35 mistakes you don't realize are making your home look cluttered

Your home will look tidier with these tips.

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I actually really love cleaning, but I’ll be honest — I have a habit of avoiding clutter. It’s easy for your space to get a little messy, and This list actually has 35 mistakes you don’t realize are making your home look cluttered as well as the solutions to make your space tidy again.

Recently I realized that I don’t have to avoid that messy bathroom countertop or an overstuffed closet — things you may not realize contribute to clutter. With the products on this list, you barely have to think about organizing, and your house will instantly look de-cluttered. There are things like a wall-mounted produce basket to clean up all of the fruits and veggies on your countertop. It also has a water bottle organizer, a water-resistant entryway shoe rack, and, of course, plenty of drawer organizers.

Basically — grabbing a few of these products will save us all from dealing with, organizing, or even thinking about the clutter in our homes.


Mistake: All of your cords are out in the open

Solution: Put a power strip & chargers in a sleek cable management box

This cable management set is the easiest way to deal with cables and chargers that are just hanging out on your living room floor or desk. It comes in two sizes to fit smaller and larger power strips, and each have three openings to route your cables through. In two neutral white and black color options, they’ll hold and obscure those bulky outlet extenders.


Mistake: Your remotes are tossed wherever

Solution: Keep them in a faux-leather caddy with spots for every remote

This remote control organizer is compact and covered in textured faux-leather fabric, so it looks chic on your coffee table or next to the couch. It’s made with five shallow slots that hold onto all of your remotes — even those tiny remotes for air conditioners and streaming sticks that get lost all the time.


Mistake: Your appliances are right on the edge of the counter

Solution: Slide your coffee maker closer with this durable appliance tray

Keep your coffee maker tucked away then move it right up to the edge of your countertop with this sliding tray. This non-slip tray is also perfect for a bunch of different compact countertop appliances that otherwise crowd your counters, and can handle air fryers, stand mixers, and coffee makers that weigh up to 30 pounds.


Mistake: You have an unmade bed

Solution: Use this compact sheet tucking tool for a tidy bed

If your sheets stick out below your duvet because you avoid tucking them, grab this sheet tucker for a tidier bed. It’s a durable and compact plastic tool that slides under the mattress to quickly tuck your sheets without you having to lift a heavy mattress, so you’re left with a seriously put-together bed.


Mistake: Your closet & drawers are stuffed to the brim

Solution: Reorganize your stuff into a hanging organizer with 9 shelves

This nine-shelf hanging organizer takes care of messy closets full of bulky garments, and all of those clothes smushed into overstuffed dresser drawers. It has three hangers on top, so it’s sturdy no matter how many clothes or accessories you pack into it. There are also five drawers and side pockets to fix overflowing sock drawers.


Mistake: Your bookshelf looks cluttered & unorganized

Solution: Use these slim & sturdy bookends for organized shelves

These bookends have a super low-profile, L-shaped design, and they make a cluttered bookshelf look organized with barely any effort. They’re made of sturdy metal and a non-slip base, yet the glossy black finish looks nice with any book cover. This painted finish is also super durable, so it won’t flake off onto your books.


Mistake: There’s always a hand towel bunched up by the bathroom sink

Solution: Put it on an adhesive towel bar with a water-resistant design

This rust-resistant hand towel bar looks like a normal towel bar, but it actually comes with adhesive for the back, so it’s extra easy to stick on your bathroom wall — no nails or screws or handymen required. It holds up to 3 pounds, and those adhesive strips are water-resistant, so it’s even secure in a steam-filled bathroom.


Mistake: Your makeup & brushes are taking over the countertop

Solution: Tidy up your bathroom counter with a tall makeup organizer

This plastic makeup organizer won’t take up a ton of space because it has a slim, 11.6-inch tall design with six drawers and 16 extra slots right on top. Plus, it’s mildew-resistant and easy to rearrange or clean. And the chic design is way better than a countertop covered in foundation brushes and skincare bottles.


Mistake: You stack spices & sauces in your cupboard with zero organization

Solution: Keep spices secure on a stainless steel spinning organizer

This two-tiered, 360-degree spinning lazy Susan brings a bit of order to stacked-up spices or canned goods in your pantry, so you don’t have to turn your cupboard into a game of Jenga. It’s made of stainless steel that’s easy to clean if some garlic powder or red pepper flakes spill. This non-slip organizer is even durable enough to tidy up small cans or sauces.


Mistake: You have nowhere to store coffee supplies

Solution: Store coffee pods in an organizer with 3 drawers

This coffee pod organizer comes with three drawers to store sugar packs, stirring spoons, and, of course, your daily coffee pods. It’s durable enough for your coffee maker or coffee mugs to go right on top, saving precious counter space. It has a sleek glossy finish that works in any kitchen and enough room for 36 pods.


Mistake: You keep all of your clothes out all the time

Solution: Keep spare clothes & stray throw pillows in these vacuum-sealed bags

Instead of cluttering your closet with every piece of clothing you own at all times, pack away extra-dressy or seasonal items in these vacuum storage bags, which can reduce the volume of your belongings up to 80%. It comes with four bag sizes, with a few big enough to even fit stray throw pillows you aren’t using, and there’s even a travel pump you can use for efficient packing.


