If your dog's a pain in the butt, you'll wish you knew about these genius, cheap things sooner

Loving your dog is easy, even when they’re annoying — but these products make taking care of them easier, too.

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Let’s be honest — sometimes dogs can be annoying. That doesn’t mean we don’t love our pups, but it does mean that caring for them can require some extra effort. Whatever it is that annoys you about your pup (whether they interrupt work calls, hate grooming time, or refuse to come to you at the dog park), you’ll wish you knew about these genius, cheap things sooner.

So, if your dog can be adorable but also a serious pain in the butt, start scrolling through these solutions.


This easy-to-use hissing bottle that distracts dogs from bad behavior

It’s so easy to reach for this dog-training bottle when your dog. It creates a hissing sound to stop whatever your pup’s go-to mischief is, so you can redirect their attention and train them. The unique cap is completely free of a lid, so you can quickly press the top any time your dog is misbehaving.


A waterless & nourishing shampoo for the constantly stinky pup

Yes — you can skip the bathtub a few times a week if you grab this spritz-on waterless shampoo for your stinky pup. This natural and pH-balanced formula with apple and honey will clean your pup, make them smell better, nourish their skin, and even make their fur a bit shiner.


A rechargeable rolling & bouncing ball that saves you from tossing toys

This interactive dog ball has two modes: an irregular running mode and bouncing mode, so it saves you from tossing a ball all day. It has a motion-sensor setting that activates with your dog’s touch or bite. Charge up this rubber ball with the USB before the dog park, and it will roll around for your pup to chase it for four hours.


A precise brush that will pick up years of fur around your home & car

If the most annoying thing about your pup is all of the tiny fur tangled up in the living room rug, grab this miniature and reusable brush. It has a thin rubber trim around it that will pick up all of the fur from your rug, furniture, and even your car after a trip to the dog park. It also has a precise shape with narrow edges, so you can slide it into the grooves of your car’s upholstery and the crack of your couch.


A slow feeder bowl that won’t skid on the floor

If your dog eats their meal way too quickly — which can lead to tummy issues and vomiting — this slow feeder bowl is the solution you’ve been looking for. It has a maze-like design inside that purposefully slows down eating time. This BPA-free bowl is uniquely designed to fit into raised feeders, but it also has a non-slip rubber grip bottom so you can use it on the floor.


A pack of dental bully sticks that won’t fill your home with a gross smell

This 10-pack of bully sticks will keep your pup busy when you’re too busy for playtime, and they’ll also help out with plaque and tartar on their teeth. They have a meat flavor to keep your dog interested, but they’re also low-moisture, so they won’t fill your home with a gross smell.


An easy-to-store snuffle mat that won’t slide around your floor

This snuffle mat has a built-in drawstring to close it up and keep it tidy when your dog isn’t using it. When you do open it up, the durable and fluffy fleece fabric is perfect for hiding food or treats, which makes dinnertime an engaging time for your pup. The non-slip design means your dog can’t slide it all over the floor, and it’s even machine-washable.


This pack of stuffing-free toys that have squeakers in the head & belly

This squeaky pack of stuffing-free toys mean you won’t have to pick up scattered fluff all day and of course prevent your dog from eating cotton. They’re durable enough for your pup to chew on when you’re too busy to play and the perfect shape for tugging when you’re ready for playtime.


A bright toy ball that’s meant for tugging

This is the toy to grab if your pup tends to think that not giving the ball back when you play fetch is the most fun. The extra-durable rubber ball is topped off with an easy-to-hold strap, that’s meant for tugging. Plus, this extra-bouncy toy has a colorful design that’s easy to spot if your pup abandons it in the dark park.


This orange peel odor-eliminator that you’ll use all the time

This odor eliminator takes care of that gross smell that tends to hang out long after you’ve scrubbed away a pet stain. It has a bunch of orange oil to take care of the smell, and you won’t have to worry about it smelling like an intense cleaning product. It’s also safe for carpet, so you can spritz it all over your home even when you’re not dealing with a pet accident.


