Got $20? Here are 36 genius ways to spend it on amazon


Gone are the days of dime stores and filling up your tank for $5. Now, not even $20 will get you very far — unless you know exactly where to look. If you've got a few extra bucks this month, some retailers can help you stretch your spending money further than others. Shoppers can find some shockingly useful things on Amazon that cost under $20, but despite the affordable price tag, reviewers are astounded by the overall quality.

While department stores and brick-and-mortar locations typically need to raise prices in order to cover overheads, massive online retailers like Amazon can afford to lower their costs without losing money. As a result, they can offer incredible deals on products that are still extremely high-quality — and sometimes, they even throw in free shipping on eligible orders.

For smart shoppers, it's an amazing opportunity to upgrade their housewares, purchase problem-solving technology, or get eco-friendly products for less. That said, with millions of items to sort through, narrowing down the best deals is a time-consuming job.

If you're looking to get the most out of your money without excess effort, these useful products seem much more expensive than they are — but each one will cost you just $20 or less. In some cases, they're so reasonably-priced, you can add multiple items to your cart before hitting the cap.


A USB-Powered Diffuser For Work Or Travel

For those looking to utilize the benefits of aromatherapy on the go, the Pinko USB diffuser is sleek, portable, and affordable. The whisper-quiet ultrasonic mister plugs into your laptop or phone charger before emitting up to eight hours of moisture and essential oils. It even features a seven-color LED mood light.


This Eco-Friendly Straw That You Wear Around Your Wrist

If you're looking to cut down on your plastic-waste production, disposable straws are a great place to start. The Strawbit is an eco-friendly reusable straw made from body-safe silicone. When you're not using it to sip your drinks, it attaches around your wrist using adjustable magnetic clasps, so it's always within reach when you need it.


An Acorn-Sized Speaker With "Unbelievable" Sound Quality

Quality Bluetooth speakers can cost you hundreds of dollars, but the Ancord Micro fits in the palm of your hand and costs just $20. It effortlessly connects to your Bluetooth-enabled devices (like your phone, laptop, or tablet), and the battery-life is "outstanding," according to reviewers. They also say, "The sound quality and volume are unbelievable from such a small speaker," plus it doubles as a remote shutter button for selfies.


This Matcha Tea Sampler Set With Five Delicious Flavors

Matcha green tea is currently getting loads of recognition due to its creamy taste and ability to provide clean energy with more antioxidants and fewer jitters. If you're a fan, you can get the VAHDAM Matcha green tea sampler set for an amazing price. This set offers five of the brand's most popular flavors (vanilla, mint, turmeric, moringa, and standard matcha) in individually-sealing packs, each with enough finely-ground powder for a few cups. "Loving the smooth clean taste and [and] excellent flavors," reviewers say.


The "Best $20 Purchase Ever" For The Kitchen

"Best $20 purchase ever for the kitchen," one buyer raves about the Dash rapid egg cooker — and there are 9,000 more where that came from. Using its interchangeable, easy-to-clean trays, this little machine can automatically cook eggs in virtually any style. Whether you need expertly-cooked hard-boiled eggs for appetizers or a quick omelet in the morning, both are ready in minutes at the touch of a button.


A Portable Wooden Foot Massager That "Feels Amazing"

Stretch out tight muscles, ease arch pain, or give yourself a quick massage at work. The Truerelax dual foot massager has two columns and five rows of individually-moving wooden rollers. Each has its own distinct texture that's optimized for the most satisfying foot massage wherever you happen to be. Even reviewers with plantar fasciitis or chronic foot pain say it "feels amazing" and has "helped tremendously."


These Buyer-Favorite Headphones For $13

There's only one thing more shocking than the $13 price tag on these VOGEK headphones — and that's their 4.4-star rating. "These headphones almost knocked my socks off," one reviewer raves, while another writes, "I'm an audiophile ... Everyone in the world should have a set of these." In addition to the full, balanced sound and deep bass, they also feature extra-comfortable ear pads and a portable, fold-up design.


