These 9 fun sex toys are perfect for couples who are stuck at home — & they're all on Amazon

sexy couple lying in bed. use sex toys.

A common misconception about sex toys is that they belong in the "solo activity" department. But, as you probably already know, that's really selling both yourself and your sex toys short. Vibrators, butt plugs, and prostate massagers can work just as well with a partner as they do for solo play. And there is a whole range of toys that were specifically made for two (or more) people to use together. In fact, the best sex toys for couples are ones that work wonders for two people reaching new peaks together.

The easiest way to start exploring is with the help of a remote control. This means shopping for a device — like a vibrator or a butt plug — that puts the control in one partner's hands. This not only allows you to play with power dynamics but also gives your romp an element of surprise. And, if you're long-distance, it allows you or your partner to operate the device from anywhere in the world.

Beyond smart toys, there are also non-tech options that are designed for couples to enjoy together, like vibrating cock rings and wedge pillows. Whatever you decide, adding a toy to sex can be an exciting way to spice things up.

Not sure where to start? Scroll on. You'll find an assortment of the best sex toys for couples below. With the exception of the clever wedge pillow, all of them are made of smooth, body-safe silicone that's water-resistant (steamy shower, anyone?).

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The versatile vibe

Versatility is the name of the game with the MysteryVibe Crescendo, an adaptable vibrator for all genders. It can be paired with an app that will turn your smart device into a remote control, giving you or your partner access to it from anywhere in the world — or just from across the room. Even better than that, the app allows users to create their own custom vibration patterns.

But the main draw is how many different ways you can use it. The flexible silicone vibrator comes with six different motors spread along its length, making it pleasurable to use in nearly any configuration. It can wrap around a penis like a cock ring, be inserted into a vagina like a traditional vibrator, or be placed between you and your partner while you have sex, providing sensations on both sides. It also feels incredible on other body parts, like breasts, backs, and necks. And it's waterproof, too.


The beginner's anal vibe

If you've been thinking about exploring anal sex, the PHANXY Wave-Motion Vibrating Prostate Massager is a great toy for newbies because it's so small. Made of soft, medical-grade silicone and completely waterproof, it's roughly the size and shape of a finger, which is the size experts recommend for beginners.

And instead of a regular vibration, this pick has a waving motion, so it actually feels more gentle and soothing. Hand the remote over to your partner and let them set the pace with the help of nine different vibration speeds. Even better: This pick also works as a G-spot massager for people with a vagina.


The anal vibrator upgrade

If you and your partner are more on the experienced end of the anal sex spectrum, then you might be better off with the PALOQUETH Vibrating Prostate Massager. It's remote-controlled and a little bigger than other vibes.

Each end has a motor, so you're getting internal and external vibrations, making the sensation super intense the second you turn it on. Made of body-safe silicone, it's waterproof and has 10 different vibration patterns to select from, so there's a lot to explore.


The investment vibe

For those who are ready to invest in a more fun sex life, the We-Vibe Sync is a splurge-worthy vibrator specifically developed with couples in mind. Designed to be slipped inside a vagina, it provides both G-spot and clitoral stimulation. But it's also slim enough to allow for penetration while the toy is still inside. It's made of silicone and fully waterproof, and all of its settings are controlled via an app you can download using a compatible smart device.

Thanks to that app, this vibrator allows users to connect intimately even when they're not able to be in the same room together. Bonus: This pick also comes with a bottle of water-based lube.


The much-needed support

The easiest way to spice up your sex positions? Invest in a sex pillow, like the Liberator positioning pillow. Thanks to its wedge shape, it allows you to access different positions more comfortably.

It also makes giving and getting head more enjoyable, since it can prop up your hips, making it less stressful on your partner's neck. This particular model comes with a microfiber cover that can be zipped off and washed. And it's small enough to stash under your bed until your next spicy session.


The next-level cock ring

Cock rings are typically only beneficial to the person wearing them, but the IMO silicone model totally changes the game. It has a long, textured arm that's designed to vibrate against the clitoris (if you or your partner has a vagina), offering some extra, unexpected stimulation.

Plus, the ring itself helps by restricting blood flow to the penis. Thus, the wearer stays harder for longer. Although, with seven different vibration modes, neither of you may last long enough to find out.


The (discreet) wearable vibe

For couples who enjoy the element of exhibition, the LOVENSE Lush Bullet Vibrator is a worthwhile investment. It's designed to be placed inside a vagina and is slim enough to be worn while fully dressed, allowing for some exciting public play opportunities.

Like many of the other picks, it's remote-controlled via an app, meaning you or your partner can dial things up so long as you're within Bluetooth range or connected via WiFi. (This makes it another great plaything for long-distance couples, too).


A finger vibe with the magic touch

A seemingly simple choice like this PALOQUETH finger vibrator can enhance aspects of your sex life that may have become ho-hum — like manual masturbation. It straps onto a finger, turning you or your partner's digit into a vibrator that can bring equal pleasure to both penises and vaginas.

It's also fun for anal or nipple stimulation, too. This mini vibe is great for travel because of its tiny size. Made of waterproof silicone, it has nine different vibration patterns to choose from.


A three-pronged vibe for all genders

This Satisfyer Partner MultiFun Vibrator can be enjoyed by anyone, thanks to its three-pronged design. Each arm has its own motor, and it can vibrate in 10 different patterns for maximum stimulation.

The possibilities for where and how you use it are practically endless — according to the brand, there are more than 29 different applications. Couples can try it on the nipples, labia, or the shaft for some toe-curling stimulation.