Of all the clever organization products on Amazon, these 40 have the most enthusiastic reviews

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I used to pooh-pooh the idea that the clutter around me was having an impact on my mental well-being. But as someone who lives an inordinately busy life with a lot that’s out of my control, I realized that getting my immediate environment in check makes a huge difference in dealing with whatever the day throws at me. How did I do it? A Kondo consultant, a little elbow grease, and Amazon — when you’re on an organizing tear, the site is an amazing resource. To pass along the goods, I’ve put together a list of fan-favorite organizational products that come backed by the most enthusiastic reviews — nearly all these finds have an overall rating of 4.6 stars or above.

For example, if you decide to go the Kondo route, something you’ll probably want to consider are these adjustable drawer dividers that keep your clothes in line while allowing everything to stay folded just so. But the Kondo method is far from the only game in town. After all, you have to organize your home in whatever way best works for you, and many of these products have garnered raves because they’re incredibly versatile. Take this over-the-door organizer, for example. While it’s designed to hold shoes, reviewers have found it’s great for so many other things, too, like scarves, craft supplies, small toys, and snacks in the pantry.

There’s something on this list for clutter challenges in every room in the house, so if you’ve been putting it off, now’s the time to get started. This is one case in which Amazon definitely helps make organizing cheap and easy.


These wall shelves that look great & work in any room

Use them in the kitchen for getting miscellaneous spices up and off your countertops and for hanging mugs underneath, or hang them in the bathroom to store extra toiletry products on top while using the hooks for towels — with these floating wall shelves, the possibilities are endless. Easy to hang, they’re made from real pine with industrial metal fittings and come with everything you need to get them on the wall in minutes.

Enthusiastic review: “I’m so glad I decided to buy these! I had only really seen them used for coffee mugs, but they are very versatile and a good price.They’re perfect as bathroom shelves as well!They are well made - actual wood and metal. Extremely easy to put together and install. I’m so pleased!”

  • Available finishes: 3


The under-bed storage containers that make cleaning out your closets a breeze

When you go to clean out your closet, are you confused about what to do with the off-season items — swimsuits and coverups in the winter, heavy sweaters when it’s spring? These under-bed storage cases provide your out-of-season clothes, towels, linens, and other garments with a solution that, once packed, can easily be slipped under any standard bed frame. The boxes feature transparent tops, so you can see what’s inside, and sturdy zippers allow you to access the interiors easily.

Enthusiastic review: “I LOVE these drawers. I went through 2 other options of the flimsy drawers that just collapse when you have items in them and everything spills out.These have a sturdy bottom and sturdy sides and keep all contents inside under the bed and nothing falls over or spills out when sliding.”


This clip-on power strip that gives you easy access to outlets

Outfitted with a clamp that attaches to the side of any desk or table, this power strip offers three standard grounded outlets plus a total of four USB charging ports. Choose from the model with a 6-foot power cord or the one with a 10-foot power cord, so you can reach your wall outlet, wherever it is.

Enthusiastic review: “I love this! I use a dock for my laptop to connect to everything on my desk (monitors, keyboard, mouse, headset, etc.) So it was always a pain to crawl under my desk to plug it in when i went to dock my laptop. Now i can move it with ease!”


A spice tray that fits inside a kitchen drawer

Keep your spices easily viewable as you’re cooking or planning your recipes with this spice tray that fits neatly inside any drawer. The four-tier organizer can store up to 32 standard-size jars, and since everything is within easy view (instead of jars hiding behind each other in the cupboard), you’ll be able to find what you need without any hassle.

Enthusiastic review: “I must say, previous 5 star reviews were definitely accurate. I was looking for a way to organize my kitchen cabinet and these little jars were a perfect purchase. Not only have I cleared space in my cabinet but aesthetically, my kitchen looks like a chef's kitchen.”


The heavy-duty pan organizer that can even handle cast iron

You’ve seen a bunch of these organizers that promise they’ll get your under-sink or stove-side cabinets into shape, and those models are great for traditional cookware, but if you’ve ever tried it with your heavy cast iron... womp womp it’s just not strong enough. This sturdy organizer, however, will definitely do the trick. Available in finishes like red, black, and bronze, the multi-tier organizer is designed to stand up to even your heaviest cookware.

