40 genius hacks for making your home look nicer — & they're shockingly cheap

These small changes can make a huge difference.

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Curating your dream home sounds like a tall order, but some of the best ways to change up your space are simpler (and cheaper) than you’d think. That’s why Mic compiled a list of brilliant product “hacks” that’ll elevate your space.

From note-worthy renovations to little luxuries, you’re practically guaranteed to fall in love with these genius ideas. As a bonus, the items on this list all happen to be shockingly affordable.


These wood markers that cover up scratches

Maintain the appearance of your favorite wooden decorations with these wood markers, which cover up nicks and scratches in seconds. Each pack comes with multiple colors that are specifically designed to match most wood finishes, and they blend in so well, no one will notice there was ever a blemish. Your tables, chairs, and cabinets will thank you.


A laser level that projects lines from all angles

Place picture frames and pieces of furniture right where you want them with this laser level. As its 360-degree wall attachment rotates, you'll be able to project lines from all angles, helping you pull off your home improvement projects with maximum accuracy. Use both of its backlit bubble vials for extra visibility while you work.


These linen curtains that help cut down your energy bill

Thanks to their room darkening panels, these linen curtains will cut down on your energy bill by blocking out excess sunlight. Each simple and beautifully designed curtain keeps out 60% of the sunlight that pours in through your window, which stops unwanted morning light, overheating, and TV glare. They’re just as stylish as they are functional. You can choose between 14 gorgeous color options, each of which is sure to complement your bedroom or living room.


These rug pads that keep carpets in place

Minimize slips and falls with these rug pads, which keep carpets in place regardless of foot traffic. They're incredibly slim, so they won't bunch up or affect the way your rugs look, and they're made with double-sided adhesives that make them easy to stick and install. If you're ready to switch up your style, you can simply wipe down the pads with water or rubbing alcohol; they'll keep their adhesion, so you can move the rug anywhere you like.


A laundry detergent holder that's super efficient, down to the last drop

Make the most out of your Sunday cleaning routine with this laundry detergent holder, which eliminates the need to pick up heavy bottles by hand. It's designed to slope downward, so when you're ready to wash, you won't have to tilt it manually; simply press the button on the dispenser. Its rubber feet help it stay put, minimizing spills and mishaps.


A TV cord cover with a super strong adhesive

This TV cord cover conceals unsightly wires with its fully paintable surface and large capacity. With a strong double-sided adhesive tape attached, you can stick each cover to the wall to keep wires out of the way, with no hardware necessary. If it's too long or short for your cables, you can simply cut it to the perfect length, and you're good to go.


These counter covers that close the gaps by your stove

Those bothersome gaps between your kitchen counters and appliances can quickly become host to crumbs, debris, and unwanted pests. That's where these counter covers come in; made with food-grade silicone that's fully heat resistant, they'll stop buildup before it begins. Their matte black design blends in beautifully with most kitchens, and they're dishwasher-safe when they need to be cleaned. You can snag them in white, black, or gray.


These garage door accents made with powerful magnets

These garage door accents work like fridge magnets, except that they’ll totally transform your garage into an entryway worthy of royalty. Their powerful magnets stay in place on any steel surface, and each set comes with four hinges and two handles that you can mix and match to design your dream doors. Their durable plastic material is UV-resistant, so no matter how long you keep them installed, they'll look as good as new.


This sleek metallic wallpaper you can peel & stick

Renovate your kitchen for cheap with this sleek metallic wallpaper. Its silver surface, made from durable brushed nickel, can totally transform your drawers, appliances, and countertops, and you can simply peel it off when you're ready for another change. No need to worry about culinary mishaps; it's oil-proof and waterproof — and so gorgeous, it's basically bad taste-proof.


A kitchen utensil holder that rotates all the way around

This kitchen utensil holder makes it easy to store all the essentials you use to cook your favorite meals. Its weighted base means it won't tip or spill, and its divider lets you separate and categorize your utensils, from forks and spoons to spatulas and tongs. Its shatterproof stainless steel ensures it'll last a long time, and you can clean it easily by hand.


These smart light bulbs with a ton of color options

When you screw in these smart light bulbs, you’ll feel like your bedroom is somewhere over the rainbow. Simply connect them to your Alexa or Google Assistant and speak; their voice control feature lets you adjust their settings with just a word or two. With over a million possible color options (yes, you read that right), they'll last approximately 20,000 hours each — so the party doesn't have to stop anytime soon.


An essential oil diffuser that truly does it all

With an alarm clock and a Bluetooth speaker, what can’t this essential oil diffuser do? There are three timer settings that mean you can add your favorite oils and snuggle up with a good book; it'll turn off automatically when it runs out.


These floating shelves that fit beautifully in any corner

Display your tchotchkes with pride on these floating shelves, which make a smart solution to excessive clutter. Because all hardware is included, you can install them quickly without the hassle. Their durable laminate wood features a gorgeous espresso finish that'll support your favorite books, plants, and photos in style. If espresso isn’t your thing, these also come in gray and a gorgeous natural wood shade.


