25 problems that could cost thousands but actually can be fixed with these cheap genius hacks

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I bet you have a few minor household nightmares just waiting to spring up around your house, whether we’re talking clogged drains, baked-on stove stains, smelly little mistakes your pet has made, or other things you know would be a huge — and expensive — hassle to deal with. Before you call in the pros, take a look at this list, because you might just find some cheap and easy solutions that will save you some serious cash.

First up — if you have a frameless shower door, there’s a good chance you deal with water leaking out the bottom. While it might seem like a small thing, the fact is — it can cause mildew as well as mold down the line — a super expensive fix if that dampness sneaks between the tile cracks. This door seal, though, keeps water where it belongs: inside the shower.

With these cheap home hacks on Amazon, you can save what you would’ve spent, or use it to buy yourself a little something nice — either way, you’re looking (and feeling) smart.


Problem: Water is leaking out the bottom of your shower door

Hack: Slide this seal onto your shower door to keep the floor dry

If your frameless glass shower door leaves your bathroom floor soaking wet after you’ve cleaned off, you can put an end to that instantaneously with this shower door bottom seal. Made of high-quality vinyl, the sturdy seal is outfitted with fins that create a barrier, so water can’t escape. The result? You won’t be dealing with mildew — or mold — in the future.


Problem: Dark areas that need custom lighting

Hack: Install these stick-on lights that don’t require wiring

Add some illumination to a dark hallway, closet, or under your cabinets with these stick-on lights that have motion-sensor settings. These bright, long-life LED lights are battery-operated, so you don’t have to mess with complicated wiring or hiring an electrician. They’re easy to install, too, with the ultra-strong double-sided adhesive on the reverse.


Problem: Furniture that’s scratching up your gorgeous wood floors

Hack: Place these gripper pads on your chair legs

You’re proud of the lovely wood floors in your home and take great pains keeping them up, but then the unthinkable happens: You have friends over for dinner, someone pushes their chair back, and screech... you hear the scratch before you see it. Don’t take any more chances — put these furniture gripper pads on the bottoms of your furniture legs to prevent damage. They’re gentle on wood and can be trimmed to size.


Problem: Your cat’s been avoiding their litter box

Hack: Getting a better scoop to ensure a good clean

There’s nothing more upsetting than a cat who refuses to use its box — especially when it wasn’t a problem before. Before investing in pricey fixes, examine the type of scoop you use. Maybe your old one just isn’t getting the job done. This scoop from ScoopMonster is made from aluminum and is ergonomically designed to avoid extra stress on your hands while cleaning litter. Plenty of customers have stated that this scoop has made the job easier.


Problem: Knives that are getting dulled because they’re improperly stored

Hack: Use this drawer insert to keep blades in good condition

If your expensive knives are all jumbled up in a drawer in your kitchen, they’re probably clanging against each other and getting dulled before their time. Get this in-drawer knife block with protective slots for up to 16 knives plus a sharpener. It’s also a great way to prevent accidental injury while grabbing a knife, and even keeps your countertop clutter-free since you’re not using a traditional knife block.


Problem: Your cat is clawing up the furniture

Hack: Apply this training tape to discourage your kitty from scratching

Cats have an urge to scratch — and far too often they’ll sink their claws into your furniture. Use this genius cat scratch deterrent tape to protect your couch and chairs. These tape sheets are sticky on both sides, so they’re easy to apply, and the texture will also annoy your kitty, discouraging them from scratching. They’re clear and flexible, so you can wrap them around curves to protect every inch.


Problem: Clothes that are getting mildewy & moth-eaten in storage

Hack: Keep your off-season wardrobe in thes expandable clothes storage bags

If your off-season storage area is a damp attic or basement — or you frequently find holes in your nice sweaters — you need these expandable clothes storage bags. Made from durable Oxford cloth with clear vinyl tops that let you see what’s inside, the bags expand to hold everything from puffer coats to bulky sweaters. Store them under your bed, so your items will be easily accessible the next time you need them.


