How to look good with as little effort as possible, according to experts

The pros give us their top tips.

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Like a lot of people, I love efficiency. If I can do something in less time and with minimal effort, I’m all about it, and that definitely goes for my beauty routine and wardrobe. That said, tons of products promise to make your life better, easier, and more efficient, so how do you narrow down the ones that actually live up to the hype? Easy: Ask the experts.

Mic got in touch with the people who make their livings by helping people look their best — think makeup artists, hair stylists, and style coaches. According to the pros, this is how you look better with as little effort as possible.


Or try this best-selling strengthening oil for growth

A hair oil should nourish and repair strands while adding shine and improving manageability. Mielle Organics’ rosemary mint oil does all of the aforementioned, which is why it has a number-one best-selling status and more than 30,000 reviewers. It’s lightweight enough for any hair type, but it still manages to hydrate the scalp, strengthen the strands, and even encourage circulation and new growth with essential oils and biotin. “It adds just a bit of shine and makes my hair feel and look better,” one reviewer writes, while several others call it a “miracle.”


Alter your jeans in seconds with these button pins

According to Grant Alexander, personal stylist and owner/creative Director of G Alxndr, there are many clothe alternations you can do at home in seconds without the need for a tailor. "A quick, at-home DIY ‘alteration’ we recommend is to use these buttons that take a couple of minutes to fasten and require no tools at all. Anyone can take in the waist of their jeans or replace any button that has fallen off. We recommend this especially to clients who buy a size up to fit a bigger butt, but then have a waist that is too big." Since they’re made out of metal, they’re durable and look like the real thing.


Use these denim extenders to give your jeans a more tailored, comfortable fit

If your favorite jeans are snug, Cheng recommends these denim waist extenders, which make your pants significantly more comfortable and allow you to “adjust the size as needed” for a more tailored look. They come in blue or a pack of all different colors including white, brown, black, and gray. Either way, each one is designed with three slots for sew-free application, and their versatile design allows you to extend your waistband between 0.5 and 2.75 inches.


Tackle clothing wrinkles with a handy spray

Another tip from Alexander? “When I’m traveling and don’t want to risk using a bad iron, or if I’m styling an event and am on the go, I need a quick and portable solution to get rid of wrinkles. Enter a natural, plant-based wrinkle releaser.” Just hang the garment up or lay it flat before misting it with this gentle formula. Then smooth it out with your hands, and when the mist dries, your clothes should be wrinkle-free. According to Alexander, this one “actually works wonders!”


Treat heel discomfort with this pain-relief spray

Alexander recommends a quick spritz of Aspercreme Max Strength Lidocaine dry spray to those experiencing heel discomfort because it “instantly relieves foot pain.” “Throw a bottle in your bag and apply when needed. Pain-free walking and dancing all day and night!" he adds. It’s odor-free, non-greasy, and discreet, but it gently numbs pain from uncomfortable shoes so you can enjoy the event.


Or permanently alter your clothes with this instant-bond option

For a more permanent fix, there’s this PeelnStick fabric fuse adhesive. It also doesn’t require any ironing or sewing, but its instant-bond, double-sided adhesive is extra-durable and machine-washable after 48 hours. That way, you can permanently hem pants and fix clothing without having to whip out the sewing machine — or head to the tailor. “These are super easy to place at the hem, peel and stick just like it says and they stay put for wash after wash after wash,” one reviewer writes. “I've used these on denim, stretchy denim, fluffy fleece, and fleece, and it works on all of them.”


Hem your own clothes in minutes with fusible hem tape

“If you need a quick and pretty simple fix for a hem that’s too long, try fusible hem tape,” writes Charles Fratto, style director for ILOE Studios. This Singer Instant Fix hem tape option doesn’t even require an iron, but it is clear and double-sided for easy application. Just cut it to the right length, peel off the paper, and press it in place, no ironing required.


