50 weird things on Amazon that are so damn clever

Strange yet practical.

ByRachel Bar-Gadda
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If you’re looking for something a little whimsical, a little surprising, and a lot functional, then you’ve landed in the right place. Among items such as a bath mat shaped like a fried egg and a knife that can make the chilliest of butter spreadable, you’ll find the weird, clever thing you never knew you needed.

After all, who doesn’t need a pancake batter dispenser to whip up diner-worthy flapjacks or a salad dressing mixer that emulsifies and pours directly from the container? Go ahead and browse away for even more weird yet practical delights below.


A car seat gap filler that prevents items from slipping through the cracks

If you drive, you know the frustration that ensues when important items slip between that crack between the car seat and console. Enter this car seat gap filler that fits in exactly that spot and provides both a seal and a place to prop items you want to have beside you. Available in a set of two, it attaches to the seat belt catch and is designed with a universal fit.


This foot peel mask that offers serious exfoliation

Even if your feet get scrubbed at your regular pedicure appointment, this foot peel mask can take the exfoliation to the next level. With the help of salicylic acid and botanical extracts, the mask works to completely slough away dead skin to reveal the smooth and soft surface underneath. Simply slip on the booties for an hour, then remove them for renewed feet in one to two weeks.


A pet grooming tool that washes & scrubs at the same time

Wash and scrub all in one go with this clever pet grooming tool that attaches to either your shower or garden hose. It fits neatly in the palm of your hand to allow you to scrub more thoroughly and features two spray settings (low and high) that are easily triggered right from the fingers. Made of flexible silicone, the bristles are gentle on your pet’s skin yet effective in their scrubbing ability.


This portable neck fan that cools the entire head

This weird yet ingenious portable neck fan helps keep you comfortable in sweltering conditions — and since it looks like a pair of headphones, no one will even notice you’re wearing a fan. It comfortably wraps around your neck and features 78 air vents lined up along the entire neckline to provide your whole head with a refreshing breeze. The rechargeable fan offers three different airflow speeds and comes in five colors such as dark green or pink.


An indoor fly trap that works without chemical insecticides

If you have a nagging gnat or fly problem but want to avoid potentially irritating chemicals, opt for this indoor fly trap. It plugs into any standard outlet and uses UV light as a lure, trapping insects on the sticky surface of the glue card that faces the wall. When it gets full, simply replace the glue card with the included refill.


These acne patches that work under-the-radar

These clever acne patches help shrink zits in an inconspicuous but highly effective way. Made in a transparent and thin finish, the patches sit invisibly above a pimple, extracting the gunk overnight. In addition to being a hydrocolloid patch, the formula also contains tea tree, cica, and calendula oil to help soothe inflamed skin.


A reusable notebook that allows you to easily store everything on the cloud

This truly genius reusable notebook allows you to take notes the old-fashioned way (via pen and paper) but features an ability to easily scan and upload those notes to the cloud. Take your notes on the 36 dot-grid pages using the included pen, then upload those notes to your cloud storage of choice. Afterward, wipe the pages clean with the included microfiber cloth to begin again.


This pet hair remover that requires no refills

This popular pet hair remover costs under $30 and won’t cost you a cent more in the future as it requires no sticky paper or battery refills. Instead, it uses static electricity generated by a back-and-forth movement to pick up hair and deposit it into the built-in receptacle. Clearly a popular choice with over 147,000 reviews, you’ll soon understand why, when it comes to removing pesky pet hair, this is the solution.


A set of swaying solar lights that add magic to your garden

These solar garden lights aren’t your usual fare — they’re designed to gently sway as the breeze comes in, giving your landscaping a magical ambiance. Two come in every set with a solar panel attached to each, as well as eight globe lights at the ends of flexible wire. Set them amongst your plants to create the illusion of fireflies floating in the greenery.


This ceiling fan duster with an extendable pole

If you love a dust-free home but struggle to get your place head-to-toe clean, grab yourself this ceiling fan duster to access even the highest of surfaces. It comes with a pole that can extend from 27 to 47 inches and includes a microfiber mophead with a multitude of fibers to trap dust and dirt. Conveniently remove and wash the duster to be ready for the next cleaning session.


A garlic crusher amusingly shaped like Count Dracula

Prepare seasonings to perfection with the help of a legendary vampire using this garlic crusher. Simply add garlic, nuts, chili, spices, or ginger, for example, into the base and use the top section in a twisting motion to press, mince, or crush those seasonings in record time. “I use a lot of fresh garlic and this lil thing works great,” wrote one reviewer. “Definitely a good buy that will save you time in the kitchen.”


