Lazy people are obsessed with these clever things that make life easier

Because we all deserve to be a lil lazy.

Lazy people are obsessed with these clever things that make life easier
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I think we should all be a little lazier. Think about it: If you make relaxing comfier, clean up the house quicker, or simply cut down on how long it takes to grab cold brew in the morning when you’re way too sleepy, that’s worthwhile. Luckily “lazy” people know all of the best products and hacks. And they are obsessed with these things on Amazon that make life easier. These comfortable and routine-simplifying finds are so clever, you’re bound to become obsessed too.


A pack of motion sensor lights for zero-effort lighting

These motion sensor lights automatically illuminate your stairs, halls, or wherever as you walk by, so you won’t have to turn on a light in the middle of the night. Not only are they zero-effort to install thanks to the adhesive backing, but they’ll look like expensive built-in lighting.


A stick-on button-pusher for annoying-to-reach devices

This unique little button-pushing gadget will stick right onto whatever lamp or device is annoying to turn on. (Think: sitting up in bed to turn on your white noise machine.) The 3M sticker makes installation a breeze, and you can use the app to set timers or schedules for all of those devices you forget to turn off, like a coffee maker.


A best-selling folding board that’s quick & easy to use

This durable, easy-to-use plastic board will make everything in your drawers look perfectly folded with little-to-no effort on your part. All it takes is three simple steps. It’s also small enough to tuck next to your other laundry supplies, which is why this clever laundry hack is a best-seller on Amazon with over 24,000 five-star reviews.


A bed & couch organizer for easy access to your lazy day essentials

Hang this organizer right on your bed frame or between your couch cushions, and you can easily reach all of your hanging-out-while-lounging essentials. It’s lined with four mesh pockets on the front for your remote, earbud case, and more. Plus, this hanging organizer comes with a big pocket for your laptop or even to keep a few snacks.


This popular veggie chopper with all the easy meal prep tools you need

Keeping this veggie chopper around will make every recipe feel way more doable. It comes with four easy-to-use fruit and vegetable-prep tools that will do all of your dicing and spiraling in seconds. Plus, you can also put the rust-resistant blades, the veggie-catching bowl, and all of the handy tools in the dishwasher to speed up your dinner routine even more.


This leak-free dispenser to quickly grab your favorite drink

This drink dispenser is the perfect add-on for whatever drink container you’re reaching for all day (like multiple cups of cold brew). It has a slim straw-like design that fits on pretty much any bottle in your fridge, and it will dispense your beverage without you having to lift and pour a heavy jug. It also has an anti-leak and anti-drip design to keep your fridge shelves clean.


These stretchy, no-tie shoelaces with 59,000 5-star reviews

Add these stretchy, no-tie laces to your favorite sneakers, and they’ll be so much easier to pull on. You can keep the trendy style you love because these laces come in over 10 colors, but the elastic will make them feel like comfy pull-on shoes. They also have a little drawstring detail on top, so you can quickly adjust them. “Who knew something so simple could be so good. I guess I'm getting lazy as I get older, but this is a fantastic investment. Surprisingly holds the shoe on tight with no slipping, but is still easy to put on and take off,” one reviewer raved.


These automatic toilet bowl cleaners that just clip on

Keep these clip-on toilet cleaners attached to your bowl, because having to reach for the toilet brush every week is time-consuming and a little bit gross. They have a transparent and barely noticeable clip to keep them secure in the toilet, and that clever design means these even work in toilets that don’t have tanks. They will automatically clean everything whenever you flush the toilet, and they’ll even help out with odors.


This bendable & tall phone mount that you can clip anywhere

This phone mount has a durable clip, so you can really use it anywhere (even on your kitchen counter while you cook). You can bend the 33.4-inch long gooseneck a bunch of different ways while you scroll through your recipe — or so you can comfortably relax in bed while watching TikTok hands-free. “This is exactly what I was looking for! I would always lay on my couch, cuddle in my blanket, and hold my phone wishing I could just have the phone there without me holding it! I latched it to my closet door and it was so easy to adjust and clamps my bigger phone with ease. I highly recommend this for lazy people like me!” one reviewer said.