Enthusiastic review: “These are exactly what I needed to organize my pots and pans. Very durable, prevents damage to pans by not having to stack on top of each other and retrieving a pan is much simpler. I purchased 3 of these and raised the shelf in the cabinet, they fit perfectly.”

  • Available colors: 5


This remote control holder that mounts to the wall

Now that everyone has multiple remotes — one for the TV, one for the sound bar, one for the stereo system, etc. — it seems like they disappear just that much more often. Designed to mount to your wall with either the included adhesive or screws, this caddy holds up to four remote controls. Of course, you can also throw your reading glasses and crossword puzzle book in the holder, too.

Enthusiastic review: “Perfect. Exactly what I wanted...an aesthetically pleasing way to keep remotes from my toddler, but still in a convenient place and not take up space. Boom! Got it! Easily goes up with the adhesive strips.”

  • Available colors: 2


The storage basket that’s both functional & chic

Do you need a laundry hamper or someplace to keep extra throw blankets or toys? Pick up this storage basket that’s so attractive it can be used as a standalone decor item. Woven from cotton rope, it has handles that make it easy to carry from room to room, and comes in a variety of two-tone color combos.

Enthusiastic review: “Absolutely love this basket! I took a photo far back to give you an idea of how big it is. I currently have 4 blankets rolled in the basket, 1 pillow, a back massager which is big, and a neck pillow. Great quality and brings a classic look to any room.”

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 8


A letter tray that will whip the most disorganized desk into shape

If you’re straightening up your WFH setup or tidying your desk at the office, this letter tray is a great way to get your paperwork under control. Crafted from sturdy iron, it gives you a place to store letters, reports, and other documents, or to sort magazines and other important materials. Choose from three colors: black, gold, and rose gold.

Enthusiastic review: “I’m so happy with this. The color is gorgeous, it’s bigger than I expected which is nice since I use it for college textbooks. I’m definitely glad I bought it!”

  • Available colors: 3


The tray that turns your single-serve brewer into a real coffee station

Put your single-serve coffee maker on top of this storage drawer, and in short order you’ll have a real coffee station, ready to offer up a variety of brews. An easy way to wrangle all those pods, the drawer’s patented design holds up to 36 K-Cups, without taking up any extra space in your cupboards or drawers.

Enthusiastic review: “This piece is extremely well made and really strong. It holds my cups perfectly and the drawer stops so you don't put it all the way out. I simply LOVE it!!! You can't go wrong with this unit. Quality at a great price!”


This bamboo flatware organizer that expands to fit

Make the most of your kitchen drawer space with this expandable drawer organizer that can be tailored to an exact fit. Made from renewable bamboo, the organizer expands from 13 inches to just over 19 inches to accommodate flatware and cooking utensils. It’s also convenient for craft supplies, DIY tools, and more.

Enthusiastic review: “The bamboo is lovely and looks great against the cherry wood of the cabinet. The expandable sides allowed me to put long cutting knives on both sides. It's a wonderful organizer, very rich looking and works ideally! I totally recommend it.”

  • Available colors: 3


The cable organizer that hides all those cords

Get all your computer and TV cables into shape (and eliminate those eyesores) with this highly rated cable management box that hides them all out of sight. This sturdy box is available in three finishes and makes any workspace or entertainment center look so much more pulled-together.

Enthusiastic review: “Was looking for an aesthetically pleasing way to clean up a mess of cables under a standing desk, and this a great solution. Aside from looking cleaner and more attractive than many cable boxes I've seen, the box is also tall, making it easier to accommodate bulky chargers...”

  • Available colors: 3


These labels that are the secret to an Insta-worthy pantry

I have severe pantry envy. Torture, for me, is scrolling through social media images of orderly walk-ins chock full of neatly stacked containers with these chalkboard labels... But hey, at least I can get the labels and stick them on my mess while en route to the organized kitchen of my dreams. This set comes with 96 labels and your own chalkboard pen, and would also be great to incorporate into place cards for your next soirée.

Enthusiastic review: “Fantastic Purchase!! Great quality stickers with easy peel on and off! The little chalk marker is great too. Love the label styles and sizes. Clutter goodbye- chalk labels Hello!!”


