Genius things that make having a cat way less gross

Your feline may be elegant, but that smelly litter box isn’t.

ByClaire Epting
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There are definitely some perks of owning a cat that can’t be beat. They don’t require walks, they’re self-sufficient, and their personal hygiene routine is admirable. That being said, there are also times when living with a cat can be, well, a bit gross — which is why I’ve rounded up some incredibly clever pet products on Amazon that do the dirty work for you.

From a self-cleaning slicker brush that removes tons of hair to an odor-nixing carpet and furniture spray, these are the best things you can own to keep your house clean and your cat happy.


These litter box wipes that remove caked-on debris

Let’s be honest. No one loves cleaning out the litter box, but these scrubbing wipes make the task a heck of a lot easier. The thick, textured wipes tackle the stubborn debris on the bottom and sides of the box, while the plant-derived enzymatic formula breaks down odors for a fresh finish.


The cult-favorite pet hair remover that keeps furniture fur-free

With over 99,000 five-star ratings on Amazon, the ChomChom pet hair remover is a favorite among owners of shedding animals everywhere. The roller tool instantly lifts cat hair from furniture, clothes, and carpets, storing it inside the waste chamber for easy disposal. Unlike standard tape lint rollers, you can use the ChomChom over and over without having to stock up on sticky sheets.


These adhesive shields that keep your furniture from getting scratched up

Perhaps your cat likes to think your entire home — your fancy sofa included — is their own personal scratching post. These transparent plastic shields deter your kitty’s claws from a wide variety of materials, including polyester, cotton, and acetate fabric. Simply cut the self-adhesive panels down to size and stick them onto your furniture — for added security, you can use the included twist pins.


These tear stain remover wipes that are super gentle

Some flat-faced breeds of cats are prone to tear stains, but you can easily remove them with these cleansing wipes. Formulated with safe, natural ingredients including boric crystals, colloidal silver, and witch hazel, the slightly textured wipes are gentle enough to use on your feline’s face. “My Ragdoll cat has always had drippy eyes and tear stains. I love these wipes as they are so convenient,” wrote one reviewer. “She doesn't mind at all. Just perfect.”


This teeth-cleaning solution you can add to your cat’s water

While unfortunately a cat will never have minty fresh breath (sigh), this dental care solution makes their breath smell a whole lot nicer than it did before. All you have to do is add the flavorless liquid to their drinking water. The fast-acting formula fights plaque and tartar — no brushing required.


This probiotic supplement that supports your cat’s digestive health

Anything from a diet switch to a stressful life event (such as moving or a trip to the vet) can do a number on your cat’s gastrointestinal system, which may result in unwanted accidents around the house. Do your feline — and yourself — a favor and sprinkle a capsule of this probiotic supplement on their food. Containing billions of gut-friendly bacteria, the supplement supports your cat’s overall digestive health, so they can get back to feeling their best.


A waterless shampoo for cats who hate the bath

If your cat hates running water, they’ll be sure to let you know — leaving you with few options when it comes to bath time. And while felines are naturally self-cleaning creatures, they may still need a freshening up every once in a while. That’s where this waterless cat bath comes in. Made with skin-soothing aloe vera and oatmeal, the one-step foaming formula gently cleanses your cat’s fur without the stress of rinsing and drying.


The self-cleaning slicker brush that removes mats

Not only does this slicker brush gently separate matted tangles in your cat’s fur, it also evenly distributes their natural oils to make their coat shiny and soft. The brush is also an effective tool for reducing shedding — it lifts up hairs from your kitty’s undercoat, which can be easily tossed away by retracting the metal bristles with the push of a button.


This food & water bowl set with a spill-proof mat

Got a messy eater on your hands? You can save yourself from another morning of picking up cat food from off your floor by investing in this set of stainless steel feeding bowls. Each bowl rests within the nonlip silicone mat, which catches spills before they reach the ground. The entire set is dishwasher-safe, making cleaning a breeze.


A pair of fan-favorite claw clippers that are easy to use

Keeping your cat’s nails trimmed prevents their claws from snagging on your clothes, furniture, or drapes. For owners of fussy felines who refuse to sit still, using a good pair of clippers is key. This highly rated set of nail clippers from Pet Republique is made of ultra-sharp stainless steel, with easy-grip handles that stay firmly in your grasp at all times. “My cat hates her nails being clipped, but these clippers make it a lot easier for us both!” wrote one reviewer.


The malt-flavored remedy for constant hairballs

Hairballs. They’re not fun for your cat to hack up, nor are they fun for you to clean up. Luckily, you can use this edible formula to eliminate and prevent hairballs. And, since it has a tempting malt flavor, your cat won’t mind ingesting it. Safe for cats and kittens over 4 weeks old, Sentry Hairball Relief relieves constipation and dry cough as well.


This litter-trapping mat that keeps your floor clean

Does your cat always seem to bring the whole litter box with them as they step onto the floor? This litter-trapping mat may just be for you. The top layer features a honeycomb pattern that allows stray litter to pass through, collecting on the thick, water-repellent bottom layer. Simply shake the mat over your cat’s litter box to empty it out.


The carpet & furniture spray that nixes cat urine odors on contact

Angry Orange’s deodorizing spray is perfect for ridding your furniture and carpets of lingering pet-related smells, once and for all. The powerful formula can be spritzed directly on cat urine, breaking down the stench and replacing it with a zesty orange fragrance. “The cat urine odor in our sectional was gone after the first application!” reported one reviewer. “I was truly amazed and very pleased that I didn't have to replace the sectional!”