This chew-proof doggy seatbelt that keeps your pup safe in the car

This dog seat belt allows your pup to roam a bit in the backseat while still keeping them away from the driver. It’s made from steel rope and heavy-duty nylon, so it’ll stand up to even the toughest chewers. It’s designed to clip to your dog's harness and should not be used with a collar. It should also only be used when someone is present with the dog.


These hemp & chamomile snacks that help calm an anxious pup

Not only will these snacks with hemp powder and oil soothe your pup’s nerves, but they’re also perfect if your dog is a little difficult (or frustrating) when they’re anxious. There’s plenty of calming chamomile and even ingredients like ginger and Valerian root in these chicken-flavored chews.


A cozy heated toy with a built-in heartbeat setting

This dog toy is perfect for moments when you can’t cuddle your pup (like when you’re trying to work on your laptop). Turn on and tuck the heart-shaped piece inside and this fluffy toy will feel and sound like it has a soothing heartbeat. To make it even more calming, this machine-washable toy comes with an odorless heating pack.


This unique collar that reduces pulling

If your dog tends to pull on your leash, this martingale collar is a good solution. The brand says it’s pull-tested to over 800 pounds and can be used for large and small dogs. Made from durable polyester, the ends are designed to prevent fraying, while sturdy steel D-rings and welded seams help ensure its reliability once it’s clipped to your pup’s leash. “Nice design, soft feel, and lightweight,” one reviewer said, while another wrote, “It hooks easy to the leash and helps your dog stand out.”


These grooming gloves for less-stressful grooming days

These grooming gloves are the best brush replacement if your pup is super squirmy on bath or grooming day. These adjustable gloves will simply feel like you’re petting them, but the built-in rounded bristles will gently de-shed their fur. You can also put them in the wash after bath time to keep them fur-free.


A durable ball with a delicious scent to engage your pup

This chew ball is actually infused with a delicious scent, so your pup will be busy chewing it instead of asking you to throw it. It’s durable enough to hold up to all of that chewing, and it actually smells more like cheddar cheese, peanut butter, chicken, or whatever flavor you pick when they chew on it.


This reflective leash with 2 handles for better control

This 6-foot dog leash comes with two handles on it, which makes it ideal for walking strong dogs or dogs who tend to pull. The second handle is just 18 inches away from the swiveling clip, which will keep your pup nice and close to you if you encounter traffic or another dog hat you want to keep away from. The handles are padded, too, which makes it comfortable to hold.


This adjustable strap to keep your pup out of your cat’s space

This adhesive door strap stops your restless pup from pushing their way into rooms they shouldn’t be in —like where you keep your cat’s food and litter box. You can adjust the length from 2 to 6 inches, and you can install it in seconds with the included 3M double-sided tape. The latch can be undone with ease, and this strap works on all door types.


This reflective, no-pull harness with a stretchy strap for everyday walks

This harness will make everyday walks way less of a hassle because it has a unique and stretchy strap to absorb the shock every time your pup pulls. When it’s time for a training walk, this reflective harness has a clip on the front so you can teach them not to pull.


An extra-fluffy blanket that’s waterproof

This seriously fluffy blanket is the perfect soothing spot for your pup to snuggle while you’re out running errands. Spread this reversible piece out on your sofa when you get home from the dog park, because the waterproof coating make sure their wet paws or slobber don’t get onto your pricey furniture.


This dishwasher-safe feeding mat for the extra-messy pup

These waterproof, easy-to-clean silicone splash mats with raised sides are for the pup that can’t seem to keep their water or food in their bowls during mealtime. The non-slip bottom won’t slide all over your floor while they eat, and it can go in the dishwasher or rinsed off if your pup is extra-messy.


This handheld bath brush that help you quickly rinse & brush your pup’s fur

This bath brush comes with a shower adapter and a hose adapter, and the built-in nozzles mean you can easily rinse off your dog’s fur during bath time. The adjustable glove-like design is also way more calming than pouring water on their body with a cup or using the shower head.