An over-the-door organizer that’s for shoes & so much more

Yes, this over-the-door organizer was designed for shoes (it can hold up to 12 pairs), but it’s good for so many other purposes. With its clear pockets, it can hold bras, scarves, and small accessories, all of which have a tendency to otherwise explode in your drawer. In the kitchen, you can hang it on the back of the pantry door and organize snacks, or use it in the craft room to keep track of all your bits and bobs — the possibilities are endless.

Enthusiastic review: “Amazon hit it out of the park with this one. Yes, its a relatively cheap in price item for under 10 bucks, but the value is priceless. I have used it to store iPads, cords, small tools, sunglasses, headphones, small electronic items, ties, t shirts, you name it.”


The bins that sort out your pantry or fridge

They may look like boring clear bins, but these organizers are actually the key to finally making sense of your pantry or fridge. Use the bins to group like items together, like sodas, sauces, fresh produce, etc., and then when you need something, there’s no more endless hunting for the item — you’ll always know exactly where it is. Plus, storing your items in bins in this manner helps keep your pantry or fridge clean; should something break or leak, the damage is limited only to the bin in question.

Enthusiastic review: “Love this item, what a life saver! My fridge was so cramped and it was hard to maneuver around and find things. The bins are decent size, sturdy, and easy to clean and use. Its a nice way to keep things organized in the fridge/cabinet. Would recommend!”


An over-sink drying rack that rolls up for convenient storage

Crafted from sturdy and rust-resistant stainless steel, this dish drying rack is a boon to those with small kitchens lacking in storage space. It extends over any standard sink to let dishes drain dry, and is also great for washing fresh produce. Then it rolls right up for convenient storage once you’re done. Its heat-resistant silicone coating additionally makes it a terrific hot pad for use at the table underneath hot casseroles and other dishes.

Enthusiastic review: “Perfect size! It's very sturdy and rolls up nicely to throw into the dishwasher. I can see lots of uses for it besides dish draining. It makes a good trivet for hot pans, it's good for rinsing vegetables and also keeps the cat away from meat that is thawing in the sink.”


This rack that organizes all the cans in your pantry

That experience of reaching up onto the top shelf of the pantry, feeling around in the cans, and just wondering what you were going to come up with has to be common to everyone. With this can rack organizer, that sensation is a thing of the past, because its tri-level display lets you easily see everything you have on hand, as well as how much. Made from heavy-duty metal with a chrome finish, it’s designed so that you can couple it with additional units if you so desire.

Enthusiastic review: “I absolutely love them and love being more organized. Now I can see at a glance instead of picking up can after can.”


These stackable shelves that create vertical space in your cabinets

You can learn the hard way that stacking your coffee cups on top of one another isn’t a good idea, or that putting the peanut butter on top of the jelly just won’t work when one day you open one of your kitchen cupboards and something comes flying out at your head — or you can make the smart move and get these stackable kitchen organizers. Made from sturdy metal with a chrome finish, they add instant vertical space to any cabinet.

Enthusiastic review: “Let me start by saying that I’m not one to post a review about anything. I just ordered two sets of these and they transformed my pantry in the blink of an eye! They are high enough to accommodate my short basket full of half baggies of noodles and grains, and durable enough to hold any assortment of vinegars and home can goods.”


A utility cart that’s useful in so many places throughout the house

There’s no wonder that this utility cart has more than 5,000 4.5-star reviews — it solves so many problems. One reviewer raved about using it in her sewing room, another stocked it with baby products, and yet another reported using it for food items in their dorm room. Also available in black, this slim cart is anything you need it to be, and goes wherever you need it to go, too.

Enthusiastic review: “I love the size and maneuverability of this cart! Also love the depth of each tray. My paints were taking over the craft area. Now they have a compact home in between the work table and bookcase. I can push them next to the work area when I need them and put them back out of the way when I'm finished. Brilliant!”

  • Available colors: 2


A shelf that helps corral shower clutter

Tired of tripping over all those bottles of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner when you’re just trying to take a gosh darn shower? This shower shelf will do the trick. Crafted from ultra-sturdy, rust-resistant stainless steel, it’s designed to install simply with strong adhesive — there’s no need to drill into your wall. With its clean lines, it’s rated to hold up to 20 pounds of bath items, keeping them off of the floor and out of your way.

