The best socks for perspiration, according to guys with sweaty feet


You'd be amazed at what a difference a good pair of socks can make when you have sweaty feet. Whether it's low-profile ankle socks or a classic crew-length, the best men's socks for sweaty feet offer solid moisture-management, wicking sweat and drying fast.

When your feet sweat a lot, it's important for your socks to be able to lift perspiration directly from your skin and move it to the exterior layer of the fabric where it can dry more easily. Certain materials and fabrics are better for this, so look out for socks that feature nylon, polyester, bamboo, or proprietary blends like Drynamix or Dri-Tech.

In addition to these sweat-specific properties, you also want some of the regular features that are desirable in any pair of socks. These include things like softness, comfort, durability, and blister protection.

Now that you know what to look out for, take a look at the best men's socks for sweaty feet. All of them come in a variety of sizes and are suitable for workouts as well as everyday wear.

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The no-show socks

Built with special fibers that are specifically designed to manage moisture, these Swiftwick men's socks really live up to their name. They wick moisture swiftly, pulling perspiration away from your skin and transporting it to the outer layer of the material where it can dry more quickly. The fabric is thin and lightweight, with a breathable weave that provides plenty of aeration. On top of that, these socks feel soft on your skin, keeping your feet comfortable all day long.

One reviewer says: "They're my favorite socks. The drying aspect is really the best for me, if my feet start to get a little sweaty ill kick my shoes [off] and 30 seconds later my feet feel dry again."

  • Available sizes: Small to X-Large


The crew socks

If you prefer crew-length socks to the shorter, no-show style, these perspiration-wicking Carilohas are a great choice. In addition to a soft, comfortable weave, they feature a breathable, airy bamboo blend that's not only great at controlling moisture but can help manage odor, too. That means that on top of having drier, more comfortable feet, you won't end up with funky smells when you take your shoes off at the end of the day. These socks have seamless toes to help prevent blisters, plus plenty of cushioning, too.

One reviewer says: "For my sweaty feet, these do the job of allowing my feet to breathe. My now only brand since they are affordable. Any Cariloha socks are great."

  • Available sizes: Small-Medium, Large-X-Large


The quarter socks

These innovative quarter-length socks offer just the right combination of comfort and performance features. Made with a stretchy blend of Lycra, they have moisture-wicking properties to lift sweat and keep your feet dry. On top of that, they're breathable, well-cushioned, and built with blister-resistant seamless toes.

One reviewer says: "They wick moisture away from your feet, which in and of itself was the reason I tried them in the first place. I work on hard concrete floors all week so comfortable shoes and socks are really important. Also, it helps to wash them inside out as directed, they don't seem to shrink like other cheaper socks sometimes do."

  • Available sizes: Small to X-Large


The budget multi-pack

If you're looking for a multi-pack of moisture-wicking socks for sweaty feet, this wallet-friendly six-pack is the way to go. The Dickies Dri-tech socks boast more than 25,000 reviews, ranking among the most popular men's socks on Amazon. The fabric consists of cotton and polyester with a touch of nylon, plus spandex for stretch. This blend makes for a pair of socks that can keep your feet dry and comfortable, even during heavy perspiration.

One reviewer says: "My feet are happy, and sure they sweat, but my feet never seem to get drenched and I don't ever feel uncomfortable. Actually the thickness adds to the comfort of the boots without any real trade-off in terms of heat. They were a great purchase and I'm going to buy some more if they ever wear out."

  • Available sizes: Small to X-Large


The ones with extra anti-blister protection

For guys who have sweaty feet and are prone to blisters, these Balega ankle socks are a great fit. In addition to the top-notch moisture-protection (achieved via their innovative Drynamix fabric), they have extra cushioning and superb anti-chafing qualities including a seamless toe box. The lightweight mohair fabric helps regulate temperature through its hollow fiber structure, making the socks lightweight, breathable, and extremely moisture-resistant.

One reviewer says: "I was introduced to these many years ago at a local running shoe store and will never go back to wearing other socks. These are comfortable, give extra padding and arch support and wick sweat off your feet, keeping them clean and dry. My feet are never smelly and I never get blisters or corns. They change the running experience completely!"

  • Available sizes: Small to X-Large


The compression socks

Another hugely popular option on Amazon, these lightweight compression socks have more than 25,000 reviews and a 4.6-star rating. This is largely due to the socks' high-quality compression features, along with their ability to wick moisture. They're made of 70% nylon plus 30% spandex to provide flexibility and compression. Fans noted that these socks are tough and robust while still being breathable — and they won't make your shins insufferably hot. (If you're new to compression socks, be sure to talk to your doctor before trying these out — especially if you have any health concerns.)

One reviewer says: "Very comfortable, stay up over the calf all day, do not make my feet sweat, and my feet fit in my street shoes at the end of the day. What else needs to be said, I will wear these for work every day."

  • Available sizes: Small-Medium, Large-X-Large, XX-Large