If your dog misbehaves, you'll wish you knew about these genius things sooner

Preventing problems before they start.

ByChristina X. Wood and Allison Bolt
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Dogs are the best companions, but they aren’t humans in fur suits (and they actually need to learn how to live in our human world). Until they get there, there will be times when living with a dog can be frustrating, expensive, and potentially troublesome for the neighbors. Even the best dog makes mistakes. But if your dog misbehaves, you’ll wish you knew about these genius things sooner because much “bad-dog” behavior is preventable.

If your dog chews your furniture and shoes, for example, it may be because they don’t have something more exciting (and appropriate) to gnaw on. They might be bath-averse, but a clever treat dispenser can make it a joy. It’s all about seeing the problem, and being prepared with a way to mitigate it.

Read on and discover the solution to yours.


A no-rinse shampoo for mystery smells when it’s not bath day

Keep this waterless shampoo around if your pup has a habit of somehow getting seriously smelly every time they go outside. It’s completely no-rinse, so you can avoid sticking your dog in the tub every five seconds and soaking your entire bathroom floor. The dry shampoo comes out in a foam that cleanses and conditions your dog’s coat. Made with a hypoallergenic formula, it’s also free of sulfates, parabens, and dyes.


This corrector spray that gets your dog’s attention with a hissing sound

If your dog barks, digs, behaves rudely, or is otherwise intent on doing something you want to train away, this corrector spray is a great tool. Spray it (away from your dog) and the sound — which mimics the hiss that cats, geese, and other animals make as a warning — will quickly get their attention. Once your pup is focused on you instead of misbehaving, you can issue your redirection or correction and a reward.


This durable toy with the perfect spot for your pup’s toothpaste

Reach for this squeaky toy when your pup refuses to sit still on teeth-brushing day because it has the perfect ridgy spot to hide a little bit of toothpaste and help scrub teeth while they chew. If it’s not doggie dental day, this seriously durable rubber toy also works with peanut butter or all on its own as a stress reliever.


A rechargeable & waterproof ball that rolls or bounces

This is the dog ball that will actually keep your pup occupied while you’re busy because it actually rolls or bounces all on its own. Whether you choose the rolling or the bouncing setting, this durable rubber ball will start to move when your dog touches it. It also comes with a USB cord, so it’s easy to keep this waterproof ball charged between playtimes.


This wishbone-shaped chew for serious chewers

Give your dog this wishbone chew to gnaw and you will be free to work, sleep, or watch a movie while that aggressive chewer digs their teeth into a project that will take hours. It’s infused with chicken, bacon, or peanut butter flavor so they won’t lose interest, and is tougher than an actual bone.

“My lab loves this chew toy. She chews on it every day and plays fetch with it,” reported one reviewer.


A nail grinder for easier canine pedicures

Traditional nail clippers can be stressful for both you and your dog but this dog nail grinder is gentle, safer, and quiet. You don’t have to fear that you will cut the quick — and neither does your dog. You can also use it to shape and soften the edges of your dog’s nails if you are comfortable with clippers.

“This is worth its weight in gold!” said one reviewer. “It is extremely quiet and my dogs barely notice what is happening.”


A licking pad for distracting during bathtime & beyond

If your dog dreads a bath, getting a nail trim, or anything else, stick this licking pad to the shower wall or anywhere nearby and fill it with something tasty. Dogs lick to soothe their nerves. So the treat distracts them and makes the activity appealing, but the act of licking also helps them relax.

“Genius!!! My dog just stood still for [the] entire bath and blow dry,” said one reviewer.


A blacklight flashlight so you can see where the dog peed on the rug

If you find yourself asking, “Did the dog just..?” find out for sure by pulling out this blacklight flashlight. Shine it (in the dark) at the questionable spot on the rug — dog urine will glow so you can know for sure that the dog did it before you start reprimanding. It helps to know where the mess is, too, so you can clean it up thoroughly.

“This has a big face to it and you can scan large areas at one time,” said one reviewer. “Very bright. Found more dog pee stains than I would have liked.”


