40 Small, Cheap Ways To Make Your Life So Much Easier

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I learned early on in life that you don’t always have to spend a lot of money to get a good bottle of wine — you just have to have a little insider knowledge. The same is true of making your life easier; this list is full of little day-to-day hacks that cost very little but have a big impact.

Let me introduce you to one of my all-time favorite products that may seem unlikely to change your life, but just might: this mildew-resistant shower curtain liner. Not only does it not get grimy (so you won’t have to re-up on a new liner any time soon), but it also features weighted magnets at the bottom to keep it from blowing around while you shower. The best part? It costs less than the price of two lattes.

There are plenty of other innovative items on this list, too, like this shaving bib that catches all the spare trimmings when you’re grooming your beard. It goes around your neck, and the bottom end attaches to your mirror with suction cups, creating a hammock to catch trimmed hair — i.e., no more clogging the sink drain after shaving.

There are so many more cheap ways to improve your life with minimal effort, so get scrolling.


Keep a car charger in your vehicle to power up your phone while you drive

Put an end to running out of phone battery by keeping this USB car charger in your vehicle. Compatible with a wide variety of devices, it has dual ports, so you can charge up to two devices at once. It plugs into your car’s 12-volt outlet and delivers a quick, safe charge while taking up minimal space.


Hang this shower curtain liner that’s weighted to keep it in place

When you have a good shower curtain liner, you don’t notice it, but when yours is bad — for example, when it gets mildewy or blows all around the shower while you suds up — it can ruin your whole bathing experience. This shower curtain liner has weights built into the bottom hem to ensure that it stays in place and doesn’t leap out at you when you’re scrubbing. Plus, it’s made from a mildew-resistant, BPA-free material, so it stays odor- and grime-free.


Use silicone oven mitts that are easier to wipe clean

Crafted from water- and steam-proof silicone that’s heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, these oven mitts make it possible to remove hot pans from the oven with ease. The quilted lining makes them comfy to wear, while the flexible, nonslip construction gives you a tight grip on cookie sheets, muffin tins, and pans. These mitts feature an extended length to protect your forearms, and the silicone surface can be wiped clean with a cloth.


Shape your brows & dermaplane without going to the salon

With their easy-to-use design, these razors are ideal for grooming your eyebrows between visits to the salon — but their versatility goes beyond that. Personally, I use them for dermaplaning my face, which leaves my skin feeling baby soft and exfoliated. Plus, removing the dead layers of skin helps increase absorption of moisturizers and serums, while also creating a smooth canvas for makeup application.


Scrape your grill grates with this handy tool

With a handle made from Acacia wood and stainless-steel bristles, this grill brush and scraper is a tough grill-cleaning machine. From the first time you use it on your grill, you’ll recognize it as a serious tool to complement your outdoor cooking skills. With a scraper built into the brush and 360-degree bristles that get the hard-to-reach spots, this tool is made to remove even the most stuck-on food. The 18-inch extended handle length also keeps your hands away from the heat. To clean, the brand suggests rinsing the brush in warm water for a minute or two, and hanging it to dry.


Keep your weekly schedule right where you can see it (on the fridge)

This dry-erase weekly planner is magnetic, so you can stick it on the refrigerator or any other metal surface where you’re guaranteed not to miss it. It comes accompanied by a set of multi-colored dry-erase markers, so you can color code your to-do list and activities, which means you’ll know what’s up at a glance. Available in several different sizes, it has blank entries for every day of the week, as well as extra space for shopping lists and chores.


Protect your walls from damage by using these door bumpers

Make sure that your door knobs and handles don’t scratch or mar the paint on the wall by installing these wall bumpers. These bumpers stick to just about any smooth surface (wood, glass, drywall, wallpaper), and are also shock-absorbent. Made from clear, durable gel, they’re easy to install, thanks to their adhesive backing. Each pack comes with four.


Get a tight grip on your phone with this pop-out holder

The beloved PopSocket really enhances your phone’s functionality in a way that few other accessories can pull off. It affixes to the back of your phone, and has an easy-grip holder, so you can keep your device securely in your hands. Plus, you can also use it as a mini kickstand, propping your phone up on a table or desk for hands-free viewing. When you’re not using it, it collapses flat to lie flush against your phone.


Add illumination to dark spaces with this motion-sensor light

Complete with motion-sensor capabilities, this LED light bar provides an abundance of illumination wherever you need it. Install it under kitchen cabinets, along dark hallways, or inside closets, so you can find exactly what you need. It has a rechargeable battery and installs easily using the provided ultra-strong 3M adhesive, but it can also be screwed into place with the accompanying hardware.


Keep your coffee hot until the last sip with this mug warmer

If you enjoy sipping on coffee or tea throughout the day, this mug warmer is for you; it keeps hot beverages at just the right temperature without those constant trips back to the pot for top-offs. Great for soup, cocoa, and even as a candle warmer, it features a built-in gravity sensor that turns on the device when you put something on its surface.

