Professional cleaners say these common annoying problems are actually easy to fix — here's how

Your home will be flawlessly clean with these top tips from the experts.

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No matter how often you clean your home, you probably run across several annoying problems that seem hard to fix. Whether it’s tough grease stains, household odors, or a lack of organization, it’s easy to get discouraged.

That’s why it’s essential to connect with the pros and get their feedback on methods that actually work. Ahead, you’ll find 32 solutions to the most common cleaning problems, straight from the experts who tackle them for a living.


Problem: Poorly cleaned sponges

Solution: This set of popular sponges that won’t fall apart after being washed

Chris Willatt, the owner of Alpine Maids in Denver, Colorado, explains the best way to rid bacteria from your sponges. “Try to clean your sponges after each use. Place your damp sponge in the microwave on high for 30 seconds. Doing this will [destroy] bacteria on the sponge. This is especially important when using Scrub Daddy sponges because they do not deteriorate like regular soft sponges. Regular soft sponges will begin falling apart after a few uses whereas Scrub Daddy sponges last much longer.”

With a 4.8-star rating, it’s no wonder why these viral smiley face sponges have taken the internet by storm. The scratch-free material makes this the best choice on surfaces like steel, leather, and cast iron.


Problem: Forgetting to clean shower heads & faucets

Solution: This bottle of distilled white vinegar that has so many different uses

Willatt also talked about the importance of cleaning faucets to prevent build-up. "Over time faucets and shower heads will have mineral and calcium build-up. This causes your faucets and shower heads to clog up. Using a plastic sandwich bag fill it full of white vinegar and baking soda” he explains. “Place the bag over the faucet or shower head and secure it with a rubber band. Wait about two hours and remove the bag. Turn on the shower head or faucet and allow water to flow for a few minutes. Your shower head or faucet is now clean and will flow better."

This diluted white vinegar has an impressive 4.8-star rating on Amazon thanks to its magic ability to naturally clean drains, floors, and surfaces. It comes in a gallon size, so you won’t have to worry about restocking anytime soon.


Problem: Leaving scuffs on the wall

Solution: These magic erasers that have over 5,000 5-star reviews

Keeping your walls perfectly spotless is almost impossible, but luckily Willatt has the perfect solution to get rid of unwanted marks on your walls instantly. "Scuffs on walls are always a nuisance to homeowners. These marks often aren’t easy to come off. However, an easy way to remove these marks is to use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Simply wet the sponge, wring it out, and wipe the marks on the wall. Using the Magic Eraser with a little elbow grease will remove these unsightly marks with little effort,” he explained.

The Magic Eraser is crafted with a patented technology called Durafoam, which is four times stronger than your average sponge. Plus, it also works wonders on bathroom tiles or for scrubbing your tub clean.


Problem: Stains spread when trying to remove them

Solution: This pack of cleaning cloths that will tackle the issue much easier

Toby Schulz, CEO of Maid2Match, shares the best tip for using a towel to clean up a spill. “Blot, don’t rub! Rubbing a stain causes it to spread and pushes the mess further into the material. Instead, use a clean cloth or paper towel to gently dab at the stain and absorb the liquid or pick out the residue."

These all-purpose cleaning cloths will do the trick — they come in a pack of eight and are crafted from a super-absorbent material. They are also machine washable which is a major bonus, considering how many times you’ll be using them.


Problem: Clogged shower drains

Solution: A drain hair catcher that traps hair

Schulz also says " Use a drain protector! You see these a lot for kitchen sinks, but you can get one for your bathroom drains too. It comes in many forms — a perforated sticker, a metal catch-all, etc. — and is easy to use. Besides catching hair, it can also catch any jewelry you drop and debris that would otherwise cause problems in your pipes."

This drain hair catcher is made from durable stainless steel and is designed with tiny holes that catch your hair while still allowing the water to drain. Over 10,000 five-star reviewers love how easy the installation process is.


Problem: Dusty ceiling fans

Solution: This duster kit that extends up to 100 inches long

Schulz understands the struggle of getting rid of dust, especially when it comes to hard-to-reach places around the home. The solution? "Get an extendable duster,” he says. “Look for telescopic ones with sturdy handles, that come with a dusting head (ideally microfiber). These will help you clean elevated surfaces without risking a ladder."

This duster kit from Amazon extends up to 100 inches long and comes with everything you need to seamlessly dust your home or car. The microfiber material instantly traps dust and can be thrown into the washing machine to use time and time again.


Problem: Not washing microfiber correctly

Solution: This OxiClean laundry detergent that instantly removes stains

Birgit Rutledge, Owner of 360Clean, says, "Always wash microfiber cloths with a fragrance-free and additive-free detergent. I prefer Arm & Hammer, as it is great for eliminating odors. Clothes should be dried with low heat or no heat. This will keep them soft and prolong the life of the microfibers."

