The cheapest, most clever ways to hide the eyesores around your home

Hidden in plain sight.

The cheapest, most clever ways to hide the eyesores around your home
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I can’t stand cleaning and decorating my home, only to have to stick a clunky knife block on my minimalist countertop or a bunch of visible clutter under my bed. So, what can you do about all of those eyesores around your space? Turn to these cheap, clever, and easy ways to hide them, that’s what. Even if it’s simply those mismatched plastic dish and hand soap bottles next to your sink, this list will take care of every eyesore that annoys you.


Fix wood scratches with this wax & marker kit (instead of hiding them)

This wood repair kit is way better than hiding furniture scratches with decor (or worse, a bunch of clutter). There are six wood-tone colored wax sticks to fill in deep scratches and plenty of touch-up markers to finish it off or cover up smaller scratches. Plus, you get a wax-stick sharpener so you can fill in nicks on your tables, floors, and other furniture for a good long time.


Brighten up your grout with this waterproof pen

Go ahead and color all over the stained grout in your home with this waterproof pen. It leaves behind a bright white finish that easily wipes off your tiles when you’re done drawing while sticking to the discolored grout. This water-based and non-toxic color also saves you from using a bunch of cleaners on grout stains.


Tuck away extra-long wires & cables with this cord kit

When you can’t avoid a long TV cord running down the wall, grab this budget-friendly cord cover kit. It comes with covers that are wide enough to contain up to three cables, connectors, pieces to change the angle, and more. If a white cover would still be sort of an eyesore, this entire set is easy to paint to match your wall.


Hide your plunger with this totally covered set

Grab this extra-sanitary toilet plunger if you’re tired of seeing a gross plunger on your bathroom floor. It comes with an automatic-opening hideaway container that you never have to touch. There are even ventilation holes inside and a durable design that closes around the plunger to help it drain.


Swap dated vent grates for this sleek floor register

Pop this sleek floor register over your floor vent and get rid of that rusty, ugly floor grate that’s ruining your home’s cozy aesthetic. It’s complete with a rust-proof design, so the metallic finish won’t get grimy. Plus, it has a geometric design that’s way more elevated than the classic grate.

  • Available sizes: 2x12 inches – 6x14 inches
  • Available colors: 7


Slide these clothing storage bags under your bed

Pack any of your extra fabric items (like those guest bedroom sheets, wintery throw blankets, or strappy summer tank tops) into this set of breathable and tear-proof storage bags. Despite a 39-gallon storage capacity, these have a slim 6-inch height so they’ll slide right under your bed. Best of all, they’re complete with a handle on the side to pull them out. The fabric design also means they’re lightweight enough to pack away puffy comforters without making them too heavy.


Paint on tiny touch-ups with these versatile brush pens

This five-pack of brush pens works for every tiny touch-up in your home because you fill them with the exact color you need, straight from the paint can. The syringe-like design makes it easy to fill them with the specific paint color of your cabinets, walls, and more. This versatile set also keeps your touch-up paint fresh for at least seven years.


Fix wall holes with this anti-shrinking repair kit

This small hole repair kit with primer-enhanced spackling paste ensures that your patched-up wall won’t look like an eyesore thanks to the shrink- and crack-resistant formula. Able to patch a hole up to 3 inches wide, this inclusive kit is complete with a screen, putty knife, and sanding sponge to make sure your repair looks smooth and seamless.


Pop on this minimalist bed skirt to hide under-bed clutter

This 100% microfiber bed skirt with minimalist style is perfect for fixing under-bed storage or dust. It has a 14-inch drop that covers up all of those extra shoes or plastic storage bins that end up under the bed. The machine-washable design looks nice no matter how many bins you slide under your bed because it’s wrinkle- and fade-resistant.

  • Available sizes: Twin – California King
  • Available colors: 12


Tuck away your kitchen supplies in this convenient storage organizer

Instead of opening up your cabinets to reveal precariously perched boxes of every kind of sandwich bag, invest in this storage organizer that fits in most drawers. There are conveniently-labeled slots for every type of food storage bag you have. One reviewer says that this organizer, “revolutionized the way I store and organize my bags.”


Hide & organize easily tangled cords in this set of cable boxes

This pack of cable organizer boxes comes with three sizes, so they’re easy to tuck all over your house — even on top of your desk. They all have a durable and sleek finish that looks nice on your countertops or next to your TV, all while keeping unsightly power strips, plugs, and cords tucked away. This complete set comes with reusable cable ties, cord clips, and more to handle whatever charger or cord is currently tangled up under your desk and keep things extra tidy.


Apply stainless steel contact paper to appliances or your kitchen wall

Not only is this stainless steel-finish contact paper the perfect fix for outdated-looking but still functional appliances, but it also works over your kitchen wall or cabinets. It’s made of durable vinyl that’s even heat-resistant if you want to use it as a sleek backsplash. Wherever you stick this removable wallpaper, it’s completely oil-proof and waterproof, making it especially ideal for kitchens.


