40 smarter ways to save money around your home

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Few things get people more excited than household saving hacks — and you might be surprised by all of the amazing ways you can get crafty while even reducing your bills. Thankfully, we found various gadgets that’ll help lower your household expenses in no time, whether you’re using too much electricity, constantly buying reusable paper towels, leaving the lights on, and more.

Optimizing your home and making small changes within your daily lifestyle by reducing waste and staying organized can truly make all the difference. From affordable at-home gym equipment and salon treatments to lessening your toilet and paper towel use, there’s no shortage of savvy frugal ideas.

Ahead, you’ll find 40 simple products with clever household tips that will help spend less and save more.


Save dips & leftovers for a quick lunch later

These small glass storage containers are great for storing leftover dips, sauces, and more. Not only is it made from environment-friendly glass, but the jars are microwave and oven safe — making the reheating process more convenient than ever. You can grab them in pink or blue.


Limit shower use with this timer

If you’re anything like me, then you take the term “shower hour” literally. Cutting back on shower time can not only lower your water bill drastically but it may also help lower your electric bill. Keep this mini electronic timer on hand to keep you in check the next time your shower turns into a concert. You can hang it, clip it, or stick it to a magnetized surface.


Switching to zero-waste dishcloth towels

Single-use towels are a thing of the past. This affordable dishcloth pack comes in a set of 5 for just under $15. According to the brand, one cloth can replace more than 15 paper towel rolls. I know — we’re shook too. The best part? The towels can easily be washed up to 50 times in either the dishwasher or washing machine.


Using glass bottles instead of disposable water bottles

Perfect for storing homemade juices, smoothies, or even salad dressings, these travel-friendly jars are ideal for use on the go. Plus, the glass is shatter resistant, lasting years and reducing waste. There are seven color options for lids, and each lid has an airtight lid to avoid spillage.


Better organizing your fridge, so you can see what you have

It’s no secret that most of us can’t see what we already have, only to end up buying more. Strategically organizing your refrigerator and pantry is a great way to prevent overconsumption. These clear organizers are great space savers and look great in your fridge. They’ve also scored a 4.8 on Amazon, with over 3,800 five-star reviews.


Planting your own herbs, instead of buying them at the store

If you’re new to planting, this indoor garden starter kit is a great place to start. It includes four seed packets, four burlap grow bags, four bamboo plant markers, gardening shears, and a lined wood box that doubles as a planter. With a little bit of water and sun, you’ll no longer have to depend on the grocery store for fresh herbs. This also makes for a perfect housewarming gift!


Using unbreakable, reusable cups for kids

If you’ve had enough of single-use paper cups, this set of five reusable cups may be just the ticket. Not only do they come in fun colors perfect for the kids, but the stackable element is great for conserving space. They’re also safe to pop into the dishwasher or microwave.


Getting reusable K-Cups instead of buying the plastic kind

But first, coffee! Skipping your $7 latte and making coffee at home is one of the easiest ways to cut back your spending. What if we told you, we found a way to save even more? These reusable K-Cups allow for 80% savings by reusing one pod instead of buying disposable K-Cup coffee pods. You get four cups per set, and they’re great for both coffee and tea.


Skipping the salon and doing at-home treatments

A spa pedicure doesn’t need to cost upwards of $50 these days. Turn your bathroom into a luxury salon by indulging in an at-home tea tree foot bath. Formulated with peppermint oil, wintergreen, and eucalyptus, it’s a great way to relieve tired feet while keeping them soft and odor-free.


Using a drying rack instead of the dryer

One of the most underrated ways to save money is by lessening the use of your dryer. This durable drying rack is not only a major space saver but will keep your laundry room looking extra tidy. It’s lightweight, durable, and has three tiers. “Wish I had bought this years ago,” said one Amazon reviewer. “It’s great! Folds flat to save space when not in use. Truly genius!”


Opting to use dryer balls instead of disposable sheets

These dryer balls are a triple threat. Not only do they work to reduce drying time, but they work as a fabric softener and help reduce wrinkles and static. Three balls are recommended for smaller laundry loads, with bigger loads requiring all six.


Restoring your shoes before buying new ones

Before you add those coveted sneakers to your cart, consider using this shoe cleaning kit to restore your favorite footwear. You’d be surprised how quickly you can make your favorite kicks look brand new again. Each pack includes a water-based cleaning solution and a brush. One Amazon shopper said that this kit “works like magic and is easy to use too.”


