From lounging to work to travel, these are the most comfortable boxers for any occasion
A man reading a book on the porch in his boxers
ByMarshall Bright

Not all boxers are created equal — or work equally well in every situation. Depending on the clothes you’re wearing (or what you’re doing), different boxers will be your ideal fit. The loose fit of classic boxers can be great for lounging but can be uncomfortable under jeans. Similarly, boxer briefs, which have grown in popularity as a ‘just right’ option between brief and boxer underwear styles, can provide excellent support and invisible wear but might feel restrictive in more laid-back settings. No matter what your style, however, the most comfortable boxers all have one thing in common: They look good (both on their own and under clothes) and feel good, too.

Aside from loose versus tight fit, boxers vary in material, stitching, and band design. Wicking materials can be good for hotter weather and exercise, whereas cotton can provide comfort. Stitching might not seem like a big deal, but for tighter fits that are sewn to hug the body, it has the opportunity to create more (or less) support. Additionally, stitching and band design can help create no-ride legs and stay-put bands — both make for a comfortable pair that sits well under clothes. After all, boxers that ride up or slide down hardly qualify as “comfortable,” no matter how soft the fabric.

With so many comfortable options for every occasion, however, the message is clear: It's time to bid adieu to any uncomfortable or worn-out boxers in your drawer and invest in one (or a few) of these.


The Overall Best Comfortable Boxers

These budget-minded boxer briefs are an Amazon favorite with more than 2,400 positive reviews. Boxer briefs are tighter fitting, keeping them from showing under even slim-fit jeans and pants, and the shorter leg in Fruit of the Loom's boxer briefs keep them from bunching up. The breathable fabric is a cotton-spandex blend that feels soft but won't overheat. A lower waistband will keep them from showing above your pants, too. While you might want more supportive boxers for exercise and looser ones for loungewear, these are the perfect "most days" option you can reach for again and again.


The Best Underwear For Dress Clothes

Dress pants tend to have a looser fit and higher rise than jeans, but can also be more likely to show seams depending on fabric thickness and if the material clings to what's underneath it. The cotton blend of Naked's boxer briefs sit flush against the skin, making it less likely to show under thinner or lighter fabrics, and the stretchy legs are designed to sit snugly against the thigh without riding up.


The Best Casual Boxers

The loose-but-not-too-loose fit of these boxers from Tommy John is comfortable but won’t show or bunch under sweatpants or loose-fit jeans. The cotton-spandex blend gives wearers a breathable, stretchy fit that allows for a wide range of movement. And, unlike many other loose-fit boxers, a contour pouch still offers support. The waistband keeps underwear from riding up, and the boxers also feature Tommy John's unique, horizontal “quick draw” fly.


The Best Underwear For Working Out

The soft, wicking material in these Adidas boxers dries quickly and is great for exercise. The legs and soft waistband stays put even during high-impact activities like running, and the supportive, mesh-lined pouch also increases breathability. These are good even for long, sweaty workout sessions since the longer legs and smooth seams will prevent chafing. Reviewers praise its “second skin” comfort and design. However, it is the only boxer on our list with no fly closure.


The Best Boxers For Travel And Outdoor Activities

Super lightweight wicking material makes this pair great for light packing and washing on the go — in fact, ExOfficio designed these say you can only pack two for any trip. The quick-dry, odor-resistant material also makes them especially good for outdoor activities, backpacking, and other extended trips. Antimicrobial as well, the Lycra-nylon blend allows for a comfortable fit but won’t lose its stretch when you're washing them over and over. Another reason it's great for travel: The baggy but still slim-fit classic boxer style will go under a variety of clothes and take you from gym to dinner.


The Best Boxers For Sleeping

A classic, comfy boxer, the tartan pattern with no contrasting waistband makes these look and feel like a comfy pair of pajama bottoms. A super-soft cotton blend, tagless waistband, and boxer fly means you can also relax without sacrificing the functionality. While the baggier fit might not be appropriate for more slim-cut pants, these can also be worn under some pleated pants and more casual fits as well. With a 4.4-star rating and more than 1,000 positive reviews, one customer even said about these: "More comfortable than sleeping naked."

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