The 10 best beard shampoos for facial hair that looks, feels, & smells amazing

best beard shampoos
ByVanessa Spilios

Whether you sport a full beard or manicured scruff, your facial hair — and the skin beneath it — require special care. Not only do the best beard shampoos offer a deep clean, but they also help soften facial hair with moisturizing ingredients. Plus, they come in a variety of formulations that target all kinds of concerns (like itching or slow growth), and in an array of scents that'll make you look forward to your next wash.

Since facial hair can be coarser than the hair on the rest of your head, shampoos with moisturizing components are key. Look for ingredients like argan oil, aloe, shea butter, and jojoba oil, which will add softness while hydrating the skin under your beard. (And if your facial hair is particularly dry, it may be worth investing in a shampoo and conditioner set, as this extra step will give your beard an additional dose of moisture.)

Aside from hydrating and cleansing, keep an eye out for shampoos that target any specific needs you might have. An anti-itch formulation can soothe irritated skin, and a shampoo with rosemary and peppermint essential oils may help promote beard growth. Or, if you're in the market for convenience, a shampoo that doubles as an all-over face wash will help streamline your grooming routine, so you can move on with your day.

Most beard shampoos have a woodsy fragrance, but since scent is a personal thing, you can also branch out and try something lighter like lemon verbena, or warm fragrances like vanilla or sweet tobacco. (Of course, if you don't want your beard to smell like anything at all, you can always go for an unscented shampoo.) So whatever your facial hair goals may be, these are the best beard shampoos to help you reach them.

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The shampoo that comes in 6 scents — or unscented

If you want options when it comes to scents — or the option of no scent — look no further than this beard shampoo that comes in seven varieties, like Canyon (a combo of juniper, cypress, and fir), Executive (a blend of leather, cedar, and vanilla), or Straight Up (an unscented formulation that still gets the job done). The water-based formula is made with gentle, all-natural ingredients that will leave you feeling squeaky clean.

One reviewer wrote: "Tried a new scent, 'gunslinger', and love it. Beard wash works great no matter what scent you choose but I really like this one."


2. The basic shampoo & conditioner set

The best beard beard shampoo and conditioner set boasts a glowing 4.8-star overall rating on Amazon after more than 8,000 reviews, and it offers everything you need to clean, condition, and soften facial hair. The two-step grooming set helps remove odors, buildup, and dirt, then leaves the area moisturized and itch-free with the help of argan and jojoba oils. Plus, the sandalwood is a classic, woodsy scent that'll make your facial hair smell pretty fantastic.

One reviewer wrote: "This smells good but not overwhelming which is nice. I was surprised that just a dime sized amount works for my whole beard. The lather feels great and the conditioner leaves my beard soft and my skin not feeling itchy but without that gross oily feel some products have left behind."


The all-natural shampoo bar

Another highly rated option, Professor Fuzzworthy's beard shampoo bar is made with 100% natural ingredients, like hair-softening castor and olive oils, and skin-cleansing kunzea and lavender essential oils. It has an earthy, woody scent, and it arrives in recyclable paper packaging. The brand estimates that one bar is the equivalent to approximately 27 fluid ounces of a liquid beard shampoo, making this a cost-effective option.

One reviewer wrote: "I've been using this soap for over 3 years now. Love the scent leaves the face and beard [feeling] clean soft and ready for the day ahead. If kept dry the bar will last a very good while depending on usage."


The growth-promoting shampoo & conditioner set

If you're looking for the best beard shampoo for growth, this two-piece cleansing and conditioning set is formulated with rosemary, tea tree, and peppermint oils to stimulate follicles and promote cellular regeneration. Other natural ingredients include, skin-soothing aloe vera, moisturizing shea butter, and antibacterial manuka honey.

One reviewer wrote: "This product has actually helped my beard grow. It actually looks like a beard. I am going to keep ordering this product, I'm a believer."


