25 little things you didn't realize might be causing you aches and pains

Small changes might make a big difference.

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Many people can relate to dealing with aches and pains on a regular basis, from sore muscles caused by working out to joint tension. However, there are a ton of simple solutions that can make a difference when dealing with minor, everyday aches.

If you’re anything like me, then chances are you’ve experienced your back and shoulders tensing up after long work days hunching at the computer for hours. But, there are a lot of small changes you can make — like swapping out your chair for a yoga ball — that can help make a difference.

Ahead, discover 25 little things you didn't realize might be causing you aches and pains, as well as quick solutions that could fix them. But when it comes to feeling pain, you should always consult a doctor first.


Issue: You forget to stretch in the morning

Solution: This stretching strap with over 18,000 5-star ratings

With an impressive 4.5-star rating and over 18,000 five-star ratings, top trainers and athletes love this stretching strap to help stretch everything from your back, core, hamstring, quad, calves, and more. It measures over six feet in length and comes with an incredible book that will guide you in 30 different exercises. They also make a great prop to incorporate into your pilates or yoga workout.


Issue: You haven't been taking care of your feet

Solution: This foot massager that can offer you pain relief

If you spend long days on your feet and suffer from foot pain, this wooden massager tool is worth giving a try. The arched design works to improve blood circulation while giving each part of your foot a deep tissue massage. It has over 18,000 five-star reviews, one of which referred to it as “a lifesaver”.


Issue: The shoes you wear aren't supportive

Solution: A pack of heel cushion pads

These heel cushion pads are ideal for pumps, loafers, or new sneakers you have yet to break in. They have an adhesive strip that easily sticks to the back of your shoes to prevent blisters and any other type of foot pain. One five-star reviewer wrote, “These heel pad cushions are freaking amazing and I wish I'd known about them sooner! I've added them to flats, heels, and loafers (including new shoes) and they've saved my feet from blisters.”


Issue: You spend too much time in a vehicle

Solution: This support pillow to keep you aligned

Whether you have a long commute for work, or your job requires you to spend a lot of time in the car, this car seat cushion and pillow works wonders. It’s made from dense memory foam that supports your back, waist, and hips for comfort. But, it’s not just ideal for car seats. You can even attach it to your desk chair or bring it on the airplane for extra cushioning. Plenty of reviewers noted that it helps a lot with sciatica.


Issue: Your mattress isn't comfortable enough

Solution: A bamboo mattress pad cover

Buying a new mattress can be expensive — and perhaps, unnecessary. Instead, try this top-rated mattress cover that will add a new layer of comfort to your bed and help prevent you from waking up sore. It’s crafted from bamboo and microfiber material that prevents your body from overheating in the middle of the night. The best part? It can be thrown in the washing machine making the cleaning process super easy.


Issue: You don’t drink enough water because you prefer flavors

Solution: This fruit-infused water bottle

Not a fan of water? You can always opt for this fruit-infuser water bottle. The reusable bottle, which is great for both cold and warm beverages, has a nonslip grip. It comes with an infuser that you can easily fill with your favorite fruits and flavors, helping to make water a little more interesting. Its compact design is also perfect for travel or taking with you to the office.


Issue: Slouching at your desk

Solution: This back brace that helps promotes a better posture

Chances are, you can probably relate to being confined to your desk all day, which is why this versatile back brace is a no-brainer. It’s super helpful for improving your posture and reducing pain in your neck and in the upper and lower back. In fact, it can also strengthen back muscles. It can be worn over, or hidden under, your clothes and it’s adjustable between 35 and 41 inches.


Issue: Standing too much during kitchen prep

Solution: An anti-fatigue mat that helps reduce back pain

With a 4.6 star rating, thousands of shoppers say this anti-fatigue mat has amazing ergonomic benefits. It’s designed from a durable cushioned rubber that relieves pressure from standing on your feet for long periods of time. One five-star reviewer called it a “lifesaver for foot and back pain,” while another person wrote, “Spending time in the kitchen prepping food and doing dishes really put a strain on my back. This has made a real difference.”


Issue: Not getting enough sleep in a bright room

Solution: This ultra-soft eye mask made from silk

Sometimes the answer to getting a good night’s rest can simply be achieved with a quality eye mask. This one is crafted from multiple layers of super soft silk that is designed to block out light. It has a stretchy elastic strap for added comfort. The best part? The brand donates 10% of proceeds to PPMK, a charity that encourages women to fight poverty.


Issue: Carrying a heavy bag or purse

Solution: This ultra-lightweight backpack for long hikes

If you’re looking for a super lightweight backpack to take on walks or long hikes that won’t strain your back, look no further. This bag, which is great for traveling, is crafted from a water-resistant material and is equipped with several pockets for ample storage. Choose from 11 bright colors like blue, pink, or green.


Issue: Weight lifting incorrectly

Solution: This weight-lifting belt that helps support your back

This weight-lifting belt is essential for anyone who experiences back pain during strenuous workouts. It provides support to your lower back while lifting weights and helps add stability to your core muscles, making it a great way to help make sure your body is properly supported. This belt is easily adjustable and is available in plenty of sizes, from extra small to extra large.


