6 sturdier yoga mats that even bigger guys love


In a lot of ways, the best yoga mats for men are the best yoga mats period. Everyone wants something that's comfortable, well-made, and conducive to a productive practice. That said, as a yogi who's also a guy, there are a few extra selling points to look for when shopping for the ideal mat.

The first is size. On average, men in the United States are 5.4 inches taller than women, and while that may not seem significant while standing, it makes a pretty big difference during your practice. Alignment and safety are dependent on a stable, nonslip surface, and if either your hands or feet are off the mat, you risk of slipping. A standard yoga mat measures 68 inches long and 24 inches wide, but if you're average height or above, you might consider a mat larger than this standard size and for your convenience, all of the picks below fit the bill.

The second factor is durability. You'll want to ensure that your mat not only stands up to wear and tear, but remains supportive. Lower-quality mats are made from lightweight foams which rip or collapse under pressure, but opt for sturdier materials (like TPE, PVC, high-density foam, and cork) and your mat will likely last longer and keep you better supported.

After that, it's all a matter of preference: Do you want a mat that's well-suited to hot yoga? Do you find alignment charts helpful? Are you on a budget? Any color preferences?

The mats featured below fit every need and are all well-suited for men.


The best yoga mat for beginners

For those who are just starting out, the YAWHO yoga mat has ample features to make a beginner's practice as enjoyable as possible — but reviewers love it so much, they tend to stick with it long-term. Its 0.25-inch thick TPE material is not only durable and nonslip, while still providing ample cushioning to reduce pressure on your joints, but also eco-friendly and recyclable. The material is odorless and easy to clean — just wipe down with a wet cloth. Finally, this pick has dual-sided textures and even comes with an on-mat grid to ensure that you're aligned and on center. Get it in your choice of six colors.

Size: 72 by 26 inches

Material: Thermoplastic elastomer

Reviewers say: "I'm 5'9" tall and need the longer and wider size." Another writes, "Very comfortable and no slip, good knee support too. Great for a beginner as it has markings for body part placement and alignment for many yoga poses."


The best cheap yoga mat

It's not easy to find a mat that's both affordable and high-quality, but Gaiam Essentials' premium yoga mat delivers. The nonslip texture comes in six colors and is stickier, softer, and more durable than most other mats under $20. Since it's 4 inches longer than the standard size and 0.25 inches thick, it's also a good fit for men — plus it even comes with a carrying sling. Just note, some reviewers do complain of a faint chemical odor.

Size: 72 by 24 inches

Material: PVC

Reviewers say: "This is exactly as advertised, easy, durable, flexible and works well for yoga. I do power yoga and my knees hurt at times when they get in contact with the mat, but this one helps solves this and makes for a good yoga mat. [...] Overall, great buy for a good price, highly recommended"


The best yoga mat for hot yoga

When it comes to hot yoga, most standard mats won't stand up to the warmth and moisture. Luckily, Body By Yoga's luxury mat isn't most mats. Instead of plastic or foam, this one is made from a nonslip, absorbent, odorless, and antibacterial cork that gets even grippier when wet. This manufacturer uses six times more cork than standard cork mats. The simple alignment charts are helpful for centering and measuring distance, and it's longer, wider, and thicker than a standard mat to accommodate larger yogis.

Size: 80 by 26 inches

Material: Cork

Reviewers say: "This is my first cork yoga mat, and I'm never going back [...] This mat's cork surface does not get slick with sweat and it's 'grippy.' The larger size keeps me from stepping off the mat, which I always seemed to do with the standard size. The company owner has engineered a really good mat with a man's body dimensions in mind."


The best washable yoga mat

Maybe you have a tendency to sweat or maybe you're looking to keep the bacteria at bay. Either way, the Aurorae Synergy microfiber yoga mat is odorless and machine-washable to keep things dry and hygienic. Unlike your standard design, this one features a cushioned material on the bottom and a microfiber towel on top so it prevents slipping and effortlessly absorbs moisture. Then, when you're done with class, you can fold it up, bring it home, and toss it in the machine. This mat is nontoxic and free of rubber, latex, phenols, PAHS, and phthalates. The only catch with this one is it's not able to be machine-dried.

Size: 78 by 26 inches

Material: PET and microfiber

Reviewers say: "I like the fact that it comes in a long length and that it is machine washable [...] It dries quickly and remains odorless."


The best thick yoga mat

To alleviate stress on sensitive areas like knees, hands, elbows, and hips, there's the Incline nonslip exercise mat. It offers 1 full inch of cushioning, and the BPA-, phthalate-, and latex-free, high-density foam is resistant to skidding, collapsing, and tears. It's not the most durable pick out there, but in terms of comfort, it's one of the best. It also comes with a carrying strap. Just note, some reviewers did complain of a slight odor that faded with time.

Size: 72 by 24 inches

Material: High-density foam

Reviewers say: "The thickness is definitely worth it. I’m a big guy (6’6 and 240 lbs) and the thin mats on the market don’t protect my joints like this one. The smooth surface is really easy to clean too [...] The mat manages to be thick without making you feel like you sink in - well done!"


The best extra-large yoga mat

If none of the above options cut it in terms of size, there's the Pogamat extra-large yoga mat. It's over a foot longer and double the width of a standard mat for ample room to stretch. The dual-sided design features a textured antislip pad on the bottom and a cushioned, high-density foam on top. It's also made from nontoxic materials and so free of latex, silicone, and phthalates. This pick gives off no odor.

Size: 84 by 48 inches

Material: High-density foam

Reviewers say: "Perfect size for a big guy or anyone doing pushups, situps, pilates, yoga, etc. Its thick, durable, and does not smell bad."

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