Of all the clever home upgrades under $35 on Amazon, these 40 have the best reviews

Homeowners all over the internet are obsessed with these budget-friendly buys.

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You’ll want to keep this list of clever home goods close by at all times because it has every under $35 upgrade you might need to elevate your space. Every single find makes it so easy to make your home look luxe, expensive, and (maybe most importantly) like you had a professional organizing service come in. And if you don’t believe me, you’ll probably believe the rave reviews these upgrades have. Each and every product has over four stars on Amazon.

It doesn’t matter what room you want to fix up, because there are highly rated solutions for your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and beyond — all for under $35.


These under-cabinet organizers with drawers that slide out

These two-tier organizers are a best-seller on Amazon with over 46,000 ratings, because they come with pull-out baskets, so you can quickly grab things without rearranging the whole cabinet. Each of these baskets is clear to easily see your supplies, and they have ventilation holes to store sponges or dish brushes. They also come with two adjustable and easy-to-label dividers to keep everything neat and extra organized.


A sunrise alarm clock with customizable sound options

Not only will this alarm clock look super expensive on your nightstand, but it will also fill your room with gentle and soothing sunrise lighting gradually over a period of 10 to 30 minutes, so you can wake up more naturally. You can also choose from seven calming sounds, like birds or water sounds, instead of a classic, annoying alarm sound. You can also set 15 relaxing colors to use this chic alarm clock as a nightlight.


This spinning stainless steel organizer that’s really versatile

This lazy Susan is obviously perfect for stacking up spices in the pantry, but it will honestly work in any cabinet that could use some tidying. It features a two-tiered design with raised rims to keep your stuff secure. The fingerprint- and rust-resistant stainless steel design is great for bathroom cabinets to neatly display skincare bottles, medicine, or makeup.


This best-selling clip-on table with a phone holder

This armrest table has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, because it is way more budget-friendly than a pricey side table, and it has an aesthetic bamboo design that will work with any sofa or chair color. The curvy legs look super modern, and they’re completely adjustable to secure it to your armrest. This clever table is also finished off with a rotating tablet or phone stand, so you can scroll and stream while you relax.


These adjustable salt & pepper grinders that you can use with 1 hand

These salt and pepper grinders are super easy to use — all you have to do is set the coarseness to your desired level and turn them upside down to get seasoning. No second hand required. Beyond being easy to use, they have a helpful LED light every time you use them so you can see the salt come out. Each one comes with a sleek matte black top and a clear container on the bottom, so you can see when you need to add more peppercorns.


This sleek essential oil diffuser with 38,000 5-star reviews

With a strong mist and 500 milliliter capacity, this essential oil diffuser and humidifier is the best way to fix a dry room and set the mood. It can be controlled via remote from 16 feet away, and you can alternate between light colors, brightness, and how much vapor comes out of the diffuser.


A toothbrush holder with spots for every bathroom essential

This wall-mounted toothbrush holder does way more than simply hold onto your toothbrush and keep it dry. It also gives you designated compartments on top for razors, skincare products, and makeup essentials, as well as a drawer for smaller items and a toothpaste dispenser. This sleek holder also comes with magnetic water cups and easy-to-mount adhesive.


This dimmable desk lamp with a wireless charger & calendar display

This desk lamp doesn’t just look modern and sleek — it has modern and sleek technology everywhere. The LED light itself has three color temperatures and five brightness levels, and the base actually doubles as a phone charger with a classic USB and a 10W wireless charger. That means you can charge two devices at once. Beyond that, this lamp has a temperature and date display, which makes it a great desk companion.


An expandable, water-resistant drawer organizer that looks custom

It’s so easy to adjust the width of this chic bamboo organizer, so it will look like it’s custom and built into your kitchen drawer. It comes with seven to nine compartments, depending on how wide the drawer is, so you’ll have plenty of room for cutlery and your favorite cooking utensils. The entire thing is also water-resistant (such a plus in the kitchen).


These odor-absorbing bags that you can hang & use anywhere

These best-selling, odor-absorbing bags come in a pack of 10, so you can tuck in your fridge, closets, bathroom, den, and any other space to keep your home smelling fresh. The bamboo charcoal filling will take care of smells for up to two years, and all you have to do is put them in the sunlight once a month to recharge them. These low-effort odor absorbers also come with hanging hooks for closets.


This charging station outlet cover with a handy shelf

This easy-to-install outlet cover has a minimalist white design and a little shelf on top that will look so nice (and honestly expensive). Simply screw it on like a classic cover, and it will instantly look like you had custom outlets installed. It even has a slot to keep your charger tidy while your phone charges on top. Plus, a ton of reviewers love using it for their smart speakers, like Amazon Alexa.


