since, the more they like it, the more they’ll use it.)


Problem: You have holes in your walls

Solution: Filling drywall holes with an easy putty that doesn’t need any tools

This easy-to-use repair putty can fix holes and cracks in drywall, wood, or plaster. You won’t have to buy any tools for this budget-friendly wall repair project. You only need the easy-to-apply tube and a few minutes, because this rolls right on like deodorant. This tube also prevents the durable putty from drying out, so you’ll always have it on hand the next time you redecorate.


Problem: You keep losing stuff in your car

Solution: Using this collapsible organizer to keep track of your items

The cost of replacing lost items can add up — and if you have a tough time keeping track of stuff, your car can easily become a black hole-like space. Fortunately, this car organizer is easy to stow in the backseat or trunk to help wrangle your everyday essentials. It has a variety of pockets to organize it all, whether that’s hand sanitizer, tissues, receipts, or anything else you like to keep on hand. And it’s collapsible, so you can fold it down whenever you need to make space.


Problem: You leave the lights on all the time

Solution: Setting a light schedule with this LED bulb & help from Alexa

With this LED smart bulb and some help from Amazon’s Alexa, you can get all of your lamps on a money-saving schedule. You can also create routines and even control the brightness of this relaxing soft-white bulb. You can also control this Bluetooth bulb by chatting with your home’s smart speaker. Finally, you won’t waste money if you leave for work and leave all the lights on.


Problem: Hair clogs your drain

Solution: Installing a TubShroom to catch clogs before they happen

Clean your bathtub drain yourself and prevent pricey plumber visits with this TubShroom hair catcher. It stops hair from going down the drain, and the mushroom-like design hides the trapped hair while you shower. The design also has perfectly placed holes, so you can still shower without your bathtub filling up.


Problem: You lose & throw away perfectly good batteries

Solution: Storing batteries in this organizer with a removable battery tester

Store up to 93 batteries in this clear organizer that sorts your AAs from your Cs and lets you see if you’re running low. It’s easy to mount it on the wall in your closet, or you can tuck it away in a drawer. There’s even a removable battery tester, so you never throw away a perfectly good battery again. Oh, the tester doesn’t need batteries to work (phew).


Problem: You’re a coffee snob who can’t stop drinking at cafes

Solution: Brewing fancy pour over at home with this coffee maker

I promise your at-home coffee can be cafe-worthy with this pour-over coffee maker. It comes with a BPA-free and heat-resistant glass brewer as well as a stainless steel mesh filter, so you won’t even need to buy paper filters all the time and you get every bit of flavor out of your brew. Once your coffee is ready, pour it straight from your new coffee shop-style brewer. It has a cool-touch collar that will keep your hands safe, even if you like your coffee extra-hot.


Problem: Some of your clothing is “dry clean only”

Solution: Washing your delicate clothes with this at-home dry cleaning kit

There are two secrets to this at-home dry cleaning kit: spot cleaning wipes and your dryer. The spot cleaning wipes are perfect for removing any spots or spills from you clothes. Next, your delicate clothes and a dry cleaning cloth go into the dryer to tackle odors and wrinkles. You can even wash that trendy silk slip dress with this kit without using harsh chemicals, or worrying about it shrinking.


Problem: There are scratches & nicks on wood surfaces & furniture

Solution: Touching up your wood furniture with these markers & crayons

Don’t replace any of your nice wood furniture — this wood repair kit will quickly fix any nicks or scratches. You get markers, precision-tip wax sticks, a wax stick sharpener, and a cleaning cloth in this budget-friendly kit. Choose from wood colors like walnut, oak, and more to perfectly match your furniture or flooring. Use the crayons to fill in deeper nicks and the markers to color over any imperfections.


Problem: Grease splatters all over your kitchen

Solution: Using this easy and affordable splatter screen

Grease is the word. Or, is it? Keep a cleaner kitchen during dinner prep with this splatter screen that fits right over your frying pan. It also fits over most pots and skillets and can be popped in the dishwasher at the end of the day. Once you use this once, you’ll curse yourself for not getting one sooner.