Enthusiastic review: “I put this up in my shower almost 6 months ago and stuffed it full of body washes and such. It is still incredibly stable and showing no signs of loosening. It looks really nice and holds everything...’

  • Available colors: 2


This tangle-free jewelry organizer that’s almost sculptural

Why get a plain old box to put your necklaces and rings in when you can get this jewelry organizer that adds a sculptural note to your decor? Three metal arms provide a place to hang necklaces, hoop earrings, and bracelets, while the metal base gives you a place to put stud earrings and rings. It’s available in a number of finishes, and is a great way to prevent jewelry tangles.

Enthusiastic review: “I used to keep most necklaces in a dresser drawer, or in small containers and always had to dig for my necklaces to find the right ones. It is so nice to have all my costume jewelry necklaces easily accessible and easy to see----and NOT have to untangle things!! Why didn't I do this years ago???!!!!”

  • Available finishes: 5


These hooks that swing out when you need extra hanging space

When you need extra closet space but just can’t get it, these swinging arm hooks can be a great stand-in. Made from solid iron, they’re extra sturdy to hold your heaviest hanging goods and can even support hanging flowerpots or wet clothing in the laundry room. They swing a full 180 degrees so that when they’re not in use, they fold back flat against the wall.

Enthusiastic review: “I bought these for my tiny laundry room for both empty hangers and to put clothes on as I hang them from the dryer. They fold out of the way when I don't need them and they look great!”

  • Available colors: 2


A storage case that turns your vanity into a makeup counter

If you’re tired of having your makeup scattered in six bags or four drawers all over the place in your bathroom, this makeup and jewelry case display is for you. It comes in two parts: One is a set of drawers, featuring three large and four small drawers that slide out effortlessly to contain your larger items, and the second part is a topper with slots for lipstick, nail polish, mascara, and other items.

Enthusiastic review: “I’ve had makeup storage problems for years as my collection has grown, and this organizer has solved most of them. The color is gorgeous and matches the color scheme of my vanity perfectly.”


The wall-mounted rack that can get your garage floor cleaned up

Get your yard tools off of your garage floor, or give your cleaning tools someplace to live inside of your utility closet with this organizer rack that mounts to the wall. There’s room for four handled tools, and the rack also has a series of hooks that can be used for other items like brushes, gloves, dustpans, and the like. It’s designed to hold up to 40 pounds of gear.

Enthusiastic review: “Arrived quickly! Works wonderful in my laundry room. Now able to keep brooms and mops off the floor! I’ll be purchasing one more to finish up organizing the small space.”


This wall-mounted rack that holds your food wrap

Keep your wax paper, parchment paper, foil, and plastic wrap all together and right where you need them with this mounted organizer that can be affixed to the wall or the inside of a cabinet door. Made from heavy-gauge steel, it’s tough enough to withstand the rigors of everyday use, and comes with everything needed for installation.

Enthusiastic review: “This item was just what I was looking for to help maximize space in my tiny pantry. I have been using it on the inside of the door to store packages of ziplock bags of various sizes. The design makes it easy to remove bags as needed without having to remove the entire package from the rack.”


These collapsible storage cubes that can hold so much

When you need a place to stash spare stuff, these fan-favorite storage cubes are a sure bet. Available in six colors, they’re made from sturdy, rigid fabric that’s also breathable enough to allow air to circulate. These cubes have reinforced bottoms and convenient handles for easy carrying, and they fold down flat when not in use.

Enthusiastic reviews: “I was surprised to discover the quality of theses. These were a lower price per cube and are a thicker material than the ones I have from my local big box stores!”

  • Available colors: 6


An organizer to get your trunk all straightened up

It’s the Achilles’ heel of organization for so many people: the trunk or cargo space of their car. So often, it ends up being a catchall for stuff like sports equipment and files from work, and then you have a hard time figuring out where to put the groceries and auto products you do need to stow. This collapsible organizer has three compartments, plus convenient mesh and other pockets to harness everything.

Enthusiastic review: “I ordered this one that day and just got it today. I am AMAZED as how well it made and my trunk looks so organized and tidy. My reusable bags fit perfectly in the slot between the two main bins and the pockets are great for small umbrellas. I used the compartment flap to make a small area to keep my ArmorAll wipes and my bucket for washing my bike and cleaning products goes on the other side.”