  • Available colors: 6


Screw in a smart bulb to manage your lighting from your phone

With more than 16 million colors, including all manner of both cool and warm whites, this smart bulb is capable of setting the mood — any mood — and is controlled via a convenient smartphone app, so you don’t even have to get up from the couch to adjust it. You can also set schedules for your lighting, and even use voice commands to tell your Alexa or Google Home assistant to manage the lights for you.


Organize your fridge, so you can actually find what you need

It’s easy to get discouraged about cooking when you look into your refrigerator and it’s just one big mess. These organizers let you straighten up your fresh produce, dairy products, canned beverages, and other items so that you’ll be able to instantly see what you have on hand (instead of doubling up on items at the store). Made from transparent, durable plastic, they clean easily with just soap and warm water.


Fold your laundry into neater stacks with the help of this board

Turn folding your laundry from a boring chore into a fun and fast activity with this laundry folding board that creates compact, neat stacks that’ll keep your dresser drawers in good order. (And with all those neat stacks, you’ll actually have more space for your clothes.) The multi-hinged board had steps printed right on the middle panel, so it’s a breeze to use.


Make food prep easier by sharpening your knives

This two-stage knife sharpener will ensure that your blades are always in top shape, which will help speed up your food prep time while making it easier to slice and dice. The coarse stage sharpens your dull and damaged blades, while the fine stage is used for touch-ups and finishing work. The sharpener has a patented edge-grip feature to accommodate longer blades while keeping them from scraping the countertop.


Use an extendable shower scrubber to reach the top corners

Get the highest, hardest-to-reach spots in your shower spic and span with this shower scrubber that features a telescoping handle that extends all the way out to 42 inches. A product of trusted name OXO, it has a comfortable nonslip grip and a triangular scrubbing head designed to target corners for a thorough clean.


Keep pairs of socks together on laundry day with this hanger

You’ll never have to chase after that lost left sock ever again once you have this laundry tool that keeps each pair together. Simply clip your socks onto this hanger after they’ve been worn, then throw the whole thing into the washer and dryer to keep each and every pair intact. The set comes with two SockDocks to accommodate up to 18 pairs.


Rely on this gravity feeder to keep your pet fed

Make sure your furry friend is always fed with this pet feeder that works on the principle of gravity to make sure there’s always kibble available for snacking. The food storage container has an extra-wide mouth, making it easy to fill, and it holds up to 6 pounds of dry food, so you can go long periods of time before filling it up again.


Shave in the shower with this anti-fog mirror

Enjoy shaving right in the shower without having to wipe your mirror off after every stroke when you use this anti-fog shower mirror. A convenient way to streamline your morning routine, it comes with a strong adhesive hook that mounts to tile , so you can securely mount it without risk of breakage.


Keep track of your keys with this Bluetooth finder

The average person spends way too much time looking for lost stuff, and I’d wager that most of that time is spent searching for keys. Add this Tile Bluetooth tracker to your key chain and get that time back. It syncs to to an app on your smartphone, so you can use your phone to ring the tracker and quickly locate your keys. It’s water-resistant, and also works in the reverse — use the Tile to ring your phone when that gets lost.


Save space in your closet with these vertical hangers

Ideal for people who live in homes with less-than-ample closet space, these unique hangers accommodate five garments each, and since they hang vertically, they take up a fraction of real estate on your closet rod. You can also use them to organize dress shirts and other items within particular categories, or group outfits together to get out of the house faster in the morning.


Peel your garlic by using these tubes — not your fingers

Garlic is delicious, but peeling it can be quite a task. These silicone garlic peelers make it possible to get the skin off of the cloves without touching them at all; just place the garlic inside the tube and roll it around to separate the skins from the clove with ease. These peelers go in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.


Clean your cast iron without removing the seasoning

Avid cooks know that keeping your seasoned cast iron cookware in good condition is a delicate process, and this cast iron brush is specially designed to clean those pots and pans without ruining the seasoning that you’ve worked so hard for. With an integrated scraper to remove the toughest of cooked-on foods, it has BPA-free nylon bristles to get your cookware extra clean without a lot of extra work.


Organize your pills to make sure you get your meds on time

This pill organizer helps ensure that you get your medications at the right time of day, thanks to both morning and evening sections that are labeled for each day of the week. The lids on each compartment firmly snap closed, making this container handy for travel, but the push buttons make them easy to pop open without any hassle.


Make your clothes look off-the-rack fresh with this handheld steamer

Keep your clothes looking fresh and clean with this handheld steamer that releases wrinkles with minimal effort. It releases up to 15 minutes of continuous steam, so you can get through multiple garments without having to refill with water. Weighing just 1 pound, it has a 9-foot cord that makes it easy to maneuver.


Keep your car tidy with this waterproof trash can

Whether you’re road-tripping or spending time commuting back and forth to work, it’s easy for your vehicle to turn into a rolling dumpster. This waterproof car trash can helps keep the mess at bay by providing a place to put all the garbage until you can dispose of it. The 2-gallon capacity provides lots of space, and the elastic opening ensures that it all stays out of sight.

  • Available colors: 10


Prevent beard trimmings from clogging your sink with this bib

This genius bib catches all of the hair trimmings when you’re grooming your beard and completely neatens up the manscaping process. A great way to keep your sink drain clog-free, it’s designed to fasten around your neck, while the other end secures to the mirror with suction cups, creating a hammock for all that hair.