An under-cabinet jar opener that works on lids of all sizes

Hiding this sneaky jar opener underneath your kitchen cabinet is so worth it because you can quickly open a jar without interrupting your dinner prep. It comes to adhesive and screws to really keep it in place — even with an extra-stubborn jar. Plus, the V-shaped design works with a bunch of lid sizes, like pasta sauce, screw-top wine bottles, and tiny hot sauce bottles.


These unique finger chopsticks to snack while you work (or game)

Sometimes you just need to snack and continue working (or gaming) on your laptop at the same time, and that’s when you reach for these snacking chopsticks. They have a comfy fit between your pointer and middle fingers that makes it so easy to grab a chip in between typing. These snack tools also keep your hands clean while you work.


This coffee mug warmer with a sleek glass top

With this sleek coffee mug warmer, you can completely avoid getting up to reheat your coffee halfway through the morning — a serious win. Whenever you put your mug down, an aesthetic light ring will let you know that this gadget is on and keeping your coffee at a cozy, constant warm 131 degrees. It also has a waterproof glass surface that will work with all types of mugs — even metal tumblers and glass espresso mugs.


A microwave pasta maker with a lid that measures your noodles

Grab this microwavable pasta maker when you need dinner, but finding a pot or turning on the stove is honestly way too much effort. It surprisingly makes up to four servings in just 12 minutes, and if you want to measure out your noodles, there’s a useful tool on top for that. It even has a little strainer to empty the pasta water when it comes out of the microwave.


These versatile microfiber slippers that dust while you walk around

These little dusters allow you wear the stretchy design like slippers to clean up the floor, like gloves to whip surfaces, or even pop them on your mop to reach the ceiling. Yes, you can sweep your floors just by walking around. Plus, these handy dusters are machine-washable, so you don’t even have to think about cleaning your cleaning supplies. “Perfect for when you’re too lazy to bend over! I love using them when people come over and track in mud, or snow, or water. It’s a good quick clean,” one happy shopper wrote.


A sleek pet food dispenser for an effortless feeding routine

It’s super easy to set up a daily schedule with this pet food dispenser, feeding them up to four times per day without you running to the bowl. This sleek feeder will blend right in with your decor, and it’s topped off with a secure lid to keep your cat or dog out of the extra food. Plus, you can record yourself calling your pet for meals, and this feeder with automatically play it at dinnertime.


This efficient water flosser with extra tips

This water flosser is way quicker than your usual floss routine, with the brand saying it takes 90% less time than classic string. This easy-to-use flosser has three different modes (including a pulsing, massaging mode for your gums) and can reach way back in your mouth. It even comes with four tips and a drawstring bag, so you can easily travel with this easy-to-use flosser.


A quirky garlic crusher that can prep a bunch of ingredients

This garlic crusher makes the annoying task of mincing garlic way quicker, and it will look like a quirky decor piece in your kitchen. Simply twist the top of this BPA-free tool, and it will chop of all of the garlic cloves for your recipe — yes, even multiple cloves. You can also use this easy-to-clean garlic crusher for herbs, ginger, peppers, and more.


The popular brush attachments that turn your drill into a power scrubber

This scrubber pack comes with three different brushes (and one reach attachment) that fit on a drill to speed up scrubbing your surfaces, while saving you a ton of elbow grease. The brushes range from a precise brush to quickly clean tile grout or small spaces to a 4-inch brush that’s great for larger areas. These attachments come in six different levels of softness, and are capable of cleaning everything from glass to grills.


A comfy pillow-backed lap desk with a phone holder & storage pocket

This little portable desk comes with a cushioned pillow of the bottom to make working on the couch easier and comfier than ever. It has a matching extra-plush pillow on top to rest your wrists while you type. This easy-to-use desk also has a spot to prop up your phone and some stretchy pockets on the back for cords and other workday essentials. “i am one of those lazy college students that would rather do work in bed than at my desk. makes everything so much easier. my laptop doesn't overheat from being on the comforter and the padded armrest is great for added comfort. 10/10 have recommended to all my friends,” raved one buyer.