Problem: You keep calling your locksmith for lost keys

Solution: Hiding your spare key in this fake rock holder

There’s a reason why a rock-shaped key holder is a classic spot to hide a spare key. This affordable solution means you won’t need to call a locksmith the next time you’re locked out. The resin material looks and feels like a real rock, plus it’s weather- and wind-proof. It can hold keys up to 2 3/8 inches long as well as other small necessities like money.


Problem: Your food keeps going bad before you use it

Solution: Storing dry goods in airtight containers with labels

Transfer all of your dry goods into these airtight storage containers and write the date (or the expiration date) as well as what’s inside using the included chalkboard marker and labels. That way, your snacks won’t go stale, and you’ll always know how old they are, but they airtight containers will also keep your food fresher for longer than the original packaging. This food-saving set also comes with universal lids.


Problem: You scratch your countertops & pans when you clean

Solution: Scrubbing surfaces with these dual-sided, scratch-free sponges

It’s way too easy to scratch your countertops — unless you’re cleaning with these fan-favorite Scrub Mommy sponges. With their unique design, you have full control over the scrubbing power of these smiling sponges. One side has a textured design to scrub away debris while the other has a soft side to soak up spills. Cold water keeps them tough for sticky spills, while warm water softens them up for a gentle clean. You can also use them on your dishes every night — their quick-drying material won’t get moldy. These are just a few of the reasons these sponges have a remarkable 4.9-star rating on Amazon.


Problem: The dryer keeps shrinking your favorite outfits

Solution: Drying your clothes on a waterproof & foldable drying rack

Your dryer might feel a little left out once you get this waterproof steel drying rack. You’re going to want to air dry everything on it because it will never shrink your favorite outfit, and though this rack is lightweight, it can hold up to 32 pounds. It folds up flat after laundry day, making storage a breeze. This lightweight rack also lets you dry extra-delicate pieces flat on the top bars.


Problem: Your mattress is vulnerable to spills

Solution: Covering it with a hypoallergenic & waterproof protector

This mattress protector will keep your mattress safe from spills, body fluids, pests, and other bacteria. The cotton terry fabric has a handy waterproof backing but it won’t make your comfy mattress sound or feel crunchy under your sheets nor will it change the feel of your pricey mattress. This hypoallergenic cover is a best-seller on Amazon, with nearly 170,000 five-star reviews.


Problem: Fresh herbs keep wilting

Solution: Storing them in an herb-saving container for your fridge

This herb keeper uses a bottom tray with water and vented lid to keep your dill, rosemary, parsley, and more fresher for up to 10 days longer than storing herbs via other methods. There’s even a little window on the side, so you can see when you need to refill the water. It’s super easy to set up, and the sleek design won’t look bulky in your fridge. Plus, unlike other herb keepers, this one has three slots so you can store multiple ingredients at once.


Problem: You break every wine glass you buy

Solution: Sipping with these stainless steel glasses that keep white wine chilled

These stainless steel wine glasses are your best bet if you break every wine glass you get your hands on. These tumbler-style glasses have plenty of perks. In addition to being shatterproof, they have double-wall insulation, so they’ll keep your white and rosé wine chilled. Each one comes with a BPA-free lid to prevent tipsy spills, and these practical glasses come in 14 colors.


Problem: Your dryer takes forever to finish up your laundry

Solution: Drying your clothes faster with a set of wool dryer balls

If your dryer delays your laundry-day routine because it takes forever, these 100% wool dryer balls are the fix. Popping a few into your dryer helps your clothes dry faster and prevents static by lifting the laundry. These eco-friendly alternatives to dryer sheets or fabric softener also last for more than 1,000 laundry days, so prepare to get a ton of use out of them.