Problem: The dog is ruining your car leather or upholstery

Hack: Install this car seat cover that protects your vehicle

You love taking your pupper with you on the go, but you don’t love how your car looks when you return home: scratched up and covered with fur and muddy paw prints. Don’t leave your best friend at home — just install this car seat cover that attaches quickly and easily to your vehicle’s headrests. It’s made from durable waterproof cotton to withstand sharp toenails, water, and debris. And for those dogs who think they want to drive, the hammock-style design creates a barrier that keeps them securely in the back seat.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available trim colors: 4


Problem: Leather goods that have tears in them

Hack: Make small repairs with this leather & vinyl kit

When you get a tear in the leather of your car seat — or even a nice purse or jacket — the quotes you get to repair those items can be startling. Try repairing the damage yourself with this vinyl and leather repair kit that doesn’t require putty or heat tools. Simply use the backing fabric and apply the compound included — a variety of shades enable you to mix up an exact match. Besides patching up holes, the kit is great for burns, tears, flaking, and more.


Problem: Cabinets that are getting damaged by hard closures

Hack: Add bumpers to protect the wood (& quiet the noise)

I have a drawer and door slammer in my house, so I know exactly how annoying it is to hear a symphony of percussion as they go through the kitchen looking for a snack — not to mention the fact that it’s damaging the wood. If you have one of these loud snack seekers too, you can quiet all that noise and protect the cabinets with these door bumpers. These clear, self-adhesive bumpers install easily and help drawers and doors close softly and gently. You can also use them on the bottoms of cutting boards, your laptop, chair legs, and so much more.


Problem: Leaving your mattress prone to spills, dust mites & worse

Hack: Cover it with this mattress protector that’s noiseless & breathable

Maybe you like to have a glass of milk while you read in bed at night — or maybe it’s a glass of wine — whichever the case, spills happen, and your expensive mattress can get stained and smelly before you know it. Prolonging the life of your mattress is simple and inexpensive, though, with this zippered mattress protector. The top is made from soft, absorbent, and breathable cotton, and since the cover fully encases your mattress, it’ll add protection against dust mites and other creepy crawlers, too.


Problem: Hangers that are stretching out shirt & jacket shoulders

Hack: Use these wooden hangers with rounded shoulders

Hanging clothes — especially sweaters and jackets — on standard hangers can result in stretched out shoulders that just don’t look right. There’s an easy way to fix that problem, though, and that’s with these rounded wooden hangers that feature 2.5-inch wide shoulder flairs. Made from high-grade lotus wood and available in two finishes, they have reinforced pants bars and hooks that swivel 360 degrees.

  • Available finishes: 2


Problem: Not having a dedicated space for valuables

Hack: Store important items in this lock box

Which of your belongings are most precious to you? Extra cash, your passport, heirloom jewelry, flash drives with your favorite photos? Regardless, of what small items feel most valuable, you can organize and store them securely with this portable safe box. It features removable dividers, so you can customize your storage space, and the Velcro pouch on the lid creates a place for jewelry or coins. The key lock provides safety and security, whether you stash the box in your closet or take it with you while traveling.

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 8


Problem: Dropping & breaking your phone

Hack: This phone grip that keeps it securely in your hand

If you’re constantly dropping your phone, you need this phone grip that keeps it securely looped over a finger. Not only will it save you on expensive screen repairs, but it also frees up your hand, so you can hold other things as well (think: your coffee or takeout bag). Made from durable elastic, it adheres to your phone with ultra-strong 3M adhesive and stretches to accommodate your finger or fingers comfortably. This grip great for use on tablets, too.


Problem: Losing heat or a/c through your windows

Hack: Hang these thermal-insulated curtains to lower your HVAC bills

Even when windows are closed, the glass can let cold air in in the winter and hot air in during the summer, which can send your energy bill skyrocketing. Shore up your system and reduce that energy bill with these blackout curtains that feature thermal insulation to ensure you don’t unnecessarily lose heat or cooling. As blackout curtains, they’re also excellent at blocking out the light, so you can get a good night’s sleep.

  • Available sizes: 14
  • Available colors: 26


Problem: Spending tons of money at the car wash

Hack: Wash your vehicle at home with this all-in-one kit

Keeping the car clean can be a real pain; there are leaves, sludge from the rain, pollen, and birds (oh, the birds). Instead of taking your vehicle to the car wash every week, get this car wash and interior cleaner kit and do it yourself — it has everything you need to get your entire vehicle clean, inside and out. This kit even has tire foam, so you can get that glossy shine on your tires that’s the hallmark of a vehicle that’s just been detailed.