Get the best bang for your buck with this laundry detergent size that can wash up to 128 loads and costs under-$15. The powerful formula gets rid of the most stubborn of stains and the fresh scent will leave your laundry smelling amazing.


Problem: Leaving hard water stains on toilets

Solution: This powdered cleanser for removing rust

Battling stubborn toilet stains is no easy feat. Rutledge explains, "In my experience, cleaning toilets with hard water stains can be a huge problem, as the stains are often extremely difficult to remove. I have found the most efficient method is a scouring stick (soft pumice stone) and Bar Keepers Friend."

With a 4.6-star rating, Amazon shoppers love this powdered cleanser for cleaning rust, tarnish, and other tough stains in their bathrooms or kitchen. It’s also made without bleach, so you can use for scrubbing pots and pans.


Another Solution: These pumice stones, which work to immediately to tackle toilet stains

Rutledge recommends using these pumice stone cleaning sticks to use with Bar Keepers to clean your toilet bowl. "The scouring stick can be used alone for removal of hard water stains so that no chemicals are necessary. It doesn't scar the porcelain and makes a horrible toilet look like new."

The pumice stones are made without any harmful chemicals and feature a long handle making it so much easier to clean and scrub. Whether you’re using it on your toilet bowl, BBQ grill, or tiles, you’ll be amazed at the results.


Problem: Streaky mirrors

Solution: This 2-pack of Windex, which is a household essential

Rocky Vuong, Founder and Owner of Calibre Cleaning says, "One of the most annoying issues we often encounter is streaky mirrors and windows. To easily fix this problem, use a microfiber cloth and a glass cleaner, like the Windex Glass Cleaner [...] Spray the cleaner onto the microfiber cloth and then wipe the glass in a circular motion, followed by vertical and horizontal strokes to eliminate streaks."

Available in a pack of two for under -$10, it’s no secret why Windex has become a household staple in millions of homes for decades. Whether you use it on your mirror or windows, you can watch the streaks and smudge disappear instantly for the ultimate shine.


Problem: Removing stubborn soap scum

Solution: This Dawn Powerwash spray kit that’s surprisingly strong

"Soap scum buildup in the bathroom can be quite a hassle,” Vuong says. The solution? “To tackle this issue, use a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and dish soap, such as Dawn Platinum Powerwash Dish Spray,” he explained.

This best-selling spray is a favorite amongst thousands of Amazon shoppers. The powerful formula is five times stronger than traditional soaps and works to get stains out of everything — from clothing to your kitchen sink.


Another solution: Using this versatile cleaning brush to help battle soap scum

“Spray the mixture onto the affected area, let it sit for 10-15 minutes, and then scrub away the soap scum with a soft bristle brush,” Vuong continues.

With an impressive 4.5-star rating, this cleaning brush is made with durable yet soft bristles that are strong enough for a deep scrub without ruining the surface. Available in multiple colors, it features a small ring so you can hang it on a hook in your bathroom or supply closet for easy access.


Problem: Too much pet hair on the furniture

Solution: These latex gloves with a rubber grip that’ll help attract hair immediately

Vuong also shared a tip for pet owners, explaining, "Pet hair can accumulate on furniture, carpets, and clothing. To remove pet hair effortlessly, use a rubber glove, like the Mr. Clean Reusable Latex Gloves [...] Simply wet the glove and rub it over the surfaces with pet hair. The hair will cling to the glove, making it easy to collect and dispose of."

The set comes with two pairs of gloves for just under-$10. Crafted from rubber latex with an embossed texture for a non-slip grip, you’ll use these reusable gloves for all of your cleaning needs.


Problem: Disorganized closets

Solution: These convenient shelf dividers that will help keep your piles neat

According to Paulo Filho, the owner of Celestial Cleaning Service, a pack of shelf dividers are essential for organizing your closet. "We absolutely love this as our small towel closet as well as our shared closet is now more organized. I first saw this in a client's house and thought it was genius! Ordered one as soon as we walked out of our client's house. We love it at home!"

Designed to separate your jeans, sweaters, or towels neatly, these shelf dividers will keep your closet in order. Each divider is 12 inches high and reviewers say the installation process is super easy.


Problem: A messy shower area

Solution: This adhesive shower organizer for storing your shampoo & conditioner

Keep your shower essentials off of the floor with this adhesive shower organizer that Filho recommends. "Some people think they can never organize their bathroom, but this caddy does just that. Instead of having shampoo, conditioner, and soap on the bottom, you can organize everything into this caddy and make your bathroom more presentable."

This set comes with five different trays that easily hold everything from your soap to your razor — it even has hooks to hang your towel. It’s crafted from a waterproof stainless steel material that won’t rust and stands the test of time.