Hang up this closet organizer with pre-sectioned drawers

This lightweight hanging organizer gives you a spot for all of those items that don’t typically go into your closet, like socks, hats, pants, and baby clothes. It has a versatile design with five removable drawers, and two of those drawers are already pre-sectioned for socks and other small things. In case you didn’t think this thing already had a ton of storage, there are also mesh pockets on the side for scarves and other accessories.


Cover up wall eyesores with these macrame wall hangings

Each order comes with two of these 100% cotton macrame wall hangings to cover up scuffs, unpatched holes, electrical boxes, apartment call buttons, or other unsightly things on the wall. Simply hang it up, and the handwoven design takes care of whatever eyesore you’re trying to cover up. Plus, it’s complete with a matching yarn hanger on top, which looks so hippie chic.


Tuck fluffy comforters & more in this foldable bench

This tufted, foldable storage bench takes care of all kinds of clutter on your floor. It’s 31 inches long, 15 inches high, and 15 inches deep, adding up to a 21.1-gallon capacity, so you can stuff a fluffy comforter inside or clean up scattered pillows. It’s finished off with a linen-like fabric and an oversized design that holds up to 660 pounds on top, so feel free to take a seat on it too.


Display this sleek soap dispenser for a tidy sink

This sleek stainless steel dish soap dispenser is actually easier to use than those ugly disposable plastic soap bottles. The unique top lets you hold it and dispense soap with one hand, so you can put soap right onto your sponge or dishes. It’s also fingerprint-resistant and complete with a max fill line, so you don’t spill soap all over your clean sink.


Hang up entryway essentials with this mail organizer

This wall-mounted organizer might be called a mail organizer, but it takes care of a bunch of entryway essentials. There are five compact hooks to hold onto keys, leashes, umbrellas, hats, and more, all while having a 11-inch compartment on top for storing mail and bills. Plus, this alloy-steel organizer with included hardware has a decorative design that’ll actually look nice hanging up.


Drape this giant throw blanket over anything you’d like to hide

This knit throw blanket saves you from replacing your pricey duvet cover or couch — even if you’re tired of it. It’s 90 inches long, so there’s plenty of cozy fabric to drape across your furniture to cover up unappealing or stained fabric. Plus, this soft fringe blanket is shed- and dust-proof. The machine-washable design is also complete with a woven diamond pattern that looks so chic.


Pack closet clutter into these foldable fabric bins

These foldable storage cubes fix closet or shelf eyesores, no matter where you stick them. The non-woven design can hide extra toilet paper, clothes, toys, and more. These lightweight cubes are also complete with a handle, so they’re easy to slide onto whatever shelves your closet or bookshelf ready has.


Pull this sleek slipcover over a sofa you’re tired of

Not only does this machine-washable slipcover hide stained furniture, but it also revamps that sofa you’re tired of. Simply pick one of the three dozen colors you want your couch to be and pop on this stretchy cover with 15% spandex. Plus, the elastic bottom and anti-slip foam inserts give it a secure fit that’s barely noticeable on your couch.


Hang your purses or blankets in this over-the-door organizer

This handy organizer pops right onto your closet door and holds bags, blankets, towels, or even umbrellas in your closet. There are six deep pocket slots with clear accents to see whatever you’re storing in this breathable yet dust-proof organizer. Plus, they’re open on the side to quickly pull out your bag and umbrella before you head out.


Swap mismatched plastic bottles for these amber-tone soap & lotion dispensers

With these amber-tone glass soap dispensers, you can swap out all of the mismatched plastic bottles next to your sink. Each one of these dishwasher-safe bottles is complete with a matte black and stainless steel top for a matching sink setup with chic retro vibes. Plus, they’re rust-proof, so they’ll probably never look aged.


Stick this poplin-texture wallpaper over scuffed walls

This peel-and-stick wallpaper has a fabric-like poplin finish, which adds texture and color to your accent wall. This woven wallpaper is complete with a durable vinyl design that’s easy to peel off if you ever want to redecorate. Plus, this damage-free wallpaper covers up all kinds of scuffed walls (as long as they’re smooth) without leaving residue.


Drape this anti-wrinkle tablecloth over an old table

With this anti-wrinkle tablecloth, you can avoid replacing a stained or scratched table. The versatile fabric with a subtle plaid pattern is even spill-proof and stain-resistant in case you spill wine during dinner. This indoor- and outdoor-ready tablecloth is even dust-resistant if you don’t use your table a ton. The cloth is available in 15 colors and seven different sizes to suit your decor needs.


Hang tangled-up hair tools inside your cabinet

This hair tool organizer makes it easy to keep your flat iron and hair dryer tucked away without hogging the drawer space. The alloy steel and iron frame can be adjusted to six different heights, hung on the back of a cabinet, or mounted onto the wall. If you’re not into heat tools, this rust-resistant holder works for dry shampoo, scrunchies, and more.


Revive your pillows with these vibrant velvet covers

If your throw pillows are fading into a serious sofa eyesore, give them some new life with these velvety machine-washable covers . They have a super wide zipper opening, so you can put them on your pillows easier than other covers, and they’ll stay put. They’re complete with four vibrant colors and contrasting trims for a color-blocking moment on your couch.