These faux tile stickers that are built to last

These faux tile stickers look so real, guests will swear you've had the most beautiful tiles installed. Unlike competitors that use epoxy resin, which tends to become yellow over time, these waterproof and heat-resistant stickers will stay in the same condition you bought them. Each pack contains 10 sheets of stickers, which is more than enough for a quick bathroom redo.


A fluffy area rug with a nonslip base

Prevent slips and falls with this fluffy area rug — its nonslip base keeps it in place, even during dance parties or high-energy playdates. Its hypoallergenic material is gentle on sensitive skin, and its dense middle layer makes you feel like you're walking on a cloud. Plus, you don’t have to worry about the accumulation of crumbs — you can easily vacuum this rug on low power for stress-free cleaning.


A magic eraser that's a kitchen lifesaver

From dirty buildup to stubborn grease, this magic eraser is a kitchen-cleaning lifesaver. Made with food-grade melamine resin, its dense material picks up messes of all kinds without leaving behind any residue. Use it on walls, cookware, blenders, coffee makers, and even tiles for a kitchen that positively sparkles. Fifty sponges come per pack.


This cutting board oil that helps your knives last longer

When you use this cutting board oil, you’re not only protecting your expensive kitchen appliances — you're also extending the lifespan of your knife collection. You can pour it over materials like wood, marble, and soapstone to restore them to their former glory (you know, before all the cooking). You'll feel especially good about your buy when you learn that just one bottle can last for years at a time.


These adhesive hooks for decorating without the damage

Keep landlords and RAs happy with these adhesive hooks that can help you decorate without damaging walls. You won't need any additional tools to mount your favorite prints or paintings; simply peel the adhesive backing and stick them on your walls. They'll work well on surfaces from painted walls and finished wood to glass and metal, and when it's time to move out or redecorate, you can remove them knowing your walls will look as good as new — no spackle required.


This wall hanger with 15 sturdy hooks

This durable wall hanger can support up to 22 pounds at a time, so you can store even the heaviest cookware with peace of mind. Each of its 15 hooks features an S-shape that provides a stable base for pots, pans, and various kitchen instruments, and each hanger comes with all the hardware you'll need for installation. Plus, you can store utensils of all sizes, thanks to its length.


These solar-powered lights that save energy

Brighten up your porch with these solar-powered lights that seriously save energy, thanks to their LED bulbs. With the capacity to light up to 800 square feet, they feature a four-headed design that's easily adjustable to fit your space. They're even waterproof, so storms and bad weather won't dull their shine.


This peel & stick wallpaper that’s straight from a fairytale

This peel-and-stick wallpaper sports a floral design that'll make your space feel like a fairytale. Its repeating leaf pattern is so easy to install without line breaks, and it's fully removable whenever you're ready for a change of scenery. It's not just for walls, either; apply it to cabinets, countertops, and even kitchen backsplashes for a botanically beautiful touch.


These stair stickers that seriously elevate your space

These stair stickers are an underrated way to elevate your space — pun intended. With precisely printed images and self-adhesive backs, they're a simple addition that makes your house feel like a luxury vacation home. If/when you're ready to remove the stickers, they'll peel off without leaving behind any mess, residue, or extra work on your part. There are over 20 fun designs you can choose from.


A sweet doormat that won't slip or slide

Made with natural coconut fibers, this sweet doormat absorbs dirt and moisture, so you can step inside without the mess. Its rubber base keeps it from slipping and sliding, and it dries with lightning-fast speed, so it'll recover quickly after bouts of bad weather. Plus, its adorable bird design warmly invites guests inside and makes sure they feel welcome from the moment they step through the door. If birds aren’t your thing, this mat comes in several other designs, from dog prints to cacti.


These foldable storage cubes that will get you organized fast

With these foldable storage cubes, getting organized is a cinch; simply stash your favorite clothes, toys, and trinkets into each collapsible cube and go. You can store them anywhere, from closets to cabinets, but their dimensions were specifically chosen to fit into storage cubes. They’re also simple to carry, with built-in handles that make for easy transportation.


These LED lights that illuminate hard-to-reach places

If you can't ever seem to find what you're looking for in closets or cabinets, illuminate your space with these LED lights. With their on/off lens, you can simply tap them when you need a little light or when you're finished poking around. Thanks to their included screws and adhesive tape, you can choose how you want to install them; that's why they're so universally compatible with most surfaces.


This 6-pack of houseplants that are so easy to grow

Amateur gardeners will love this six-pack of houseplants; each one is so easy to grow. They're a great way to add some low-maintenance greenery to your space without the worry if you skip a day of watering. All they'll need is sunlight, water, and a little love from you, and you’ll have all the plant vibes without any extra hassle. Variety packs differ, but you can expect an assortment of plants from pothos to peperomia.


