Genius inventions you (& your dog) will wish you got sooner

Pet care just got a whole lot easier.

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When you form a bond with a beloved dog, your life is never quite the same again. And after adjusting to life with a canine counterpart, it can be impossible to remember a time before you had them around.

Of course, the blessings of owning a dog can come with some responsibilities that aren’t quite as warm and fuzzy. Accidents on the floor, excessive barking, and run-ins with ticks or parasites can all put a damper on the time spent with our pets. When these issues are encountered, it can be hard to know just what to do.

Luckily for dog owners everywhere, Bustle has compiled a list of 30 items that will streamline those responsibilities and eliminate problems from canine anxiety to dog hair all over the sofa, so you can get back to spending time with your best friend.


These calming chews that help reduce stress

Nobody wants to see their dog upset or in a state of stress. That's why these calming chews, which are formulated with dog-safe ingredients such as ginger and chamomile, are a great choice for an nervous pet. Whether your dog is feeling nervous, hyperactive, or even carsick, these chews have a yummy flavoring they'll enjoy and will help keep them calm in any situation.


A large travel-safe dog bowl with a carabiner & keychain

If you're traveling with your pet, bring along this large travel-safe dog bowl. It's collapsible, which both over-packers and light travelers will love, and it has a reinforced plastic rim for easy feeding. It's BPA-free and reusable, so your dog and the planet will both thank you.


This silicone feeding mat that prevents slips & spills

If you're tired of seeing pet food scattered across your living room or kitchen floor, look no further than this silicone feeding mat. You can throw it in the dishwasher in case of a mess, and its non-slip surface keeps bowls in place during mealtime. It's thermal resistant and durable, so it can withstand feeding time with even the hungriest puppy.


A pet-friendly brush with extra-soft bristles

This pet-friendly brush makes grooming easy, even for squirmy dogs and cats. Its removable cover makes cleanup a cinch, and because its bristles are flexible, it works well on any hair length. Dog owners can even add shampoo and brush away for a better bathtime.


These durable, leak-proof doggie bags

Picking up after your dog isn't exactly known for being fun, but these durable doggie bags will keep the process quick and mess-free. These bags are made with biodegradable technology and come in recyclable packaging, so you'll know you're choosing an eco-friendly version of a product you use each day. Each package comes with 900 bags — you'll go on countless walks and adventures before you need a refill.


A double dog leash for both of your best friends

If you’re lucky enough to take care of two pups, this double dog leash is a great investment for walking both at the same time. Its length is adjustable from 16-24 inches, and it works for dogs up to 100 pounds in size, so you can walk both best friends at once, no matter how big or small. It's also made of weather-proof nylon for all walking conditions.


A shock-resistant pet seat belt

It’s important to keep four-legged friends as safe as possible, especially on the road; do just that with this shock-resistant pet seat belt. It has a 360-degree rotating clasp, which allows pets to move freely while staying secure. It comes with reinforced stainless steel buckles for strength and durability, and it works well with dogs of any size.


Pet nail clippers with a built-in safety guard

Avoid the anxiety that often comes with a puppy manicure and pick up a pair of these pet nail clippers. With their built-in safety guard, they protect against over-clipping, and the blade is made of high-quality stainless steel, so you'll easily avoid painful, uneven cuts. The comfort grip handle protects against achy wrists during the trim, and the set includes a free nail file.


A plush & pillowy dog bed for canine luxury

After a long day of playing, snacking, and spending time with loved ones, dogs need a comfortable place to curl up — like this plush dog bed. Its faux fur fabric is comforting to pets, helping reduce anxiety and stress and allowing for a good night's sleep. It's ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort; its raised rim provides head and neck support for extra relaxation.


A stimulating snuffle mat that reduces boredom and anxiety

Hide a treat in this stimulating snuffle mat and watch your dog turn into Sherlock Holmes. It helps fulfill your dog's natural desire for discovery as they sniff around for the hidden snack and can be used in conjunction with treats or dry food. Made with fleece, this mat is machine washable and can be reused over and over again.


Omega 3 chews that help with dry skin & shedding

If your dog is shedding or scratching a bit more than usual, these Omega 3 chews might be just what they need. With flaxseed, fish oil, and biotin, these chews can help support a healthy skin and coat, and your dog will love the taste. The dosage is adjustable for dogs of all sizes; simply give them 1-4 chews depending on their weight.


A squeaky scented dog ball that gives playtime an upgrade

This squeaky-scented dog ball features Encapsiscent technology, which embeds its scent (in this case, chicken) at a microscopic level, so your pup will love it — while you'll barely notice it. Because the scent is directly in the material, it'll last for a long time, and you can clean the ball without washing it away. Take it to the park, pool, backyard, or beach for a fun and exciting round of fetch.


These treat sticks that support healthy teeth

With over 2,000 five-star ratings, these treat sticks are beloved by dogs, and it’s not hard to see why. They're made without preservatives or antibiotics — just grass-fed beef, so they're full of protein. When your dog chews away at one of these sticks, they're not just enjoying a yummy treat, they’re removing tartar and plaque from their teeth for healthier gums and mouths.


Pet shampoo to soothe sensitive skin

If your four-legged friend suffers from sensitive skin, look no further than this pet shampoo. It's made with chlorhexidine and ketoconazole, which help to soothe and heal itchiness and infections. With a cucumber melon scent that won't overpower you or your pet, it's recommended by veterinarians to support healthy skin. Its advanced formula gently detangles and deodorizes fur.


An itch relief spray that also soothes & nourishes your dog’s skin

This itch and hot spot spray by Burt’s Bees not only stops itching from dryness or other irritations, the addition of chamomile and rosemary helps soothe and nourish your dog’s skin. The formula is sulfate- and cruelty-free, as well as pH-balanced and made without added fragrances. “I loved this product for my dog,” one reviewer shared. “Not only did it soothe her itching, but it also calmed her so she could rest a whole lot better.”