  • Available sizes: 12x20 inch – 24x24 inch
  • Available colors: 8


Tuck away clutter into this foldable linen storage ottoman

Simply place this foldable linen ottoman on the cluttered floor, and you’ll have a quick spot to stick everything, including toys, cleaning supplies, a blanket, or whatever else you want off the floor. There’s even a padded lid to cover up all of the clutter that fits in this 11.8-inch deep cube.


Mount this dispenser on the wall to make your toothpaste look sleek

Yes — your toothpaste can look sleek without taking up space on your vanity if you mount this BPA-free toothpaste dispenser to the wall or mirror. It’s complete with a glossy black and white plastic design that securely holds onto the tube. Plus, the washable design makes it easy to clean stray toothpaste from this automatic dispenser.


Apply this privacy film for a rainbow accent in your home

Swap out a boring, frosted window film for this reusable privacy film that looks like textured glass. It lets light in to cast a rainbow-like light around your home, but it still blocks out UV rays, keeps your home private, and stops you from seeing eyesores outside your home. Don’t worry — this glue-free film still looks clear (instead of colorful) on your window.


Place heavy clutter in these trendy rope baskets

These oversized 100% cotton baskets are great for storing throw blankets, linens, extra clothing, toys, or whatever else you can think of to fit in their 15-inch long interior. The reinforced handles hold up when you pull these trendy rope baskets out of your closet. If you keep these out, they’re complete with a chic color-blocking detail and a foldable design that’s easy to re-shape.


Slip this minimalist insulated cover on your window AC

Avoid a dusty and grimy window air conditioner with this budget-friendly AC cover. Available in four different sizes to fit your exact model, this cover has a secure elastic band that pops right around the edge of your AC for a double-insulated fit. Plus, it’s complete with a simple, quilted design that makes your AC look super sleek and barely noticeable when it’s not in use.


Hide dirty clothes clothes in this lidded laundry basket

This slim, lightweight laundry basket hides your laundry so well, there’s even a lid to keep it completely covered. This laundry-hiding lid is securely attached, so you won’t lose it on your way to the washing machine. It’s also complete with a trendy wicker-like design to give your laundry some airflow.


Hang dishwashing essentials in this rustproof organizer

This kitchen sink basket is the perfect rustproof solution for all of your dishwashing essentials. It has spots for sponges and a built-in slot for your dish brush without taking up a bunch of sink space or cluttering your counter. Of course, you also get two oversized suction cups to keep it secure during nightly dishes, and the in-sink style means any excess water post-dishwashing will drain right into your sink.


Add this plush area rug on top of a floor you’re tired of

Stick this plush rug with a non-slip bottom right on top of a scratch on your hardwood or vinyl — or simply if you’re tired of your floor. It’s a neutral base that won’t shed on the floor you’re covering up. Plus, the fluffy 1.57-inch fabric holds up to your vacuum, and it’s actually cleanable with a damp cloth.

  • Available sizes: 2x3 feet – 5x8 feet
  • Available colors: 5


Stick this shampoo dispenser in the corner of your shower

This three-chamber soap and shampoo dispenser takes care of all of those mismatched plastic bottles cluttered in the corner of your shower. The push-button design still goes in the corner, but it sticks to your tiles for a mess-free look. This durable dispenser also installs in minutes with waterproof silicone adhesive.


Swap a flimsy shoe rack with this shoe-hiding cabinet

Grab this sleek cabinet because an overflowing and flimsy shoe rack is honestly just as bad as a pile of messy shoes. It’s made of corrosion-resistant metal that easily holds onto all of your trendy, chunky sneakers. Plus, it’s complete with waterproof covers that roll down to hide your shoes.


Apply this adhesive backsplash on top of an empty kitchen wall

These tile-like vinyl sheets are perfect for that kitchen wall that’s way too empty without a backsplash, but this budget-friendly decor goes on with adhesive. Unlike a painted wall, these trimmable sheets are heat- and humidity-resistant, so they won’t get stained or grimy. Plus, they’re flexible enough to fit wherever you want a backsplash.


Hang these floating shelves to decorate an empty wall & display knickknacks

Grab these budget-friendly U-shaped floating shelves to organize knickknacks, random photos, and mementos, while simultaneously decorating that empty wall. These minimalist shelves hold up to 17.5 pounds each with the included hardware. Plus, the variety of sizes makes this lightweight shelf set super easy to style.


Ditch that clunky knife block for this in-drawer organizer

This bamboo organizer means your kitchen knives won’t mess up the aesthetic of your minimalist countertop. It tucks into a drawer and holds onto 16 knives, plus that bulky, hard-to-store knife sharpener. Some of these easy-to-use slots hold knives that are up to 16 inches in length, and others are meant for a set of steak knives.


Slide these pill-free covers on stained dining chairs

Instead of avoiding your dining table, slide these washable slipcovers over stained dining chairs. They add a minimalist texture to your chairs that won’t pill — even after a bunch of dinner parties. The stretchy band at the bottom matches the fabric you choose, so an elastic band won’t ruin the look of your chairs.

  • Available colors: 10