Reviewers are obsessed with these 50 weird but genius things that are so damn cheap

Some of these little life changers are just a few bucks each.

ByAlexandra Elizabeth and Erin Celletti
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If you shop a fair amount, chances are you’ve seen it all and it takes something, well, weird, to pique your interest. But how do you know if an eye-catching item is worth your hard-earned cash? Thankfully, this highly curated list of odd but genius things is full of impressively reviewed products that Amazon users are obsessed with. So whether you’re in the market for clever kitchen tools that make cooking easier, or supportive accessories to make your workstation more comfortable, you’ll find something here. Better yet, these finds are all reasonably priced.


These minimalist toothbrush holders for a chic bathroom

If you thought bathroom accessories couldn’t be stylish, you’ve never seen these sleek, low-profile toothbrush holders. Made from ceramic, these hollow, cup-like vessels come two to a pack, and each supports one toothbrush. They come in a range of hues and are nonslip on the bottom as well for extra stability.

  • Available colors: 9


A pair of holders for sponges, drain stoppers & more

With this set of stainless steel sponge holders, the sky’s the limit. They stick to a variety of surfaces with adhesive backing and can support up to 8 pounds. While they’re great for stowing sponges and drain stoppers in your sink, you can also use them to hang bathing supplies in your shower or cooking utensils by your oven stove.


The money-saving draft stopper you’ll want on all your doors

Whether you’re looking to keep your AC and heat in — or drafts out — this door gap stopper can help. It sticks directly to the bottom of your door with waterproof adhesive backing and can be trimmed to fit your desired length. Not only is it helpful with stopping drafts, but it can also be used for noise blocking.

  • Available colors: 4


A neck traction pillow that can help reduce strain & discomfort

If you sit at a desk all day or just want a little help improving discomfort, this neck traction pillow may be for you. Made from high-density foam, this pillow helps to properly align your neck and spine to create cervical traction that releases tension and promotes alignment. You might only need to use it for 10 minutes at a time to feel its effects, and the cover is removable for easy cleaning, too.


These reusable air fresheners made with charcoal — not fragrances

Freshen up your space without using any harsh ingredients, thanks to these bamboo charcoal bags. They work to absorb moisture and odor wherever you hang them and can be used for up to two years. When they need a “recharge,” all you have to do is set them in the sun for two hours to help them recoup their porous, absorbing powers.


A clever splatter screen that prevents oily kitchen messes

If you do a lot of cooking, you know how annoying errant splashes can be, so prevent them with this splatter screen. Made from stainless steel mesh, the screen sits directly on top of pots and pans to shield you and your surfaces from grease stains while providing plenty of air circulation to your meal as it cooks. They come available in three different diameter measurements.

  • Available sizes: 3


The elevated laptop stand to make working a bit more comfortable

Level up your workstation with this laptop stand. It’s lightweight thanks to its aluminum construction, and features a hollow design that lifts your laptop to a comfortable eye-level position while still allowing air to flow underneath. Since it has nonslip rubber pads on the feet, you can be sure it won’t move around, either.


A reviewer-favorite kitchen multitool for all your meal prep needs

This genius all-in-one tool can help cut down on kitchen clutter by replacing several cooking tools with just one item. This highly rated workhorse performs five functions, working as a cutter, spatula, turner, spoon, and slotted spoon. It’s made from durable, heat-resistant nylon, and is even dishwasher safe, so cleaning couldn’t be simpler.


These loose-weave dishcloths that resist odor & dry in a flash

If you’re looking to ditch your smelly sponges, give these odor-resistant dishcloths a try. They’re made from loosely woven nylon, which allows them to dry quickly, so that odor-causing bacteria can’t thrive. They’re gentle but still textured enough to do some scouring on both nonstick and cast iron surfaces, so you can get a deep clean. Just hang them up by their hooks to dry.

  • Available colors: 3


A knee pillow that makes sleeping on your side more comfy

Help relieve knee, hip, and back discomfort with this hourglass-shaped knee pillow. It nestles perfectly between your knees and thighs to prop up your top leg and better align your spine when you’re sleeping on your side. It’s made from supportive memory foam and has a removable cover for easy washing.

  • Available colors: 2


The soothing sprayer that makes pet bathing much easier

Help your pet stop stressing over bath time with this sprayer and scrubber tool. Simply slip the tool over your hand with the convenient strap and you’ll have a textured brush that sprays water as you pet your dog — which can help soothe them and keep them calm. It comes with adaptors for both showers and hoses.


A discreet mount to keep your litter scoop out of sight

For some pretty obvious sanitary reasons, you probably don’t want your cat box tools just laying around, so hoist them up and out of the way with this litter scoop holder. It sticks to either an adjacent wall or the box itself with 3M adhesive tape and features two layers of adjustable arms, so you can fit a variety of scooper sizes. Just drop the tool into the holder and it’ll be ready whenever you need it.


