So many cat owners wish they knew about these clever things years ago

Solutions to frustrating cat owner problems.

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Owning a cat is fun, but it’s also full of a lot of little stressors, making sure your furry friend doesn’t destroy your couch and the dreaded task of scooping out the litter box. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that hard thanks to this list of things so many cat owners wish they knew about years ago.

So, what are these popular pet products that help out with frustrating cat owner problems? There are finds like a cat water fountain that looks sleek. There’s also a water-free shampoo and, of course, plenty of catnip toys. As for that messy litter box, there’s a washable mat that’s also super soft for your cat and a litter box scooper that doesn’t require you to bend over 100 times.

Being a cat owner obviously isn’t annoying, but when you run into a frustrating moment here and there (like torn-up toys), I promise this list will help out.


This gentle mat remover to help you avoid scissors

Avoid tugging matted fur (or cutting it all out) with this extra-gentle mat remover. The soft non-slip handheld design is comfortable to hold thanks to a thumb rest. Plus, the top has 10 curved blades with a protective design that’s safe to use, even if your cat hates the grooming process.


These invisible furniture protectors with a secure design

These furniture-protecting shields stop every scratched-up sofa situation before it even begins. They stick onto whatever furniture tends to become a scratching post, and they’re completely transparent. Though they are sticky on one side, this set can also come with optional twist-on pins if you need an extra-secure anti-scratch setup.


A reusable pet hair remover with an adorable cat design

This reusable pet hair remover is finished off with an adorable cat design that looks so cute if you happen leave it out. It has a reusable rolling design for easy cleaning and a chamber that’s easy to empty. That means you don’t have to tear off any gross sticky sheets to remove all of the cat hair with this battery-free tool.


These long-lasting cat wands with replaceable toys

Swap out torn-up feather dancers with these unique cat wands that are so long-lasting. This clever set comes with nine extra toy attachments, including a mix of colorful feather poofs and plush worm-shaped toys. Plus, you even get a backup wand and two replacement strings with durable clasps, so you’ll get tons of play sessions in with these.


A unique & comfy cat bed that attaches to your window

This unique pet bed gives your cat a comfy spot by the window — even if you don’t have a wide enough windowsill. There are four suction cups to secure it to the window and an extra-sturdy stainless steel cable that’s perfect for kitties up to 40 pounds. The actual bed has a hammock design and flannel padding, so your cat can nap comfortably.


These reusable can covers that keep leftover tuna fresh

These non-toxic, BPA-free silicone can covers are perfect for saving extra tuna for the next day without using a plastic container or single-use foil. They’re super flexible, and each one fits three different can sizes. Plus, this dishwasher-safe design means they’re easy to wash every time your cat finishes a can of food.


This minimalist cat bowl set with an automatic water dispenser

This sleek cat bowl set comes with a minimalist white tray, so it’s the perfect height. You can also angle the aesthetically pleasing cat-shaped food bowl up to 15 degrees to help out your cat’s eating posture. Plus, the built-in water bowl is topped off with a 20-ounce water bottle that automatically refills your cat’s water.


A lightweight UV flashlight that helps find hidden accidents

If you smell cat urine but don’t see any stains, this budget-friendly UV flashlight makes it easy to find that hidden accident. It has 68 LED lights, so you can quickly find that dried stain your cat left behind, even with the lights on. Plus, this easy-to-use blacklight has an anti-slip grip and is compact and lightweight enough to carry all over the house.


A flopping fish toy with a pouch for catnip

Keep this fish-shaped toy charged with the USB charger, and it will flop around every time your cat plays with it, keeping them engaged for longer. It has a soft, washable cover that feels like their other plush toys, but it moves realistically. Plus, it comes with a packet of silvervine and catnip that fits inside this unique toy, which will attract your kitty.


These adjustable grooming gloves with a deshedding design

Each of these massaging grooming gloves has an adjustable strap, so these deshedding gloves stay super secure no matter how much your cat moves around during brushing time. They also have gentle yet grippy rubber bristles on the palms and all five fingers that detangle and collect all of the stray fur while you pet your cat. Not only are these gloves good for deshedding — they can also scrub during bathtime or simply be used for a good massage.


A quiet cat water fountain with a sleek stainless steel tray

This water fountain gives you two fountain options depending on which one your cat likes best. Choose from a constant stream or a bubbling fountain to flow into the dishwasher-safe stainless steel bowl. The base of this 2.1-liter fountain has a sleek design, and with the removable, replaceable filters, you know your cat’s water will be fur-free and clean.


A cat scratcher with the a curved design your pet will want to lay on

Your cat can actually lay around on this unique scratcher toy because it has a comfy, curved design. The entertaining texture is made with sturdy recycled cardboard that’s super dense and durable and is meant to mimic tree bark. Plus, you can flip over this crate-friendly scratcher because it has a reversible design, so it’ll last longer than other scratchers.


This catnip-filled banana toy with a super durable cover

This durable cat toy is made with cotton twill to keep all of the organic catnip inside. The stuffing is actually 100% catnip, so this budget-friendly toy will be a new go-to for your cat, which is why it has over 19,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. Of course, it also has a compact and adorable banana-shaped design that cats who love to steal pens will be drawn to.


A plush cat bed with a versatile built-in tunnel

This cat bed is actually a fun tunnel toy with a fluffy and cushioned bed at the center, which makes it great for multi-cat households. The tunnel on the outside zips up into a circle that fits perfectly around the bed. Plus, you can easily unzip it to create a long tunnel for playtime, since it even has a hanging toy built-in.


