Pet owners say you can save a sh*t load of money with any of these genius things

These pet owner-approved products are sure not to disappoint.

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Caring for your pet is no easy feat. Not only does it take a lot of work and dedicated time, but owning a pet will also have you digging deep into your pockets. Luckily, there are a ton of affordable products on the market that can actually save you money when it comes to your furry companion. And who better to reveal which items are game-changers than pet owners with everyday experience?

Ahead, discover 30 genius products that will save any pet owner loads of money.


This dog toothbrush beloved by thousands of shoppers

If you struggle to take care of your dog’s teeth, you're not alone. Thousands of Amazon shoppers agree that this dog toothbrush dental kit — which boasts a 4.6-star rating — is a game-changer. The kit comes with a finger glove made from silicone bristles so you can clean your pet's mouth with just a few easy swipes.

One reviewer wrote: "Our dog usually never lets us go near his mouth. Saved us [hundreds] in going to a vet for a deep teeth cleaning. Super easy usage, easy to clean, can throw it in the dishwasher or just rinse off after use."


This scratch shield to protect your sofa

If your pet spends a lot of time scratching household items, give this scratch shield a try. It’s designed to protect furniture and is simple to set up. The plastic measures at 17 by 12 inches, which is large enough to cover most couches. It has an adhesive back that works for most fabrics like cotton, leather, and acrylic.

One reviewer wrote: "My cat hasn't scratched our new couch once! I'd like to cover the entire couch with these shields, but I figured it's best to only cover the areas I've seen her scratching the most. She refuses to scratch anything, and I mean ANYTHING but our couch and bed. There's so much money wasted on so many cat scratchers, but not these perfect shields!"


This helpful dental powder that has 192 servings per jar

This teeth-cleaning dental powder easily mixes into to your pet’s meals and doesn’t require a toothbrush. It’s perfect for pets who might get nervous when a toothbrush is near. In no time, you’ll notice a huge difference in your dog’s breath and gum health.

One reviewer wrote: "So far so GOOD, saving me 1k on a dental cleaning bill."


A double-sided de-shedding brush to safely groom your pup

This double-sided brush is a safe and effective way to groom your dog and prevent shedding. One side features a nine-tooth comb for de-matting, while the other side’s comb is designed for de-shedding and thinning the fur. The handle is made with anti-slip rubber for a comfortable grip.

One reviewer wrote: "We have bins of brushes and tools that claim to be ‘the best tool’ for de-shedding your pet... Well, I can tell you there is a lot of wasted money in that bin. This brush put a stop to all of that. One session with this brush and we have a beautiful, groomed, shiny, 10lb lighter dog than when we started. The amount of hair we got out of his coat was a mountain fur like we have never seen!"


This dog ear cleaner that reduces unwanted odor

This dog ear cleaner does it all. From reducing odor and itching to cleansing unwanted dirt and wax, the cleanser is formulated with the perfect amount of pH balance and salicylic acid that leaves your pup's ears feeling fresh and clean. Just squirt the solution directly into the ears and massage it in.

One reviewer wrote: "So glad I tried this product. We’ve spent so much money on antibiotics and other meds for our dog’s chronic ear infections just to have the symptoms return. This product has worked wonders. His ears no longer have an odor and look great and we’re not having to use the antibiotics at all now."


These crunchy cat treats that will last a long time

What makes these crunchy cat treats so great is that you can shop them in a 16-ounce container, so you won’t have to worry about replacing your pet's favorite snacks so quickly. The catnip flavor treats are under two calories each and are packed with nutritious vitamins and minerals. Plus, cats tend to love them.

One reviewer wrote: "[I] was glad to find my cat's favorite treat in the larger cost-saving size. Amazon is now the only place I can find the large container at this amazing price."


These dog chews for allergy relief

These allergy chews, which are made with holistic ingredients such as turmeric, omega-3 fish oil, grape seed extract, and more, can help your pup handle discomfort and itchiness. Not only do the chews help to boost your dog’s immune system, but they also work in reducing inflammation. They’re also helpful with maintaining good skin health.

One reviewer wrote: " I cannot speak highly enough of this product. I have not seen anything like this. This product solved my dog's itching in 10 days. I have him [on] Zyrtec and he even got shots from the vet. Nothing helped until I gave him this one. It works. I bought it because of the satisfaction guarantee label. I don’t need the money back and will be giving this to all my babies."