This bidet attachment with easy & adjustable settings

This bidet is a super easy-to-add attachment for your toilet, and you can get away with replacing the toilet paper roll less often. It comes with an easy-to-use control on the side, so you can quickly change the pressure. There are also angle settings, so it will work with any toilet set without a bunch of adjusting.


These dimmable, color-changing bulbs that you can control with your voice

These color-changing light bulbs work with an app or can be connected to your Alexa or Google Home, so you can illuminate your living room in a moody purple light without even getting up from the couch. If purple isn’t the movie night vibe, these easy-to-dim LEDs come with 16 million color options on a quick-to-use color wheel.


An effort-free automatic vacuum cleaner with 6 cleaning modes

This automatic vacuum cleaner has six different cleaning modes, including a precise spot-vacuuming option and an edge mode that will pick up all that pesky dust that finds its way into your corners. It’s controlled via a smart app (that’s compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa) and will roll right back to its charger, so you won’t have to do anything when it comes to vacuuming. It also has a modern, all-white design that will look so sleek rolling around and cleaning up your house while you relax.


This foldable grabber tool that extends your reach by 32 inches

This foldable grabber tool is a must because you won’t have to pull out a clunky step stool every time you need a pan from the top shelf of a kitchen cabinet. The durable design with non-slip rubber details can grasp everything from a tiny coin to a 3-pound potted plant that’s 3.9 inches in diameter. You can also turn the end of it 90 degrees, depending on what item you’re grabbing.


This internet famous cleaning spray that can tackle tough messes

This viral Dawn cleaning spray comes as a little kit, so you even get a refill of the concentrated and super versatile formula. With the unique spray nozzle, you can quickly clean all of the dishes in the sink, stainless steel appliances, clothing stains, and more. This grease-cleaning formula also saves you from soaking dishes overnight, which speeds up dishwashing quite a bit.


A 3-in-1 breakfast maker with a toast drawer

This breakfast maker is way better than pulling out your toaster and multiple pans because it has three designated spots for all of your go-to foods. There’s a pan on top with two compartments so you can simultaneously fry an egg and whip up pancakes and even a built-in toast drawer that fits two pieces of bread. Its ceramic nonstick surface is super easy to clean and comes with a little timer knob, so you won’t have to keep checking on your breakfast.


This dry shampoo & styling paste that dries matte

Not only will this dry shampoo let you postpone a time-consuming shower, but it also has a unique paste formula that you can run through your hair quickly. It creates a matte finish if your hair is feeling a bit too oily (and it absorbs oil, too), and you can even use this luxurious product to add quick volume after a shower.


A best-selling Echo Dot to make your home smart

This little Bluetooth Echo Dot will take care of so many different things for you. It works as a bedside alarm or a timer while you cook, a speaker for your go-to tunes, an easy-to-use question-answerer, and you can even use it to turn on your lights or devices with your voice. As a bonus, it will honestly look so aesthetic wherever you place it in your home.


This cold brew maker with a near-perfect rating

This iced coffee maker has a 4.8-star rating after over 22,000 reviews because it is so easy to use. When your coffee is ready, it’s already in an easy-to-pour jar. The durable glass design has a leakproof lid on top, and the filter can go in the dishwasher whenever it’s time to pour your cold brew.


These padded holders to haul in all your groceries in 1 trip

You’re going to try to bring all of the bags in at once anyways, so keep these grocery bag holders in your car to make the process easier. Each one comes with two sturdy spots for bags, and these padded, comfortable-to-hold handles can sustain up to 80 pounds of groceries each to make it an easier and comfier trip.