Some freshening-up wipes that also neutralize odor

No matter how well your cat grooms itself, there’s bound to be a few hard-to-reach spots they miss altogether. These odor-neutralizing wipes are great for freshening up your cat’s paws, ears, face, and rear end. Infused with soothing aloe and moisturizing vitamin E, the scentless wipes are gentle enough to use anywhere without causing irritation.


A litter scoop holder with silicone cleaning bristles

This litter scoop holder is designed with flexible silicone bristles, removing caked-on residue from the scoop in between uses. The leftover debris collects at the bottom of the holder for easy cleaning. Designed with a foot tab to hold the unit in place, you can even clean your scoop without using your hands.


These wall attachments that allow your cat to groom anywhere

Featuring soft and flexible bristles, these self-groomers mount to the wall and allow your cat to groom itself along any corner in your home. Simply fill the inner chamber with catnip and secure to the wall using adhesive strips or screws. Your cat will rub itself against the groomer, saving you the chore of having to brush them yourself.


This adorable cat grass growing kit that supports healthy digestion

Featuring a blend of wheatgrass, oat, barley, and rye, this cat grass kit includes everything you need to grow a natural remedy for your feline’s stomach ailments. The fiber-rich grass supports proper digestion and provides hairball control, while also serving as a tasty treat for your beloved cat. Plus, could the kitty-shaped planter be any cuter?


The cat dander remover that reduces human allergies

Just because you’re particularly sensitive to pet dander doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t own a cat — it just means you’ll have to be more diligent at removing it from their fur. This non-toxic pet dander remover can be applied directly to your cat’s fur with the included fabric mitt. Blended with natural ingredients including green tea extract, rosemary, and chamomile, the gentle formula helps remove the allergens that cause you to tear up, sniffle, and sneeze.


Some bamboo charcoal pouches that clear the air of pet odors

Naturally absorbent and deodorizing, these air-purifying bamboo charcoal pouches are so useful in neutralizing pet-related smells in your home. Place one near your cat’s litter box, their scratching post, or anywhere else they spend a lot of time. The ring at the top makes it easy to hang them up as well. “All the rooms smell so clean and fresh, especially where the litter boxes are located,” raved one reviewer.


A pair of grooming gloves for painless hair removal

What’s great about these grooming gloves is that they gently remove your cat’s hair without any tugging or snagging — they’re perfect for particularly skittish felines who don’t like being brushed. Covered in flexible silicone tips, the gloves easily glide over your kitty’s fur, lifting up loose tufts as you go. Not to mention, the soft nubs create a massage-like effect for your pet.


The filtered water fountain that’s so much easier than changing the water bowl

Designed with a quadruple filtration system, this bubbling water fountain ensures your cat is drinking nothing but the cleanest water — while also saving you from having to rinse out the bowl every day. Not to mention, most cats prefer drinking runner water opposed to standing water, so it’s a win-win.


These foldable scratching ramps that keep your furniture pristine

Covered in high-quality corrugated cardboard, these scratching ramps help keep your furniture free of claw marks. Not only do they distract your kitties from tearing up your things, they also aid them in accessing their favorite napping spots without the wear on your upholstery. Add a little catnip to the surface, and your cat won’t be able to resist.


An odor-eliminating powder you can sprinkle on your cat’s litter

No, litter boxes don’t have to stink. This odor-eliminating powder combats unwanted smells at a molecular level, so your cat’s box will stay fresher for longer. The plant-based product mixes directly with your litter —the highly absorbent corncob granules wick away moisture from your cat’s excrement. “It seriously works. If you have cats, this is an absolute must have. I will never be without it again!” one reviewer raved.


These plastic litter box liners that make cleanup a breeze

Cleaning out the litter box may perhaps be a cat owner’s most dreaded chore, but it doesn’t have to be. These durable plastic liners fit most kinds of litter box pans, catching messes so they don’t harden on the sides or bottom of the unit. When it’s time to swap out the litter, simply tie the top of the liner and toss it out — yes, it’s really that simple.


A cozy wool cat cave your kitty will love sleeping in

One way to keep the amount of hair on your furniture to a minimum? Providing your cat with their own cozy wool pet cave to sleep in. Offering plenty of privacy, the egg-shaped bed makes your kitty feel secure while they nap. Or, if they prefer it, you can collapse the dome to create a flat resting surface. The unique color and pattern options even allow you to pick one that matches your decor.

  • Available colors and patterns: 13


This complete cat dental kit for fresher breath & healthier teeth

Complete with a dual-headed toothbrush and enzymatic toothpaste, this dental kit from Arm & Hammer has everything you need to keep your cat’s fangs feeling fresh. The toothpaste’s formula is infused with baking soda, which works to fight odor-causing bacteria in your feline’s mouth. One end of the toothbrush features a traditional bristle head, while the other is designed to slip over your finger for a gentler cleaning experience.


An ultra-soft fleece blanket that protects your upholstery

This ultra-soft fleece blanket is beneficial for both you and your cat — your kitty gets a cozy spot to snuggle up in, and your sofa, bed, or chair remains protected from pet hair, claw marks, and dirty paws. There are four different sizes available, so you can pick the one that works best for your furniture piece.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large
  • Available colors: beige, gray, pink