6 highly-rated, wrinkle-free dress pants on Amazon (& they're all under $35)


When they're freshly pressed, dress pants look sharp and stylish. However, once you run them through the wash, put them in a suitcase, or even just wear them during a humid day, they tend to crease. This is where wrinkle-free fabrics come in. The best wrinkle-free dress pants make it possible to do things like this while still looking polished.

When it comes down to it, wrinkle-free technology is mostly a matter of fabric choice. There are lots of options out there (for example, rayon, nylon, and acrylic), but the best choice for pants is usually polyester. This is naturally wrinkle-resistant while also being durable and sometimes even breathable. Cotton is another great option that, while not wrinkle-free by nature, will sometimes be treated with chemical agents or designed with a thicker construction to make it this way. Another good solution is a blend of the two, which offers the best of both worlds. Mixtures with spandex or elastane also work well and add stretch.

It's important to note, however, that most pants aren't 100 percent wrinkle-free. A lot depends on your lifestyle and how you treat them. If you leave your pants crumbled on the floor or folded up in a suitcase for too longer, even the most wrinkle-free options will crease. Factors like how you launder them, how often you're traveling, how much bending and moving you do, and others all affect how wrinkled your pants get.

To help you find a good fit, I've done some research and made a list of the best wrinkle-free pants on Amazon. In addition to wrinkle-resistance, I looked for qualities like softness, breathability, and durability. Check them out below.


The best overall

With more than 6,800 reviews, these wrinkle-free men's pants are some of the most popular of their kind on Amazon. On top of wrinkle-resistance, the 100 percent polyester fabric is moisture-wicking, too, making them a great choice if you sweat a lot. The material is also durable, according to reviewers — in fact, one customer even wrote that he bikes to work every day and they've held up great. On top of that, they have an adjustable elastic waistband for added comfort. They're offered in a wide variety of colors and sizing, too.

Fans say: "These pants have met all my expectations for what a pair of dress slacks should be. They are affordable, durable, wrinklefree, and stylish. I travel about 75% of the time for work so I need clothes that travel well. These most certainly do. I also like that they are a light weight material. I honestly find them more comfortable than jeans."

  • Available sizes: 29W by 30L to 60W by 32L


The best straight fit

If you're looking for a straight-cut fit, these men's dress pants feature a smooth, sharp-looking design. They're made from 100 percent wrinkle-free cotton that reviewers say is thick enough to not crumple like some cotton pants do. The material is soft and breathable, with a zippered fly that doesn't have a tendency to slide down. They come in a nice selection of colors, including pumice white and navy blue.

Fans say: "They are comfortable and good looking. Pretty much wrinkle-free after washing and machine drying. The fit is just as advertised."

  • Available sizes: 28W by 29L to 42W by 32L


The best slim fit

Constructed from 100 percent polyester, these slim-fit dress pants are wrinkle-free and stylish, too. The comfortable material repels hair and lint, too, so if you have a pet or are prone to picking up lint, you'll be free and clear. They have double-welt back pockets with buttons and durable fabric that's not too hot or constricting. On top of that, they're fully machine-washable.

Fans say: "I bought these for my husband for a wedding and I was skeptical. But they are really great pants! They fit perfect and have the right amount of stretch. They didn’t even wrinkle in his suitcase."

  • Available sizes: 28W by 28L to 42W by 34L


The best skinny pants

For guys who prefer a skinny-pants look, these men's Goodthreads pants offer the right blend of style and function. The elastane gives them a little bit of stretch — similar to a skinny jean — but the remaining thick-weave cotton ensures they don't wrinkle easily. They have a zippered fly with slim thighs and buttoned rear pockets. The fabric is lightweight, breathable, and super durable.

Fans say: "Thicker material, I love these pants. Compliments all the time, also the pattern works for both casual & business casual with a tucked dress shirt."

  • Available sizes: 28W by 28L to 42W by 36L


The best for hot weather

These popular men's dress pants, which boast over 2,200 reviews on Amazon, are designed to keep you cool at work when the weather is warm. They're constructed with a blend of 60 percent cotton with 40 percent polyester, making them both soft and breathable, as well as wrinkle-resistant. The classic fit sits comfortably at your waist, and they have side pockets in addition to the one in the back.

Fans say: "Pants do not wrinkle even after washing. Nice color section. My husband loves them. He says he can move without them riding up or down. Bought in several colors. Good deal Amazon!"

  • Available sizes: 29W by 30L to 60W by 32L


The best dress denim

If you want dressier pants for work but you like the comfort of denim — or perhaps you simply have a more casual office — these are excellent dress jeans. They have a polished look combined with a soft, comfortable feel. Plus, they won't wrinkle easily. The fabric is made mostly from cotton with a hint of polyester and spandex thrown in. Not only that, but they're also machine-washable and come in a huge range of colors.

Fans say: "They're extremely comfortable and have a great amount of stretch without feeling flimsy. I actually prefer the fit and feel of these to American Eagle stretch jeans. A side benefit to having stretch jeans is that they don't wrinkle easily. I never have to iron these pants apart from the ends, which I usually just leave a bit wavy anyway."

  • Available sizes: 30W by 30L to 40W by 32L

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