Problem: Splattered oil on the wall behind the stove

Hack: Use this splatter screen when you fry & saute

Frying and sautéing can leave a splattery mess not just all over the stovetop, but on the walls behind the stove as well — and it’s not cheap or easy to repaint that area. With this splatter screen, you can enjoy the fried foods you love (mmmm, bacon) without the mess. Made from premium stainless steel, it allows steam to escape but keeps the grease inside the pan. The plastic handle is cool to the touch as you’re cooking.

  • Available sizes: 4


Problem: Hard water stains that are making your sinks & tubs look bad

Hack: Make them look good as new with this hard water stain remover

When your plumbing fixtures get hard water stains, they can make your bathroom or kitchen look really old. That’s a really easy problem to correct, though — all you have to do is clean those fixtures with this hard water stain remover. This creamy, non-toxic formulation gets off the toughest stains, and is also excellent at cleaning tile and grout, so everything looks sparkling and new (so much cheaper than a bathroom remodel).


Problem: Smelly pet stains on your carpets & furniture

Hack: Remove odors & stains with this pet spray

Even the most well-behaved dogs and cats have occasional accidents or get sick, but that doesn’t mean your carpets and furniture have to be ruined forever. This odor eliminating spray is designed to work not only on urine marks and odors, but also on those left behind by other types of accidents. The formula utilizes enzymes that destroy orders at the source — instead of just covering them up.


Problem: A sliding door that’s vulnerable to break-ins

Hack: This security bar that upgrades home protection

If you have a sliding patio door, it can be a bit more vulnerable to break-ins than a door with a deadbolt. This security bar eliminates that risk. You simply install it by screwing it into the door frame and profile, where it provides secure protection. It locks into place so that only you can open it, and when it’s not in use, it swings up and out of the way.


Problem: A shower drain that continually backs up

Hack: Use this hair catcher to prevent costly plumber visits

If you have long hair, you know the pains of having a drain that gets blocked with all of those strands. This drain protector and hair catcher is an easy fix — and it’s earned 75,000 perfect five-star ratings on Amazon. The mushroom-shaped device fits can be inserted into your drain where hair strands will wrap neatly around the cylinder, while the perforations will allow water to flow through freely.


Problem: Scuffed walls that look like they need to be repainted

Hack: Use these eraser sponges to clean just about anything

Whether you’re dealing with scuffed up walls or a stove with baked-on stains, you can use these thick magic cleaning pads to make things look good as new. They’re extra thick for lots of cleaning power, and can be used on everything from leather to marble to stainless steel. The pack of 20 will last you a long time — and rings up at a budget-friendly price.


Problem: A grill that’s getting beat up by the elements

Hack: Get a cover that loves your grill as much as you do

Grill masters: Even if you’re tucked safely inside while it snows, rains, and sleets, don’t forget that your beloved grill is still out there braving the elements. Get this grill cover made from heavy-duty, waterproof Oxford fabric. Hook-and-loop straps at the bottom let you fasten it securely, and the vent prevents internal condensation and water damage.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 5


Problem: Your heirloom china is getting broken & chipped in storage

Hack: Store your china in these protective cases

Heirloom china is a pleasure each time you use it, but chips and cracks can occur when it’s stored improperly in your cabinets. Get these china storage containers that will protect your plates, cups and stemware. The quilted cases are made from thick, padded fabric and lined with felt to give your dishes a soft surface to rest against.

  • Available colors: 3


Problem: A phone that gets water-damaged in the bathroom or kitchen

Hack: Place your device in this waterproof phone holder

I totally feel naked without my phone, but if you’re naked in the shower and you still feel like you need your phone, this shower phone holder is for you. You can keep an eye on your messages, watch TV, catch up on the latest video game play-along —whatever strikes your fancy. Plus, it’s also a great buy for the kitchen — keep a recipe within view, but don’t stress about your phone getting wet or splattered. The window won’t fog, and the holder does not obstruct the sound from your device.

  • Available colors: 4