These under-bed storage organizers made with stylish contrast trim

Who knew storage could be so elegant? Not only do these under-bed storage organizers have space to hold tons of large, bulky items, but they do it in style using chic contrast trim. A transparent cover allows you to see the contents and large, sturdy handles make them easily retrievable. Two come in each set in a choice of three colors: black, gray, and java.


A running pouch that uses magnets to stay secure

Great for runs in pocketless pants or shorts, this running pouch gives you the freedom to take your essentials with you no matter your attire. Made with built-in magnets, just slip the back flap behind your waistband and align the front flap so that there’s a secure connection. Pop in your keys, credit card, and ID while the moisture-resistant mesh fabric stays cool throughout lots of sweaty exercise.


This rug gripper that keeps corners flat

Prevent possible mishaps and an untidy look with these rug corner grippers. Designed in a V-shape, they stick to the corners using self-adhesive and can be used on any kind of flooring from hardwood to tile to stone. Additionally, these grippers are weatherproof which means they can be used on outdoor as well as indoor rugs.


A multi-tool pen that’s extremely useful

This seemingly strange but in fact genius multi-tool pen can help with so many projects — all within an incredibly small footprint. Not only does it function as a ballpoint pen, but it can also act as a stylus for making notes on your phone or tablet, a flathead and Phillips screwdriver, a bubble lever, and a standard and metric ruler.


These Swedish dishcloths that are reusable up to 100 times

These Swedish dishcloths will have you rethinking what it means to be a kitchen rag. Available in a budget-friendly pack of 10, they’re made of biodegradable cellulose and cotton and can be washed and reused up to 100 times. Use them for any task around the house from washing countertops to cleaning mirrors and say goodbye to paper towels forever as each one of these is equivalent to 15 rolls.


A strainer that snaps directly onto the rim of your pot

This cleverly designed pot strainer snaps directly onto your pan, allowing you to drain water without having to get out another kitchen accessory. It’s made of heat-resistant, nonstick silicone and works on a wide range of pots and bowls from large to small and metal to wood. You can pop it in the dishwasher for simple cleaning and store it without taking up much space.


This battery organizer that can be mounted to the wall

Take those batteries out of that jumbled junk drawer and store them in this handy battery organizer that can be mounted directly to the wall. It has room to fit up to 93 batteries of different varieties and even includes its own battery tester to make sure your supply is fresh. The organizer is available in seven colors such as black, green, or purple.


A pack of gold eye masks for swanky depuffing

If your self-care routine could use an extra dash of glamour, these gold eye masks should do the trick. They can help depuff, smooth, and refresh the under-eye area with ingredients such as collagen, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, and aloe vera. Each pack comes with 20 pairs that look pricey but actually cost under $20.


This dryer vent cleaner kit that keeps your appliance running efficiently

Get the most out of every cycle with this dryer vent cleaner kit that removes years of accumulated lint to help it work with top-notch efficiency. The kit includes several attachments including a vacuum adaptor to fit any standard model as well as a long flat hose measuring more than 3 feet to extract lint from even the narrowest of spaces.


A laundry detergent holder that prevents sticky messes

If there’s always a mess on top of the washer or your detergent bottle has become sticky with drips, you need this weird but helpful laundry detergent holder. It provides a platform for your detergent bottle to be placed on its side and at a slight downward angle, with a strap supplied for extra security. Place the cap on the drip tray below to easily fill it with liquid and wipe up any potential mess in a matter of a few seconds.


This bacon grease container that comes with its own strainer

Provide yourself with that prized, silky cooking fat using this bacon grease container that comes with its own fine mesh stainless steel strainer. A handle and spout make it easy to pour the grease into the pan and a lid keeps the contents fresh. The container can hold up to 5 cups and can go into the dishwasher for thorough cleaning.


A pet food can cover made of flexible & food-safe silicone

This pet food cover keeps leftovers fresh thanks to the notched silicone material that fits on a variety of different cans. It comes in a set of two and each lid is dishwasher-safe, to boot. Not only will the cover keep the food moist for the next meal, but it’ll also prevent your fridge from smelling like your dog’s or cat’s dinner.


This pancake batter dispenser for consistently sized flapjacks

Use this pancake batter dispenser to truly impress your family and friends come breakfast time (or lunch, or dinner). Made of BPA-free plastic, it can hold up to 4 cups of batter and simply requires a press of the trigger on the inside of the handle to dispense the ideal amount onto your griddle with no drips left behind. Use it for other treats such as waffles, muffins, or brownies.