A countertop rolling tray that gives you back precious counter space

This rolling tray is a such a game-changer for your kitchen countertop because it makes it so much easier to use your coffee maker in the morning or any of your other most-used appliances. Simply use the built-in handle to pull your appliance right to the edge of the counter, so you can easily make your coffee or use your mixer. One reviewer can’t get enough of these space-savers and said, “Loved it so much I ordered another one for my stand mixer.”


This soft & calming pet blanket with a sofa-protecting design

Tossing a blanket on your sofa for your pup is a must, and this option is even waterproof to protect the upholstery from wet paws, drool, and bathroom accidents. When your pet isn’t lounging on it, this calming blanket will simply look like a chic faux-fur throw blanket draped across your couch.


These easy-to-install drawers that you can stick anywhere

With this kit, you can add drawers to your desk, under your pantry shelves, or at your vanity. They come with sturdy adhesive tape, so sticking on these clever drawers only takes a few seconds. You can also store a ton of small items or desk supplies in these compact drawers because each one holds up to 6 pounds.


A dual-sided cast iron griddle with over 31,000 5-star reviews

This oversized cast iron pan comes with a professional-looking griddle side and a grilling side that will allow you to turn your stovetop into a pro-worthy setup. It’s perfect for grilling without dealing with an actual grill or for perfectly searing steak, veggies, bacon, and any number of dishes. Made by fan-favorite brand Lodge, this sub-$35 investment will last you for a long, long time.


These breathable bags that turn your under-bed area into useful storage

These breathable bags are designed to make it surprisingly easy to grab extra clothes, shoes, and linens from underneath your bed. The durable handles and reinforced stitching make them easy to pull out, but the clear top opens all the way up, so you can reach all of your belongings.


These motion sensor lights that will elevate your staircases & halls

You might not think about illuminating your stairs, but these warm white LED lights with motion sensors might just be the chicest home upgrade. They come with adhesive or screws, so you can place them exactly where you want them on your staircase. Plus, these luxe lights only point down onto your stairs, so they’re not too bright.


This universal bamboo knife block with 2 levels

This bamboo knife holder comes with two different levels, so you can neatly arrange all of your meal prep knives (without it looking cluttered). Each level is filled with flexible rods instead of structured slots, so you can easily put your knives away, no matter what shape or size they are.


This best-selling floating corner shelf with 5 levels

This durable floating shelf has over 60,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5-star rating. People love this five-layer shelf because it’s actually quite customizable. The zig-zag shape will fit perfectly in the corner of your living room, or you can separate the levels and use each one as its own little floating shelf around your home.


These absorbent cotton towels with stylish tassels

These 100% cotton hand towels come with in a variety of neutral hues and with a stitched pattern and tassels that will add an expensive-looking touch to your kitchen or bathroom. They’re highly absorbent, soft, and resistant to odors, too, so these towels will stay looking nice for a logn time.


A hanging organizer with shelves & customizable bins

This hanging closet organizer has nine shelves and comes with five drawer-like bins so you can tuck away a bunch of smaller clothing items like socks or scarves, and it will still look tidy. Two of the bins even come with slots to organize bras or underwear. There are even breathable mesh pockets on the side for smaller odds and ends that don’t otherwise fit in the closet, like sunglasses or belts.


A cooling memory foam pillow that you can adjust to your *exact* needs

This pillow is packed with seriously comfy shredded memory foam, and you can also add more or pull out some of the memory foam to customize this pillow to your perfect level of plushness. Beyond the customizable filling at a budget-friendly price, this pillow has a breathable bamboo cover to make it feel cooling and comfy.


This geometric shelf for stylized book storage

This wooden bookshelf will be such a chic decor moment with its sleek geometric shape. The diagonally stacked shelves will make all of your books (even the paperbacks) look a little more aesthetic. Plus, you get a spot for desk supplies or a small decor piece on the sturdy base of this tabletop bookcase.


A sheet pan & plate organizer that will look sleek in the kitchen

This holder has a super minimalist wire design, so it won’t look super bulky in your kitchen cabinet. The durable stainless steel wire has a satin nickel finish to blend right in with all of your go-to cookware. While it’s great for slim things like baking sheets and plates, all of the eight sturdy slots are wide enough for oversized pans or even lids.


These gentle tiered hangers for hanging up pants & skirts

You technically get four neatly stacked hangers with each one of these clothing hangers. The stainless steel design is topped off with sturdy clips to hold onto skirts, trousers, and even heavy denim. The clips also come with rubber accents, so they’re gentle on your clothes.


This wooden cutting board with clever food containers

Keep your dinner prep space super tidy by swiping chopped veggies or prepped herbs right into the built-in containers on this bamboo cutting board. You get four of these collapsible silicone containers, and they all come with lids, so you can even store all of your prepped veggies for later.


