35 genius things that practically declutter your home for you

Turn your home into an organized haven.

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A tidy home doesn’t just look nice — it can also make spending time at home feel so much nicer. That’s why I’ve sifted through the depths of Amazon to find items that practically declutter your home for you. These affordable gems not only help organize your home but do so with style. From innovative solutions that transform chaotic kitchen counters and cupboards to chic organizers that keep your clothes and closets impeccably neat, this list has you covered.


This space-saving outlet extender that lets you plug in 8 devices

If you’re constantly switching out devices due to a lack of power outlets, this multifunctional USB outlet extender is your space-saving superhero. With wide outlet spaces, a surge protector, and rapid-charging USB ports, it accommodates all your devices. The dusk-to-dawn sensor night-light shines when needed, and it has a reliable surge protector circuit to ensure top-notch device protection.


A pair of stylish caddies for storing all your shower essentials

Consolidate your bathroom essentials with these stainless steel shower racks. Crafted to endure a 20-pound capacity, they’re perfect for families or roommates. Installation is easy in four simple steps, and the adhesive is stronger than suction cups. Plus, they have four movable hooks for your razor, sponge, and towel.


These clear trays that help organize your drawers

Revamp your space effortlessly with these clear drawer dividers. Ideal for any room — bathroom, kitchen, office, or craft space — they make decluttering a breeze. This set of 25 bins in four sizes offers customization galore and comes with 200 nonslip silicone pads for stability. Easy to wipe clean, they're perfect for daily life, enhancing your organization and aesthetics.


A nonslip dish drying mat you can roll up when not in use

This silicone dish drying mat features raised line ridges for maximum airflow, keeping your countertops dry and tidy. This highly durable mat can withstand temperatures up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, so it can double as a trivet for your hot pots and pans. Crafted from food-grade silicone, it's toxin-free and eco-friendly. Cleaning is easy — simply wipe spills away or toss the mat in the dishwasher.


These clear storage bins that can organize everything from sweaters to vegetables

Make your home a model of neatness with these versatile storage bins. These spacious containers are the ultimate storage solution for your refrigerator, pantry, or any room in your home. Built-in side handles make them portable and stackable. Crafted from durable, clear, and BPA-free plastic, these bins are not only functional but also safe for food items.


These apothecary jars that make floss storage look good

Keep your small items tidy and give your shelves a seamless aesthetic with this apothecary jar set. Each set includes four 10-ounce plastic jars with lids, four clear labels featuring pre-printed names for cotton balls and floss picks, and four white labels for your customization. These versatile containers are ideal for organizing a variety of small items, from cotton balls to crayons.


A set of foldable storage bags with clear windows so you can see the contents

These multifunctional and foldable storage bags are both spacious and long-lasting, thanks to their soft yet robust fabric and reinforced handles. The two strong zippers provide easy access, and the see-through window allows quick identification of stored items. Made from high-quality, odorless, and breathable non-woven fabric, these bags are suitable for various spaces, from closets to bedrooms.


This spinning organizer that helps you reach items at the back of the shelf

This multifunctional lazy Susan is a convenient solution to cramped pantry shelves. It pirouettes with ease, thanks to stainless steel ball bearings, and its non-skid liner keeps items from falling out. With removable dividers, it adapts to your needs, from spices to canned goods. Made of high-quality, shatter-resistant plastic, it's a space-saving sensation.


A storage rack for keeping all your cutting boards in one place

If your cutting boards are sliding around in cabinets or drawers, this cutting board storage rack is here to save the day. With five storage slots, it accommodates most cutting boards on the market, so you don't have to worry about compatibility. Made from high-quality iron wire with a sleek black coating, it's both durable and stylish.


This shelving set that is specially designed for your water bottles

Designed to fit snugly in most pantry cabinets and refrigerators, these water bottle organizers are perfect for corralling water bottles, energy drinks, or even wine. Their stackable design means you can maximize your space without bottles rolling around. These shelves aren't just functional; they're also stylish and match any kitchen decor. And don't worry about leaks — they're made from high-quality, shatterproof PET material.


These transparent fridge bins so you can keep track of groceries

No more food items mysteriously disappearing in the back of your fridge with this organizational bin set. Six plastic bins come in multiple sizes and shapes, perfect for holding everything from eggs to cans. And thanks to their clear design and easy-grip handles, you'll always know what's inside.