Keeping your phone screen protected to avoid pricy repairs

If you tend to be clumsy, then you’ll want to invest in this tempered glass-protecting screen for your iPhone. Available to fit most models, installation only takes 30 seconds. Since the screen is transparent, you won’t have to worry about it interfering with your browsing. In fact, you might even forget it’s there.


Making your own candles instead of buying them at the store

If you have a candle obsession (let’s face it — most of us do), then you’ll want to buy this candle-making kit. Instead of spending your money buying a new candle for every season, this ready-made kit includes everything you need to D.I.Y., from soy wax flakes to a wax-pouring pitcher. “Such a nice little kit,” said one Amazon reviewer. “Simple, fun, and colorful.”


Using a tumbler for homemade on-the-go coffee or tea

Keep your homemade coffee hot for 12 hours or cold for 24 hours thanks to this bamboo tumbler that has an interior made from 18/8 food-grade stainless steel. Based on how it's made, no two tumblers are exactly the same, making it even more of a special add to your thermos collection.


Getting versatile lids that'll help you save anything

Every now and then, a product comes along that you didn’t even know existed — but desperately need. This universal reusable lid set is that product. The set includes seven different-sized lids and is perfect for keeping your food fresh for longer while reducing waste. One five-star reviewer said, “these help me from using wasting foil or saran wrap which are horrible in waste for the planet.”


Adding solar lights to brighten up your front entrance

Add a stunning touch to your home entrance with these solar outdoor lights. Thanks to the no-fuss installation, these lights are excellent for efficiency without increasing your bills. Each solar walkway light is waterproof and can provide up to 12 hours of illumination.


Using motion sensor lights around your home

Another great way to keep your electric bill down is by installing these Motion Sensor LED lights into your closet. The lights will automatically turn off to conserve battery life, lasting four times longer than other motion sensor lights. You can also put them by the stairs for added safety.


Using a food thermometer to make sure dinner isn't over (or under) cooked

Few things are more frustrating than burning dinner and having your food go to waste. Luckily, you can ensure a perfectly cooked meal with this instant-read thermometer that takes temperatures in just three seconds. Available in three color combinations, you can even match it to the rest of your kitchen decor.


Buying a cozy blanket instead of turning the heat up

Agreeing on an ideal temperature when it comes to bedtime can be especially tricky if you have roommates or a significant other. Keep the heat down and invest in this ultra-cozy sherpa blanket for added warmth. It has both a cashmere side and a faux sheepskin side, and you can get it in almost every color imaginable.


Using a bidet to cut down on toilet paper costs

Toilet paper has always been a non-negotiable on the grocery shopping list. With the influx of easy-to-install bidets hitting the market, hundreds of shoppers have actually admitted to saving on toilet paper costs and investing in bidets. One Amazon shopper shared, “I don't blow through half a roll of toilet paper in a single sitting anymore.”


Insulating your doors to stop drafts

Winter is coming — and this door draft stopper is one of the smartest and easiest ways to keep your heating bill down and keep the breeze out during the colder months. This wooden door stop comes in four different colors to best match your home interior and has over 12,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. Aside from keeping breezes out, it can also help eliminate noise.


Charging your batteries instead of throwing them out

Maximize the life of your batteries with this convenient battery charger that makes sure you get the most of out of your battery performance. By recharging, you’re saving a little money and also creating less environmental waste. This charger will help power two or four AA or AAA batteries in just four hours. Over 44,000 Amazon customers didn’t hesitate to give this charger a five-star rating, with one stating that they only wish they bought it sooner.


Doing your dry cleaning at home

As most of us have made our way back into the office, our dry cleaning bill is nothing to boast about. These handy cloths by Woolite work to offer three times the care when it comes to removing odors and stains and releasing wrinkles. According to the brand, one box saves over $100 on dry cleaning.


Opting to pick up television stations with an antenna

If you’re tired of paying for cable, this antenna easily plugs into your HDTV and will scan for channels with up to 40 miles-reception depending on your location. Deemed an Amazon best-seller, thousands of shoppers rely on this gadget for TV. “Great for watching live TV and the quality is excellent as well,” said one reviewer.


Using a slipcover instead of risking costly furniture stains

A couch is one of the biggest investments we make when it comes to furniture shopping. If you have little ones running around, then you can’t go wrong with this sofa slipcover that’ll easily protect couch spills, tears, and stains. With a checkered design, this slipcover comes in a variety of different colors, so you should have no trouble finding one that complements your couch.


Using a smart plug to have more control over appliances and fixtures

Add this smart plug to every room in the house to make the most of your energy saving. You’ll be able to schedule lights, fans, and other appliances to turn on and off automatically. Plus, you can control them remotely when you’re away, which is a bonus home security feature.


