I'm a shopping editor & these random, cheap things on Amazon are effing amazing

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I spend a lot of my time shopping on Amazon to find the best products. The only problem is — some of my absolute favorite finds never seem to fit into one category. So, I just popped them all into one list because these random, cheap things on Amazon are effing amazing.

I love these unique finds, and I always want to share my current Amazon favorites, like this face mask that bubbles, a trendy candle that comes in the prettiest jar, and some packing cubes that are going to make your travels so much easier. These are the products you text to your friends (even if you’ve already told them about them). I mean, a Bluetooth sleeping mask that lets you comfortably sleep with a podcast on is worth annoying your friends until they finally grab one, right?

If you can manage to resist texting your friends about these things, that may work out in your favor, because these budget-friendly finds are good enough to snag them as gifts.


These aerating wine bottle spouts that’ll make cheap wine taste better

Instead of searching for how to properly aerate wine, just pour your glass with this set of aerating spouts. They pop onto your bottle and add the perfect amount of oxygen to your wine as it flows through the unique strainer-like design. Meanwhile, the bottom has a leak-free silicone seal to finish off these unique pourers.


A packing cube set with a designated bag for laundry

There will be no more stuffing laundry in your organized suitcase next to clean clothes with this matching set of packing cubes because it comes with a compact laundry bag. The laundry bag even has a drawstring with a secure clip to avoid scattered laundry in your suitcase. Of course, this set also comes with four water-resistant cubes with breathable mesh tops and reinforced stitching to keep your bag tidy and organized with up to 14 days’ worth of clothes.


This bamboo charcuterie board with a utensil drawer

Yes — this 13-inch bamboo charcuterie board comes with stainless steel serving utensils and a spot to tuck them away. When it’s closed, this handy utensil drawer simply looks like a part of the grooved design, making storing this board a breeze. This board is easy to make look stunning thanks to the deep grooved all around the edge and a center for displaying and cutting cheese and meats.


A carbonated face mask with a gentle & lightweight clay formula

This carbonated face mask turns into a fluffy foam on your skin, so you can wash it off way quicker than a thick clay mask. Meanwhile, the activated charcoal penetrates and cleans out your pours while you watch the lightweight formula foam up. It’s also finished off with gentle kaolin clay for a bit of exfoliation.


This minimalist word clock with a chic copper design

This chic copper-finish clock has an illuminated design that spells out the time every five minutes. It comes with a USB and is made with simple clock-adjusting buttons on the side, so it’s always writing the correct time in style.


An easy-to-use milk frother to display on your countertop

Hang this milk frother right on the included stainless steel stand, and keep it on your kitchen countertop. The vibrant silicone handle is grippy enough to stay put when you’re not whipping up milk for your latte (which only takes 15 seconds, by the way). This battery-operated frother’s star is a simple whisk that fits perfectly in your mug.


An adjustable ring light that you can clip onto your laptop or phone

This LED ring light holds up in a meeting up to two hours long — even if you use it on bright for your video calls. Don’t worry — it has three lighting options, including a daylight option, and 10 intensity levels if extra-bright isn’t your thing. Plus, this clip-on light has a 3-foot USB cord if your meeting runs way too long.


This long-lasting candle with a textured jar that’s so chic

Obviously, the damask rose scent of this candle is quite chic, but so is the unique glass holder. It’s made with a dotted glass design and a matching lid to add a bit of texture to your usual candle setup. Inside, it has a lead-free wick and a paraffin-free formula that burns for up to 75 hours. And when that long burn time is over, you can use the container as an apothecary jar for your bathroom.


A beard straightener that’s easier to use than a ton of products

If you love the straightened facial hair look, this anti-scald beard straightener is more budget-friendly (and easier to use) than a bunch of products. It’s made with ceramic-covered bristles that are as easy to use on your beard as any ol’ hairbrush. Plus, it has 12 temperature settings to create your go-to facial hair look, no matter how thick or coarse your beard may be.


A stainless steel cocktail set with a bottle opener for tonic

This stainless steel cocktail set comes with absolutely everything you need for a home bar, including a sleek bottle opener, so you won’t ruin your bar setup with a mismatched bottle opener. Not only can you open tonic bottles, but you can even muddle and stir ingredients with the unique spoon. Of course, this dishwasher-safe set also comes with a shaker, sleek pour spouts for bottles, a strainer, and more.