This set of glass containers that are fantastic for meal prep

Elevate your lunch game with these 32-ounce glass meal prep containers. They're just the right size for freezing soups, leftovers, and pre-prepped meals. Crafted from premium borosilicate glass, these containers can handle rapid temperature changes without warping or cracking. Plus, their airtight seals keep food fresh and delicious. Cleaning up is a breeze, as they're dishwasher-safe.


An adjustable headset holder that neatly displays your controllers

Tired of tangled wires and cluttered gaming setups? This universal game controller stand is compatible with nearly every modern game controller, making it a space-saving hero in your entertainment area. You can adjust the height and direction of each level, and it even comes with hooks to keep those annoying wires in check. Crafted from sturdy steel, each tier can bear up to 1.1 pounds of gaming gear.


This wall-mounted broom holder that keeps cleaning supplies out of the way

Transform your space with this wall-mounted storage system, perfect for decluttering any area, indoors or out. With 11 sturdy spots, including five slots and six hooks, it securely organizes everything from brooms to gardening tools. Its weatherproof design and 35-pound capacity ensure durability and a nonslip grip. It’s practical, stylish, and easy to install with the provided tools and instructions.


An organizer that helps you keep track of your lids

Organize your plastic containers with this lid organizer. Five adjustable dividers and a center channel keep lids upright and in place. It's designed to fit standard cabinets and drawers and is made from high-quality, BPA-free plastic. With built-in handles and an easy, tool-free setup, it's a convenient solution for tidying up lids, making them easily accessible and clutter-free.


This popular pet hair remover with over 133,000 5-star ratings

If you find yourself constantly plucking fur off your sofa, you need this pet hair roller. It’s the ultimate solution for removing dog and cat hair effortlessly. Ideal for couches, rugs, car seats, and more, this tool is designed for deep cleaning without the need for sticky tapes or adhesives. Its electrostatic charge attracts fur efficiently, trapping it in a built-in receptacle for easy disposal. Reusable and sustainable, it's a must-have for pet owners seeking a simple, effective way to keep their spaces fur-free.


An organizing case that keeps track of your batteries — & has a bonus battery tester

No more scrabbling in the junk drawer when your remote dies — efficiently organize your batteries with this battery organizer. This durable case holds up to 93 batteries of various sizes and includes a removable tester, ensuring you always know which batteries are ready to use. With options for wall-mounting or drawer storage and a clear lid for easy identification, it's great for any home, garage, or workspace.


This over-the-door organizer that frees up space on your shelves

Maximize your space with a 24-pocket over-the-door organizer, great for storing everything from spices to snacks to toiletries. Its clear pockets make finding what you need easy, ideal for kitchen or bathroom use. Complete with adjustable stainless steel hooks, it fits various door widths, offering a space-saving solution for any home.


An absorbent mat that creates a tidy coffee station

Create a tidy coffee station and don’t cry over spilled milk, espresso, or hot water with this super-absorbent countertop mat. The soft diatomite material quickly absorbs spills, while the durable rubber backing prevents water seepage. Easy to clean and quick to dry, this mat is ideal not just for coffee bars but also as a dish-drying mat in the kitchen, ensuring a neat, stain-free countertop.


These versatile mason jars for an organized pantry

Keep a pristine pantry with these mason jars which are ideal for dry goods as well as fermenting, canning, and pickling. Crafted from soda-lime glass, they're food-grade, lead-free, and feature a stylish hobnail texture. Enjoy airtight, leakproof storage with self-sealing lids lined with plastisol, keeping contents fresh and tasty.


A set of stainless steel mixing bowls that nest for easy storage

Elevate your kitchen experience with this set of five stainless steel mixing bowls. Useful for everything from prep to kneading dough, they boast an elegant mirror finish and are resistant to odors and stains. Lightweight yet durable, these bowls feature ergonomic drip-free rims and stable flat bases, with capacity markings for convenience. The nesting design ensures space-saving storage.


This easy-to-assemble shelving unit that fits under your kitchen sink

Optimize your space with this multifunctional under-sink organizer, great for closets, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Its durable plastic construction ensures long-lasting use, and the easy snap-together assembly makes installation a breeze. Featuring two tiers and additional side hoops for extra storage, it's a versatile solution for any area.


A streamlined bath mat that’s super-absorbent & quick-drying

Not only does this bath mat look sleek and streamlined, but it also absorbs water quickly to keep your floor dry. The soft, faux suede surface resists dirt and avoids issues like shedding and pilling. With a high-quality rubber backing, it provides excellent anti-slip protection on wet floors. Easy to clean, it's also great as a kitchen, laundry, or pet feeding mat.