A Multipurpose Cleaning Tool That Reviewers Use For Everything

Thanks to its dual-sided silicone bristles that differ in texture, the Bump It Off multipurpose cleaner has countless potential uses. It's great for washing dishes, scrubbing away clothing stains, getting rid of build-up, cleaning makeup brushes, removing lint, and grooming your cat or dog. Since it's made from 100-percent silicone and has four internal finger holes, it's both easy to clean and easy to get the power you need for any job.


A Survival Pen With Five Built-In Tools

The 2cl direct tactical pen "writes smooth," but that's just the beginning. This multi-purpose tool also has a built-in flashlight, emergency window-breaker, bottle opener, and hex wrench, all in a compact shape that effortlessly fits in your pocket. It even comes with two extra ink cartridges and three batteries.


This Brilliant Bag Holder So You Can Fill Ziplocks Without Spills

Pour and store rice, soup, stew, meat, and vegetables without a single spill. "Where have you been?" reviewers are asking about the Bag Well. Using its four sturdy arms, this genius kitchen gadget holds a gallon-sized ziplock bag open while you fill it with prepped ingredients or leftovers. When you're done, it folds in half so you can store it flat in a drawer or cabinet.


These Top-Rated Flip Flops For $14 A Pair

Despite the fact that they're $14, reviewers say that these FITORY flip-flops are "probably the best pair [they've] ever owned." Their thick, supportive sole and canvas band are made for comfort and durability, and you can get them in seven different color combinations. The sizes are marketed for men, but even women say, "I bought these for myself [and] I love them!"

  • Available sizes: 9 — 13


This Three-In-One Tool For Effortless Packing

Fold, organize, and compress your clothing with this brilliant three-in-one garment tool from Slate Travel. The center functions as a folding board, so you can turn your shirts and pants into uniform, easy-to-stack squares. Then the whole thing folds to compress up to six garments for storage in your luggage, carry-on, gym bag, or commuter briefcase. There's even a zippered pocket where you can store ties and other accessories.


These Brilliantly-Designed Earbud Organizers

The Bluelounge Cableyoyo winds your earbud cord in soft silicone rubber to prevent rips and tangles, and then the interior magnet grasps and secures the buds themselves. This pocket-sized organizational tool comes in three colors for just $10 each, and reviewers say, "Perfect way to keep my headphones from getting all tangled when I travel (which is often). I've had several co-workers purchase these after they got too jealous of seeing mine all the time."


A Three-In-One Chiller, Pourer, And Aerator For Wine

Chill, pour, and aerate your wine simultaneously. The Wine Chiller features a quick-cooling steel rod that can be stored in the refrigerator and outfitted with a food-grade acrylic spout. Said spout doesn't just allow you to transfer your wine from the bottle to the glass without drips; it also helps to introduce oxygen into the mix, which enhances the flavors for better-tasting wine.


A Temporary Prep-Station For Those With Limited Counter Space

The Dexas multipurpose board secures over sinks that are 20 inches or less with its raised edges and non-slip rubber grips. It then functions as a cutting board, strainer, and prep-station for those with limited counter space — or for those who like doing things in one swift, easy motion. It's even dishwasher-safe for simple clean-up.


The Most Skin-Friendly Anti-Chafe Balm Available

Like most anti-chafe balms, Calmmé cream prevents blisters, pain, and irritation in areas that experience friction — but unlike most anti-chafe balms, this one is gentle enough to be used on broken or previously-agitated skin. Ingredients like aloe vera, calendula, and St. John's wort create a long-lasting, protective barrier while soothing the skin underneath, so underarms, thighs, and other areas can glide along during movement.


Some Ergonomic Foot Cushions That Make Heels Way More Comfortable

These soft, breathable BRISON foot cushions aim to reduce pressure on the balls of your feet whether you're in heels or work shoes. They slip on over your toes for an ergonomic, ventilated fit that stays put all day, and since they're made from medical-grade material, they rinse clean and resist odors. Reviewers rave, "What a difference," and say "my feet felt great all day even after walking 10 [plus] miles."