A makeup brush cleaner that washes & dries in seconds

This handy makeup brush cleaner allows you to both wash and dry your brushes in seconds using a powered spinner. Choose from one of the eight included collars to suit your brush, attach it to the spinner, and then place it in the included glass bowl with warm water and your soap of choice. Spin to wash, then remove and spin to dry.


These cable labels that can be used to color-code cords

With these clever cable labels, you’ll never again struggle to identify within that tangle of cords that one cable you need to adjust. They come in a pack of 36 containing nine different color options so you can easily color-code your cables to be better organized. The labels wrap around the cable using a reusable hook and loop fastener (as opposed to sticky adhesive) and can be easily written on with a ballpoint pen.


A neck reading light that provides focused illumination

Illuminate that fussy knitting project, that thrilling page-turner, or that trying problem under the hood using this neck reading light with over 102,000 reviews and a high 4.7-star rating. Its powerful LEDs offer a narrow, focused light with three available brightness levels in addition to three possible temperatures (amber, warm white, and cool white). Made with a lightweight frame, it wraps comfortably around your neck and is fully rechargeable via USB-C.


These furniture protector shields that prevent cats’ claws from wreaking havoc

These furniture protector shields might seem odd, but you’ll soon be a fan when you witness the way they both prevent and train your cat’s claws to not destroy your sofa. They can be cut to size and mounted to the sides of your couch using strong self-adhesive as well as twist pins for good measure. Use them on all sorts of upholstery such as polyester or cotton while the clear finish helps them to blend in seamlessly.


A foot massager with bliss-inducing acupressure nubs

A good foot massage can make you feel like a whole new human and you don’t need to hightail it to the local spa for this rejuvenating experience. Simply procure this foot massager that’s made of wood and features five rows of acupressure nubs to give your feet a renewing roll. It’s constructed in an arched design to accommodate the shape of the foot, offering deep tissue massage and helping to boost circulation.


This cord cover kit to cleverly hide cables in plain sight

This ingenious cord cover raceway kit gives you everything you need to make cables blend in with the walls around them. Every part of the kit can be used to customize the length and accommodate corners, with each raceway able to hold up to three cords. As a bonus, you can even paint each part to exactly match the wall color behind it for a highly disguised look.


A silicone utensil rest with its own built-in drip tray

No matter how many intense red sauces or curries you whip up, this silicone utensil rest will not only keep your tools handy but it also will maintain a mess-free countertop. Four slots are included in which to place anything from spoons to spatulas with a built-in tray to catch all falling drips. Choose from two sizes as well as a multitude of colors such as gray, magenta, or sky blue, and toss in the dishwasher for effortless cleaning.


This UV flashlight that detects invisible pet stains

If unseemly smells are haunting you at home but you cannot seem to locate the culprit, turn to this UV flashlight that will reveal all. The blacklight works to unveil dried or invisible pet stains so that you can easily treat and eliminate the stink once and for all. Plus, pop this small handheld light in your bag to take your stain-detection powers on the road.


A cord organizer that attaches directly to your appliance

Instead of haphazardly storing appliances with their cords akimbo, use this cord organizer to neatly wrap those power cables. Every pack comes with six organizers that use self-adhesive to mount directly to the surface of your appliance, such as a stand mixer or coffee maker. A notch in the middle conveniently holds the plug.


This knife that spreads cold butter evenly

There’s nothing worse than attempting to spread cold butter onto a ready and waiting hot piece of toast. Enter this butter-spreading knife that, with its built-in holes, is designed to create small curls of butter to make even the most chilled sticks spreadable. Made of stainless steel, the knife features a serrated edge on the other side and is also great for slathering on jam or honey.


A sofa side table with a holder for your tablet

Snack comfortably from the comfort of your couch with this sofa side table that has a special rotatable bracket to securely place your tablet. Made of bamboo, the tray features a nonslip silicone underside and two clips that can keep the table steady on a range of different sofa arm sizes. The tray is great for placing anything from food to books and is built with a raised lip to prevent items from falling.


This salad dressing mixer that lets you blend & pour from one container

Whip up gourmet salad dressings in record time using this clever salad dressing mixer. The BPA-free container has handy measurement markings on the side and includes mixing blades that emulsify your dressing easily and quickly. Simply pour the liquid from the drip-free spout onto your salad and put the whole thing in the top rack of the dishwasher for a thorough clean.


A set of acrylic shelf dividers that organize without taking up visual space

Keep books, towels, clothing, or bedding neatly organized in separate compartments using these acrylic shelf dividers that look nearly invisible. Every set comes with four dividers that each clamp onto the shelf securely. The dividers measure 8 inches high to accommodate taller piles and can be used in any area of the house from the bedroom closet to the pantry.


