40 mistakes you don't realize you're making around your home

Don’t worry, your (affordable, quick) solutions are here.

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There are always fresh and new ways we can improve our living environment. For example, failing to protect your expensive furniture from pets or not having an orderly system to sort laundry are just a few oversights that make your home feel unkempt.

What you might not know is that these common mistakes can all easily be fixed by incorporating minor household hacks and investing in gadgets to sustain your home (like this amazing scratch guard that will deter your cat from scratching the couch!)

Ahead, check out 40 simple solutions to the most common mistakes you may not even realize you’ve been making around the home. You’ll thank us later.


Mistake: Not sharpening knives when they get dull

Solution: This professional knife sharpening tool for all kinds of kitchen knives

This knife sharpener is a no-brainer to keep your cutlery in top shape. It has a four blade sharpening slots which work for most standard kitchen knives, hunting knives, pocket knives, fishing knives and scissors. It also features an ergonomically contoured handle to maximize comfort. Dull blades can lead to injury, so it’s important to keep those knives sharp.


Mistake: Not using weather-resistant paint on your front door

Solution: This weather and corrosion-resistant paint

Not using the proper outdoor paint for your front door or porch or mailbox means that you’ll end up re-painting them again and again. Enter: This oil-based paint is weather and rust-resistant so it’ll last for a long time. It comes in white, and also deep rich colors like dark brown and cranberry. One can covers 105 square feet, and the paint only takes around an hour or two to dry completely.


Mistake: Turning rugs into a safety hazard by not taping them down

Solution: This double-sided non-slip rug pad that is reusable and washable

Prevent slips and trips by making sure your rugs are securely held down and kept in place with this non-slip rug pad. It works for outdoor and indoor rugs of any shape and includes 12 long adhesive pieces that can also be washed with the carpet itself. After airing it out, the stickiness of the tape will be refreshed, and ready for use once again.


Mistake: Not lining your refrigerator shelves

Solution: A pack of easy-to-clean refrigerator liners

Lining your refrigerator is often an overlooked step. This simple task makes cleanup so much easier. This pack of 12 non-slip refrigerator liners has a smooth side down to secure grip and a dotted side up to prevent food from sticking. You can also use them to line your shelves, drawers, cabinets. Plus, they double as a placemat.


Mistake: Refusing to give reusable paper towels a try

Solution: These dish cloths that can be thrown in the wash

A reviewer favorite with more than 45,000 reviews, this pack of dish cloths is the perfect sustainable solution for wiping down any surface without wasting money on rolls of paper towels. “These are worth every penny as they have replaced my paper towels. They are absorbent, easy to rinse out and launder, and dry quickly...” one five-star shopper wrote. The cloths come in a pack of 10 and are available in 10 different colors.


Mistake: Neglecting to protect your hands while you're cooking dinner

Solution: These cut-resistant gloves that’ll keep you safe

Avoid cooking cuts and injuries with these cut-resistant gloves that are made with an anti-slip nitrile coating. They’re lightweight and breathable, so you might forget you have them on midway through your cook. These gloves also work great for yard work, gardening or fishing. The best part? The fabric is touch screen compatible.


Mistake: Neglecting the dust on your ceiling fans & door frames

Solution: This duster that’ll easily clean hard-to-reach places

This ceiling and fan duster comes in a pack of two and will easily clean hard-to-reach spaces. The handle extends from 27 to 47 inches while the brush fits ceiling fan blades up to 6 inches wide working to trap dust. Dubbed an Amazon’s Choice top product, this cleaning gadget has scored a 4.6-star rating. “I was shocked at the results, much better than expected,” one shopper wrote.


Mistake: Missing out on extra bedroom storage by not raising your furniture

Solution: This affordable riser that will elevate your bed to free up extra space underneath

These heavy-duty furniture bed risers are the perfect solution for freeing up space beneath your bed, sofa, desk, and more. Underneath storage is often overlooked when trying to find places to keep your things. These risers come in a pack of four and easily fit on most furniture. Each riser is designed to safely handle heavy weight without denting or cracking any floor surfaces. “They are sturdy, attractive, and just the right height to raise the bed a bit to allow storage bins to fit underneath,” one five-star review read.