This beanie with a removable & chargeable light

This cozy beanie has a compact LED on the front that’s handy for before-sunrise runs or nighttime walks with your dog. It’s easy to keep it ready for your walks, because you can remove the durable light and charge it with the built-in USB or wash the hat. As for the actual beanie, it’s super breathable, and you can even wear it without the LED during the day.

  • Available colors: 19


These unique tea candle holders that are made from pretty Himalayan salt

Each of these handcrafted Himalayan salt tea candle holders set have a unique, naturally cut shape. Even with this trendy and textured design, they easily fit your go-to tea light candles. Meanwhile, this handcrafted pack creates an amber-toned vibe when you light your candles, turning any room in your home into a spa-worthy space.


This sweet almond seed treatment for conditioned cuticles

The sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and jojoba seed oil in this cuticle treatment are perfect for conditioning your nails every day. This cuticle-softening treatment is also lightweight enough to apply with your the nail polish-like brush without a bunch of oil left behind. Plus, it even hydrates the skin around your nails, making your hands delightfully soft.


A Bluetooth sleep mask for your go-to nighttime podcast

Grab this Bluetooth eye mask so you can sleep more than nine hours with your go-to podcast, white noise, or music playing on while avoiding rolling over on your phone or annoying anyone else in bed with you. The wireless design and slim side speaker lets you toss and turn as much as you want. Plus, this cotton-blend and washable mask has all of the buttons you need right on the front.

  • Available colors: 4


This egg cooker that takes the guesswork out of breakfast

Whether you struggle to make perfect hard-boiled eggs, poached eggs, or omelets, this rapid egg cooker will just do it for you. You won’t mind pulling this colorful egg cooker out of your cabinet for breakfast because it only weighs 1 pound. The tray can hold six eggs for hard-boiled breakfasts, but there are also handy inserts for other favorite egg preparations — all you need to do is measure some water in the included cup.


These soothing essential oil shower steamers that are easy to use

Toss one of these budget-friendly shower steamers in your shower instead of dealing with messy essential oils. It’s super quick to place one on your tile, and each one releases a soothing scent, like cacao and orange or watermelon. These cruelty-free discs also have a melting design that won’t leave slippery oil behind, and the residue will go right down the drain.


This super cute tea infuser with a clip-free design

This adorable Loch Ness Monster-shaped tea infuser sits right in your cup, instead of clipping to the side. The dishwasher-safe silicone design fits loose-leaf tea in the easy-to-open compartment, so you don’t have to mess with a second teapot. Plus, the Nessie design has a long neck that makes taking the infuser out super easy.


A hydrating lip balm that gives you just a little tint

This trendy tube of lip balm is super unique with its glossy, lightly tinted finish and fruity scent. It’s design features an applicator that’s easier to swipe on than a lipgloss brush, so you can put this on with one hand. There’s also murumuru and shea butter to make this fun lip balm with a shiny finish super hydrating.


These illuminated electric spice grinders that you can use with 1 hand

These salt and pepper grinders are already sleek with their electric design, but they’re also finished off with an illuminated LED accent, so you can see exactly how much seasoning is coming out. What makes them really distinctive is the gravity design that starts dispensing salt or pepper as you tip them — so you only need one hand to operate these. The grinders are also made with adjustable ceramic blades, so you can change up the coarseness depending on what spice you’re using and how.


A plush blanket that looks like a tasty tortilla

This soft throw blanket is made from a classic soft and warm fleece fabric — it’s just also finished with a print that looks like an oversized tortilla. It even has a circular shape that’s easy to wrap (or roll) up in. This trendy blanket is also so lightweight you’ll reach for it before all of your non-tortilla blankets.


These unbreakable wine glasses that maintain your drink’s temperature

If stainless steel doesn’t go with your bar cart, get this set of shatter- and dent-proof wine glasses. They are made of dishwasher-safe stainless steel that will keep your white wine nice and chilled, but the outside is actually finished with a colorful design that is ombré, solid color, or pretty marbling. Of course, they also have a stemless design to make them extra-durable and sleek.