Apply a hydrating skin tint instead of a foundation

“One of my favorite beauty hacks is using a skin tint in your makeup routine instead of a foundation,” writes Sarah Egan, makeup department head for Late Night with Seth Meyers and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. “Skin tints can help achieve an overall even complexion without the weight or heaviness of an all-over foundation. They are super easy to incorporate into your routine – you can apply with a brush, your fingers or a beauty blender and they will instantly boost the appearance of your skin." The PURITO Cica clearing BB cream, for example, not only offers subtle coverage in six shades, but it hydrates and soothes, too.


Use a nourishing hair serum to boost manageability

“Right now hair serums and oils are having a moment,” writes Eksha Sapphire, a professional hair stylist who helped develop Commit Haircare. One product Sapphire recommends specifically? The Olaplex No9 Bond Protector Nourishing Hair Serum. Since “your hair changes with the environment, water levels, [and] styling daily,” these serums offer versatile care for most needs and hair types.


Get rid of deodorant marks with a special sponge

“Deodorant eraser sponges are great to have on hand for getting rid of deodorant smudges and other dry stains or messes,” personal style coach and consultant Holly Chayes tells Mic. Hollywood Fashion Secrets makes a great reusable deodorant removing sponge for just $10. Its foam construction is portable for storage in your bag, but it’s also effective. Just give the stain a few swipes and watch it disappear.


Use clear nail polish to stop jewelry from discoloring your skin

“I love wearing jewelry,” writes Alexander, but “my biggest peeve? Metals that turn your skin green.” After trying a few things that didn’t work, Alexander “put clear nail polish on the inside of a copper ring,” and low and behold, “no green! I did this on all my jewelry with any material that can oxidize and cause the green (copper, zinc, and tin are main culprits). Highly recommended.” Alexander specifically recommends OPI’s top coat because it’s long-lasting and truly transparent.


Tame flyaways and boost shine with this weightless, protective oil

Teresa Romero, creative director for Sam Villa and artistic/education director of Jose Luis Salon, writes that “lackluster hair and flyways can be a daily challenge. Products like Redken Oil for All are essential for adding moisture and calming hair texture to add polish and shine." It also acts as a heat-protectant spray that reduces blow-dry time, but reviewers’ favorite quality is its weightlessness: Since it “doesn't weigh hair down at all and leaves no residue,” according to customers, even thin hair can look salon-styled without looking greasy.


Level up your hairstyles with satin bow barrettes

“Satin bows are the latest trend in hair accessories, and they are perfect for creating trending balletcore looks,” Cheng writes. “These barrettes are a great option. And they are also one of the easiest and quickest ways to level up your hairstyles." This set comes in eight different colors, all large but lightweight, and multiple reviewers rave about the quality.


Tuck in your shirts and add a skinny belt

“One of my favorite hacks for making your outfit look instantly more put-together is to tuck in your shirts and add a thin black or brown belt,” writes Melissa Fiorentino, professional stylist and trends forecaster. This set of four skinny belts comes with belts in black, two shades of brown, and white (though you can opt for other color combinations, too). They’re made from soft leather with a solid metal alloy closure, so they’re durable and well-made despite the reasonable price tag.


Secure loose sleeves in place with a hair tie

“Ever try to wear your sleeves pushed up, but they continuously fall down throughout the day?” Grace Thomas, founder and lead stylist of Builtgracefully, has a solution: “All you need is a hair tie and this problem is easily solved. While your sleeves are down, place a hair tie over your sleeve, between your wrist and elbow. Once placed, push your sleeve up to the place you want it to be worn, I prefer slightly above my elbow. Once in place, move the fabric of the sleeve around a bit to cover the hair band and also create a styled look. Voila - your sleeves will stay up all day."


Volumize hair with a powder instead of a spray

Cheng also recommends BOLDIFY hair volumizing powder, which lifts and adds texture without the sticky, matted residue that hairspray often leaves behind. "This innovative product is designed to instantly increase the volume of your hair without weighing it down or leaving it sticky,” Cheng writes. And it use it couldn’t be easier. Just spray a little at the roots and massage it in.