Problem: Having a messy front entrance

Solution: This over-the-door shoe organizer that holds 12 pairs of shoes

If you’re looking for a no-fuss way to keep your entryway organized, give this over-the-door shoe organizer a try. "Most homes look messy from the entrance of their homes. By having this critical area organized, it will roll over to everything else in the house. Start with the entrance,” Filho says.

With 24 slots, this organizer is equipped with more than enough space for storing your shoes, toys, or toiletries. It comes with three durable hooks so you can easily hook it to the back of your closet door.


Problem: A disorganized fridge

Solution: These clear bins that make seeing your produce so much easier

"After seeing this fridge and pantry organizing bins, I fell in love with it,” Filho raved about these multi-use clear bins from Amazon. I had to order some as soon as we left our client's home. I never knew my fridge could be so clean and organized. Now it looks amazingly organized and makes me want to eat fruits and vegetables! "

Each set comes with an assortment of 12 bins that make seeing your produce and snacks easy. You can store them vertically or horizontally. Each bin features a handle, making it easy to move around.


Problem: Not using the right cleaning cloths

Solution: This pack of microfiber towels that can be reused over 1,000 times

Joe Fairley, Vice President of Business Development at Laser Facility Management, says “[...] utilizing microfiber cleaning cloths with little or even no additional water or chemical is proven to remove up to 98% of bacteria and 93% of viruses from hard surfaces! Easily laundered and reused, these are also much more friendly to the environment than disposable towels or disposable dusters."

This pack of 12 cloths is crafted from a microfiber material that is incredibly absorbent and will help you clean your entire home. Each cloth can be reused over 1,000 times, and — unlike paper towels — you can throw them in the washer when they need a refresh.


Problem: Using cleaning products with way too many chemicals

Solution: This Sanitizer Electrolyzed Water Generator that’s gaining popularity

When it comes to powerful cleaning supplies, Fairley believes it’s best to stay away from harsh chemicals. "For BOTH the environment and health reasons, anything we can do to lower or eliminate chemical usage is preferred,” Fairley says. “Consumers can now utilize hospital-grade electrolyzed water instead of harsh chemicals. Safe even for animals and humans to drink! Electrolyzed water has been around for 50 [years], but only recently seen in easy-to-use cleaning agent forms to disinfect toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and more!"

Hundreds of shoppers love that this Electrolyzed Water Generator leaves no odor behind, while effectively cleaning your home. Simply spray the bottle with water and the blue light will let you know when the solution has been oxidized. Customers on Amazon have called it a “game changer” when it comes to keeping a clean home.


Problem: Using the wrong products to clean windows

Solution: A pack of coffee filters that, shockingly, help trap lint

Coffee filters have multiple uses, according to Fairley. "Coffee filters…commercial cleaners have been using these for decades with glass cleaner to leave sparkling clean glass and mirror with no lint left behind,” he explains. “The filters are lint-free as noted, widely available, very inexpensive, and can be used in an aggressive manner to clean without tearing."

These filters are made from biodegradable paper that’s environmentally friendly. Snag them in a pack of 200, 500 or 1,000, so you always know you have some around in a pinch.


Problem: Keeping a disorganized garage

Solution: This tool organizer kit that easily mounts to your garage wall

Christina Giaquinto, a Professional Organizer and Brand Ambassador of Modular Closets, suggests investing in a tool organizer kit for your garage. "Pegboards (like this one on Amazon) are great for smaller items such as your hammer, pliers, and tools,” she says.

It comes with 36 different hooks, making it the perfect option for storing all of your tools in one place, just how you’d like them. You can also get a version with bins included. Reviewers say they’ve also used this pegboard to organize crafts and children’s toys.


Another Solution: Using garage hooks to help hang up seasonal items in your garage

Giaquinto has another great idea when it comes to tackling garage clutter: "Hooks (like these ones on Amazon) are also a huge help in garages, as they allow you to organize most garage tools and items such as a broom, shovel, etc.,” she says.

This pack of garage hooks includes an assortment of different-sized hooks for your garage, ranging from small to large. Each hook is crafted from durable iron steel that can withstand up to 35 pounds. With a 4.8 overall rating on Amazon, they’re definitely a hit with customers.


Problem: Not having the right shelving space in pantries & cabinets

Solution: This cabinet shelf rack that adjusts to different sizes

"In your kitchen cabinets, add adjustable shelves for specific food needs,” Giaquinto recommends. “Every pantry is unique because everyone will have different types of food in their home, and since food comes in all different sizes, adjustable shelves (like these on Amazon) are the perfect way to customize your pantry just right. Once all your food items are grouped together and it's time to organize them on the shelves, adjust the shelves to fit your items."

These shelves expand up to 27.5 inches long and can hold up to 50 pounds, making them a no-fuss solution for keeping your pantry neat. They are also easily stackable, so you can buy a couple to fully make the most out of your space.