These oven rack shields that protect your arms when you reach in

Cut down on the risk of cooking-related burns with this pack of oven rack shields. The flexible silicone coils wrap directly around the outermost edges of your racks so that accidental arm and hand singes are better avoided. Since they are heat resistant to just over 440 degrees Fahrenheit, you can be sure you’ll have optimal protection.


An easy-to-grip strap for better phone maneuvering

This phone strap is incredibly convenient and super easy to install. Just stick the adhesive to either your case or directly on your phone, and you’ll have a secure elastic strap that makes holding your phone much more comfortable. Your one-handed selfie game just got a major level up.


The tablets that remove washing machine buildup

Just like your washing machine keeps your clothes clean, this machine cleaner helps keep your machine clean. Simply add one concentrated tablet and run an empty cycle. The tablets are formulated to not only remove residue and buildup — from the tub to the pump to the agitator — but are also effective in banishing mildew and other odors.


A pet odor-eliminating spray that’s safe to use on nearly anything

If you love your four-legged friends, but not their messes, try this pet odor eliminator spray. Not only does it neutralize the smell of urine and other accidents with the help of enzymatic ingredients, but it leaves behind a fresh citrus aroma. Better yet, it’s safe to use on nearly every surface your furry friend has access to, including tile, upholstery, turf, and more.


This pumpkin honey mask that exfoliates & brightens skin

Give yourself glowy skin with this pumpkin honey mask. The pumpkin enzymes slough away dead skin to leave behind a fresh, even complexion, while Manuka honey adds balanced hydration. It’s also formulated with vitamin C, so you may notice brighter skin after use. You can rest easy knowing it’s made with organic, cruelty-free ingredients as well.


The all-purpose cleaning paste that reviewers swear by

Tricky grime is no match for this cleaning paste that’s an Amazon best-seller with nearly 200,000 reviews. Its formula is mildly abrasive so that it can scour off tough grease stains from a range of surfaces, including porcelain, wood, glass, metal, stainless steel, tile, and more. Just scrub it on and rinse it away for a clean finish without streaks.


These vent deflectors that direct airflow where you want it

If you’ve ever wanted to direct your heat or air conditioning to circulate around your home more efficiently — or just avoid a direct blast — this pack of air vent deflectors is for you. The clear deflectors have a curved shape that causes the air to move up or down, depending on your positioning. They stick to your vents with magnets, allowing you to adjust the angle as needed.


A magnetic dryer bin that reminds you to clean out the lint trap

Excess lint in your dryer has the potential to cause fires, so ensure you’re disposing of it every time by securing this lint bin to the side of your machine. It’s equipped with a magnetic strip for non-permanent installation, and serves as a reminder to empty the lint trap. It also has a slot for a nail if you’d rather use this as a wall-mounted storage solution in other parts of the house.

  • Available packs: 9


This fun spoon rest that adds a touch of whimsy to your kitchen

Cooking doesn’t have to be so serious, and this spoon rest proves it. Made from heat-resistant silicone, this rest is in the shape of a sauce splash yet (ironically) helps to prevent them. Just set your drippy utensils directly onto the rest and you’ll no longer be constantly wiping down dirty countertops.


The light-up collar to help protect pets at night

Ensure you have all the nighttime visibility your pet needs with this LED dog collar. It charges via micro-USB and can run for up to eight hours on just one juice-up. It provides visibility from up to 1,000 feet away and even has a blinking mode for extra safety. When the light-up feature is not in use, you’ll love the classic striped collar look.

  • Available colors: 11


These watering bulbs that keep plants hydrated *for* you

If your green thumb is a little dusty, try these self-watering plant bulbs instead. Made from striking hand-blown glass, these bulbs are as attractive as they are practical. Simply fill the reservoir with water, invert them, and drive them into the soil of your plants where they’ll gradually dispense the necessary amount of water for up to two weeks.


A space-saving utensil organizer for tidier kitchens

Yes, even your silverware drawer can be neater, and this kitchen organizer proves it. It features five nesting compartments so you can stack utensils, making full use of the space you have. This clever holder even has small graphics of forks, spoons, and knives next to each tray, so you can easily grab the right one, even when the heads of the tools are hidden.


This simple tool that minces garlic with ease

Why struggle through peeling and chopping garlic by hand when you can use this garlic prepping set instead? The set comes with two pieces: a cylindrical peeler that removes garlic skin with just a few motions, and a stainless steel press that minces the clove with just one push down. Better yet, both are safe to clean in the dishwasher.


