The 30 most genius cat products with near-perfect Amazon reviews

Reviewers (and their cats) can’t get enough.

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Caring for a cat requires a lot of maintenance and attention, from health and hygiene to cleaning up messes. But having your furry companion by your side makes it all worth it. Luckily, there are a ton of useful products on the market that can make being a pet owner so much easier — your cat may even appreciate some of them as well.

Backed by rave reviews and impressive overall ratings, keep scrolling to discover the 30 most genius cat products with near-perfect Amazon reviews.


This pack of cat toys that’ll keep your pet entertained for hours

If you’re looking for a fun and simple way to keep your cat entertained solo, this pack of Crazies Cat Toys is a must. The super bright colors will keep your pet engaged for hours and the versatile design works great on every type of floor surface. One five-star reviewer explained, “They are designed in such a way that a swat with a paw sends them tumbling into the air for immediate chasing fun. They also stand up well to being stepped on.”


This pet hair remover tool with over 100,000 5-star ratings

Deemed an Amazon’s Choice top product, hundreds of thousands of reviewers love this pet hair remover because it works on any type of surface. From clothing and furniture to bedding and car seats, simply roll the ChomChom back and forth to seamlessly trap hair. Better yet, it doesn’t require adhesive roller sheets like most competitors on the market.


This best-selling hammock crafted from breathable fabric

Perfect for indoors and outdoors, this cat hammock is the perfect place for your cat to chill. It features a stainless steel base that is nine inches high to prevent your cat from laying on the dirty floor. The bed is crafted from a breathable material to keep your cat comfy and cool.


This litter-trapping mat that’s so easy to clean

Available in four different sizes, this litter-trapping mat works for cats of all different sizes. It’s designed with a waterproof bottom that keeps urine on top to prevent it from leaking into the mat. The top features large holes to easily trap the litter and it has open edges, which makes it easy to dump out.


A drinking fountain that filters the water

Suitable for cats or small to medium dogs, this water fountain stores just over two liters of water — which is plenty for keeping your pet hydrated. It features a quadruple filtration system to keep water fresh. There’s also a see-through window that makes it easy to see when you need to refill, and lets you know much your pet is drinking.


This cat litter box that contains all the mess

Thousands of pet owners love this cat litter box because it prevents litter tracking and contains messes. The box is designed with enclosed walls that measure 14 inches high to keep out odors, while the lid features a top entry hole for your cat. Bonus points for the included scooper that conveniently hangs on the side of the box.


These cat treats with the stellar reviews

With an impressive 4.9-star rating, these cat treats come highly recommended by more than 11,000 Amazon shoppers. It comes with 50 assorted chicken flavors and is formulated with vitamin E, green tea extract, and other nutritious ingredients. The creamy consistency is great for serving alongside dry food.


This pet odor eliminator that also removes stains

This pet odor eliminator will destroy stinky smells in no time. It’s formulated with ammonia crystals and natural enzymes that work together to fight stains and remove urine smells. It’s suited for most surfaces including carpets, furniture, clothing, and pet carriers. Over 7,000 shoppers gave it a five-star rating.


These plastic scratch shields to protect your furniture

Designed to protect your furniture and upholstery from scratches, these scratch shields easily stick to any surface with self-adhesive backing. It comes in a pack of six sheets of durable plastic that are flexible in case you need to trim it down for a perfect fit. Each sheet measures 17 inches long by 12 inches wide.


A best-selling cat toy that can be used for solo play

A best-seller on Amazon, this cat toy roller will not only keep your pet entertained for hours but is also an incredible way to get your cat to exercise. It’s made with ultra-durable plastic to withstand aggressive scratching. “[My cat] probably lays on the floor playing with it 2 hours a day and I've had it since I got her a few months ago. So easy to put together, balls stay inside the track which is great because she can't lose them,” one reviewer raved.


A pair of pet grooming gloves to remove excess fur

For cats that don’t love brushing, give these grooming gloves that easily remove fur and minimize shedding a try. Designed with hundreds of soft and flexible silicone bristles, your pet will feel like they're receiving a luxurious massage rather than being groomed. The gloves also have an adjustable strap to secure the perfect fit for your hand.


This sling pet carrier to transport for hands-free carrying

If you’ve got your hands full, this pet sling carrier is a convenient solution for carrying around your pet while multitasking. It’s crafted from breathable cotton fabric and is totally reversible, so you can switch from a solid color to a fun polka-dot print. It’s also machine washable for easy cleaning.