A short & comfy leash to help take care of pulling

Clip this padded-handle leash right onto your dog’s collar to feel more comfortable on walks. It’s only 12 inches, so it makes it way easier to get back on track if your pup starts to pull you — especially if you walk in high-traffic areas. It still swivels like a classic leash, so you won’t have to worry about a tangled-up lead.


The bitter apple spray that deters from destructive chewing

If your dog insists on chewing your shoes, furniture, or their own paws, spray that thing with this bitter no-chew spray. The solution won’t harm your dog but they won’t like the smell or taste and it will turn that obsession right off.

“I have an American bully and he ate my couch along with I don’t know how many shoes,” said one reviewer. “We use this...No more chewing.”


An extra-long leash that won’t get tangled up at the park

This extra-long leash is a must when you pack your dog’s bag for the park because it lets them play fetch, explore the park, or even go swimming with no risk of getting loose — especially helpful when you’re still training them. Plus, the swiveling clip takes care of tangles while your pup is wandering around.


This LED collar for pups that wander on nighttime adventures

If your pup has a habit of wandering at the dog park or on nighttime walks, this adjustable LED collar makes it easy to see them. It’s surrounded in lights, and you can turn on blinking modes, so you can quickly find them if there are a ton of dogs at the park.


A slow feeder puzzle to help out short-snout pups

This slow feeder with a unique design proves that your short-snout pup can also use a slow feeder for extra mental stimulation. It has nonslip details on the bottom and it’s even tilted, so they can easily reach all of the maze-like compartments in this dishwasher-safe feeder.


A treat-dispensing chew toy for hours of entertainment

A bored dog can often become a bad dog. Fortunately, most pups are obsessive chewers if you give them the right thing. This treat-dispensing dog toy will keep them too busy to misbehave for a good long time because it secrets a handful of delicious treats inside that are difficult to get out.

“I have four of these!” said one reviewer. “I fill them with peanut butter, yogurt, and berries or kibble. My dogs love them!”


A seatbelt to help keep your canine safer in the car

If your dog rides in the car, this dog seatbelt is a must-have because it helps keep your fur baby secured to a seat. And they can’t leap into your lap if something scares or interests them, which can be super distracting and dangerous. This item clips to their collar or harness and snaps into the seatbelt. A bungee cord in the strap acts like a shock absorber.


A 2-handled leash for better control on walks

If you have a dog that tends to jump up or pull at the lead when excited, this no-pull double-handled training lead is a terrific solution. An extra comfort-grip handle 18 inches away from the collar clip gives you serious control when you need to keep your dog close. Let go of that handle to give them five feet of walking room. Both handles are easy on your hands while giving you a strong grip.


These food & water bowls that contain the mess

Dogs can be messy eaters and this is a difficult behavior to correct. So instead of trying to explain table manners to a dog, set down these no-spill pet bowls. They sit in a skid-resistant silicone mat that catches all the spilled kibble and water slobber so you don’t have to step in it. The cleanup is easy, too. The bowls pop right out so you can rinse everything or put it all in the dishwasher.


A harness that helps stop pups from pulling

If your dog pulls or lunges on a walk, give this no-pull dog harness a try. When you are walking, clip it at the front. When they pull, the leash will turn them back toward you. To go forward, your dog has to stop pulling at the leash and keep pace with you. (It’s easier on their neck than a collar, too.) When it’s playtime, clip it to the back and attach a longer leash so they can run. The bungee cord prevents hard stops at the end of the leash.

“After just three daily walks, most of her forward pulling has stopped and now our outings are much more fun for everyone!” said one reviewer.


A sling carrier for dogs that like to be held

If your dog loves to be carried but you would like to use your hands for other things, tuck the pup into this sling carrier and go hands-free. It will hold a pet up to 12 pounds and distributes that weight to make carrying it easier for you. An internal security clasp keeps your pet from jumping out. And there are zippered pockets for your phone and other necessities. It's reversible so you can match your outfit.


These wipes for face wrinkles that help clean & treat

If your dog has face folds or areas that tend to get itchy and infected — and they don’t like you spending a ton of time in there — these wrinkle wipes will save the day. They help destroy microbes, are an anti-inflammatory, and help rebuild the skin’s ceramides so your pup feels — and looks — better. They work anywhere on your dog’s body and are safe, gentle, and effective.