The aloe-infused sheet set that your skin will thank you for

Elevate your bedroom with these aloe-infused sheets. Not only does the microfiber construction make them silky smooth, the aloe vera adds yet another layer of softness — and multiple reviewers raved that they feel so good against the skin. Each set comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases. They come in muted tones like gray, cream, and navy.

  • Available sizes: twin — California king
  • Available colors: 5


These cushy standing mats that help make kitchen chores more comfortable

If washing the dishes is hard on your back and joints, you’ll want to try these anti-fatigue mats. They’re made from supportive memory foam to help relieve pressure on your feet and knees, which may help alleviate overall discomfort. The underside is coated with a nonslip backing, so you can be sure they’ll stay put underfoot. Try them at a standing desk, too.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 15


A heat & cold therapy mask for sinuses, eyestrain, headaches — & more

Give yourself a little at-home pampering with this hot and cold therapy mask. The gel beads in the mask can be cooled in the fridge or gently warmed in the microwave, so you can experience relief at the temperature of your choosing. (Try it warm to soothe sinuses and cold to relieve eye swelling or headache discomfort.) And thanks to the elastic band with an adjustable Velcro closure, you can be sure it’ll fit a variety of head sizes.

  • Available colors: 4


This no-bounce running pouch that secures with a magnet

Ensure you’ve got all your essentials easily at hand without any bulky straps, thanks to this magnetic running pouch. Simply tuck the back panel into your shorts or sweats, and then fold the top panel over to secure everything with the internal magnets. Inside, you’ll find a Velcro pouch and a side zipper pocket to store everything you need.

  • Available colors: 7


An ergonomic footrest for a more comfortable work setup

Cozy up at your desk with this footrest that’s filled with supportive memory foam to help improve your seated posture. It helps enhance comfort, thanks to its ergonomic teardrop shape. The cover is made from a ventilated mesh and the nonslip bottom features a textured rubber base for added stability.

  • Available colors: 5


This highly rated memory foam pillow that’s customizable

Still searching for the perfect pillow? This cooling memory foam pillow is an excellent option for all types of sleepers — side, stomach, and back (no wonder it’s earned a 4.6-star overall rating on Amazon). Packed with memory foam that contours to your body, it’s adjustable since you can add or remove as much fill as you like. The cover is made of micro-vented bamboo for a soft, temperature-regulating feel.

  • Available sizes: 2


This botanical body butter that goes on like — you guessed it — butter

Give your skin some quenching with this smooth body butter that melts in without that greasy feel. Created with nourishing botanical ingredients including cocoa seed butter, rosemary, and chamomile, Weleda’s fan-favorite formula can be used anywhere on the body for all-over moisture and glow.


These thin, flexible cutting boards that save space in your kitchen

If fumbling around with heavy, thick wooden cutting boards isn’t your thing, then you’ll love these lightweight and thin cutting boards that are easy to clean and even easier to store. Not to mention, the flexible design makes it easy to funnel chopped ingredients into the pot. They have nonslip backings to help keep them in place and come in a set of three, each a different color. Who ever said cutting boards need to be clunky, anyway?

  • Available sizes: 3


These lightsaber chopsticks... because, duh

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “Boy, I wish I had lightsaber chopsticks,” you’re in luck — now they can be yours. Dig into your sushi, rice, salads, and more with these battery-operated chopsticks that come in more than a dozen color options. They make the perfect gift for any Star Wars fan, too.

  • Available colors: 13


This wall-mounted organizer that keeps cleaning & gardening tools in one place

Instead of tossing all your gardening and cleaning tools in the closet or worse, leaving them leaning against the garage wall, store them in this wall-mounted organizer. With five hooks for small items and five slots to hang brooms, mops, and other long-handled tools, you can have all your essentials within reach and up and off the floor. Plus, it’s super easy to install with a couple screws and anchors.

  • Available colors: 4


A car cupholder expander that works with oversized mugs & water bottles

Car cupholders aren’t one size fits all — and if you have a go-to sipper that doesn’t fit, you know how frustrating that can be. Enter: this car cupholder expander. The insert is expandable to fit most car cupholders, but can also work in boats and golf carts too, and yes — you can use two expanders side by side.

  • Available colors: 2


This cat litter trapper that keeps those grains where they belong

There’s nothing worse than a mess around the litter box, but now you can prevent it thanks to this cat litter trapper mat. This sandwich-style mat catches and traps excess litter that falls as your kitty exits the box, then lets you pour it back in. It also repels urine thanks to its waterproof plastic film.