These stackable stands that rack your water bottles

Increasing your hydration is always a worthy goal, and it’s much easier to do when there’s always a full, cold water bottle at the ready — easy to achieve with these stackable stands made specifically for water bottles. Crafted from heavy-duty plastic, they’re designed for water bottles but can also be used for soda, wine bottles, sparkling water, and lots of other beverages.

Enthusiastic review: “I am way too excited about this thing. I hate my protein shaker cups because they always fall out of the cabinet and awkwardly take up space. This shelf thing is perfect and fits snugly in my cabinet. So happy with it!”


The color-coded containers that make food storage a breeze

If you’re tired of wasting your time hunting down the right lid to go with your food storage container, this color-coded food storage set can take the headache out of putting leftovers away. With containers in various sizes, the color-coded dot in the base of each container matches the flap on its lid mate, so you always know which items are a pair. Made from BPA-free plastic, they’re airtight and leakproof.

Enthusiastic review: “Love everything about these. The sizes work perfectly for me and the space saving quality is awesome!”


This roll-out caddy for easy-to-access storage

Make even the far recesses of your cabinet accessible with this roll-out caddy that’s perfect for under your kitchen or bathroom sink. It features adjustable dividers that allow you to customize your storage space, and the casters help it roll smoothly, even when it’s packed with supplies. Plus, it has a removable basket that can be used on the front, back, or side — wherever it makes the most sense for you.

Enthusiastic review: “This holds all of the basic necessities under our kitchen sink and it actually rolls out very smoothly to reach the back...I was skeptical about that before it came but it's great quality. I love the compartment for dishwasher packets. [...] Great value and its saved my sanity!”

  • Available colors: 2


The rolling laundry cart that sorts clothes for you

Sort your laundry as you dirty it, then roll it right to the laundry room for washing with this laundry sorter cart that has three bags. The frame is made from a durable steel alloy with an attractive chrome finish, and the bags are made from a heavy-duty fabric and can hold 13 gallons of dirty clothes. Each bag lifts out, so you can easily dump the contents into the wash.

Enthusiastic review: “Love this laundry sorter! It has made doing laundry so much easier! I used to have all of my laundry in one large laundry basket that I would have to drag downstairs and sort on the floor. [...] Now the laundry is sorted into the individual bags and I can just grab a bag when it's full and take it downstairs to wash. The whole cart is very good quality.”

  • Available colors: 3


A rack for spare towels in the bathroom

Crafted from a sturdy steel alloy, this towel rack mounts to your wall and provides extra storage space for spare towels. It’s also perfect for providing an extra set of linens in the guest room, or stacking up a bunch of extra throw blankets in your den, so they’re on hand for movie night.

Enthusiastic review: “I really like how I can store additional towels for guests just in case my grandchildren get the towel in use wet or dirty. My guest can just reach for a fresh towel. Even if you just wanted to use it for display only, it has a very appealing appearance.”

  • Available finishes: 5


This turntable that makes it easy to reach every item

Get the most out of the hard-to-reach space in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets with this lazy Susan turntable that makes all your items easy to grab. With smooth, 360-degree rotation, it has removable bins with handles, which work to keep tall items upright while you spin.

Enthusiastic review: “This is so far superior to everything else I’ve tried!!! It’s sturdy, turns beautifully, and it looks good too. Absolutely worth every penny. Since I’m on a frenzied organizing binge, I’m definitely buying more.”


These adjustable drawer dividers that are perfect for the Kondo method

If you’ve ever thought of trying the Marie Kondo method of organizing, this adjustable organizer set is the kind of thing that you’ll find super helpful in bringing joy to your drawers. Made from eco-sustainable bamboo, they extend from 17 inches to 22 inches for an exact fit in your drawers, and have foam padding on both ends so that they don’t scratch your furniture.

Enthusiastic review: “For the price I was not expecting such quality. These are great to organize the drawers in my kitchen and make things easier to find. I'm ordering more now so I can do pretty much every drawer in my kitchen. Awesome product.”

  • Available finishes: 4


A bed & couch caddy that keeps all your must-haves close at hand

Whether you’re sitting on the couch or on your bed, this organizer caddy is a terrific asset in keeping all the stuff you need the most right at your fingertips. It has multiple mesh pockets that hold everything from your tablet and magazines to your phone, remotes, and earbuds. Just slide the upper panel between your mattress and box spring, or underneath the couch cushion, and you’re good to go.