Mistake: You leave mail all over your tables

Solution: Sort your mail in this durable hanging organizer with 3 shelves

With this three-shelf mail organizer, you won’t find letters and bills scattered around your house on random tables. It has a durable alloy steel design, so it can easily hold a ton of mail, and you can organize them into incoming and outgoing mail. This decorative holder with a bronze finish also comes with five hooks on the bottom for keys and dog leashes.


Mistake: Your drawers are constantly a mess

Solution: Keep your clothes, utensils & more tidy with a set of waterproof dividers

These bamboo dividers pop into whatever messy drawers are annoying you lately, like kitchen utensil drawers, T-shirt drawers in the bedroom, or skincare drawers in the bathroom. They’re even waterproof if you want to use them for the kitchen and aren’t great at drying the dishes. The adjustable design has rubber pads on the end to keep everything in place in drawers up from 17 to 22 inches deep (and your furniture scratch-free).


Mistake: You don’t have a spot for bulky water bottles

Solution: Perfectly stack water bottles in these transparent organizers

Yes — these transparent organizers are for those bulky water bottles that never seem to have a place in your kitchen cabinets. They have a stackable and easy-to-arrange design, so you can fit all of your favorite water bottles on an otherwise crowded shelf or even organize soda or sport drink bottles in your fridge.


Mistake: Your storage bins & boxes are all mismatched

Solution: Store things in a set of matching cubes for convenient, clean storage

Swap out mismatched storage bins for this fabric storage cube set. They have a collapsible design, so you can fold any extras up in your closet until you need more clothing storage. Of course, there are matching handles to pull these sturdy and reinforced cubes off your closet shelf.


Mistake: There are toys all over the place

Solution: Stuff them into this toy storage bin with a comfy bean bag design

This storage bean bag is the perfect spot to hide all of your pets’ or kids’ plush toys when they’re not using them. It’s made of patterned 100% cotton fabric with a fun design, so it doubles as a cozy bean bag for movie night. This machine-washable bag also works for extra throw blankets, clothes, or pillows.


Mistake: You have a ton of tiny photos on your wall

Solution: Put all those 4x6s in a pre-arranged photo frame for a collage look

If those tiny prints and photos on your wall don’t look super aesthetic, this is the unique picture frame to grab. It has 10 different spots for 4-by-6-inch pictures for the easiest collage gallery wall. These connected frames are also finished off with a neutral black finish and a layered design for easy yet stylish home decor.


Mistake: You have knickknacks everywhere

Solution: Put mementos on a seriously stylish corner shelf

This unique corner shelf is the one to grab for your knickknacks no matter how big your space. It’s made with five stacked zig-zag shelves that are perfect for small decorations or photos, and best of all, this floating shelf goes into an otherwise unused corner space. This durable laminate shelf also works for heavier souvenirs because it holds up to 11 pounds.


Mistake: You clutter the closet with linens and bulky sweaters

Solution: Hide closet clutter in these slim, dust-proof under bed organizers

Instead of a closet shelf full of bulky sweaters and cluttered linens, stick them all in these lightweight and breathable — yet dust-proof — under-bed organizers. The built-in handles are completely reinforced, so they won’t rip, even if you pack a bunch of heavy quilts or coats in these clear-top bags.


Mistake: You leave freshly-washed dishes on the countertop

Solution: Dry dishes on this collapsible rack with mug hooks & a matching mat

This dish drying rack takes care of a cluttered countertop after you hand wash your dishes (or dirty dishes in the sink). It has two different levels for bowls and plates and three sturdy hooks on the side for coffee mugs. To make this durable alloy steel rack even better, it comes with a pattered dish mat to go underneath and it collapses when not in use for easy storage.


Mistake: You bunch up skirts & pants in your dresser

Solution: Keep them on these 5-tier hangers with sturdy, protective clips

These five-tier hangers means you don’t have to attempt to neatly roll up your skirts in your dresser drawers or drape them over hangers. Instead, these space-saving hangers have secure hooks with protective rubber to clip up your skirts and pants and hang them up neatly. They also have an anti-rust metal design, so they always look nice in your closet.


Mistake: Your toothbrush hangs out on the bathroom counter

Solution: Organize your toothbrushing supplies on this wall-mounted shelf

This sleek toothbrush holder can hold six toothbrushes on its hooks, and the waterproof organizer even comes with its own colorful rinsing cups that double as dust-proof covers for your toothbrushes. This wall-mounted shelf has three compartments on top to hold toothpaste tubes and more, so you don’t have to stick them on your bathroom counter.


Mistake: Your keys & sunglasses are tossed anywhere in your entryway

Solution: Keep them on a sleek entryway tray with a waterproof design

Even if you messily throw your keys and sunglasses in this sleek toss tray, your entryway will still look seriously put together. The faux-leather finish is actually waterproof, so it’s OK if you come in with wet keys on a rainy day. It also has a matte finish that goes with any entryway table decor.


