Of the weird things for your home on Amazon, these 50 are effing brilliant
Of the weird things for your home on Amazon, these 50 are effing brilliant
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There’s nothing better than a weird little product from Amazon to brighten up your routine or to add a unique accent to your space that no one else has. There are so many finds out there that are impressive and quirky enough to make you click on them — but the best weird finds for your home also need to be super functional. So turn to this list because out of the weird things for your home on Amazon, these are actually so brilliant.


This adorable cat-themed sofa to prop up your phone

When you’re not using this phone holder, it will simply look like an adorable cat-themed decor piece. The miniature cat perched on top of the sofa actually keeps your phone secure and perfectly propped up. This fuzzy little sofa is also sturdy enough to hold onto a large tablet.


A roll-up puzzle mat to keep *every* piece secure

With this easy-to-use mat, you can simply roll up that half-finished puzzle until you’re ready to finish it up, clearing up precious table space. The inflatable tube makes it easy to roll each and every puzzle without moving (or even losing) any of the pieces. This mat also comes with stretchy elastic bands and a bag to secure everything once it’s all rolled up.


These reusable chopsticks with a little animal to keep them together

Not only is the T-Rex design of these chopsticks super fun and quirky, but it also makes them easy to use. The dinosaur on top keeps both of the reusable chopsticks together — even when you put them down. Plus, when you use these BPA-free chopsticks, the little dinosaur opens and closes his mouth, which is just fun. And don’t worry — if dinos aren’t your speed, these chopsticks alsom have designs featuring a lobster claw, frog, toucan, and more.


A foldable document clip to make video meetings easier

This document clip is a must for meetings because you can clip up your notes, so you won’t have to keep looking down. With the included 3M adhesive tape, you can mount it on whatever side of your computer is easier to glance at. It holds up to 30 sheets of paper at a time, and you can even fold it up behind your screen when you finish your meeting.


A flexible tea bag holder that doubles as a mug lid

This tea bag holder fits right over your mug, like a lid, to trap all of the steam and keep your tea warm. It’s easy to secure the tea bag on top with the built-in holder and flexible silicone design. It’s also super functional when your tea is finished steeping because you can use it as a bag strainer and holder — no need to get your fingers wet.


An ultra-soft pillow cover that creates a cozy floor lounger

This super soft floor pillow cover has a foldable design, so you can easily tuck it away after movie night. All you have to do is add your fluffiest king-size pillows into the five pillow slots to create the coziest spot for watching TV. Each slot also has a secure zipper to prevent the pillows from sliding around while you’re lounging.


This microwave grill for the crispiest reheated leftovers

This clever gadget is called a microwave grill because it elevates your food while you microwave it for perfectly crispy (instead of soggy) leftovers. You can even cook raw bacon on it because the grill-like ridges let all of the grease drip to the bottom. The cover prevents grease or sauce splatters in the microwave, while the vents let just enough steam out. Plus, it has handles on each side to easily and safely pull this grill out of the microwave.


These scrubby mop pads that you can reuse 100 times

Not only can you reuse these multi-surface mop pads up to 100 times, but they’re made of extra-thick microfiber fabric to seriously deep clean your floors. It’s easy to pop it on your Swiffer Sweeper with the super secure straps. Meanwhile, the absorbent and reinforced design will grab onto dust and take care of every single spill.


This tong set with adorable & functional cat paw designs

Add some adorableness and functionality to your cooking utensil set with these cat paw-shaped tongs. This set of three is made of stainless steel and nylon, so they won’t tarnish, rust, or corrode no matter how often you use them. And even though they’re super cute, the paws are actually grippy and functional for all of your cooking needs.


A best-selling home project wristband with seriously strong magnets

Pop all the nails and bits you’ll need for your home projects on this super secure, adjustable magnetic wristband. The 10 extra-strong magnets will keep everything all in place until you need it, no matter how much you move around. This wristband is also covered in tear-resistant fabric, so it will look new every time you need it for a project.


These funky stick-on clips to grip onto chargers & cords

These cable clips will look so fun on your nightstand or desk with their colorful thumbs up-shaped design. They’re backed with a multi-surface adhesive that you can stick anywhere, including in your car. They grip onto every charger and stray cord, and they’re completely residue-free if you ever need to take them off.