A raised dog bowl set that adjusts for comfier meals & growing pups

For a more comfortable eating experience that can reduce joint stress and digestion issues, pick up this rust-resistant dog bowl set. You can adjust it from 2.75 inches all the way to 12 inches for pups of all sizes and life stages. It’s also handy if you have a puppy because you can simply raise up these stainless steel and dishwasher-safe bowls as they get taller.


This comfy seat cover with plenty of options to fit your car

This car seat cover can be adjusted three different ways, so you can fit it in your back seat (with or without the floor blocked off) or even tuck it in the trunk. Both sides of this waterproof cotton seat cover has adjustable clips, so you can snap it right onto the headrests, and there’s an anti-slip backing that keeps it in place. It has plenty of comfy padding and built-in openings to access your seatbelts.


A wood-flavored chew toy that won’t scatter bark on your floor

If your pup is always dragging sticks inside and scattering bark on your floor, swap them out with this stick-shaped chew toy. Not only does the durable material taste and feel like real wood, but it also won’t splinter all over your floor while your pup chews on it, so it’s a safer solution for tough chewers.


A water-resistant activity mat with 3 different ways for your dog to get kibble

Pop this non-slip activity mat on your floor anytime your pup’s usual chew toys or snuffle mats aren’t cutting it. The food-themed mat comes with three different activities: a mini snuffle mat, a pocket for treats, and a hook-and-loop closure, each one is more difficult than the last. It’s also easy to wipe leftover treats and slobber from the water-resistant material after playtime.


This stick-on dog doorbell to avoid a scratched-up door

Yes — this is a little waterproof dog doorbell that sticks right onto your wall, and yes, it’s worth setting up a doorbell specifically for them. It’s easy for them to press with their nose or paw so they won’t scratch up your door when they want to go out. It also has chime and volume options, so you’ll actually like the sound of your dog asking to go outside.


This bottle-shaped dog paw washer with mud-scrubbing bristles

This might look like a travel water bottle, but it’s actually a little reusable paw washer for your pup’s muddy feet. The bottle shape makes it easy to pack in your dog park bag, and all you need to do is fill it with water to clean their paws. It works thanks to the gentle silicone bristles in the lid, which really scrub away every bit of mud before they jump in the car.


A squeaky flirt pole that will give your dog plenty of exercise

This flirt pole is way better than calling for your pup to bring the ball back because the fluffy squeaker toy is actually attached with a string. The durable pole is 36 inches long, which is enough to flick the pre-attached toy around your yard and get your dog some much-needed exercise, but it’s still compact enough to store with your other pet supplies.


A dishwasher-safe licking mat set to keep your dog distracted

This licking mat set will keep your pup way more entertained than chewing on your throw pillows because it comes with two different and fun textures. With the included spatula, spreading peanut butter or other wet food on this dishwasher-safe mat is completely mess-free. You can also suction the silicone material to the floor, so you won’t have to hear it sliding all around your home.


The coziest, calming faux-fur dog bed that you can travel with

This unique dog bed gives your pup the coziest donut-shaped spot with sides that wrap around them while they sleep, which calms, soothes, and supports them. It’s covered in fluffy faux-fur, and this plush cotton bed is lightweight enough to fold up in your car or bag when you’re traveling with your pup.


A rechargeable LED collar that lasts for hours of before-bed walks

Put this light-up collar on your pup if they have a habit of disappearing in the yard during before-bed potty time. The LED lights with three modes (on, strobe, and blink) go all the way around, so you can see your pup up to 350 yards away — no matter which way they’re facing. Plus, one charge with a USB charger gives you eight hours of illuminated nighttime walks.


This night vision-capable pet camera with 2-way audio

This little cube-shaped pet camera is so easy to use because you can set up the stand on your furniture, or flip it over and stick the stand under a cabinet. This 1080p adjustable camera has 30-feet of night vision. Of course, it also has a motion sensor when your pup walks by, and two-way audio talk to them.


This water bowl add-in to avoid pulling out the puppy toothbrush

If your dog is seriously a pain every time you need to brush their teeth, simply keep this anti-plaque water additive around. Add this flavor-free dental solution to their water bowl to freshen their breath and clean their teeth and gums, and you won’t have to chase your pup around with a scary toothbrush.