Create quick, temporary alterations with a micro-stitcher

Style coach Kim Hancher writes, “If budget or time does not allow for a trip to the tailor or seamstress, try a Micro-Stitcher. This handy tool can give you a quick hem, hold a thin strap to your bra, [or] create a stitch if a dress or blouse feels too revealing at the bust. The best part is, it's not permanent. [...] You just remove the small stitch, no harm, no foul. It's my secret weapon." This one is a best-seller because its extra-fine needle is gentle on fabrics and it comes with stitches in both black and white.


Hydrate & protect curls with this expert-recommended shampoo

"If you're looking for new products to try, then you have to give Vernon François a go!” writes Akirashanti Byrd, a curly hair specialist and co-founder of Curl Centric. According to Byrd, this Vernon François shampoo is “unbeatable. It's explicitly designed to hydrate and protect curly hair, helping to improve overall curl definition and control frizz.” It also “provides amazing moisture and is enriched with natural ingredients such as olive oil, jojoba oil, and shea butter, which help break down product buildup and boost shine.”


Transform your outfit with a bold statement necklace

“Transforming an outfit from ‘meh’ to ‘wow’ doesn't always have to involve buying new clothes,” writes Autum Love, personal stylist and style writer for “One of my favorite tricks as a personal stylist is to use accessories,” and a “bold statement necklace” can go a long way. This vintage-inspired choker, for example, pulls out all the stops; it instantly elevates your outfit with big pearls, sparkles, and a chunky toggle clasp in faux gold. Even though it costs less than $10, it’s still hypoallergenic and “very beautiful,” according to one reviewer.


Or try a pendant necklace for an arty vibe

If you prefer longer pieces, you can get that wow factor with a pendant necklace. This one features a resin tortoiseshell palm leaf in your choice of a few different colors. It hangs almost to the naval, so it looks especially stunning with tanks or flowy dresses. “This necklace is beautiful. It will go with almost any outfit. Wore it for the first time today and I've already gotten compliments,” one reviewer wrote.


Get creative with a colorful scarf

According to Love, “a colorful scarf” adds so much to your look without much effort or cost. This genuine silk bandana has earned an overall 4.7-star rating from over 2,300 reviews on Amazon, and it comes in dozens of colors and prints. Reviewers don’t just wear it around their necks, either; they use it as a headband, hair bow, bracelet, and even a purse accent. “I get compliments on this and people don't believe I got it from Amazon,” one reviewer writes.


Soothe redness before applying makeup with this setting mist

Before applying makeup, use a hydrating mist to minimize redness, according to Brittany Lo, a makeup artist and founder of Beia Beauty. This formula uses hyaluronic acid for moisture and aloe to soothe “redness in the face before you opt to add any coverage” — but it also minimizes future breakouts with green tea. No wonder one reviewer calls it “a must for your skin care routine.”


Or try this cult-favorite facial spray to tone & hydrate

This Mario Badescu facial spray is another soothing option — but this one has earned an overall 4.5-star rating from more than 14,000 reviewers. Ingredients like green tea extract, cucumber extract, aloe, and bladderwrack help to hydrate and invigorate your skin before applying makeup or going bare-faced. Reviewers call it “refreshing and effective” as well as the “best toner ever,” even for “sensitive skin.”


Swap out cheap plastic buttons for antique metal ones

According to style coach Kim Hancher, "an easy and inexpensive way to make [your clothes] look more expensive is to swap out the plastic button with metal or wood like these antique ones. It's an instant upgrade and makes your coat or blazer look like a luxury item at a fraction of the cost." These metal buttons come in a pack of 80 and feature all different styles and designs in both silver and bronze. They’re made from zinc alloy, so they’re lightweight but durable.


Prime your eyelids before applying shadow

If you’re tired of creasing, fading eyeshadow, personal stylist Tracy Cheng recommends this eyeshadow primer. “An essential step in any makeup routine, an eyeshadow primer acts as a base for your eyeshadow to adhere to, ensuring it stays put all day long. I can't live without it." With an overall rating of 4.5 stars, it’s definitely a fan-favorite, too — especially since reviewers say the texture and staying power are just as good as more expensive options.