  • Available colors: 3


Keep small items within easy rich with this lazy Susan

Whether you load it with spices and put it in a corner cabinet, or put office supplies on it on your desk, this lazy Susan is so useful and can be deployed in any room of the house. It features a non-skid surface on top to prevent items from moving around while it’s being turned, as well as a smooth rotating mechanism that spins smoothly to make your items accessible from any direction.

  • Available colors: 14


Organize your gardening & cleaning tools with this wall-mounted rack

Get your cleaning or yard tools organized in your utility closet or up and off of the floor of the garage with this mop and broom holder that installs easily and holds up to 40 pounds. It has four slots for handled tools, as well as four hooks for your gardening gloves, dust brushes, hats, or other items. All the hardware you need for mounting is included.


View your phone hands-free with this highly rated holder

Boasting a 4.7-star overall rating after 83,000 reviews, this phone stand allows for limitless hands-free use of your smartphone. Compatible with all phone models as well as smaller tablets, it’s made from sleek aluminum alloy and comes in multiple colors. The design even incorporates a cutout for threading the charging cable through, so your device can be powered up while you work.

  • Available colors: 5


Mount these hooks anywhere you need hanging space

Crafted from stainless steel, these wall hooks are ideal for holding razors in the shower, but they can also be used throughout the house to hang keys, dog leashes, and even kitchen utensils. Sleek and minimalist, they add a touch of modern style to any space, and install easily with the provided adhesive.


Apply this anti-blister balm to keep your feet happy

Whether you’re an athlete, avid hiker, or work on your feet all day, this foot balm is your insurance against uncomfortable blisters that can limit your activity and shorten your stride. Made with vitamins A and C to moisturize and nourish, the plant-based formula prevents chafing, rubbing, and irritation, while still allowing feet to sweat.


Keep your plastic bags neatly organized in this dispenser

If plastic grocery bags have collected under your sink in a haphazard fashion, it’s worth picking up this bag dispenser that mounts to the wall or inside of a cupboard door. Made from fingerprint-resistant stainless steel, it has a feeder on top for inserting bags, and a cutout in front for grabbing them as needed.


Sip from unbreakable wine glasses that are super sturdy

Crafted from shatterproof Tritan plastic, these wine glasses are exactly what you need to drink your favorite beverage — adult or otherwise — no matter if you’re in the backyard or dining room. BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, these glasses won’t cloud up like other plasticware, and they’re also great for serving desserts. At this price, they make a great gift for any occasion.


Use these rolling shower curtain hooks that don’t catch on the rod

Here’s an easy upgrade to your bathroom that makes such a huge difference in the quality of your shower experience: these rolling shower curtain rings. The rollers on each one ensure that your shower curtain slides back and forth so effortlessly, it’s like a dream. Made from rust-resistant metal, they’re strong enough to hold both the curtain and the liner, and fit all standard shower curtain rods.

  • Available finishes: 5


Transfer your food with the help of these baggy stands

These baggy stands hold your food storage bags upright, so you can transfer food without having to hold the bags open yourself. With strong suction cup bottoms that keep them in place while you’re working, they make both food prep and leftover storage a streamlined process. Essentially, it’s like having an extra pair of hands in the kitchen.


Keep your suitcase from getting lost with this luggage tag

Made from fully bendable rubber with a clasp made from corrosion-resistant stainless steel, this luggage tag is virtually indestructible and will help you identify your bags quickly and easily at the airport. One side of the tag features an initial (available in every letter of the alphabet), while the reverse has space for your name, address, and phone number.

  • Available options: 26


Block sleep-disrupting blue light with these non-prescription glasses

When you spend all day working on the computer, the blue light being emitted from your screen may cause eyestrain and disruptions in your sleep patterns. These blue light-blocking glasses block those rays to offset those annoying side effects, while enabling you to spend more time getting work done without fatigue. Choose from multiple frame options, like black, tortoiseshell, and clear.

  • Available options: 13


Keep pet hair off your furniture by grooming with this slicker brush

When your pet is challenging to groom, this self-cleaning slicker brush is the tool to reach for: It’s specifically designed to remove tangles and mats while removing loose hair — which means less fur embedded on your furniture. The secret is the the wire bristles — they’re bent to reach the undercoat without causing discomfort to your pet, and then retract, so you can easily remove the extra hair.


Bake with these silicone cups that are endlessly reusable

Made from silicone that’s heat-resistant to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, these reusable baking cups are super durable, so you can put them to work for muffins and cupcakes again and again. They’re nonstick, so whatever you bake releases instantly, and the cups clean up easily in the dishwasher. Plus, they’re freezer-, oven-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe.

  • Available options: 2


Add traction to steps with these nonslip treads

Make stairs and ramps nonslip by adding this pre-cut grip tape that’s long-lasting and prevents accidental slips and falls. The 6-by-24-inch pieces work on most surfaces, including wood, concrete, tile, metal, and laminate, and install easily with the commercial-grade adhesive backing. They’re water-resistant, so ideal for use around pools, or in areas that see rain and snow.