Enthusiastic review: “I love this bedside storage organizer! I actually use it with my bed wedge that fills the gap between my mattress and headboard. I fold the bottom piece under as well. It couldn't fit any better. It is a perfect fit for all my stuff that used to continuously get lost on the bed or under my pillow. It's perfect...”


The organizer that keeps electronic accessories in check

When everything you own has a different cable that connects it, it can be easy to get all of those cables tied up in knots. This organizer gives all of those cords their own home, so that they’re neat and ready to go when they’re needed. Made from water-repellent nylon, it has space for your power bank and an external hard drive, too, as well as a mouse and a couple of USB drives.

Enthusiastic review: “Was looking for an organizer for a long time, but I had specific size requirements. This organizer meets all my requirements! Holds all chargers, cords, power bank, mouse organized in a compact case (fits perfectly to a compact laptop bag).”

  • Available colors: 3


A wrapping paper organizer that can slip under the bed

When you sit down to wrap a present, are you confronted with an overflowing box of wrapping paper scraps, ribbon, and — well, who knows where the tape and scissors are? Put an end to that nightmare with this wrapping paper storage box that will make you wrapping-ready anytime there’s a gift on the horizon. It’s tear-resistant and has pockets for bows and all the extras.

Enthusiastic review: “I love that I have everything in one place and it slides under my bed out of sight! My favorite part is the little Velcro divider at the end. I moved it to the center so the long 40” rolls have room and it makes the perfect spot for bows and little gift boxes

  • Available colors: 4


These backseat wonders that make car trips so much easier

When a car trip of any length is on the agenda, whether you’re taking the kids to the grocery store or headed cross-country, these backseat organizers can be lifesavers. They feature a bevy of mesh pockets that can be used to store tissues, toys, snacks, water bottles, games — heck, there’s even a transparent pocket at the top that’s perfect for a tablet. They attach securely around the front seat headrests and also protect the backs of your seats from getting kicked and scuffed by little shoes.

Enthusiastic review: “I practically live in my truck and with any truck, storage is a big factor as there is only so much room under seats, etc. the material is strong and durable and all the extra pockets are very convenient. My dogs are with me 99% of the time and we do alot of 'training', so having extra storage to keep leashes, collars, toys and other 'training' supplies is great and keeps things at my fingertips without having to get into my bed tool boxes all the time.”

  • Available colors: 2


This fun label maker with 14 fonts

Once you have everything in your life organized, it’s time to put a label on it — and this battery-operated label maker makes that task not only easy, but fun. It’s not your grandpa’s label maker: This one has a remarkable 14 fonts, 97 frames, and more than 600 symbols, giving you tons of latitude to be creative with your label-making at the same time as you’re organizing.

Enthusiastic review: “This label maker is an organized persons dream come true! I always wanted a label maker and when I saw this on sale for only $9.99 I had to have it; what a steal. There's a HUGE variety of fonts and 99 different frames to choose from to personalize the labels.”


A holder to keep all your scrunchies in one place

The scrunchie has come back with a vengeance, and if you’re like me, yours have taken over your house. I find them in my bathroom, my bedroom, even my kitchen. This scrunchie holder gives them a place to live — simply slip the scrunchies on the tower for easy storage. The base is weighted, so it won’t tip over, and the rod is empty, so you can even store bobby pins inside.

Enthusiastic review: “This is perfect and it fits so many scrunchies. It also has a small opening and you can put even more scrunchies in there. This is amazing because I always have a mess of them everywhere and with this, I can keep them all organized. Super happy I found out about this.”


This holder for spare rolls of toilet paper

Get some real estate back in your bathroom cabinet by investing in this freestanding toilet paper holder that can hold up to three spare rolls. The narrow profile means it takes up minimal floor space, so you can sneak it in right by the toilet. And although it’s utilitarian, it comes in your choice of finishes, like gold, brass, and black.

Enthusiastic review: “Bought this to replace my older toilet paper holder that the jumbo rolls couldn't fit into anymore and this stand is working great so far. It holds at least 3 jumbo rolls easily. It's good looking, seems sturdy yet lightweight and fits anywhere near the toilet for storage.”

  • Available colors: 6