A non-slip holder that turns your couch arm into a coaster

This unique coaster gives you a spot for your drink right on the arm of your sofa or favorite comfy chair, so you won’t have to sit up and reach for your drink on a coffee table. The silicone design is weighted and completely non-slip, so you can use this versatile holder with all of your drinks, because it even has a slot to fit a coffee mug handle.


A popular mini power scrubber that speeds up cleaning

This mini power scrubber is such a quick way to clean all of those annoying, tiny spots around your home that can get a little gross (like tile grout or faucets). The durable bristles spin around 60 times per second to scrub all of the griminess up while you put forth little-to-no effort. “Now that you have the context, let me just say that this little battery operated scrubber is SO. HELPFUL. The other day, I used it to clean my bathroom counter. I knew it had been messy, but I'd had no idea how absolutely filthy it was until I used this tool. This tool got off several years of caked on dust and hair. I was even able to clean under the rim of my sink, and what came out thanks to this brush was near barf-worthy. So not only does this little brush scrub powerfully, but it can get in hard-to-reach crevices, too,” one lazy reviewer raved.


This rolling 3-bag hamper for pre-sorted laundry

This organized hamper will speed up laundry day because past-you will have already sorted out your darks, lights, and colors. You can pull out each of the labeled bags to easily add them to the washer. It also has wheels and a cart-like design to roll your neatly sorted clothes to the washing machine, so you don’t have to drag around a heavy laundry bag.


An electric cleaning kit to quickly wash your makeup brushes

This cleaning kit comes everything you need to quickly and thoroughly clean your makeup brushes. The easy-to-use brush spinner and bubble-shaped bowl will keep all of the gross makeup brush cleanser off of your counter, while it works to wash and dry your brushes with the simple press of a button. This kit is also finished off with a little holder to prop up all of your freshly-cleaned brushes.


A 2-level steamer with a super easy-to-use design

This unique steamer comes with two levels, so there’s plenty of room to make an entree and veggie side without pulling out a pan. The clear, dishwasher-safe steamer bowls let you easily check on dinner. It also comes with a little chart with cooking times for different ingredients right next to the controls, so you can get dinner going even quicker.


These unique glasses that will let you scroll while laying down in bed

These glasses might look a little quirky, but they’ll let you get away with laying in bed and gaming, reading, or looking at your laptop at the same time. They have built-in mirrors, so you stay comfy and easily see while you’re scrolling. Plus, they come with a super comfy nose detail, so you won’t get tired of wearing them.


These adjustable bag holders for easy leftover storage

These baggy racks will hold open your favorite food-storage bags when you’re putting away leftovers, making an awkward task a one-handed job. You can adjust the height of the clips on each side to fit different bag sizes. Plus, each one comes with a non-slip base to keep marinades and other components off of the countertop.


These pumice stone cleaners that erase stubborn stains

These pumice stone cleaners come with a sturdy handle that will quickly fix stains all over your home. These square-shaped cleaners work on rust, toilets, or even hard water stains in the bathroom. They also dry quickly after all of your cleaning projects, so they’ll be ready to use again for your next cleaning day.


An easy-to-wash popcorn maker with a built-in serving bowl

This popcorn maker will make it super easy to make a ton of fresh popcorn because it can go right in the microwave — no stovetop or messy butter-covered bags required. The silicone design has a bowl-like shape, so your popcorn will be ready to go in an easy-to-carry serving bowl when it comes out of the microwave.


This unique stainless steel scrubber for super easy dishes

Go ahead and use your cast iron pan, because this chainmail scrubber will make cleanup seriously easy. The stainless steel material is durable enough to take care of all kinds of stuck-on food without using soap. The chain-like design also lets it quickly air out, so it won’t get all grimy between dishes.


An easy-to-clean pillow with plush & supportive armrests

Toss this unique pillow on your bed or add it to your favorite comfy spot because it’s so plush and supportive. It has two cushioned little armrests, so it’s perfect for pairing with your book, laptop, or your go-to gaming console. You get an easy-to-wash cover, and it even has a little built-in handle to carry it from one cozy spot to another around your home.