The skin-soothing shampoo with a refreshing scent

While most beard shampoos have woodsy fragrances, the Zeus beard cleanser comes in a verbena lime scent that's lighter and more fresh. (That being said, it's also available in more classic scents: vanilla rum and classic sandalwood.) The formula contains antioxidant-packed green tea to protect hair follicles, chamomile to soothe skin and reduce redness, and dragon’s blood (a plant resin) to cleanse pores and add moisture. It's cleansing without stripping skin of natural oils, making it a good option for anyone with an itchy beard.

One reviewer wrote: "It smells just like cutting into a fresh lime, like the zest is right under your nose. I would definitely recommend this product to any guys interested in taking a break from the pine or musky scents but still want a shampoo that does a top notch job at keeping their face scarf clean."


The 2-in-1 face wash & beard shampoo

Every Man Jack's two-in-one face wash and beard shampoo makes grooming more efficient since it cleanses both skin and facial hair simultaneously. The multifunctional wash uses coconut-derived cleansers, and leaves skin and beards hydrated and conditioned with the help of shea butter, aloe, and glycerin. It's cruelty-free, vegan, and packaged in 50% post-consumer recycled content. Choose from woodsy, earthy scents like cedar, sandalwood, and natural hemp, or opt for beachy formulations like sea salt citron and coconut.

One reviewer wrote: "Love the way this makes my beard feel and smell. I have a problem that I get flakes in my beard/moustache. As long as I use Every Man Jack Beard & Face Wash at least every three days no flakes and beard stays soft."


The fair-trade shea butter shampoo

With a special gel texture, this beard shampoo is made with fair-trade shea butter and maracuja oil, which is derived from passion flower seed, to cleanse and moisturize coarse beard hair. The clean formula is effective at removing dirt, dandruff, and odor from beards, while leaving skin and hair conditioned. The shampoo is cruelty-free, and the shea butter scent is slightly warm and sweet without being overpowering.

One reviewer wrote: "I've tried several beard washes over the last few years. They were great in regards to keeping my beard clean, but I needed to use a conditioner with them. This product works great for cleaning AND moisturizing! I will be purchasing this beard wash from now on."


The anti-itch shampoo

If you're dealing with skin irritation — which can be especially problematic in the early stages of beard growth — this anti-itch beard wash can help calm things down. The lightly exfoliating formula makes use of sea fennel to reduce redness, soothe irritation, and prevent breakouts, while moisturizing ingredients like vitamin E and coconut, olive, and jojoba seed oils leave hair soft and smooth. Therapeutic-grade lavender and rosemary essential oils top off this formula with a light, earthy scent.

One reviewer wrote: "I have been growing my beard out for over a year, searching high and low for some sort of remedy for my itchy beard and beard dandruff. [...] I tried everything, but nothing does the trick like this wash. A little bit goes a long way, which means that the price of this wash is well worth it. It smells good, feels good, and turns my coarse beard into a fluffy beard in minutes."


The shampoo with a classic barbershop scent

If you're craving a classic barbershop scent, the Grave Before Shave beard shampoo is your best bet, and one that's earned a 4.7-star overall rating after more than 2,200 reviews. The deep-cleansing formula contains hydrating argan oil to leave skin and facial hair soft and moisturized.

One reviewer wrote: "This is the stuff! Not only does it have an awesome barbershop smell, but it makes my beard so soft, and actually seems to really bring the red out, in my beard!"


The beard shampoo for travel

This beard shampoo set from Nivea comes with three 3.3-ounce bottles that are TSA-friendly, allowing you to keep one bottle in the shower, one in your gym bag, and one in your carry-on suitcase for the next time you travel. The gel formula has a pleasant vanilla-bourbon scent and can be used to wash both the face and beard. The shampoo contains clarifying charcoal that removes excess dirt and oil, and moisturizing oils that condition skin and hair, leaving your beard soft and shiny, no matter where your day takes you.

One reviewer wrote: "I absolutely love this one. Great scent, easy to use and cleans face well. I also must commend the way it's constructed to prevent too much of the liquid from coming when squeezed. Because of this construction it lasts very long. And does a great job with the little used."