These dishwashing gloves that help with all kinds of cleaning projects

These reusable gloves will protect your skin while you wash the dishes, and they’re covered in scrubby silicone bristles to speed up the process. These bristles are durable enough to clean off stuck-on food or messy sauces without even pulling out a dish brush. You can also use these gentle gloves to clean all over the house, like wiping out the fridge or washing shower tiles.


These insulated stainless steel mugs that you can take with you

These durable stainless steel mugs are obviously a go-to for travel, but their double-wall insulation will also keep your coffee extra warm at home. Each one comes with an easy-to-hold handle to give it that classic mug shape. The spill-proof lid also has a sliding design, so it’s easy to open between meetings. They also have a cool-touch finish on the outside to prevent burned hands while you sip.


These reusable & weatherproof cable ties that you’ll use all over the house

With their reusable and self-fastening design, these colorful cable ties are seriously easy to wrap around messy cords and chargers. They come with 4-inch and 8-inch options, so you can easily wrap them around bulky or extra-long cords. Their nylon fabric is also durable enough to clean up kitchen appliance cords and weatherproof enough for outdoor cords.


A condiment fork with a genius holder for the jar

This condiment fork comes with a secure little holder, so you can store it right on the side of your favorite condiment or jar of pickles. All you have to do is stretch the silicone band around the jar, and you’ll always have a mess-free stainless steel fork for pickles, olives, or banana peppers. The holder also catches any brine when you put the fork back.


These breathable cut-resistant gloves for gardening & home projects

These cut-resistant gloves are surprisingly soft, lightweight, and breathable for just how protective they are. They offer level 5 cut resistance protection and have a nitrile coating for an extra layer of protection. You can also take a gardening break and use your phone while still wearing these anti-slip gloves.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large


A 3-tier glass rimmer for citrus, salt & sugar

This glass rimmer is a must for parties because it comes with three trays for citrus, a sugar rim, and a salt rim. Obviously, it’s perfect for margaritas, and the built-in labels will let everyone know which one’s sugar and which one’s salt (very important). You can also fold it all up when cocktail time is over.


These soap savers that also make bars easier to grip

If you’re sick of your soap getting all grimy and slimy as you use it so it just slips out of your hand, these soap bar grips will be a game-changer. The stand inserts into your bars and allows for more airflow, keeping your soap usable for longer. The plastic then doubles as a handle of sorts, giving you extra support for scrubbing.


A magnetic flashlight to pick up lost screws & keys

This extendable magnetic flashlight is the easiest way to pick up things from between your car seats or lost screws during home projects. You can easily bend the durable aluminum top to reach underneath furniture. Though it can be as long as 22.5 inches, it also collapses down to a little over 6 inches, so you can store this grabber tool just about anywhere.


A pack of giant rubber bands to keep trash bags in place

If your trash bags are always dipping and shifting around in your cans, these bands are the solution you’ve been looking for. They’re made of durable rubber that’s coated in fabric, and they stretch to secure bags in bins with 10 to 33 gallon capacities. The metal joints further keep these bands in place, so your trash stays in the trash.


This hamper that transforms into a laundry-carrying bag

This water-resistant laundry hamper has a game-changing design that turns into an easy-to-carry laundry bag when it’s time to wash your clothes. The linen bag holds its shape like a normal hamper until you’re ready to carry it to the laundry room, when the opening turns into a handle.


This quick panini maker that goes in your toaster

This panini maker goes right in your toaster, so you won’t have to add another bulky appliance to your collection. Clip this non-stick aluminum and stainless steel gadget around your sandwich and slide it into the toaster to get it melty and crispy. It creates those perfect panini grill marks, and you can easily pull it out of the toaster with the built-in handle.


A quirky duck night-light with feet that double as a phone holder

This little duck night light looks like it fell over for a nap on your bedside table, but it still has enough energy to fill your room with a relaxing, warm white light. It’s made of soft silicone, and you simply tap it to choose from a bright, ambient, and calming sleep light. This USB-rechargeable light also has a spot for you to prop up your phone on its feet.


A stovetop espresso maker with an easy-to-pour design

This durable stainless steel espresso maker will a save a ton of counter space with its stovetop design. Add the espresso into the easy-to-fill filter, add water, and this clever gadget is ready to brew your espresso. It creates 6 cups of espresso at once, so you’ll have plenty of coffee for the week. It also has a sturdy handle and pouring spout to fill your favorite latte mug.