Mistake: Failing to protect your expensive furniture from pets

Solution: These amazing scratch guards for your couch

With over 7,500 five-star reviews on Amazon, this scratch protector comes in a pack of 10 and works to shield your furniture from your pet's claws. The adhesive square comes in 12 x 17 inches and can easily be cut to fit any size. It’s only sticky on one side, so it won't attract hair or lint. “The shields are sturdy and folded around the corners of my sectional well. The product is truly transparent...I highly recommend this product and will definitely order more shields soon,” one five-star review read.


Mistake: Leaving disorganized piles of paperwork around

Solution: A file organizer box that is fireproof and water-resistant

If you’re in the market for the ultimate file organizer, this fiberglass box is the holy grail. Unlike most file organizers, this durable one is fireproof — it’s made of silicone-coated fiberglass which can stand temperatures up to 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and is highly water-resistant. It also includes a code lock for extra security.


Mistake: Forgetting to replace cutting boards

Solution: This glass cutting board that’ll also class up your kitchen

Perfect to use as a cutting mat, cheese plate, or simply as an everyday kitchen board, this multi-purpose tempered black glass board is a top kitchen essential. The glass top resists stains and is easy to clean, unlike most wooden options. The most important feature is the rubber bottom that keeps it from slipping on the countertop while slicing. As a bonus, it’s a quick way to add a bit more sophistication to your kitchen.


Mistake: Letting wall holes from past tenants become the main focus of the room

Solution: This best-selling hole repair kit

This 4-piece hole repair kit includes everything you need to fix holes in your wall up to 3" in diameter. This handy kit is stocked with spackling compound primer, a self-adhesive patch, a putty knife, and a sanding pad. “I bought this because I needed to fill the holes of my mounted TV and several other holes around my apartment. This was perfect! I used it the night before and in the morning it was completely dry! This was very beginner friendly,” one five-star review read.


Mistake: Leaving drawers messy and unorganized

Solution: This utensil organizer that has up to 10 storage slots

This expandable utensil organizer is the best way to keep your kitchen drawer in order. It’s available in 3-10 slots and stretches from 13 inches to 20 inches wide. Designed from organic bamboo wood, the drawer organizer is water-resistant and can easily wipe clean. You can use it for silverware, cutlery, spatulas, or just to help tame your junk drawer.


Mistake: Not having a dedicated spot for grill tools

Solution: This multi-use hook rack that you can mount on your grill

If you’re tired of misplaced tools or disorganized utensils getting stuck in drawers during off-seasons, give this multi-use hook rack a try. Perfect for storing tools in your garage or grilling accessories, this stainless steel organizer can easily hang on your shed, in your garage, or be mounted on your grill. Coming in a pack of two with three hooks each, four screws are included with the set for installation.


Mistake: Letting your fancy dishes and glassware take up precious space in your kitchen cabinets

Solution: Easily store dishes you don’t use every day with this these quilted packing cubes.

This quilted dinnerware and glassware storage pack is great for hiding barely-used dishes. Available in a 2-piece set for mugs and glassware or as a 6-piece set for plates and cups, you’ll have these storage boxes easily on hand when it comes to the holiday season or hosting a dinner party.


Mistake: Not addressing the tangle of cords on your work desk

Solution: These adhesive cord holders that are ideal for organizing wires in your office or nightstand

These cable clips are another best-selling product on Amazon. For just under $10, this pack of 16 different size black cable cord holders will help those cluttered cables and cords around your desk, TV, power strip, filing cabinets look a whole lot nicer.


Mistake: Not setting your outdoor sprinkler on a timer for convenient watering

Solution: A sprinkler timer so you can customize your watering time

Accurately program your watering time with this handy sprinkler timer. It features an LED screen with customizable times from one minute to eight hours and even has a rain delay mode. “This does exactly what it's supposed to do. It's very easy to set up and the timer worked flawlessly. It provided water for my wife's plants while we were away on vacation. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to have a simple way to provide water for their plants on a schedule that doesn't require an extensive irrigation setup,” a five-star reviewer explained.


Mistake: Not creating a safe spot for your dishes to dry

Solution: This dish drying mat that will keep your countertop dry

Add this silicone dish drying mat to your list of kitchen essentials. It’s designed with raised line ridges to help increase airflow and to keep the countertop dry and clean. It also doubles as a trivet for hot pots and pans to protect counters and is heat resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit.


Mistake: Forgetting to replace warped baking sheets

Solution: This non-toxic set of nonstick baking pans

Replace scuffed, dented, and burnt baking sheets with this set of fresh aluminum nonstick baking sheets. From baking, roasting, and even grilling, you’ll want to have these pans on deck for all of your cooking needs. “These have a nice raised edge which makes them far more [stable] than flat sheet pans. I use them under a pie or a casserole — the edges keep spills contained — makes for a much cleaner oven bottom,” one five-star review read.