These easy-to-wear eye masks that are infused with 24-karat gold

The individually wrapped design of these hydrating eye masks means you can toss a few of them in all of your bags and suitcases. Each pair of 24-karat gold infused masks also have collagen, castor oil, hyaluronic acid, and more powerhouse ingredients for under-eye hydration. To make these masks even more travel-ready, they only take 10 to 15 minutes to work their magic.


A memory foam travel pillow that’s easy to twist & adjust

This long memory foam travel pillow twists and bends for a comfier fit than standard U-shaped pillows, so you can turn it into the perfect cushion for leaning against a plane window or use it as back support on long car rides. It’s made with a snap closure on each end, so you can clip it together if you do want that classic travel pillow shape. After your trip, simply untwist this pillow and wash the machine-washable cotton cover.


This plush pet bed with a unique soothing shape

The donut-like shape of this pet bed makes it super compact but also soothing for your pup to burrow in. The round design has a cozy, indented spot at the center with a plush circle surrounding it that also supports your pup’s head way more than a bulky rectangular bed. Plus, this fuzzy bed has a machine-washable design, which is ideal for pets.


A meat thermometer that saves you from looking up temperatures

Skip searching for safe cooking temperatures because this LED thermometer has a meat temperature chart printed right on the top. Though this meat thermometer is so budget-friendly, it also gives you an accurate reading in just three seconds, which is just as fast as much more expensive models. It’s waterproof and also already has batteries and a unique handle that’s easy to hang in a kitchen cabinet.


This chic hand cream with a that’s packed with moisturizing shea butter

This hand cream is made with 20% organic shea butter that gives it a hydrating and silky finish. There’s also coconut oil, almond extract, and even honey packed into this chic 5.2-ounce squeeze tube. Plus, this luxurious and quick-absorbing cream continues to work even after you wash your hands a few times, which is why it has a high 4.7-star rating on Amazon.


An armrest drink holder that doesn’t look bulky

This compact drink holder goes right on top of your sofa’s armrest without covering up the entire side, so your arm can still have some lounging space. This BPA-free silicone also means it’s easy to drape over your couch without any hardware. Instead, there are built-in weights to keep this low-profile drink holder securely in place. This genius holder even has a slit in the side, making it suitable for your go-to coffee mug.


This reed diffuser with dried dried flowers mixed in

This oil diffuser has real dried florals mixed in with the classic reeds, giving it an upscale look despite its budget-friendly price tag. Plus, you can arrange both the florals and the reversible reeds and remove them to make the scent’s strength suit your taste. This stylish diffuser is available in a tonof long-lasting fragrances, including lavender, black cherry, white jasmine, and cotton.


A pour-over set that makes it easy to make cafe-worthy coffee

With the cool-touch collar on this pour-over coffee maker, there’s no waiting around to serve your coffee. Even the reusable fine mesh stainless steel filter has a matching cool-touch handle, so you can take the filter off the second it’s done brewing. Meanwhile, the glass bottom holds 10.5 ounces of coffee.


This light-up magnified mirror that lets you customize the angle

This LED illuminated mirror works on any countertop or table because you can fully customize the angle with the 180-degree tilting design. This foldable mirror is also made with a touch-screen button, so it’s easy to turn it on (even if your fingers are already covered in makeup). It also features two- and three-times magnification on one panel, so your makeup application can be super precise.


An infinity scarf with hidden built-in pockets

This infinity-style scarf is actually designed for travel with two built-in zipper pockets that are easy to reach. This hidden-pocket scarf is made with reinforced seams, so you can tuck away heavier items like your phone or secure items, like a passport or your wallet. Plus, it’s actually cozy for your trip with the super soft bamboo blend fabric.

  • Available styles: 9


These cool-touch pot holders that look like the pasta you’re cooking

Match the pasta you’re cooking with this set of bowtie-shaped pot holders. The double-layer silicone design and pasta shape give them a secure grip on your pan or pot handles, and they’re heat- and steam-resistant to keep your hands protected. After dinner, these BPA-free potholders can go in the dishwasher with all of your dishes.


This scratch-off map poster that helps you keep track of your travels

Stick this world map poster wherever you’ll remember to scratch off your latest travel. It comes as a budget-friendly kit that’s complete with stickers, a magnifying strip, and, of course, a scratching tool. There’s even a soft cloth to clean the map after you scratch off a new travel spot.