These claws that shred meat with ease

Once you try these efficient meat-shredding claws, you’ll be hard-pressed to start a barbecue without them. They’re comfortable to grip with ergonomic handles and the sharp tines cut through meat easily. Their nylon material makes them heat-resistant up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit and they can additionally be used for both carving meat or serving dishes.


A multipurpose cleaning spray that removes grime from any hard surface

This multipurpose spray truly lives up to the “multi” part of its moniker as it can take down grease and grime on a range of surfaces from marble to ceramic to metal. Made of natural ingredients, it will not only conquer messes on your countertop but it can also be used on your boat, car, and cooking pans — all while leaving a light rhubarb scent in its wake.


This condiment fork that rests in its own handy holster

Pickle lovers will adore this innovative condiment fork that has garnered a high 4.7-star rating over 11,000-plus reviews. It’s designed to sit in its very own little holster that’s attached to an elastic loop and wraps around your jar of pickles or olives. The holster prevents mess by conveniently catching all the drips and can be easily cleaned in the top rack of the dishwasher.


A microfiber shag bath mat in the shape of a fried egg

Add a bit of whimsy to your day when you step out of your shower to plant your feet on what looks like a fried egg. The charming bath mat that sports this delicious design is made of absorbent microfiber shag and features a nonslip back to keep it in place on your floor. Machine wash and dry it to keep it in lasting shape.


This outlet shelf to get items off countertops

This clever outlet shelf replaces your normal wall plate to provide you with a handy storage platform, thus freeing up space on a previously cluttered countertop. It only takes a moment to install and the shelf can hold up to 10 pounds of weight. Use it to store items such as your smart device, phone, keys, or Bluetooth speaker with a hollow area built into the shelf to thread your power cables through.


A pack of refrigerator mats to keep shelves clean

When items leak or drip in the fridge, the mess created can require a lot of time to clean. However, when you have these removable refrigerator mats lining those shelves, it becomes as simple as a quick wash with soap and water. They’re made of food-safe EVA foam that provides a soft surface for produce and can be cut to size to suit your shelf’s dimensions.


This remote holder to never lose sight of your controls

This remote holder allows you to never lose sight of those TV controls again by keeping them stored in one consistent place. The holder can fit any type or brand of remote and comes with optional dividers to keep items separate. Mount it to the wall using the included adhesive and remove it just as easily with no damage caused in the process.


A power scrubber that gets into nooks & crannies

For a detailed clean, sometimes it takes a tool as small as the area you’re desperately trying to wash. This power scrubber offers both the ability to get into those narrow crevices as well as the torque required to effectively remove dirt and grime. It comes with four AA batteries and features two different settings, continuous and pulse, to make your grout or your window frame sparkle.


This box organizer that’s height-adjustable

Keep your kitchen wraps or pantry items neatly displayed and easily accessible using this helpful box organizer. It can hold up to 20 pounds and comes with height-adjustable shelves to accommodate boxes in various sizes. Nonslip feet keep it from shifting around and metal wiring offers sturdy support.


A set of drain cleaners that quickly get the job done

Say goodbye to clogs thanks to these ingenious drain cleaners that use a clever design to work their magic. The set includes three plastic wands made with soft barbs to grab onto material causing clogs as you bring the snake back up to the surface. A metal tube is also included that features a claw at the end which is triggered to open and close by the handle, grabbing blockages and freeing up your flow in no time.


This chic dry-erase board made of clear acrylic

This dry-erase board will provide you with tons of functionality while remaining elegant due to its clear acrylic material that blends in seamlessly with its environment. It mounts using helpful magnets and comes with seven fine-tip dry-erase markers in several colors. Simply wipe away those grocery lists or appointment reminders using a damp cloth to start fresh.


A coffee pod holder that mounts to the underside of your cabinet

Those who love their daily K-cup know that those pods can take up a hefty amount of drawer or countertop space. Enter this coffee pod holder that can store up to 12 K-cups and mounts directly to that little-used space underneath your cabinet shelf. Once mounted using the included self-adhesive, simply pull the handle to see your pod collection and make your selection.


These illuminated address numbers that utilize solar power

Rest assured that your address will always be visible no matter what time of day or night when you mount these solar-powered address numbers. After the solar panel charges during the day, the built-in lights will automatically turn on at dusk and provide 10 to 12 hours of illumination until sunrise when they’ll turn off. Four sets of numbers and one set of letters are provided as well as all the necessary hardware for a secure installation.