This chili oil & hot honey hybrid that you’ll put on everything

This is the chili oil to keep stocked in your kitchen at all times because it pairs all of the spicy chilis with sweet, hot honey. The wildflower honey is paired with two different chilis and ingredients like sesame seeds, mushrooms, and, of course, plenty of garlic. It’s versatile enough to drizzle on every meal or snack, and the hot honey formula is obviously also a must for pizza.


This glass & screen cleaner that only needs water

This is the only streak-free cloth you’ll need for your screens, mirrors, and all of the windows in your space — and it only requires water to work. You won’t need to use any harsh glass cleaners, and the duo-layered fibers will grab onto all of the lint, dust, and hair on screens. It also leaves behind a polished finish with barely any effort.


This extra-soothing dog bed that’s seriously durable

This dog bed has a calming and supportive doughnut-shaped design to create the most relaxing spot for your pup. It’s covered in super fluffy faux-fur to add to the coziness of this soothing bed. It also comes with an extra-reinforced and non-slip base that will stay exactly where you place it (no matter how many times your dog jumps on it).


An extra-long KitchenAid spatula that can reach deep into jars & blenders

This KitchenAid spatula is over one 1 foot long, so it’s great for scraping down the sides of extra-large mixing bowls or into a blender so your peanut butter can really get incorporated into your smoothies. It’s also made of silicone, which makes it heat resistant up to 450 degrees and safe to use on all kinds of cookware.


This supportive neck pillow that looks like a jumbo shrimp

This neck pillow is comfortable, supportive, and versatile. You can use it to keep your neck supported while you work or lounge, as a soft pillow for midday naps, or, well, you can use it as a funky piece of decor. Because beyond that functionality, this highly-rated piece looks like a very realistic piece of shrimp cocktail.


A vampire kitchen tool to speed up garlic prep

This ironic garlic crusher with a vampire theme might just have the quickest garlic-prepping design. You can add multiple cloves in at once, and all you have to do is twist it a few times for minced and ready-to-go garlic. This mini vampire also prevents that annoying lingering garlic smell on your hands after dinner.


A sassy magnetic cat that holds your earbuds

This sassy cat-shaped holder is such a fun way to keep up with your wireless earbuds on your desk. It has built-in magnets, so your earbuds will stay perfectly in place — even if you knock it over. This quirky earbud holder is also small enough to fit on any desk or bedside table, no matter how cluttered it is.


This silicone mat with different textures to clean your makeup brushes

Keep your makeup brushes in tip-top shape with the help of this scrubber mat. It’s made of waterproof and durable silicone, and it features four different textures to clean a variety of brushes in a jiffy. Just wet your brush, add your favorite cleaner to the mat, and rub away. You can suction this mat to your counter or hold it — either way, it’ll stay secure.


A mustache-themed dustpan & brush that’s actually so functional

This dustpan and brush set will give you a little smile every time you have to sweep up a mess. The mustache-shaped bristles are durable enough to sweep up all kinds of spills — even extra-tiny crumbs. Meanwhile, the face-themed dustpan is large enough to hold a bunch of trash and crumbs, and the whole this is amusing when you hang it up.


An oversized body pillow with always-fluffy memory foam

This memory foam body pillow is so plush and oversized, which makes it feel so luxurious. It’s especially supportive for side sleepers, and the durable shredded memory foam filling will stay fluffy and full as it contours to your shape — even if you cuddle it every night. It’s also covered in a breathable bamboo-blend fabric, and the entire thing can go in the wash.


These cozy mushroom night lights that automatically turn on

These LED mushroom night-lights add a calming, warm white light and a little bit of fun greenery to your space at the same time. These illuminated mushrooms come with a built-in light sensor, so they’ll turn on the second it gets dark. These compact botanical lights also leave plenty of room to plug in your phone charger underneath.


This bamboo tumbler with tea-brewing accessories

This tea thermos has stainless steel vacuum insulation hidden underneath its aesthetic bamboo design. It’s specifically for tea because it comes with an easy-to-use loose-leaf tea infuser that fits right in the tumbler. It also has a matching bamboo leak-proof lid, and it will keep your cozy hot tea warm for up to 12 hours or your favorite iced tea chilled for 24.


A chic incense holder that catches all the ash

This incense holder has a chic glass container and a compact wooden base to catch all of the ash. Simply choose your favorite soothing incense and attach it to the glossy golden holder on top. It holds it securely in place and upside down to really ensure that the ash falls into the tray.