This heavy-duty pooper scooper that minimizes mess

With this heavy-duty pooper scooper set, pet owners can choose between a spade, rake, or scoop for efficient cleanup. It's made of a durable and lightweight stainless steel material that won't rust. Using the scooper’s extended handle, you can protect your legs and lower back from bending into uncomfortable positions to make cleanup a breeze.


This scratch-proof, nonslip car seat cover

If you’re taking your pet home from the great outdoors, say goodbye to stained or dirty car seats with this scratch-proof and nonslip car seat cover. With four headrest anchors and two seat anchors, this seat cover will stay wherever you put it. It's made of a tough waterproof cotton material, and you can vacuum or wash it as much as you need.


A cute & comfortable hands-free pet carrier

This hands-free pet carrier comes in a variety of colors and patterns, and it’s incredibly helpful for pet owners who want to carry their best friends while using their hands. It's made of breathable cotton fabric, so pets won't feel too hot or cold while you carry them with you. With a safety latch on the handle, it prevents pets from jumping out, but it won't make them claustrophobic — and it's machine washable.


A foldable paddling pool for summer fun on the go

With this foldable paddling pool, pets can swim to their hearts’ delight anywhere they like. It's lightweight and great for transportation to the backyard or beach, and its foldable design allows for quick setup and deconstruction. With a durable base, it won't puncture when scratched, and it's easy to drain when your best friend is ready to dry off.


This light-up dog leash for high visibility

With a USB rechargeable battery that lasts up to five hours at a time, you can keep yourself and your pet safe on nighttime walks with this light-up dog leash. It features 360-degree visibility at up to 350 yards through rain, snow, or any tough weather condition. You can change the lighting mode between a quick flash, a slow flash, or a steady light for your own peace of mind, and it comes in a variety of fun colors, from sunburst yellow to cotton candy pink.


A warm & waterproof winter coat for your four-legged friend

Give your dog the gift of comfortable, chic style with this warm and waterproof winter coat. Available in seven different sizes, it's made of a water and wind-proof polyester material that will protect your pup from the elements. It also features a leash hole in the back for easy access on walks, and it comes in eight stylish colors.


A dogwood chew toy that shouldn’t splinter

If your dog loves chasing down sticks, give them this dogwood chew toy to satisfy them without the splinters. It's made with real wood and features a yummy BBQ flavor they'll love. Choose from four available sizes and bring it outside for an extra fun day at the dog park.


This interactive treat puzzle that will help beat puppy boredom

With this interactive treat puzzle, your dog will get to exercise their brain and look for that elusive, delicious snack in a fun way. They'll flip up the covers on each compartment to check for prizes, and they can remove the brick bones in the center to discover even more hiding spots. It's made from plastic that’s BPA, PVC, and phthalate-free, and you can clean it with soap and warm water in between play sessions.


A veterinarian-formulated toothpaste that soothes & supports dental hygiene

With a mixture of effective ingredients that includes baking soda, aloe, and grapefruit seed extract, this veterinarian-formulated toothpaste supports a healthy dental hygiene routine for your pet. They'll love the dog-friendly taste, and you'll love the way it soothes gums, freshens breath, and reduces plaque and tartar. It comes with a triple-headed toothbrush to clean even the hardest-to-reach spots.


A reflective dog collar that comes in every color of the rainbow

You can find this reflective dog collar in any color you or your pup could imagine, and its intelligent and durable design definitely doesn't hurt. It's made of a soft and flexible neoprene that won't fray or break, and even the threads are reflective, so you won't need to worry about visibility on nighttime walks. Available in five sizes, this convenient collar is adjustable for any dog's size and comfort.


These anti-slip waterproof dog boots

Walking your dog in the rain is no joke, especially when it’s coming down hard; these anti-slip waterproof dog boots can help. Made with a rugged anti-slip sole, they'll keep your dog walking safely through any storm and over any surface, from thorns to hot pavement. They're designed with an adorable embroidered paw logo and are available in a number of colors, from black to purple to leopard print.


A dental care solution that fights plaque, tartar & more

If you find yourself cringing at your pup’s unsavory breath, try this dental care solution, which works quickly to promote freshness and fight plaque and tartar. Simply add it to your pet's water bowl — it's odorless and tasteless, so they're not likely to notice it's even there. It’s made with just a few simple ingredients, and because it helps clean without brushing, it’s a great addition to a fussy pet’s hygiene routine.


A portable paw cleaner for washing on the go

This portable paw cleaner is perfect for any dog that's been playing in nature and needs to freshen up before coming inside. Simply add water, insert the paw, gently twist the cleaner, and dab the paw dry — it's not invasive or upsetting to the dog, and your floors will thank you. It's available in three sizes, so you can pick the one that works best for you.


These eye wash pads that gently clean & soothe irritation

If your pet's eyes are irritated or you're noticing trapped debris, these eye wash pads might be the solution; they're sterile and won't sting, so they're safe for sensitive eye areas. Instead of multi-step cleaning processes, these cotton pads are already soaked in the cleaning solution, so all you have to do is clean the area without any extra hassle. These pads are lightweight and conveniently packed — bring them anywhere your pet's eyes might need some extra love.


An entertaining feeding mat for extra-fun mealtimes

Your pet already loves dinnertime; take it to the next level with this entertaining feeding mat. Its design is perfect for wet and dry food at the same time — all you have to do is use the pocket or bump sections for treats or full meals. Because it slows down the eating process, the mat can help with digestion and reduce uncomfortable stomach issues. Even pups with flat noses that might otherwise have difficulty with feeding mazes can enjoy; its fun texture is perfect for any breed.