A Silicone Organizer That Adheres To Your Shower With Suction

Thanks to its silicone construction that sticks to flat surfaces without the need for screws or adhesives, this iDLEHANDS toiletry organizer takes mere seconds to install. It then provides hooks, a razor holder, and a compartment for your toothbrush, toothpaste, or body wash — and it's even made with drainage holes to prevent the build-up of moisture and mildew. You can get it in three colors: black, white, and turquoise.


This Well-Made Weekend Bag Or Gym Duffel For Just $17

People use the LOMAO duffel for weekend vacations, carry-on bags, and trips to the gym — but regardless of its purpose, this bag is well-made, moisture-resistant, and even has a separate compartment for your shoes. Get it in four different colors, each with a zippered inner pocket, a small outer compartment, a wet area, and a roomy main interior.


A Genius Belt That Still Allows You To Unfasten Your Pants

Since the No Buckle stretch belt secures around your belt loops instead of in front of your fly, it holds your pants up while still allowing you to unfasten them to use the bathroom. Its elastic band is adjustable, available in three sizes, and extremely stretchy to fit waists between 24 inches and 69 inches. It's available in nine different colors, and each comes with a bonus clasp so you can wear it with dresses or blouses. (The brand also has one for men, which can be found here.)


This $7 Rock Where You Can Hide Your Spare Key

Loads of people keep a spare key outside in the event they get locked out — but hiding it under the mat isn't as discreet as you might think. This Katzco rock stores your spare in plain sight, but since it's disguised as a natural yard element, you're the only one who will know where to find it. The poly-resin material is durable and comes with a base compartment to protect your keys from the elements.


This Power Hub That Doubles As A Phone Mount And Night Light

Optimize your outlets, mount your phone while it's on charge, and light your way in the dark, all with one single gadget. The TryLight plugs into your outlet and provides four AC plugs, two USB ports, and a dust-to-dawn nightlight. It also has an indentation on top that holds your phone or tablet — an especially convenient feature when there's no side table nearby.


These Hilarious Wine Seals That Actually Work

Even though most buyers bought these Wine Condoms as a gag gift, many returned to the reviews section to write, "They actually work great." Each one is individually-wrapped and made from shrink-fit technology, which — when rolled over the neck of an open bottle — creates an airtight seal that keeps the wine fresher for longer.


This Inflatable Foot Rest That Turns Any Seat Into A Lounger

The Koala Kloud inflatable foot rest is great for putting your feet up at the office or for use as an impromptu ottoman at home — but it's especially wonderful for travel. It's specifically designed to inflate in 90 seconds and fill the space between your seat and the seat in front of you. As a result, you can turn a plane seat into a bed, a train chair into a changing station, and the back of the car into a child-friendly playpen.


An Eyeliner Stamp That Has "Changed [People's] Lives"

Streamline your morning routine with the iMethod eyeliner stamp, which allows you to create a clean, symmetrical cat-eye in seconds. This set comes with two double-sided pens — one for each eye — and each features both a straight felt tip and a stamp. It's available in two sizes, and the formula itself goes on smooth and lasts a shockingly long time without smudging. "I can't wing my eyeliner at all on my own," says one reviewer. "This stamp has changed my life."


This Hammock That's Shocking Reviewers With Its Quality

Since it's lightweight, affordable, and reliable, the Newdora hammock has reviewers saying, "I’m shocked that someone can design, manufacture and ship a product this awesome for such a low price." The durable nylon is softer and stronger than most other products, but weighs next to nothing, so you can effortlessly bring it camping or to the beach. It's even big enough to fit two adults simultaneously and comes with hanging straps, clips, and a carrying bag.


This Weighted Aromatherapy Eye Mask Made With Silk And Temperature-Retaining Flax

This is not your average sleep mask. The Asutra eye pillow is covered in real, skin-friendly silk and filled with lavender buds and flax seeds. The interior functions as an aromatherapy tool, a weighted mask for headaches and stress-relief, an effective way to block out light, and a temperature-therapy pillow that retains warmth or coolness from the microwave or the refrigerator. In short, reviewers call it a "game-changer" because it's "soothing," "comfortable," "versatile," and really does "help [them] sleep more soundly."