This versatile deodorizer with over 69,000 five-star reviews

Grab this deodorizer to deal with whatever cat odors are constantly bothering you. This orange peel-derived formula comes in a spray bottle, and a little goes a long way, so it’s quick to use and will last a long, long time. No matter where you find the smell, this citrus spray works on a bunch of surfaces, including carpet, concrete, tile, furniture, and more.


An extendable scooper that makes cleaning the litter box faster & easier

The extendable, ergonomic handle on this litter scooper makes the entire process of cleaning out your cat’s box way easier — and less gross. It has an easy-to-clean design with stainless steel and aluminum material, and the 32-inch long handle (when fully extended) means you don’t have to uncomfortably bend to clean the litter box on the floor. The two-inch deep and six-inch long shovel means you can scoop faster, while built-in slits leave the clean litter in the box.


These compact cat toys that work on all types of floors

If your cat loves the rings on gallons of milk, this toy set can help fill that void. It comes with compact cat toys that bounce and flip, and they’re super easy to chase. Your cat can easily play with these lightweight toys on all of your floors — even on carpet. Plus, the neon colors mean they’re easy to find, no matter where your cat tucks them after playtime.


A waterproof splash mat with a non-slip bottom

Stick this BPA-free splash mat under whatever food bowl, water bowl, or water fountain your cat loves. It’s made of waterproof silicone that you can put in the dishwasher if your cat spills their food — all while sparing your floor from messes. It also has a diamond-shaped texture on the bottom and raised edges to keep this mat secure and your floors clean.


This wall-mounted brush to help your cat groom themselves

This unique brush mounts on your corners with the included adhesive tape or screws if you want a more permanent grooming station. The curved brush shape makes it easy for your cat to walk up to and brush themselves, and saves your walls from face smudges. Plus, the grippy bristles hold onto all of the hair when they’re done grooming.


An airtight pet food container that has a 4.8-star rating

Keep your cat (and pests) out of their kibble with this heavy-duty food container. It’s completely airtight, keeping food fresher for longer, but the spinning lid makes it easy to open. This BPA-free, food-grade pet containers is also stackable, and won’t shatter if you happen to drop it.


This salmon oil supplement that promotes better skin & hair

This wild Alaskan salmon oil goes right on top of whatever your cat’s go-to meal is, and you can easily add it thanks to the pump bottle. It’s an omega-3-rich supplement with a liquid formula that’s easy to mix in with tuna, dry food, and more, and it even works for picky eaters. It helps out with healthy skin and fur, with reviewers saying it’s especially useful for cats with dry, flaky skin.


A soft mat that traps stray pieces of litter

This nylon mat actually makes your cat’s litter box setup cleaner and more comfortable for your pet. It’s super soft, but the extra-large holes happen to catch all of the scattered litter that finds its way around your house. When it’s time to clean this handy two-layer mat with a plastic layer that repels urine, you can vacuum it, shake it over a trash can, or wash it with soap and water.


This engaging tiered roller toy that’s easy to keep clean

This three-tier roller toy comes with ball toys that roll around each level every time your cat swats at them, keeping your kitties engaged for long periods of time. You get three classic colorful balls, plus three balls with bells inside. The tiers have fun cutouts so your cat can see the balls spinning from several angles, and they even come apart for cleaning.


A pH-balanced shampoo that doesn’t need water

Spritz on this pH-balanced shampoo and you won’t have to make your cat get in the bath, because it’s completely waterless. Think of it like a dry shampoo for your pet. This easy-to-use foaming pump has no parabens or alcohol and a mild scent to make their fur shiny. It’s gentle enough for kittens and senior cats as well.


This sling-style cat carrier that’s soft & comfortable

This machine-washable cat carrier has a soft sling design that’s way comfier than a bulky backpack or plastic carrier. It’s made of breathable cotton to keep your cat comfy while you’re out or keeps your cuddly kitty close when you’re at home. It’s also hands-free and topped off with a security latch and a built-in pocket to keep your pet safe.

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A cat-shaped laser toy that’s motion activated

This laser toy doesn’t just look like a sleek cat — it has a lot of handy features for keeping your feline engaged. Unlike other laser towers, this toy automatically turns on when your cat is 160 inches away, engaging them in play when you can’t. However, it turns off after 15 minutes, so as not to overwhelm your kitty or wear out the batteries, and it can only be activated once every two hours. It’ll last two days on one charge, too.


This enclosed bed with a bunch of plush cushioning

This budget-friendly cat bed has a comforting and private tent-like design with a sherpa-like plush texture. The unique, cozy design fits cats up to 16 pounds, and will keep them snug. There’s a fabric loop on top to move this enclosed bed all over your house as well as an orthopedic foam cushion hidden inside that’s completely removable.


This sleek automatic feeder with a super secure top

With a secure twist-lock lid that’ll keep your cat out of the granary, this automatic cat feeder also has a viewing window at top so you can see when you need to refill its 3-liter capacity. Schedule up to six different meal times of different portion sizes, or automatically dispense five 20-milliliter portions of kibble. If you’re using this to feed your cat while you’re at work, you can even record a message telling Fluffy it’s mealtime.


A fluffy toy with a comforting purring sound

This plush cat toy has a touch-activated box hidden inside that plays a comforting purring sound. It purrs for two minutes while your cat snuggles this fluffy de-stressing toy. It’s also easy to take out the calming purring box, so you can throw this toy in the washing machine.


These cat nail clippers with comfortable handles

This pro-worthy set of cat nail clippers is made with durable and curved stainless steel blades that are super easy to use, which is why they have nearly 20,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. They also have ergonomic handles with plenty of cushioning, so they’re comfortable to hold if it takes a while to clip your cat’s nails.