“These wipes are now a part of both dogs’ bedtime routine,” said one reviewer. “My only regret is not buying them sooner.”


A treat pouch that keeps all your dog essentials handy

When the dog does something you want to encourage, give a treat STAT! This dog treat pouch makes that easy. Wear it on your belt — there’s a clip and a loop — during training and walks and you will always have a treat at the ready. It has a built-in poop bag dispenser and a pocket for your keys and wallet, too.

“Can fit your phone and keys in it nicely,” said one reviewer. “Easily clips on to your pants and is great for training or just walks.”


This big bag of yummy training treats

When it comes to training you need a dog treat that is both small so the dog doesn’t get too full and that smells delicious so they want it desperately enough to work on whatever you are asking them to do. This treat is everything you are looking for and this is a huge bag of them.

“My dogs absolutely love them and will do anything to get one,” said one reviewer. “The pieces are small and soft. Perfect for training.”


A snuffle mat to slow eating or keep a pup busy

Keep your dog busy when you are out of the house by filling this snuffle mat with kibble or treats and letting your dog forage for the goodies. They love to use their sense of smell to find things and this mat makes getting the snack out fun and challenging. You can use it to slow a fast eater way down, too.

“Our [...] puppy is loco for food! We use it as a slow feeder but he plays with it all the time and tonight he’s sleeping in it!” said one reviewer.


The heartbeat toy that helps calm anxious puppies to sleep

If you are training a puppy to sleep in a crate or need to leave your dog home alone, tuck them in with this heartbeat toy. A battery-powered, pulsing heart and a heat pack inside the cute stuffed animal help a puppy to feel less alone, calm down, and sleep. It’s also adorable, comes in five colors, and got over 42,000 five-star reviews from people who say things like, “Our puppy loves it and settles right down.”


These training patches so people know your dog is in school

Stop people from distracting your dog while you are trying to teach the dog how to behave by attaching these In Training patches to their vest. You get both sides of a hook and loop backing to sew to a vest, harness, or collar and the bold type is easy to read so people know what’s happening.

“They're easily visible, and very effective when training in public places,” said one reviewer.


The doorbells that dogs can use to alert for bathroom time

Give your dog an easy way to let you know they need to go out — without barking or scratching the door — by hanging these dog doorbells from the knob. They are easy for a dog to paw and easy for you to hear. This is a set of two so you can put one at the front and back door and, since hitting the bell is very close to scratching the door, it’s easy to teach a dog to use them. Almost 25,000 people gave them five stars.


These hemp chews that help dogs relax

Sometimes dogs get all hyped up — during thunderstorms, fireworks, or when heading to the vet. When that happens, help your excitable pup calm down with these calming hemp chews. They are loaded with calming herbs like valerian, chamomile, and hemp, and taste like chicken, liver, or peanut butter.

“Literal magic,” said one reviewer. “On a rainy and thunderstorm night, she was starting to close her eyes, yawn, stopped shaking, [...] crawled right under the covers, and went to sleep.”


A clicker to help with training

Praising your dog when they do something right is an essential part of training. And if you train your pup that a click from this training clicker is praise, you can train more quietly and without constantly saying, “Good dog!” This four-pack of clickers makes it easy to stash them everywhere so you always have one at hand.

“Sound is clear and crisp. The dog responds well to it,” reported one reviewer.


These splash mats that keep the feeding area tidier

Set this splash mat under your pet’s food bowls to keep the floor around the feeding area clean and dry. The waterproof silicone and raised lip keep water off your floors and kibble contained. They come in five colors and three sizes so you can pick the one that best fits your space.


The book that teaches you to be better at teaching your dog

The most important element in your dog-training adventure is you. Be the best dog trainer you can be by reading Cesar’s Way and discovering what the Dog Whisperer would do. He has taught bad dogs to be good and helped humans see the canine point of view on TV, in the homes of celebrities, and in many humble places on the way. He uses dog psychology to solve problems and will teach you to think like a canine so you can do the same.

“As Cesar says,” reported more than one reviewer. “He does not train dogs, he rehabilitates them, and he trains people about dogs.”