Mistake: Your spice cabinet is overflowing

Solution: Keep your spices on this spinning spice rack with oversized jars

With the matching 4-ounce jars on this spinning spice rack set, you can buy as many red pepper flakes as you want, and they’ll still look neat in your cabinet or on your counter. These glass jars also have three different spice-pouring options in the lid and come with labels so you can tell your chili powder from your paprika. Plus, each one has a super secure spot on this spinning rack, so grabbing oregano will be a breeze when you’re making pasta sauce.


Mistake: You keep towels in a closet (or on the bathroom floor)

Solution: Store towels on a 6-tier rack with zero folding involved

Instead of perfectly folding spare towels and leaving them on your bathroom counter, grab this wall-mounted towel rack. It can store six rolled-up towels, so you don’t even have to fold your freshly-washed ones. The alloy steel design is also rust-resistant, so you can hang it in the bathroom without worrying about it.


Mistake: You don’t have a good spot for extra throw blankets or shoes

Solution: Tidy up with these on-trend woven baskets

These 100% cotton rope baskets are the perfect size to tuck away all of those extra shoes, throw blankets, or even small throw pillows. They have a trendy woven design that’s lightweight enough to carry around and tidy up the living room. They’re also easy to steam if these soft baskets ever get bunched up or bent.


Mistake: Your jewelry is scattered on the dresser

Solution: Store your pieces in a necklace-friendly jewelry holder with drawers

This unique jewelry organizer gives you spots for all of your jewelry, so your necklaces don’t get tangled and your earrings don’t end up scattered all over the house. There are two vertical drawer-like holders that pull out from the top, so all of your hanging necklaces and earrings stay upright. This faux-leather organizer also gives you plenty of ring storage and an extra drawer on the bottom for bracelets and watches.


Mistake: You don’t have spots for everything on your desk

Solution: Use a tiered desk organizer with cord & phone storage

With this durable organizer, you can clean up your desk without actually putting any clutter away. It has a two-tier design to neatly stack all of your things; the top tier can hold 44 pounds, while the bottom can hold up 22. This monitor stand has everything, even has a small slot to prop up your phone. Plus, this compact organizer comes with an adhesive cord organizer to stick on the side.


Mistake: Your produce is all over the counter

Solution: Store it in a wire fruit basket with little chalkboards

Hang this durable tiered wire basket in your pantry or on your kitchen wall for all of those fruits and veggies that usually clutter your countertop. You get three oversized baskets with an open-front design, so it’s easy to grab an apple or ingredients for dinner. This organizer also comes with three little chalkboards for labeling produce.


Mistake: You keep everything in over-packed cabinets

Solution: Hold extra cooking supplies with a wall-mounted organizer

This wall-mounted kitchen organizer gives you a bunch of extra space outside of your cluttered cabinets. It has a wire shelf for extra pots, pans, or lids and 10 adjustable hooks to hang up utensils or towels. Its iron construction holds up to 35 pounds, so you can really clean out those over-packed cabinets.


Mistake: Your hangers take up a ton of space

Solution: Get more room in your closet with these sturdy hanger extenders

No matter how bulky your clothes hangers are (even those extra-bulky but chic wooden ones), they’ll work with these adjustable hanger add-ons that save space. These space-saving hangers have a stainless steel design that’s sturdy enough to hold six garments each — up to 30 pounds of clothes. They work horizontally to keep everything evenly-spaced or vertical to add closet storage.


Mistake: You have papers all over your desk

Solution: Organize with this glossy letter tray that has a shelf for desk decor

You don’t have to organize those paper piles right away if you slide them into this chic letter tray with a glossy metallic finish. It has four wire shelves with an open-front design to make all of your papers look organized — whether or not they actually are. Plus, the mesh shelf on top is perfect for other desk supplies or decor.


Mistake: You aren’t making good use of furniture

Solution: Keep extra items in an oversized storage ottoman with trendy fabric

Adding this oversized ottoman to your living room makes way more sense than one of those footrest poufs because it has a bunch of hidden storage inside for throw pillows, books, toys, or blankets. Plus, it has an on-trend velvety finish that’s topped off with a classic quilted design on the lid and doubles as a seat, because it can hold up to 350 pounds on top.


Mistake: Your shoes hang out on the entryway floor

Solution: Keep your kicks on a shoe rack with a versatile shelf design

Grab this three-shelf shoe rack because sometimes we all end up with a bunch of scattered shoes hanging out on the entryway floor. It’s made of stylish and durable 100% bamboo, and it’s water-resistant if you need a spot to put rain boots. Plus, you can use the top shelf as a bench or a spot for entryway decor, because this rack can hold up to 300 pounds.


Mistake: There are a bunch of laundry piles in your closet & bedroom

Solution: Store dirty clothes in a fabric laundry basket that’s easy to tuck away

Not only does this fabric laundry basket give you a spot to hide laundry, but it also won’t take up a bunch of space in the closet. It’s made of breathable fabric and only 12.5 inches wide. This bamboo frame hamper also has a lid and removable mesh bag inside, concealing your laundry when it’s dirty, and making it easy to take to the washer when it’s laundry day.