Mistake: Not utilizing room corners when it comes to decor

Solution: These shelves that will dress up any room

Utilize every space in your house with a corner floating shelf wall unit. Equal parts decorative as they are functional, these 5-tier shelves are a great way to store extra throughout your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or home office. One shopper said, “This fits right into my home décor. I wanted a shelf where I could put small things and this does the job. This was pretty easy to assemble. It is very [sturdy] and sits in the corner area of my walls.”


Mistake: Not adding extra safety lights around staircases or other potentially hazardous spaces

Solution: A pack of LED puck lights that you can install within seconds

This pack of LED puck lights will help you avoid accidentally bumping into the wall during midnight bathroom trips. They can be mounted with screws or simply with adhesive tape. Stick these under the counter, in your closet, or inside kitchen cabinets for extra light throughout your home.


Mistake: Not switching out your shower head for a better version

Solution: This powerful and sleek rainfall shower head that will make your bathroom feel like a spa

Swap out your old shower head with this under-$30 option that has a 4.6-star rating on Amazon. It features a swivel ball to easily adjust the angle and is easy to install without needing a professional. “This thing is awesome, compared to my last shower head I feel like I'm living a life of luxury. Not only do I feel cleaner, it takes less time to shower,” a five-star review read.


Mistake: Showering without a mirror in the bathroom

Solution: An anti-fog bathroom mirror that’s great for shaving in the shower

Perfect for shaving, tweezing, or removing makeup, this anti-fog mirror is crafted with suction cups to mount securely to your shower. How does it work? Simply add warm water to the bottom slot, stick it to the wall, and the mirror will stay fogless while in use. It’s also easy to travel with.


Mistake: Letting outdoor noise distract you from getting a good night's sleep

Solution: A portable noise machine that has 45 different soothing sounds to choose from

Amazon shoppers love this portable white noise machine to mask background noise for uninterrupted sleep. Available with up to 45 different soothing sounds like the ocean, rain, or crickets. You can leave it on all night or set a timer for 30, 60, or 120 minutes. It’s also portable, so you can easily move it from room to room.


Mistake: Not adding extra towel hooks to your bathrooms

Solution: These sticky hooks that can hold towels and robes

Stop letting wet towels pile up on your bathroom floor and invest in this set of adhesive hooks. These hooks can easily add more wall storage to a guest bathroom. But, they can also be used all over the house to help hang purses, keys, hats, and more. The sticky hooks can securely stick on tiles, marble, glass, wood, and other surfaces, and are guaranteed to never rust.


Mistake: Not having a system to sort laundry

Solution: A dual-section hamper that makes sorting easy

This best-selling laundry hamper features two sections making it great for separating your colors and whites. The 13-inch width can easily fit in most closets or bathrooms and it collapses for easy storage. One five-star reviewer wrote, “It’s sturdy, and love the split bins for whites and colored. I also like the bags that come out so it’s easier to carry downstairs to the laundry room.”


Mistake: Not touching up the scratches and dings on your furniture

Solution: These furniture repair markers perfect for wooden cabinets

This pack of furniture repair markers makes it easy to fill the nicks, scuffs, discoloration, or holes in any wooden furniture. It comes with eight unique colors that will be sure to match any type of wood like oak, mahogany, cherry, and walnut. It also has a sharpener to sharpen the included wax sticks that help to cover scratches.


Mistake: Haphazardly hanging up pictures on the wall

Solution: This level that will help get an accurate hang every time

This torpedo-level tool has a near-perfect rating of 4.8 stars out of 5. It’s available in 9, 24, or 48 inches and provides maximum accuracy so you can evenly hang pictures and artwork without the lopsided look. “Fit and finish are superb to bring years of trusted use. Sturdy with grips in the right places. My landscaping stone project turned out perfect,” one reviewer said.


Mistake: Forgetting to dust under the couch

Solution: A reusable microfibre cleaning brush that has an extendable handle

Keep the unobvious spaces in your home clean with this cleaning brush that’s ideal for hard-to-see and hard-to-reach spaces. The microfibre dust collector can be washed with water and air dried for easy reusability. The flexibility and flat shape is the best part because it reaches into corners and gaps that are difficult to clean.