This Best-Selling Mini Waffle Maker That Costs $10

With its $10 price tag and fluffy, lightweight results, it's easy to see why the Dash mini waffle maker is a number-one best seller. This tiny appliance weights less than a pound, stores easily in your kitchen, and makes one 4-inch waffle at a time. It's also easy to clean and comes in nine fun colors.


These Mosquito-Repelling Bracelets That Reviewers Swear By

The Kinven anti-mosquito bundle utilizes essential oils for the spray and DEET-free repellent-infused synthetic leather for the bracelets. Once opened, the bracelets work for up to 15 days. "We went up north to Minnesota for a week fishing," says one reviewer, who has "never come home without being eaten alive by mosquitoes." While wearing these, however, four adults and three children had absolutely "no bites" after their trip.


This Eco-Friendly Utensil That Goes Anywhere With You

For campers, travelers, or eco-friendly buyers, there's the humangear Gobites utensil. Its double-sided design functions as both a fork and a spoon, and since it's made from food-safe, BPA-free nylon, it's durable enough to stand up to all your adventures — and the dishwasher. Reviewers keep them in their lunchboxes, desk drawers, bags, and glove compartments, so they're "always prepared" for meals without having to utilize wasteful products.


This "Must-Have" Automatic LED Strip For Anyone Who Gets Up At Night

Install this 5-foot motion-activated strip under your bed (or underneath your cabinets, along the staircase, or in the bathroom) and the LED bulbs will automatically light up as you approach. They emit a soft, warm light, and even have timer and dimmer settings on the sensor. "This is a must-have for anyone that has to get up in the middle of the night," one reviewer says, while another writes, "It's just enough light to get out of bed and see where you're going without waking the person next to you."


A Protective Hood That Lowers Your Body Temperature Significantly

"I live in Georgia and used it while mowing the grass in 95 degree heat and barely broke a sweat," one reviewer says about the Mission cooling hoodie, while another comments, "keeps me cool when hiking." The secret is the moisture-molecule-circulating technology, which cools the garment significantly while it's wet. Since it's shaped like a hood and offers a UPF of 50, it's also great for sun protection.


This Hanging Hamper That Saves You Space, Time, And Effort

The Laundry Nook is a hanging hamper that saves you time, space, and effort. First of all, it secures over almost any door so you can optimize space in your room, closet, or bathroom. Second, thanks to its quality cotton canvas, it transfers easily to the laundry room. Finally, the zipper-off bottom means that all your clothes are in the wash in one swift movement. Get it in five different colors, all with included stainless steel hooks.


This Running Belt With A 4.8-Star Rating

Maybe your favorite workout pants don't have any pockets, or maybe you prefer to travel without a bag. Either way, this brilliant product holds all your essentials in a secure, streamlined belt. It's made from sweat-resistant, chafe-proof fabric and has an adjustable elastic band for various sizes and bounce-free movement. Most importantly, its multiple pockets can hold your keys, cash, cards, ID, and even a 6-inch phone.


A $16 Slow Cooker That's Perfect For One Or Two People

Slow cookers don't have to take up ample real-estate in your cabinet — and they don't have to break the bank, either. This unit from Elite Gourmet costs just $16, and it's ideal for couples or people who live alone. It can cook up to 1.5 quarts of food at three different settings, and its removable inner stoneware pot is easy to clean. "Use it every day," says one reviewer. "I'm single and this takes all the worry out of what to fix at meal time. Absolutely wonderful."


The Most Versatile, Comfortable Dress You'll Ever Own

I currently own this dress in two colors, and I plan on buying countless more. The HAOMEILI dress has a loose-fitting design and is made from primarily rayon, so it feels like you're wearing your most comfortable T-shirt. That said, its cold-shoulder cut-outs and two different sleeve options mean you can dress it up or down for any occasion. Throw in the two pockets and loads of different colors and patterns, and it's no wonder reviewers are saying it's the "best dress ever."

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