This pet toothpaste that’ll help save you from costly dental bills

This enzymatic toothpaste is formulated with aloe, neem oil, grapefruit seed extract, and baking soda, which all work together to freshen breath, rid plaque, whiten teeth, and soothe your pup's gums. Oral care can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. Try to avoid big bills by using toothpaste like this to help your dog’s teeth stay as healthy as possible.

One reviewer wrote: "Vet said my dog would need her teeth cleaned and it would cost about $600. I spent six months brushing my dog’s teeth twice a day with Vet’s Best Enzymatic Toothpaste. The plaque and stain started to decrease significantly. At the semi-annual checkup, [the] vet said [my] dog wouldn’t need cleaning right away as teeth were not as bad as before. I kept brushing for another six months and at [the] next checkup, [the] vet said her teeth were looking very good. Now I brush only 1-2 times a week for maintenance. Using Vet’s Best Enzymatic Toothpaste on a regular regimen saved me money and has given my dog better-looking teeth."


These eco-friendly dog poop bags that come in a pack of 900

These dog poop bags are as good as it gets. Not only are they made from durable, sturdy plastic that won’t tear, but they are also totally eco-friendly and easily recyclable. You can even buy them in a scented version. Shop the bags in a pack of 270, 540, or 900.

One reviewer wrote: "We have been using these bags for the last couple of months; good value for the money. No leaks or tears, and they hold a good amount of poop from my 50 lbs and 65 lbs husky dogs."


This dog bone for aggressive chewers

Made from nontoxic nylon, this chew toy is so durable that even the most aggressive chewers won’t be able to tear through it. The toy is great for keeping your pet occupied and distracting them from gnawing on furniture and other unwanted items around the house. It comes in three different shapes and sizes.

One reviewer wrote: "This bone has worked wonders for the past two weeks, it’s been his [favorite] item to pass the time with and he’s still chewing on it after two weeks, usually all of his [favorite] toys are gone in days, he’s teared up kong balls and tires before. I’ll definitely be buying [it] again and I highly recommend [it] for someone who’s been having trouble with their teething dogs, like me. Save yourself some money and buy one of these instead of five toys that would be gone in days"


This pooper scooper that has over 57,000 5-star ratings

We love our dogs but that doesn’t mean we love cleaning up after them. This pooper scooper will make picking up their waste a whole lot easier. It comes with a rake and two plastic bags that perfectly fit in the bin, so you won’t have to bend down. The bags are thick and odor-controlled, making the process even easier.

One reviewer wrote: "So I used to pay $20 a week for someone to pick up the dog [droppings] from the yard. After [buying] this amazing item we now save the $20 and call it chores and character building. So easy a 9-year-old can do it! Holds a plastic grocery bag for easy clean up!"


A nail trimmer designer for larger dogs

Designed with larger dogs in mind, this durable nail clipper is a safe way to trim your pet's nails. The rubber anti-slip handle will give you a comfortable grip and prevents your hands from straining. Its stainless steel blade makes sure you’ll never have an uneven cut, and it also comes with a nail file to smooth out the job.

One reviewer wrote: "Work well — saves lots of money, no need to go and have nails clipped."


These calming chews that help with anxiety

If your dog tends to lean on the anxious side, these hemp-calming chews are worth a shot. They are formulated from a blend of organic herbs such as chamomile, ginger, and hemp, all of which work together to provide calming relief. Anxiety can lead to your pup chewing through unwanted items around the house, which is why these treats are a real savior.

One reviewer wrote: "My pup has separation anxiety, and scratches and bites on the door trying to get out, And with these soothing snacks he’s able to remain cool, calm, and collected! And my door is left undamaged! Had to replace it twice in less than 4 weeks! So I’m glad and happy! Soothing snacks not only give me peace of mind that my fur baby is good but also [save] me lots of money!"


This grooming comb that untangles all fur types

This grooming comb is an incredible choice for untangling mats in your pet's fur. It comes in two different sizes (small and large) and features a 10-tooth comb made from sharp stainless steel blades that brush with ease. With an ergonomic rubber grip, your hands won’t get tired no matter how many strokes it takes to get the knot out.