Issue: Sitting too much at work

Solution: This best-selling stability exercise ball

Dubbed an Amazon best-seller, this exercise ball is crafted from the most sturdy and durable material that can withstand up to 600 pounds of weight. While most shoppers use the ball for fitness, others love it to use as a chair to help improve posture. It’s a great alternative to a standard desk chair and comes in 10 vibrant colors, like pink, yellow, teal, and blue.


Issue: Not drinking enough water

Solution: This triple-insulated water bottle with a 4.7-star rating

Keeping up with your daily water intake is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. This triple-insulated water bottle, made from stainless steel, will keep your water cold for up to 24 hours. It features a leakproof cap and is amazing for taking with you on the go. Chose from 25, 32, or 64 ounces in an array of different colors and patterns.


Issue: Not getting enough vitamin C

Solution: These vitamin C supplements that are made with rose hip

These bottles of top-rated, unflavored vitamin C capsules by Nutricost are gluten-free and made with rose hip powder. The brand recommends taking one capsule per day, and many reviewers have mentioned they’re “worth the money.”


Issue: You're under too much stress

Solution: These bath salts that will help relieve stress & muscle aches

A relaxing bath is a simple, yet effective way to relieve stress and muscle aches. These dead sea bath salts are formulated with 100 percent organic minerals, including magnesium which aims to hydrate and keep your skin soft. It’s also good to use right before bed, to help you sleep a little easier.


Issue: The fresh produce is hidden in your fridge

Solution: These stacking baskets that are great for displaying fruits & veggies

Amazon shoppers love these tiered stacking baskets for displaying fresh produce. Instead of having hidden fruits and veggies get lost in the back of your refrigerator, these sturdy baskets take up minimal space and can sit pretty on the floor or on your countertops. One five-star reviewer wrote, “I have been using it to hold bananas, onions, cantaloupe, and various other fruit. Really helps with organization in a vertical space with a small footprint. Also, allows items to benefit from air circulation.”


Issue: You spend too much time in front of screens

Solution: These blue light glasses that reduce eyestrain

These blue light-blocking glasses can help protect your eyes from fatigue and straining while staring at the computer all day long. These glasses are available in 16 different colors, and come in a set of two, for under $20. The stylish design is an added bonus.


Issue: Your stuffed wallet is getting too heavy

Solution: This slim-style money clip & wallet

This minimalistic wallet is the only accessory you need to neatly store your cash and cards in one place. Its slim design features a money clip on the outside for cash and has a strap you can pull to easily access your hidden cards. While it’s small, it’s also mighty — it can hold between eight and 10 cards without issue.


Issue: Your heel hurts due to plantar fasciitis

Solution: A pair of foot compression socks designed to help

Compression socks are oftentimes wonderful for relieving foot pain. This pair is specifically meant to help people who suffer from plantar fasciitis. They’re designed to support the arch and ankle of your foot and are made from a moisture-wicking fabric that can be worn under any pair of shoes. They’re also a great way to aid heel spurs and sprains, both of which should be officially treated by a doctor first.


Issue: You’re feeling sore

Solution: This best-selling acupressure mat & pillow set

Thousands of shoppers love this acupressure mat and pillow set for relieving tension in their back and neck, and it’s also a great way to help muscles recover. This mat helps improve circulation while giving your body a full deep-tissue massage. One reviewer even said it improved their sleep cycle. “It really does relax my back muscles and I'm definitely sleeping better after using it,” they wrote.


Issue: You’re prone to slipping in the shower

Solution: This nonslip shower mat with suction cups

This nonslip shower mat has mini holes that are made to drain the water and keep your shower clean. It also has 200 suction cups that help keep the mat securely in place. It comes in 15 fun colors, all of which can add a nice pop of color to your bathroom. With over 29,000 five-star ratings, reviewers say it’s “absolutely comfortable” and “gives me security in the shower”.


Issue: Your dental routine is lacking

Solution: A water pick flosser that has 4 different cleaning modes

Take your pick of four different modes (soft, normal, forceful, pulse) when opting for this water flosser to clean your teeth. The brand notes that this electric pick can clean 99.99% of food debris stuck deep in between your teeth. Water picks are beneficial for gum health, healing bad breath, and tooth decay. This one can stay charged for up to four hours.


Issue: You forget to secure hot dishes in the kitchen

Solution: A pair of nonslip oven mitts

Crafted from a super thick padded lining and a nonslip rubber, these may be the best oven mitts you’ve ever known. The 4.8-star rating says it all. They have a durable design and can withstand heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Snag them in four different colors.


Issue: Your knives are too dull, causing knife slips

Solution: This durable knife sharpener

Remembering to sharpen your knives is a must for anyone who spends a lot of time cooking. This knife sharpener can help you safely bring your serrated utensils back to life. But most importantly, the bottom is made with suction cups that can easily secure onto your countertop without slipping or moving around.


Issue: Your neck isn't supported during sleep

Solution: A memory foam pillow for your neck & shoulders

An ergonomic pillow is a must for anyone who wakes up with mild neck and shoulder pain. This one is crafted from durable memory foam with a contoured shape, helping to make your neck a priority during sleep. One five-star reviewer wrote, “I purchased this on recommendation from a dance coach after a cervical spine injury. It's absolutely amazing and has prevented any further pain or discomfort. I absolutely love it and even travel with it when possible.”