These transparent food storage containers for keeping your pantry organized

Keep your pantry perfectly organized with this storage set. Airtight and mess-free, these sturdy plastic containers feature rubber seals for freshness, keeping cereals and pasta in peak condition. Universal lids eliminate the hassle of finding the right fit, while the crystal-clear design lets you easily monitor your snack levels. Plus, with reusable labels and a chalk pen, you can neatly identify and organize all your grains and seasonings.


An adjustable pan organizer that is strong enough to handle cast iron skillets

Keep your pans accessible and tidy with this height-adjustable pan rack. This sturdy steel organizer, finished in classic black, holds up to five pans or pots. Its wire shelves are easily adjustable, fitting various kitchenware sizes. No installation is required; simply place it on countertops or in cabinets. Its intuitive design and all-steel construction make it a durable, space-saving solution for any kitchen.


These space-saving velvet hangers that are an internet favorite

Revolutionize your closet with these sleek, space-saving velvet hangers. Designed ultra-thin with a 360-degree swivel hook and contoured shoulder line, they maintain your clothes' shape while freeing up space in your wardrobe. Featuring a horizontal bar for pants, ties, scarves, and belts, they're lightweight yet strong, capable of holding up to 10 pounds.


This handy caddy that holds & dispenses all your wraps & foils

Transform your kitchen organization with this wrap and bag caddy. Store your foil, wraps, and bags vertically for easy access and a tidy appearance. It features eight adjustable wire holders, so it can double as a handy dispenser. No tools are needed; just adjust the holders for a perfect fit. With a built-in handle for portability, it’s ideal for countertop use while prepping meals and is easily stored in cabinets or pantries.


These reusable food storage bags that neatly store snacks & leftovers

Featuring a leakproof double zipper design for airtight food preservation, these storage bags are great for snacks, lunches, and more. Freezer and dishwasher-safe (under 140 degrees Fahrenheit), they're ideal for preserving a variety of foods. Larger and more durable than standard bags, one bag can replace over 300 disposable ones, making it a sustainable choice for food storage, travel, and organizing.


This rainbow set of baskets for a pop of organized color

Brighten up your craft or office supplies organization with these vibrant storage baskets. Available in 12 eye-catching colors, they make it fun and easy for children to organize art materials or adults to sort their office supplies. Conveniently sized, these baskets are an excellent way to keep small, easily lost items organized and accessible.


A bamboo organizer for taming chaotic drawers

Optimize your drawer storage with this expandable drawer organizer. Perfectly fitting most standard drawers, it expands from 13 inches to 20 inches wide, offering up to eight compartments for easy organization. Use it for anything from flatware and kitchen gadgets to office supplies or bathroom toiletries. Made from water-resistant bamboo, it’s easy to clean and attractive to look at.


These foldable cubes that fit most standard cube-shaped furniture

Enhance your home organization with this set of foldable storage cubes. Made from high-quality, lightweight non-woven fabric, these versatile cubes are great for neatly storing clothes, toys, art supplies, and more. They're designed to fit into standard storage cube compartments seamlessly. Easy to set up and collapse when not in use, they feature convenient side handles for transport.


A rotating makeup organizer that makes vanity areas look polished

Organize your beauty essentials with this innovative makeup organizer. Featuring six removable triangular trays for storage of skincare products, it includes stainless steel beads at the base and rubber rings on each tray, ensuring everything stays in place. With seven adjustable layers to accommodate various container heights, this organizer can hold 30 makeup brushes and 20 skin-care items.


This chic box that hides tangled cords out of sight

Tidy up chaotic cords with this bamboo-top cable management box. Spacious enough to house a four or six-outlet surge protector, this modern, aesthetically pleasing box not only enhances your room's look but also keeps cables out of reach from kids and pets. Simply place your chargers, cords, and surge protectors inside, letting necessary cables exit through the side slots.


A sleek toilet paper holder that has a convenient shelf for your phone

This stainless steel toilet paper holder comes complete with a convenient phone shelf and two adhesive towel hooks. With a modern brushed nickel finish, this rustproof and waterproof holder is a chic accent to your bathroom’s decor. The large phone shelf has an upward edge that keeps your essentials securely in place. Installation is a breeze with two options: a no-drill, self-adhesive pad, or a complete hardware kit for traditional mounting.


This woven rope basket that makes storage part of your decor

This cotton rope storage basket blends function and style expertly. Crafted from soft yet sturdy cotton, it's ideal for storing everything from blankets and clothes to toys and pet supplies. Featuring sewn-in handles for easy transport, this basket is designed to handle heavy loads without breaking. The neutral color works well in any room in the house.