One reviewer wrote: "This is worth the money. It worked really well at removing numerous mattes from my cat. This saved me over $100 having him groomed at the vet. You do need to use it slowly and carefully as it can pull and cause some discomfort to the animal."


These delicious dog treats made from natural ingredients

These water buffalo chews are everything and more. With near-perfect reviews, pet owners love the health benefits of these grain-free treats. The grass-fed water buffalo is low in calories yet packed with protein. It’s the perfect long-lasting treat to give your pup that is also healthy.

One reviewer wrote: "They are thinner than pig ears, but so much healthier! Not to mention... the prices that companies want to charge for small bags of pig ears, compared to these is a giant difference. Three times as much product for less money.... and again with the healthier thing too! It's kind of a no-brainer in my opinion!"


This best-selling seat cover that protects your car from fur

This best-selling car seat cover is a must for any pet owner who spends a lot of time in the car. It’s made from waterproof cotton that’s designed to fit most car shapes and sizes — so whether you drive an SUV, sedan, truck, or smart car, you’ll be good to go. The nonslip pad can easily be attached via the seat belt loops or can secure to the headrest.

One reviewer wrote: "We got this product to protect our rental car from excess dog hair! Worked like a charm!! It minimized the amount of hair that ended up in the seats! Great purchase! Saved me from paying an extra cleaning fee from the rental company."


A diffuser that instantly calms your cat & reduces stress

If you’re seeing signs that your cat is feeling stressed, this calming diffuser works to reduce the most common traits like excessive scratching. The diffuser reaches up to 700 square feet and only needs to be refilled once every 30 days. According to the brand, 93% of pet owners reported increased calming.

One reviewer wrote: "I should've bought this stuff months ago. After buying a new mattress and several mattress protectors, I could've saved hundreds by just buying this, and it's so simple...painfully simple."


This best-selling feeder that can portion out your pet's meals

If you’re working on portion control when it comes to your pets, this automatic feeder is a great place to start. The sleek design allows you to program up to six meals a day and choose the time and portion size. The airtight container stores up over 16 ounces of food and is totally dishwasher-safe, making the clean-up process a breeze.

One reviewer wrote: "Great portion sizes, works every time. Easy to set up!! Saved me in boarding fees when I was away for four days. Highly Recommend!"


A fancy dog bowl that is totally spill-proof

Thousands of shoppers love this water bowl for its spill-proof design — all thanks to its silicone padding. It’s made from transparent plastic that makes it easy to see how much water is left, while the wide top works for any mouth shape regardless of how big or small your dog (or cat) may be. It’s a great way to keep any pet hydrated.

One reviewer wrote: "This water bowl is saving my floor from water damage. We have two dogs that are nine months old (GSP and Lab) and they are messy drinkers. We no longer have a puddle of water on the floor!"


This stain & odor spray that works like magic

Over 6,000 shoppers and counting have rated this stain and odor spray five stars. The powerful solution works to clean everything from urine, drool, and other tough-to-clean stains caused by your pet. Just spray a heavy amount onto any surface, let it sit for 10 minutes, and watch the stains and odor disappear like magic.

One reviewer wrote: "I've never found another product that comes even close to achieving what this does. Save yourself a bunch of wasted money on other products and get this one. A little goes a long way and this product is nothing short of a miracle."


A food dehydrator to make your dog's favorite treats

Chances are your pup can’t resist the smell of treats. This food dehydrator is perfect for any pet owners who want to make homemade jerky, fruit, and other treats. It can heat up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit and automatically turns off to prevent overheating. Choose among the 50 different recipes for major cooking inspiration.

One reviewer wrote: "So far I love this dehydrator. I've used it three times now to make chicken jerky for my dogs. It's fairly quiet and works perfectly. Much easier and cheaper making the treats than buying them!"


This wireless camera that allows you to talk to your pet when you’re away

With two-way audio, night vision, and a motion sensor, this wireless camera is the best way to check in on your pet. Plus, it’s compatible with Alexa voice control so you can talk to your furry BFF even when you’re at the office. The Wi-Fi setup is super easy to access and control from your phone.

One reviewer wrote: "The search is on for indoor pet cameras/nanny cams/security cameras and if you look to the big names, they are likely in the upper $100 to $200, which is absurd. The Wansview camera meets all the criteria my household needed for checking in with the dog and keeping our home safe. The ability to backup motion detection with an SD card enabled me to save money but there is also a subscription service should you need it."