Problem: Not addressing sticky residue from glue

Solution: A pack of plastic scrapers to remove goo

Irina Nikiforova, owner at Rocket Maids, highly recommends a plastic razor blade to remove sticky goo on surfaces. "I recently had a case where sticky residue was left from some party decorations. The best method that has helped me to solve this issue is a mix of Goo Gone and a plastic scraper."

"[A] Plastic scraper [is also] useful for deep cleaning and if you need to clean up burned spills on your ceramic stovetop,” Nikiforova continues. “It won’t scratch the surface, so it’s safe to use on most surfaces." This set comes with 10 plastic bladers and one scraper knife that has a contoured handle for a secure grip. As one reviewer noted, you can also use these to get the stickers off of book covers.


Problem: Shower door stains

Solution: This pack of sandpaper that works on wet surfaces

Nikiforova also recommends adding waterproof sandpaper to your Amazon cart to help remove stains. "Whenever you have bad hard stains on shower glass doors, fine sanding paper is the best option to remove them. I’m talking about stains that won’t go away with vinegar or acidic cleaner. Five-thousand grit sanding paper is used to polish cars, so it won’t damage the glass door. Just make sure that the surface is wet and try on a small area first."

This pack of sandpaper comes with 10 pieces that are 9 by 11 inches in size. That said, you can cut them to the size you need. They’re versatile, with the ability to work on both wet and dry surfaces.


Problem: Too much dust in the air of your home

Solution: These air filters that will create a clean airflow in your home

Alicia Sokolowski, president and co-CEO of AspenClean, believes it’s incredibly important to change out your home’s air filters. “Change air filters,” she recommends. “Replace air filters in heating and cooling systems regularly to reduce the amount of dust circulating in the air."

With over 18,000 five-star reviews, these air filters come in a pack of six and are easy to install into your air conditioner unit. Simply place the filter into the slot once every three months to create the cleanest airflow.


Problem: Dust & dirt that accumulate from outside

Solution: This doormat with grooves to trap mud

Investing in a quality doormat is a great solution for preventing dirt from coming into your home. "Place doormats at entrances to trap dirt and dust particles from shoes,” Sokolowski says.

This one from Amazon comes in a set of two and is available in two different sizes. It features a rubber backing for a secure anti-slip grip and has grooved lines to trap mud from your shoes. With six assorted colors to choose from, it’ll be easy to find one that best matches your home.


Problem: Bad smells in the home

Solution: These charcoal bags that will help purify your air

Sokolowski recommends using charcoal to get rid of strong odors around your home. "Place activated charcoal in small bags or containers in the affected area to help absorb odors."

These air-purifying bags will save you tons of time and energy since the charcoal already comes in these adorable pouches, which also helps keep the charcoal safe from kids and pets. Each bag is filled with 100 percent natural bamboo charcoal that can be used for up to two years.


Problem: Dull clothing from washing incorrectly

Solution: These laundry bins that make sorting your clothing so much easier

"Separate your laundry into three piles: whites, darks, and colors. This will prevent color bleeding and help your clothes stay bright and vibrant,” Sokolowski explains. And thankful,y this laundry basket helps you save time separating. It’s equipped with three different bins that are totally removable, so you can grab the bag you need and leave the rest in your closet. Even better, this hamper is on wheels, making it easier to transport if you choose. The stainless steel bars are durable enough to hold up to 25 pounds of clothing.


Problem: Tangled-up bedsheets

Solution: This bed sheet detangler that dries your linens so quickly

Everyone can relate to the struggles that come with washing your duvet or comforter only to discover a giant twisted mess (that’s still damp, of course). Cyndi Bray, laundry expert and founder of Wad-Free for Bed Sheets has the ultimate solution. "I use Wad-Free to solve the frustrating issue of damp twists and tangles in my laundry, which in turn helps my washing machine stay balanced, decreases dry times by up to 75%, and reduces wrinkles. I can also use Wad-Free to solve other laundry issues like keeping socks paired, bra cups from falling out, and if I have to air dry my sheets, blankets, or duvet covers."

The bed sheet detanglers are available in a pack of two or four and will save you so much time. Your sheets will dry up to 75% faster, and you won’t deal with quite as many wrinkles. The best part? You won’t find any wet socks getting caught in your sheets.


Problem: Not using the right cleansers in the kitchen

Solution: This kitchen degreaser spray that’s formulated with natural ingredients

Armeka Townsend, a cleaning expert and senior consumer relations representative at Zep, says "A degreaser specifically designed for kitchen surfaces can cut through grease more effectively than other cleaning solutions."

This solution from Zep is formulated with natural ingredients and a delightful citrus orange scent that works wonders for removing grease and eliminating odors, making your job much easier.