These 4 body wipes are strong, biodegradable, and perfect for camping


When you're camping in the woods, showers and bathrooms are rare, if not nonexistent. That's why wet wipes are a must for washing your hands, cleaning your body, and yes, even wiping after you go to the bathroom. But the best body wipes for camping are typically different from the ones you'd use around the house. There are two main distinctions.

First, they're more durable. Unlike the delicate wet wipes you'd use at home, camping body wipes need to be tougher and capable of handling rugged environments without ripping or tearing.

They also need to be fully biodegradable. Otherwise, you'll have to pack them up with you at the end of your excursion (which can be a bit gross — especially if you use them as bathroom wipes). You want to be able to use an outhouse or dig a hole in the ground and leave them behind with a clear conscience. For that reason, all of my picks below are biodegradable.

In addition to these two main qualities, there are other personal preference to think about. For example, do you prefer your wet wipes to have a pleasant smell or be completely unscented? Do you like them small and discreet or generously sized?

Once you've given these considerations some thought, take a look at the best body wipes for camping below to track down the right fit for your next outdoor adventure.

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The fan favorite

Size: 8 by 12 inches

Count: 32

Scented: No

These Surviveware biodegradable wet wipes, which boast more than 1,500 reviews on Amazon, work great as bathroom wipes as well as basic cleansing towelettes. They're extremely durable, with strong fibers that don't shred or tear easily. Plus, they unscented, so they allow you to stay clean without smelling like perfume. The tough camping wipes are fully biodegradable and start decomposing after 28 days.

One reviewer says: "Great product! Used them on a 4 day camping trip where there was no running water (showers or toilets). These wipes worked so well! They work amazing when you’re covered in days of SPF, bug spray, campfire ash, sweat, etc.! I used them on face and body. [...] I felt refreshed after using them, especially when I saw how much dirt they got off my skin. The wipes still retain their moisture after days of opening/reopening. The fact that they are biodegradable is a huge plus!"


The extra-large ones

Size: 12 by 12 inches

Count: 10

Scented: Not specified

Made with a soothing blend of aloe, vitamin E, and tea tree oil, these high-quality camping towelettes are soft, smooth, and well-moistened. The extra-large body wipes are sized at 12 by 12 inches, making them perfect to use as full body wipes for makeshift showers in addition to a toilet paper substitute. They're individually wrapped for easy travel and don't dry up quickly once you've open them. Reviewers have noted that these biodegradable wipes do have a mild aroma, calling it a "barely there" scent.

One reviewer says: "Picture camping in the PNW, just south of Mt. Bachelor. Humidity doesn’t exist and dust is everywhere. Once the kids leave the Airstream that’s it, they aren’t allowed back inside. [...] This is where Venture Wipes have saved us. We can toss our grubby gremlins a wipe and before you know it, they resemble our sweet little children again. These things clean like it is nobody’s business, are crazy strong, and don’t leave you feeling sticky. We’ve used these wipes to clean up everything!"


The bamboo ones

Size: 7.1 by 13 inches

Count: 30

Scented: Not specified

Constructed from 100% organic bamboo, these biodegradable wet wipes for camping are soft and soothing for your skin while also being sustainable for the environment. The organically derived fibers do a great job of cleansing your skin without causing irritation, and they begin decomposing in 29 days. Strong and durable, they're formulated with aloe vera, tea tree oil, and vitamin E (which some reviewers have noted does give it a faint scent).

One reviewer says: "These wipes are very useful at the campsite. You can use them for personal hygiene, but they can also be used for cleaning up after meals. The bamboo wipes will burn in the campfire too; therefore less to pack out. If they seem expensive, don't overlook you can often use these more than once. I had one that I used for a hand wipe that I re-hydrated with a little water and camp soap and used it that way for the entire weekend."


The ones that are pH-balanced for vaginas

Size: 7.1 by 8.3 inches

Count: 25

Scented: Yes

For folks with vaginas, these biodegradable camping wipes are formulated for use with your period as well as for general vaginal hygiene, but they can also be used as regular cleansing wipes on other parts of the body. The durable, alcohol-free towelettes, which have a gentle texture to prevent irritation, are pH-balanced and feature both cranberry and calendula. They are soft, durable, and fully biodegradable.

One reviewer says: "Perfect for camping and hiking. I took these on a looong hike. Great for when you have your period on a long hike. Winner.