Accessorize with a hair clip that’s both stylish & functional

Finally, “a fun hair accessory” is another one of Love’s favorite tricks when it comes to quickly and easily elevating your outfit. This Kitsch metal claw clip is a fan-favorite option with over 5,000 reviews because it’s both stylish and functional at the same time. Its metal construction securely holds your hair in place (yes, even if it’s thick or curly), but it also gives it a high-end, gold finish that’s way more eye-catching than your average plastic clip.


Create Hollywood curls with these affordable rollers

“Hollywood curls look nice on anyone,” writes Ghanima Abdullah, cosmetologist at “Yours can come out perfectly with hot rollers.” (The recommended set from Conair features 12 jumbo-sized rollers made from ceramic and complete with clips.) “After you've dried your hair in the morning,” Abdullah continues, “roll these in your hair from the tips to the roots. They create a little volume at the roots that curling irons just can't compete with. They make the rest of your hair perfectly wavy and with a quick spritz of hairspray, they will last all day.”


Do double duty with a lip and cheek tint

According to Krista Suter (RN, BSN, and make-up artist), “if you are looking to streamline your beauty routine, find products that can do double duty,” like a lip and cheek tint. A “lip and cheek tint is a versatile product that can be used on both the lips and cheeks to add a pop of color. It saves time and money because you only need one product for both areas." This option from Undone Beauty can also be used as a highlighter in addition to a blush and a gloss. It comes in seven different shades — all paraben-free, cruelty-free, and infused with coconut extract for a natural-looking, dewy glow.


Or try this multi-use contouring & bronzer stick

"I find most of my clients don't utilize the great multitasking products available to them,” continues Suter. Take the I'm Meme contour stick, for example. Its creamy consistency is buildable and matte, so it gives you a healthy, tanned glow — but it also works as a contouring stick for beginners who want a quick, foolproof application. Reviewers say this one is “fantastic for subtle contouring” and “easy to use,” but it comes in a few other shades for blush and highlighting, too.


Color your hair without hassle using depositing conditioners

Romero is a big fan of “colored hair conditioners,” like this Keracolor Clenditioner depositing conditioner. It’s semi-permanent and comes in a wide range of color options, so you add bold or subtle hues to your hair without the hassle. Romero adds: “There are many good choices on the market and they’re temporary, so you use them like a regular hair conditioner. Ask your stylist to advise you on which colors/tones are best for you and how to apply for the very best results."


Simplify your existing wardrobe with an outfit formula

"You can quickly revolutionize your existing wardrobe by creating a personal uniform,” writes Ema Hidlebaugh, capsule wardrobe and minimalism expert. “A personal uniform for life is an intentional, pre-determined set of clothing items or specific outfit formula, that makes you feel confident, comfortable, and authentically you.” One versatile option Hidlebaugh recommends is starting with a T-shirt that goes with everything (this one is made from 100% cotton and has an elevated look thanks to its boxy, cropped silhouette), and then you add on “jeans or wide-leg pants, boots or sneakers.”

  • Available sizes: XX-Small — 5X


Or start with a bodysuit for a more polished wardrobe

According to Hidlebaugh, a bodysuit can offer a polished alternative to a T-shirt when it comes to building out your capsule wardrobe. This sleeveless halter bodysuit is a number-one best-seller with over 30,000 reviews. It comes in more than 20 different color options, but they’re all soft, stretchy, breathable, and stay tucked into any bottoms thanks to their snap-button fastener at the bottom. They’re also great for layering underneath cardigans and blazers.

  • Available sizes: X-Small — 2X-Large


Apply some affordable press-on nails in minutes

“You can find a variety of unique and trendy designs on Amazon that are affordable and easy to apply. They're a great way to switch up your look without spending a lot of money or time at a nail salon. Plus, they can last up to two weeks with proper care,” Love writes. These Kiss Gel Fantasy press-on nails are beautiful and long-lasting, according to reviewers — and the brand offers many other colors and designs, too.


Or try these stylish press-on gel nails that have reviewers “shook”

BTArtbox is another top-selling brand on Amazon, and this soft gel press-on nail kit has earned over 1,200 reviews and has customers writing: “Wow! I am shook [...] These lasted as long as acrylics and are thick like them too.” They come in a wide range of color options, from Aurora Ice to Pink Sparkle, and they’re designed to last weeks even while typing, washing dishes, and gardening.