A workout tool that supports your spine and has an easy-to-carry strap

Pair this spine support tool with your yoga mat to relieve tension while you stretch or workout. It’s made of 28 cushioned spheres that will help out with spine alignment and posture while you’re doing floor exercises. It also comes with a carrying strap to take this supportive tool to the gym or move it around the house.


This soap-saver bag with luxe, exfoliating fabric

Pop your favorite bar of soap in these nylon bamboo-blend bags to easily exfoliate your skin and make the bar last longer. Even when your bar shrinks down super tiny, it will still lather up inside the bags. It’s also finished off with a hanging strap to hang these clever soap bags in your shower.


An adjustable work tray table with a spot for your coffee

This foldable work table has six adjustable heights and three angles, so you can tilt your laptop to the perfect ergonomic angle. The lightweight design has two sturdy L-shaped legs that can slide under your sofa if you’re working from the couch. It also has a little cup holder for your coffee while you work, but it’s also helpful if you want to use this table to eat dinner in the living room.


This side-sleeper pillow that’s refreshingly breathable

This pillow has enough support to actually feel comfortable when you’re sleeping on your side. Its medium-support design will also stay medium-support (instead of going flat) no matter how you sleep on this pillow. It’s also covered in 100% breathable cotton fabric to finish off this plush pillow.


An adjustable & super-reinforced organizer to tidy anything

This non-slip organizer with adjustable shelf heights is versatile enough to tidy up cabinets, cleaning closets, or wherever else you might need it. Each of the three durable shelves has built-in ventilation, and the entire thing is reinforced with a sturdy wire frame to hold up to 20 pounds. It’s also such a good size for those annoying tin foil, parchment paper, or plastic bag boxes.


These solar animal-repellent lights that are quick to set up

These solar-powered animal repeller lights are sure to intimidate any frustrating animal that wanders onto your patio or outdoor space. Each in this four-pack has two bright red LED lights that will look like a predator’s eyes and scare away any unwanted critters at night. They’re also weatherproof and come with zip ties to attach them to your fence easily.


This orange juice vase that deserves a spot in your kitchen

With its vintage-style orange juice theme, this ceramic vase definitely deserves a permanent spot in your home. This vibrant vase has a carton-shaped design that’s perfect for a few dainty stems. Even without flowers, this versatile vase works as a colorful decor piece around your space.


A nonstick omelet maker that you just pop in the microwave

This nonstick omelet maker is such a quick way to prep breakfast because it only has three steps and cooks in the microwave. It doesn’t require any oil, and you can easily scramble up your ingredients in this gadget before microwaving it for about two minutes. Plus, the clear lid lets you see if your omelet is fluffy and set before opening it.


A calf-stretching tool with zero setup required

This roller stretching tool fits up to a size 12 shoe and is compact enough to keep under your desk or by the front door to easily stretch tight calves. There’s zero setup required to use this stretcher after a run or simply a long day at your desk. Plus, the bottom is covered in no-slip pads, so it feels secure while you stretch.


This book safe with a convincing cover & pages

Not only does this secret safe look like a book with its hardcover design, but it also has real pages to trick people even more. Hidden inside the pages is a deep 1.4-inch-thick alloy steel safe to hide small essentials (think: passports or spare keys). It also has a simple combination lock, so you won’t have to hide an annoying little key.


This hat protector that’s easy to use on laundry day

This hat protector is a must for laundry day because it protects your favorite baseball cap from losing its shape or getting messed up in the wash. It only takes a second to clip this budget-friendly protector around your favorite hat before you toss laundry in. It also has four different clasps to ensure that your hat stays secure for the entire cycle.


These rechargeable light bulbs that work all over the house

You’ll want these rechargeable LED light bulbs all over the house because you won’t have to buy new ones all the time. Each one has a simple, warm white light that’s bright enough (and also relaxing enough) for every room in your space. Plus, they come with screw-on hooks, so you can even hang them in a closet or carry them in case of a power outage.


A magnetic portable charger with a stand for your desk

This slim USB C-rechargeable portable charger has a secure magnet to stick it right on the back of your phone. It also has a built-in stand, so you can prop up your phone to easily see your notifications while charging. You can still use your phone with this sleek little charger on the back, and the indicator lights let you check how much battery is left.