A matching jade roller & gua sha that look super chic

This matching jade roller and gua sha won’t just look chic on your vanity, it’ll also help your serums and oils to soak in. Plus, the double-sided roller won’t squeak and annoy you every time you use it to relieve tension, decrease unwanted puffiness, or just give yourself a soothing facial and jaw massage.


This microwave popcorn maker that fits in a cabinet

This popcorn maker is made of microwave-safe silicone, so you can stick it right in your microwave before movie night filled with kernels. It’s topped off with a lid, so you avoid an overflowing popcorn situation. Plus, it works as a dishwasher-safe bowl for snacking and is collapsible to fit in your kitchen cabinet.


These satin pillowcases that look & feel like super soft silk

These budget-friendly pillowcases are made with shiny and zipper-free satin fabric that’s basically the durable version of those way-too-delicate silk pillowcases. And yes, these are machine-washable. This cooling, soft fabric also helps to keep you avoid dry skin or frizzy hair at night, so feel free to slather your face in moisturizer before you go to bed.


A hangable toiletry bag with a design that makes it easy to grab your skincare

This hanging toiletry bag has a unique compartment with a zipper on the top and the bottom so you can easily grab all of your most-used skincare. There are even built-in elastic loops to stop the bottles from falling out if you open the bottom zipper and to keep your things secure en route. This water-resistant bag is finished off with three other transparent slots and a front pocket, so it can hold a ton of stuff.


This bamboo box with designated spots for your go-to tea bags

Swap out cluttered tea boxes for this eight-compartment bamboo box. All of the slots are adjustable to fit your go-to tea bags, and there’s even a pull-out drawer for extras like honey sticks, sugar packets, or more tea. Plus, the clear-top lid with a magnetic design is easy to open and creates an airtight seal.


An oversized exfoliating towel that you can keep in the shower

Avoid a shower full of coffee or salt scrubs with this budget-friendly exfoliating shower towel. It has an oversized design that’s easy to lather with your go-to soap and allows you to exfoliate hard-to-reach spots, like your back. It’s also easy to hang it in your shower because this durable towel has a woven design that’s completely rip-resistant.


This shatter-resistant decanter set with vintage-style glasses

You get four double-old-fashioned glasses and a stunning diamond-patterned decanter in this dishwasher-safe whiskey decanter set. The glasses have a vintage style that matches the unique stopper on top of the angular decanter. Plus, they’re all finished off with thick and sturdy glass bases, so they’re less likely to shatter.


An easy-to-use derma roller to amp up your serum routine

This derma rolling tool is a budget-friendly way to amp up your serum and facial oil routine. The simple roller design is covered in 540 quarter-inch titanium micro needles that exfoliate your skin and help out with serum absorption. It’s also finished off with a compact handle to make this a super easy skincare step.


A gentle, calming mist to freshen up your bedding

This versatile lavender and chamomile spray is gentle enough for freshly-washed towels, bedding, clothing, and more. It’s made with jojoba seed oil and witch hazel to add to the calming aroma every time you mist this paraben-free spray. You also get 8 ounces, so you can spritz it all over your home without quickly running out.


This sleek, fan-favorite tumbler with 2 different lids

No matter which of the two included lids you pop on this insulated tumbler, it still looks super sleek. You get a low-profile flip lid for hot drinks or the splash-proof lid with a matching straw for water, iced coffee, or soda. Plus, there’s a durable stainless-steel design hiding under the chic pattern on this tumbler, so your drinks will stay the right temperature. This cup looks so sleek, which is why it has 51,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


This shimmery lotion that absorbs so fast

This hydrating, skin softening lotion is made with highlighting mica shimmer that’s infused right into the coconut oil formula for a little shimmer. It’s finished off with a pistachio, vanilla, and salted caramel scent that stands out from the floral moisturizers already in your skincare rotation. Plus, the quick-absorbing formula isn’t a hassle to put on.


This extra-durable pizza stone with a heat-resistant coating

Not only does the black finish on this pizza stone look sleek, but it’s actually a heat-resistant coating to make it super durable. This unique finish is even non-stick for an easy-to-serve homemade pie. Under that handy glaze, it’s a classic ceramic pizza stone that creates a crispy crust at home.