Condense your existing collection of beauty products

According to Lo, a condensed collection of beauty products and toiletries can help you get ready as efficiently as possible. It’ll also help make sure “the products you have in your collection already aren’t expired.” This Lazy Susan turntable is great for makeup and skin-care bottles because it’s transparent and made from easy-to-clean, BPA-free material. It also spins smoothly and has four dividers to keep everything securely in place.


& organize your makeup with the right tools

Lo loves “getting organizers and jars on Amazon,” which help to condense your beauty collection and make your morning routine run as smoothly as possible. This acrylic organizer is made specifically for makeup, granted it has eight sections to hold your palettes, brushes, liners, and tubes. You can place it in a drawer or cabinet, or use it to streamline your vanity. Either way, it’s earned a near-perfect 4.8-star rating from reviewers because it’s “handy,” “very durable,” and “holds a lot” while allowing you to “see everything” at once.


Fold sweaters rather than hanging them to boost longevity

"While going through your closet, one not-trick trick to better sweater longevity is to fold them rather than hang them,” Alexander writes. “Hanging them stretches them out because of gravity. You’ll also prevent those dreaded hanger marks in the shoulders." If you’re short on drawer space, however, these hanging closet organizers are a lifesaver. Two sturdy hooks support six shelves of storage, and you can choose from a handful of different color options. Since the organizers are made from non-woven fabric, they fold up when not in use.


Tint your eyebrows at home with a tinting kit

“I recommend at-home brow tinting as one of the quickest and easiest DIYs you can do to update your look instantly,” writes Lauren Udoh, hair creative director of This tint kit uses pre-measured capsules of powder to minimize waste, and it comes with a cream developer, applicator sticks, a mixing cup, and an instruction sheet. There are four color options to choose from. “It usually takes less than 10 minutes to apply,” Udoh continues, “but depending on how long you leave it in for (up to 20 minutes) will determine the intensity of color payoff.”


Get the small details right with double-sided fashion tape

“Double-sided fashion tape is a fantastic tool to have on hand,” writes Chayes, and this double-sided fashion tape is transparent and safe for sensitive skin. Each order includes 50 residue-free strips. “You can use it to keep necklines in place, bra straps from slipping, a quick temporary hem, cuffed sleeves from unrolling, and so much more."


Use a fabric shaver to get your clothes looking brand new again

“If you love wearing knits as much as I do, you will most definitely need a fabric shaver,” writes Fratto. “These devices are ingenious, simple to use, and honestly a lifesaver. Pilling is the bane of any sweater’s existence but a quick once over with a fabric shaver and I promise you it will make it look brand new again." The Conair fabric defuzzer has over 110,000 reviews on Amazon. It’s portable due to its battery-operated design (though you can also opt for a rechargeable one) and it comes in your choice of six colors. Reviewers have even used it to rejuvenate couches, coats, and linens, too.


Create a natural glow with highlighting makeup

“For beauty products, I love using highlighters, primers, tinted moisturizers, and cream blushes for a natural glow,” writes Udoh, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money on them. The e.l.f. Halo Glow Liquid Filter is a YouTube-famous two-in-one complexion booster that both hydrates with hyaluronic and squalene, and blurs with shimmery, finely milled powders. As a result, it’s a makeup-skincare hybrid that’s comparable to high-end brands, and it comes in your choice of eight shades.


Cut your own jeans to create a raw hem

Lo recommends that you “cut your own jeans with scissors to create a new, raw hem!" These Lee straight-leg jeans are made from 82% cotton with a bit of added stretch, so reviewers say they’re “comfortable,” “hold their shape,” and “fit well.” Due to the looser leg and mid-rise waist, they’ll have a relaxed fit when cut. They also come in tons of different color options with short, long, and regular inseam lengths.

  • Available sizes: 2 — 20


Choose a leave-in conditioner with UV protection

Finally, Udoh recommends leave-in conditioners with UV filters for added protection. This Roze + Quartz Super 7 leave-in conditioner will not only help to improve texture and manageability from past damage, but it’ll help to prevent future damage, as well.