A durable tablecloth that stands up to spills

The right tablecloth can protect your pricey furniture from messy situations; that's why this durable tablecloth is such a smart buy. Made with a polyester jacquard fabric, it's completely spillproof and wrinkle-resistant. Its folded border hem and delicate sewing prevent loose threads, and after a particularly hectic mealtime, you can throw it in the washing machine.


This tufted ottoman with a secret storage compartment

Clear out clutter with this tufted ottoman — its sneaky storage compartment has enough room for all the books, clothes, and toys that are always underfoot. Whether you keep it in your living room, bedroom, or entryway, you'll love its cushioned top, which doubles as a cozy footstool. When you feel like reorganizing, you can stash it in any closet or drawer, since it's conveniently collapsible.


A toilet paper holder in a stylish matte black

Not only is this toilet paper holder incredibly convenient, but its stylish matte black design also adds a little extra glamour to your bathroom. Because it stands on its own, there's no installation process, so you can place it anywhere in your bathroom with ease. Pro tip: apartment dwellers might particularly benefit from its compact vertical design, which takes up very little room and fits well in smaller spaces.


A dry-erase calendar with 6 colorful markers

You and your family have a busy schedule; this dry-erase calendar helps you keep it under control. Stick it on your fridge, along with the included magnetic markers, and you'll be way less likely to miss a meeting, dinner, or game. Because the colorful markers have erasers built in, switching from month to month is a piece of cake. Plus, you won't have to deal with any ink stains; your writing will erase quickly and easily.


A stove cover that prevents scratches & scrapes

From curious pets to clunky metal cookware, it seems like there are a million ways to scratch an electric stovetop — thankfully, this stove cover can help. When you place the thick rubber sheet over your stovetop, you'll protect your valuable appliance from scratches, cracks, dirt, and spills, all while effectively creating more counter space. When it gets dirty, you can put it in the dishwasher for a hassle-free clean, and its anti-slip coating keeps it in place.


These fridge organizing bins with heavy-duty handles

If you tend to fill your fridge to the brim after a trip to the grocery store, you might like these fridge-organizing bins. They'll help you keep track of your favorite produce, condiments, beverages, and more, thanks to their crystal-clear material. Their heavy-duty handles are easy to grip and pull, and if your fridge has a unique design, no sweat; they're stackable.


This 5-pack of picture frames for displaying your favorite memories

Keep treasured moments where everyone can see them with this five-pack of picture frames. Each one comes with a plastic cover that protects your photos and holds them in place, and they won't break or shatter, even if they fall. You can easily mount them vertically or horizontally with very little hardware for a hassle-free decorating process.


This beautiful switch plate made from polished brass

Made out of stunning polished brass, this beautiful switch plate is a great way to enhance any room without breaking the bank or switching it up completely. Its included mounting hardware makes it incredibly easy to install, and it’ll complement almost any decorative style. Its ornate detailing will make you feel like you're living in an elegant mansion — Bridgerton, anyone?


These bronze cabinet handles that are seriously durable

These bronze cabinet handles will withstand the test of time through even the toughest yanks and pulls. Their zinc alloy material is made to last, and their rubbed bronze finish looks amazing on cabinets and drawers. You can get them in quantities from one to 60.


A scrapbook with 10 metallic markers

Preserve your treasured memories in a creative way with this scrapbook. It comes with 10 metallic markers you can use for labeling and decoration. With 80 pages per book, each one accommodates 160 photos at a time. Its ribbon detail adds an antique touch that adds to the timeless experience of crowding around a scrapbook with the people you love.


An extra-large hamper with multiple compartments

Thanks to its multiple compartments and roomy design, this extra-large hamper holds up to four loads of laundry at once. Both of its compartments include reusable laundry bags, helping you sort laundry by color before you ever take it to the washing machine. Both bags are made from a highly durable Oxford cloth with a waterproof coating that won't rip, tear, or get moldy, and their convenient handles make for easy carrying.


A chic candle with a cozy scent

This chic candle isn’t just a cute decoration — it smells amazing. With notes of mahogany, oak, and frosted lavender, it looks and sounds just as good as it smells. Use it as a centerpiece at the dinner table or burn it by your nightstand for the ultimate cozy vibes. With a score of 4.7 out of five stars on Amazon, you know it won’t disappoint.


A cat litter mat that keeps the rest of your house clean

If you’re a cat owner, you probably tend to find litter in places around your house that don’t really make sense. That’s why this cat litter mat is such a great buy; it traps debris at the source, so your cat won’t track it everywhere. Made with a multi-layer design that repels urine and large holes in the bottom, you can simply lift the top layer and shake it over the trash when it needs to be cleaned.


These wheel stoppers that hold furniture in place

From beds to desk chairs to pianos, you don't want your wheeled furniture to roll all over the place; these wheel stoppers are an excellent solution. They're universally designed to fit the vast majority of furniture wheels with a firm grip that prevents accidents. Plus, it's safe on all kinds of floors, from hardwood to carpet to tile.