  • Available options: 6


This memory foam bath mat that’s also quick drying

Stepping onto an already-wet bath rug is never fun, but with this quick-drying memory foam bath mat, you’ll never have to again. The velvety microfiber cover makes the mat extra cushiony, and its excellent absorbency quickly dries any drips and drops. Plus, it’s available in a whopping 21 colors to match any bathroom decor.

  • Available colors: 21


This clever water bottle brush that takes the chore out of scrubbing

Cleaning your water bottle is essential, but it’s not easy unless you have the right tool — like this water bottle scrubbing brush by Iron Flask. Long and thin, it’s designed to reach down deep into your favorite water bottle’s crevices to clear away any buildup with the nylon bristles. The handle is made from sturdy stainless steel with an ergonomic grip.


These under-shelf baskets that make use of the storage space you never knew you had

These under-shelf baskets can add storage to any cabinet, shelf, or desk in seconds. Just slide them onto a shelf and you’ll instantly have space for your essentials— no tools or messy installation needed. Try them for food wrap, napkins, desk supplies... and the list goes on.

  • Available quantities: 2


This flexible duster that can get into any nook or cranny

Say goodbye to moving heavy furniture — or avoiding cleaning under it altogether — thanks to this flexible microfiber duster with an extension pole that extends up to 55 inches. The attached electrostatic microfiber cloth grabs dust and debris, and can be washed in your machine between cleaning sessions. With this, you can dust under and behind furniture and appliances.


These kitchen appliance sliders that make it easy to move items from under the cabinets

Save space in your kitchen by ditching trays and mats and instead grab these appliance sliders that are a must have for any kitchen. Just stick the adhesive sliders to the bottom of any appliance to elevate it from potential water damage while also making it easy to slide, lift, and rotate when need be, all while protecting your kitchen surfaces from unwanted scratches and abrasions.

  • Available quantities: 4


A pillow cupholder for when you’re hibernating & need your beverages by your side

Perfect for the car, a camping trip, or your favorite relaxation spot at home, this cupholder pillow is a great all-in-one addition to your cozy arsenal. Soft but durable, the pillow features cutouts that can accommodate mosts cups, bottles, and mugs, and the insulation helps keep drinks at your preferred temperature.

  • Available quantities: 4


A mini donut maker that you never knew you needed

Add some variety to your kitchen with this popular mini donut maker. It makes up to seven donuts in just a few minutes and the nonstick plates make removal easy — a much breezier process than deep frying. It comes with a recipe booklet, but you can also use your favorite cake or brownie mix.

  • Available colors: 3


This fidget toy that will keep your hands busy & your mind relaxed

Ease stress and enhance focus with this fidget tool that’s an amazing outlet for your energy. Inspired by a gaming controller, the 0.5-inch fidgeter is packed with eight different functions, including a rotary dial, joystick, buttons, roller, and more. It has a soft rubberized coating, so it’s easy on your hands, too.

  • Available colors: 4


This magnet for your dishwasher that keeps tabs on whether it’s clean or dirty

Whether it simply slipped your mind or someone else in your house didn’t get the memo, we all know the frustration of putting a dirty plate into a dishwasher that’s just run a cycle. Avoid this common mishap with this reversible clean/dirty magnet. It even comes with a stick-on metal piece in case the surface of your dishwasher isn’t magnetic.


This matcha green tea body scrub that leaves your skin smooth & smelling great

Matcha isn’t only good in a latte — it’s an effective treatment for your skin, too. This matcha body scrub is made from green tea extract and helps to both exfoliate your skin and remove excess oil that may cause blocked pores and breakouts. One reviewer wrote, “Absolutely obsessed with this scrub. It moisturizes your skin so beautifully!!!”


A 2-pack of under-bed storage organizers that maximize space

If you live in a small living space (or even if you just have a lot of stuff), under-the-bed storage is a great option, but it can also become a hidden mess if it’s not organized well. These under-bed storage containers keep things orderly, and are great for storing extra clothes, blankets, and more. They feature clear tops to make contents easily viewable, as well as handles, so you can easily pull them out when needed.

  • Available colors: 3


A memory foam wrist rest to make computer work more comfortable

Anyone with a desk job knows that just because it’s not super physical work doesn’t mean that some aches won’t come as a result. This gel memory foam wrist support set is a great addition to your work setup, helping to minimize stress on your wrists while typing and using your mouse. The smooth surface and bounce-back support provide plenty of comfort while the nonslip bottoms keep them securely in place on your work surface.

  • Available colors: 18


These space-saving pants hangers that free up a ton of closet space

This two-pack of pants hangers declutters your closet space by neatly displaying up to 10 pairs of your pants in five clean layers. The sturdy stainless steel hangers feature rods with a nonslip coating to keep items from slipping off, but you’ll also get 10 clips if you want an extra-secure hold. More space on your closet rod — what’s not to love?