Problem: Your upholstered furniture has seen better days

Solution: Fixing furniture & carpets with this repairing kit

If your leather couch or car seat has seen better days, it’s time to break out this upholstery repair kit. With 16 stitching and sewing needles and eight rolls of leather thread in popular colors of brown, black, gray, and white, even novices can fix a little patch or tear in pricey furniture. This kit even has a few bonuses everyone should own, including a thread picker, stitching awl, and measuring tape.


Problem: Your bread gets smooshed in the pantry

Solution: Storing your bread in a protective container

Protect your loaves of bread from getting crushed and stale with a two-pack of bread-shaped containers for your pantry. Simply slide the loaf of bread in the box with the wrapper still on. The unique bread-dispensing design lets you use the wrapper to pull out as many slices as you need, all while keeping your food fresher for longer.


Problem: You have leftover product in every skincare bottle

Solution: Getting every bit of your lotions & creams with a tiny spatula

This tiny spatula makes it easy to scoop out the last bit of a face mask or almost-empty lotion. The reusable, easily washable, bendy silicone skincare spatula saves you so much product that’s usually left in the bottle. Plus, it doubles as an applicator, which keeps your fingers cleaner. It has an 8-inch handle, so you can even use it on tall foundation or sunscreen bottles.


Problem: You drop food & small utensils in the gap next to the stove

Solution: Installing some low-profile stove gap covers

Install these silicone stove gap covers, and never lose a spoon or oven mitt in that awful space between the oven and your countertop again. They’re heat-resistant up to 446 degrees, so you don’t have to worry about them while you cook on your stovetop. The matte finish means they won’t be super obvious in your kitchen, and they won’t collect a bunch of dust or smudges.


Problem: You wash your cookware but it still looks dirty

Solution: Scrubbing off grease & streaks with Bar Keepers Friend

If you keep washing your cookware, but it still looks dirty or streaky, Bar Keepers Friend is honestly the only thing you should reach for. It also happens to be a super affordable cookware fix. It helps you scrub off rust stains, burned food, grease spots, grime, and more. You can even use this harsh, chemical-free cleaner all over your kitchen, like in your sink and everything will be sparkling like new with less scrubbing on your end.


Problem: Your phone & other essentials get ruined in water

Solution: Carrying things in this waterproof fanny pack & pouch

Pack everything you need to carry in this waterproof fanny pack the next time you go hiking or take a beach trip. The triple seal design keeps all of your essentials safe from splashes, and the PVC plastic material is even complete with an extra-waterproof coating. Plus, this protective set also comes with a waterproof pouch built for your phone for extra airtight protection.


Problem: Your favorite shoes give you foot pain

Solution: Adding these supportive insoles to your everyday shoes

Slide these supportive insoles into your favorite shoes for extra padding. They give your arches medium support, and they’re complete with a built-in orthopedic plate. This plate helps distribute your weight and relieve any pressure that could cause sore feet at the end of the night. Plus, these affordable insoles are covered in moisture-wicking fabric, so you’ll barely notice them all day.


Problem: Red wine stains ruined your carpet, couch, & clothes

Solution: Using a concentrated stain remover formulated for wine spills

Red wine is bound to spill — every time. So, keep this biodegradable red wine stain remover in your bag and in multiple spots in your home. The concentrated cleaner is formulated for wine stains on your carpet, couch, and even your clothes. Plus, the non-toxic formula is pH neutral, so no worries about spritzing it on your favorite fabrics.


Problem: Your cat scratches your couch & ruins it

Solution: Covering the arms with these adhesive sofa protectors

Put a stop to your cat scratching up the sofa with these adhesive furniture shields. Don’t worry: they’re totally transparent, so you won’t ruin the look of your cotton, polyester, or other fabric couch. You can cut them to fit on your armrest, underneath a chair, or whatever your cat’s favorite scratching spot is. Though the adhesive works hard, this furniture protecting kit also comes with clear pins to keep them extra secure.