Having easy access to plastic bags so you can reuse them

The habit of reusing plastic bags is one of the easiest sustainable lifestyle habits one can practice. And as more and more states start charging for grocery bags during checkout, you’ll be glad you came prepared. This holder has an elastic opening up top and dispenses bags on the bottom. But, you can also use it for other things in the kitchen — like, holding tomatoes or potatoes.


Trying a portable fan before resorting to the AC

Before you decide to ramp up your AC, try this powerful USB fan from Amazon. With three different airflow speed settings, this small but mighty fan will keep you cooler than you can imagine. Available in six colors, this corded fan is powered by a USB cord. It has 360-degree rotation, meaning it gets the job done without taking up too much space.


Buying a pilates bar instead of a gym membership

Ditching your gym membership and costly boutique fitness classes is one of the best ways to cut down on spending. Thanks to the influx of affordable at-home equipment and free workout videos on the internet, you can easily turn your living room into a gym. This pilates bar kit is easy to travel with and bring to any room of the house, unlike an elliptical or stepper. It’s also a great way to strengthen your core and give yourself a full-body workout.


Replacing standard floor lamps with an energy-efficient kind

Let there be light. This energy-saving LED floor lamp has a service life of 50,000 hours without overheating. It also has a one-hour timer, if you’re the type of person who forgets to turn off the light after leaving a room. It’s also compatible with smart devices. The chic aesthetic is an added bonus.


Switching to reusable electronic notebooks

With over 48,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, this reusable notebook by Rocketbook has racked up raved reviews. Instead of wasting paper and buying new notebooks every semester, this smart notebook has unlimited use by wiping clean with a damp cloth. “It's great to take notes during meetings,” said one Amazon reviewer. “I also use it for grocery lists because I can add to it over several days then scan and have it on my phone.”


Buying a haircutting kit for quick trims

Minor trims and touch-ups don’t always require the hefty price tag of a salon visit. This basic hair cutting kit features two pairs of grade barber scissors, combs, a duster brush and a hair cape. It’s great for beginners or professionals. “I can't rave enough about these,” one reviewer said. “I bought these to trim at home. Very very sharp, comes with everything you need.”


Having tools ready to make minor car repairs in case of an emergency

The best way to avoid the cost of repair services or tire replacements is by being prepared in case of a mishap. This 70-piece tire repair kit has everything you could possibly need and is suitable for all kinds of vehicles. It currently has 4.7 out of five stars on Amazon, with customers claiming you get a lot for just a little.


Learning how to make your own cleaning products

If you have yet to discover the world of #CleanTok, you’re truly missing out. With endless videos on how to make your own household cleaner, these best-selling Amazon spray bottles will come in handy. This household hack will not only cut down on cost, but it’s also safer in terms of limiting chemicals around your home. These bottles are leak-proof and can hold up to 16 ounces each.


Accurately keeping track of loose change

This is your sign to revisit your vintage purses and coat pockets. Thanks to the LED screen feature on this tech-savvy coin bank, you can accurately keep track of all your miscellaneous coins. You’d be surprised how much loose change can add up. These innovative banks come in three sizes — medium, large, and extra-large.


Keeping coupons organized and secure

More often than not, we come across an amazing coupon only to find it months later at the bottom of our bags post-expiration date. This handy pouch will keep all of your coupons organized so you never have to worry about missing a major savings opportunity. Each pouch has 18 tab dividers and comes with stickers to help you customize while you organize. You can grab this pouch in blue or red.


Stocking up on reusable makeup removers

Not only are single-use makeup remover wipes terrible for the environment, but they’re also a major waste of money. These reusable and organic makeup remover pads can be used over 1000 times, saving you endless trips to the drugstore. You get 30 pads per order, and they even come in their own cute laundry bag to use when it’s time for them to be washed.


Depending on a Crock-Pot for more hearty dinners in

Don’t let its unfortunate cameo on This Is Us scare you away from trying a slow cooker. This seven-quart version can serve up to nine people, meaning it’s a kitchen essential if you have a large family. Not only will it save you money, but it’ll help you realize how easy cooking can be. This Crock-Pot also has a warm setting, so it’s a good way to hold a meal and keep it tasty if someone in your family is running late to dinner.


Learning more about how to cook quick homemade dinners

On the topic of food, let’s chat about homemade meals. They don’t have to be too difficult and can save a ton of money — especially since take-out and delivery come with a lot of additional costs. This cookbook by Alyssa Brantley is a great way to learn a few new recipes that you can use on nights you feel uninspired. “I felt like the book was written for me,” one reviewer claimed.