These functional wooden coasters with an adorable cottagecore holder

These coasters come with a rocking chair-shaped holder for a little cottagecore moment on your coffee table. The actual coasters have an absorbent wooden design with grippy texture on top to keep your tumbler or coffee cup in place. Of course, these intricate coasters also come with non-slip accents on the bottom, so even though these look like a flea market find, they have modern touches.


These highly-rated caddies that look like custom shower shelves

These rust-proof shower caddies will honestly look more like expensive custom shelves in your shower, which is why they have a 4.8-star rating on Amazon. Each one comes with transparent adhesive on the back that will blend in with your shower tiles and really amp up that built-in look. They also come with hooks, and each one is wide enough for oversized shampoo or skincare bottles.


These can-shaped glasses with trendy matching straws & bamboo lids

These glasses are all over the internet right now thanks to their cute can-shaped design and matching glass straws. They’re durable enough for iced sparkling water or even a simple hot coffee, and you get a bamboo lid to take it with you. No matter what drink you pair these aesthetic glasses with, this pack comes with easy-to-use cleaning brushes to keep keep the straws clean and ready to go.


This genius storage ottoman with a comfy & waterproof design

With this foldable faux-leather ottoman, you can simply tuck away any clutter that doesn’t really have a space. It has a tufted top and over 2 inches of cushioned foam built-in to make it a comfy living room footstool or seat that can hold over 300 pounds. Plus, it has a waterproof finish, so you can use it as a durable little table for your morning iced coffee.


This vintage-style cast iron bottle opener that actually looks nice

Adding a bottle opener to your kitchen or next to your grill can look surprisingly chic as long as you grab this easy-to-mount option. It’s made of durable, long-lasting cast iron, and it comes with simple “open here” lettering on top to add to those vintage find vibes.


These satin pillowcases with a hidden zipper to make them look tidy

These satin pillowcases come with little hidden zippers on the side, so they won’t slide off your pillows every time you turn over. These super-secure pillowcases also have a silky finish that will feel more luxurious than classic pillowcases. The glossy material also prevents any unwanted hair frizz overnight. Plus, one reviewer even calls them the “perfect, stress free pillow case.”


This swiveling rack to easily grab bath & hand towels

This stainless steel towel rack is such a clever bathroom upgrade because you can hang up to four towels, and they’ll all look super tidy. It’s perfect for hanging bath towels and hand towels because you can simply move the swiveling arms to grab the towel you need. It’s also topped off with two hooks on the bottom to hang up washcloths or exfoliating brushes.


A set of best-selling anti-fatigue mats with a classic design

These anti-fatigue mats have over 27,000 five-star reviews on Amazon and are a best-seller, because they prove that a comfy anti-fatigue mat can also look nice in your kitchen. They’re made with 0.4-inch thick and cushioned foam, so you’ll have a supportive spot to stand while you prep dinner. Meanwhile, the waterproof finish has a classic diamond pattern that will look super elevated in the kitchen.


These reinforced & versatile dividers that tidy up shelves

It’s so easy to move these versatile dividers around your closet shelves to fit bulky sweaters, pants, or even shoes between each one, so you can stack them neatly. The reinforced wire design also comes with a little hook on the front, so you can hang a clothing hanger on the front of your shelf when you’re trying to pick out an outfit.


These dimmable, Hollywood-style vanity lights that you just stick on

These lights will instantly upgrade your skincare or makeup mirror, and they’re so easy to use because you simply space them out on your mirror and stick them on. The 2-inch bulbs have a dome shape to create classic vanity lighting that will look like your bathroom is an old Broadway star’s dressing room. It’s also easy to dim them for some calming skincare lighting before bed.


A stick-on wallpaper for an easy-to-customize chalkboard wall

This stick-on wallpaper will give you a customizable chalkboard wall without having to reach for any time-consuming chalkboard paint. It comes with five pieces of chalk, so you can start using your functional chalkboard wall immediately after putting it up. It also comes on a huge roll and is completely residue-free, so you can add little chalkboards to your office, cabinets, fridge — anywhere you want.


These clear fridge bins to stack & tidy up your food

These refrigerator bins with little handles make it super easy to refill your fridge after a grocery run. You can even stack up their shatterproof design to group all of your produce or condiments together. They’re also wide enough for whatever sparkling waters or bulky condiment bottles that don’t really have a spot.


An expensive-looking & portable white noise machine that’s easy to use

This white noise machine has a sleek little square design that will honestly look so elevated and expensive on your nightstand. It comes with timer settings and six easy-to-use sound buttons on top, so you can quickly find your favorite calming sound before bed. It can be powereed by outlet, USB, or battery, so doesn’t have to be tethered to one spot — or even one room.


This sleek LED light strip that you can stick anywhere

This 3-foot LED strip is such a functional lighting option because you can stick it onto furniture, underneath cabinets, or even use it to line dark shelves. There’s adhesive on the back of this aesthetic light strip and on the back of the compact and easy-to-use power button.