Mistake: Not using the right knives in the kitchen

Solution: A cutlery set that includes every type of knife you can ever need

Having the proper knife on hand to correspond with the correct food is a must. This 22-piece set includes a steak knives, a chef's knife, a slicer and bread knife, a santoku knife, and more options so that your slicing skills will always be chef’s kiss. Over 15,000 people didn’t hesitate to give this name-brand set a five-star rating.


Mistake: Letting your couch sag

Solution: A couch cushion support board that will give your sofa more life

Dubbed a best-seller on Amazon, this couch cushion support board works to give your sofa extra firm support and prevent your pillows from sinking in. The easy installation only requires you to remove your sofa cushion, then put the sofa support underneath, and put the cushion back on. “I think I’ll get another two years out of this couch because I bought this support. I highly recommend it and I rarely give such praise for anything,” one shopper wrote.


Mistake: Skipping over your microwave on cleaning day

Solution: This fun gadget that can clean your microwave in minutes

Remembering to clean the inside of your microwave is an essential part of upkeep and the Angry Mama makes the task way less dreadful. Just add vinegar and water, then microwave for 5-7 minutes to completely transform the inside of your microwave or oven. “This angry mama is my new best friend because cleaning it is no longer a gross task I dread,” one five-star reviewer wrote.


Mistake: Wasting money on light bulbs that run up your energy bill

Solution: These smart bulbs that can be controlled by voice

Smart light bulbs have a ton of benefits. Not only do they help conserve energy and reduce your electric bill, but you can also monitor them from anywhere with the touch of an app. This set from Amazon is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant so you can control the bulbs with a simple voice command. They can also change color, which will help set the mood of whatever room you put them in.


Mistake: Constantly misplacing your keys the second you enter your home

Solution: A Bluetooth tile that helps you keep track of your things

These handy Bluetooth trackers can help you keep track of your everyday items — from your wallet, to your phone, to your keys that you can’t stop misplacing. All you have to do is attach the Mate to your items and then download the Tile app to easily locate whatever you’re looking for.


Mistake: Having no organization when it comes to your Ziploc bags

Solution: This organizer that makes room for all bag sizes

This Ziploc bag organizer is about to make mornings a whole lot easier. Featuring four clearly labeled slots, you can simply grab-and-go the size bag you need. You can store it in a kitchen drawer or hang it on the wall. With a 4.6 star rating, Amazon shoppers are loving this organizer. “It organizes my bags, neatly and efficiently, and keeps them from being spread out all over my drawer,” one reviewer wrote. “The slots allow segregation by size and allow you to get rid of the cardboard boxes.”


Mistake: Cluttering a cabinet with all of your pots and pans

Solution: This utensil rack that mounts to the wall

Organize your most-used cooking tools with this kitchen rail. It easily mounts to the wall, making it perfect for creating a neat and clutter-free space. It has 15 hooks and can hold anything from mugs and pots, to pans and spatulas. The package comes with four screws and four dowels for easy installation.


Mistake: Forgetting to clean your computer screen

Solution: This LED and LCD screen cleaner kit

Don’t risk scratching your expensive technology and other gadgets by using this screen cleaner kit to wipe away fingerprints and streaks. It includes a large microfiber towel and a spray solution that works safely on HDTVs, flatscreens, PC monitors, tables, and even your smartphone.


Mistake: Ignoring dingy door coverings when they can easily be replaced

Solution: This door curtain that installs using velcro

This door curtain is a no-fuss way to replace broken, dingy blinds or curtains on your doors. Priced per panel (one panel comes with the order), these blackout curtains are easily, quickly installed without tools using velcro strips. Once they’re up, they fold accordion-style and stay secured with attached cloth holders. Choose from 13 shades and 17 size options.


Mistake: Leaving walls bare and lifeless

Solution: These peel and stick wall decals

Elevate your blank white walls with these nature-inspired wall decals. They come in a pack of of 24 and range in size, making it easy to redecorate any wall. You can buy them in one of two designs — country leaves, or dancing leaves. Regardless of which you choose, you’ll feel good knowing they’ll apply smooth to any surface and will not leave behind a sticky residue.


Mistake: Not having a space to put your mail

Solution: A desk mail organizer that will take up less space in your office

We’re all guilty of letting bills, invites and other miscellaneous mail pile up. This handy desk mail organizer is a great solution to keep things organized. It has three slots to conveniently organize mail and file folders to help keep your desktop clutter-free.