A citrus-scented spray for instant odor relief

This citrus scent is formulated without parabens and sulfates — and the spray instantly eliminates odor and can be used on most surfaces, from hardwood floors and tile to fabric sofas. So the next time your cat or dog has an accident, don’t fret. Just grab this pet odor eliminator, shake it, and spray.

One reviewer wrote: "We have a puppy that is being house-trained and this product made all the difference. Works great on carpet and hard surfaces. A must-have for anyone with a puppy. Save money and don't buy pee pads — buy Angry Orange"


This cat litter box disposal that’s super easy to use

With an impressive 4.7-star rating, Amazon customers love this cat litter box disposal system for reducing odor. The best part? The pail holds up to 21 days of cat litter, so you’ll save big on trips to the trash and buying garbage bags. It’s especially great for homes with multiple cats.

One reviewer wrote: "This product made it so convenient that I scoop the litter daily. No smell. Less mess. Best of all I just add litter to replace what I have removed. Therefore not only is the cat box situation better but I am also saving money!! Great product."


This cat scratching post that protects your furniture

Next time your cat starts thinking about scratching your expensive couch or clawing your walls, try putting this cat scratching post in the room. It’s designed to give your pet a place to scratch to their heart’s content, so they won’t opt for any furniture around the home. The post is made from sisal rope and has a mini ball attached for added entertainment.

One reviewer wrote: "My cat immediately scratched the post so I think it was a great purchase to save the new carpet on my stairs! I have another more expensive post that is all torn up so I’m glad this one was inexpensive and tall!"


These anti-slip paw boots that are waterproof

These best-selling dog boots feature an anti-slip sole for traction and are made from a waterproof material. They come in a range of different sizes, but can easily be adjusted to have a secure fit that will keep your pup's paws safe outdoors. The boots also feature a reflective strip, making them the perfect choice for nighttime walks.

One reviewer wrote: “I have a senior dog who has recently begun dragging his back legs (little bit weak). These are great because they are stuff enough to provide enough support so his feet don’t bend, but bendy and comfortable enough that he doesn’t mind using them, at all!”


This super cozy fleece vest that will keep your pup warm

If your heating bill tends to run high, this fleece dog vest is a great way to keep your pet warm instead of turning up the heat. The adorable outerwear is crafted from a soft, breathable fleece that’s designed to keep your dog dry and trap in warmth. It comes in an array of sizes and 19 different colors like hot pink, green, black, or grey.

One reviewer wrote: "...Very much worth the money. My 2 young Chi-Pug girls like clothes, too. I like to save on heating bills by keeping the house cool — it would be cruel if they didn't have good, warm clothing.”


These 8-in-1 dog supplements that are packed with vitamins

These 8-in-1 probiotic chews are packed with antioxidants and nutrients that benefit your pet’s gut, immune system, skin, and heart health — since just like us, dogs need their vitamins to thrive. They come in all different flavors your pup will love, like chicken, beef, and peanut butter, and are a best seller on Amazon for a reason.

One reviewer wrote: "My dogs love this multivitamin and the great list of ingredients has saved me money since I no longer have to purchase so many supplements individually. They always arrive fresh and they smell like real food, not that metallic supplement smell that a lot of other products have."


A super cozy & plush dog bed your pet will love

While a lot of pet owners love to let their pets lay with them, this plush pet bed is a great solution if you need a solo snooze. It’s also an incredibly affordable option that comes in eight different sizes, making it great no matter how small or big your pet is. Although it’s crafted from super plush and soft faux fur, the brand notes that this bed is not suitable for aggressive chewers.

One reviewer wrote: "This is the best deal I could find on a pet bed and crate pad for my wild dog. If [you’re] looking to save some money and get a good product this is it."


This animal eye wash that helps soothe irritated eyes

Long hikes and dog parks may lead to irritated eyes due to unwanted debris, but this animal eye wash is a gentle way to flush out your pet's eyes. The solution works to reduce redness and inflammation and provides relief when it comes to allergies. It can even be used around the mouth and nose area, making it great to have on hand.

One reviewer wrote: "I’ve been giving him the drops twice a day for over a week now and his eye discharge is almost completely resolved. This product has saved me money [and] unnecessary tests, and is showing great results. Would buy again."