This oversized cat bed with 2 seating spots

It doesn’t get cozier than this large cat bed that is designed with a comfy plush fleece cushion. It’s super easy to assemble and you can buy a second one to stack it on top for even more space for your cat to roam. It measures 16 inches wide by 16 inches long and the cushion can easily be cleaned in the washing machine.


A reversible cat scratching pad that is so durable

While most cat scratchers are vertical, this one offers up a unique style for its horizontal silhouette that's 15.7 inches long. The reversible design is crafted from recycled cardboard that’s super long-lasting. Whether your cat is trying to relieve stress or get some exercise, this is a great versatile option.


This tall hemp cat scratching post with a 4.5-star overall rating

This cat-scratching post is crafted from hemp and is covered in soft carpeting to help you cat refrain from clawing walls and furniture. It’s available in two heights — 22 and 34 inches — that work for both kittens and adult cats. According to reviewers, assembly takes less than five minutes.


A water additive to enhance your cat’s oral hygiene

Simply pour a capful of this water additive into your cat’s water bowl to improve your pet’s overall dental hygiene. Not only does it work to eliminate bad breath, but it also helps to achieve healthier teeth and gums and reduce plaque build-up. It has a subtle peppermint flavor and can be used daily.


These corner brushes that let your cat self-groom

Just attach these groomers to any corner in your home and watch your cat use the soft and flexible bristles to groom itself. The brushes attach with the included adhesive strips or screws, and can even be filled with catnip to further entice your pet. They’ll be happy, and you’ll be happy about not having to brush them.


This anti-scratch tape that blends into your home

This anti-scratch tape is designed to help train your cat to not claw your couch or other furniture. It’s transparent to blend in and won’t leave a sticky residue behind. The 3-inch wide roll contains 30 yards of double-sided tape and can also be used for mounting pictures.


This catnip-infused fish toy that flops around like the real thing

Keep your cat entertained for hours with this flopping fish toy. It features an automatic motion sensor, so every time your cat touches it, the fish wiggles and flops like the real thing. The toy is rechargeable and even comes with a pouch of catnip and silvervine to entice them further.


These can covers that preserve open cans of pet food

Eliminate food waste and keep your cat food fresh thanks to this two-pack of food can covers that stretch to fit cans of various sizes and help to keep food fresh for longer. They are made from BPA-free silicone and are dishwasher-safe. “These have changed everything! [No] wasting foil, they seal up tight and can go through the dishwasher,” a five-star reviewer raved.


A double-sided de-shedding brush to gently groom your cat

This double-sided comb is a safe and effective way to groom your cat to prevent shedding. One side features a de-shedder to remove loose fur while the other side has a coarser comb that’s designed to detangle fur and get rid of mats. The handle is made with anti-slip rubber for a comfortable grip.


This calming spray that’s proven to reduce stress

If your cat gets anxious when traveling or going to the vet, this calming spray can reduce stress and make them feel safer. The unique formula works to mimic their natural facial pheromones, making them feel secure in their environment. Pet owners say that after spraying, they notice their cats scratch and fidget less, and they also noticed reduced urine spraying.


The silicone mat that cuts down on food & water spills

If your pet is a messy eater, this silicone mat might be just the thing you need. It’s easy to wipe down and features a raised edge around the perimeter that can keep spills contained while protecting your floors. Plus, it’s nonslip and available in five sizes and 26 colors.


An ear cleaner that gently removes wax & dirt buildup

Gently cleanse and deodorize your cat’s ears with this solution. It’s veterinarian-formulated with aloe vera, so it’s safe to use daily to clean extremely dirty ears, and can even eliminate wax or dirt buildup. Over 15,000 reviewers have given it a solid 4.6-star overall rating, with one fan reporting, “Super easy to use and the scent is very pleasant.”


A machine-washable cat hammock that can hold up to 40 pounds

This hammock window seat offers a cozy and safe sunbathing spot for your cat. It’s designed with durable wire ropes and strong suction cups that secure to the window and can hold more than 40 pounds. The removable mat is super comfortable and can easily be cleaned in the washing machine.


This interior door for cats of all sizes

Whether you have a small kitten or a more mature cat, they’ll be a fan of this interior cat door. You can install it on a hollow or solid door with a jigsaw, secure it with the included screws, and it’s ready to go in 30 minutes or less. Plus, the cat silhouette shape of the door is purrfect.


An interactive toy that isn’t too loud

Any cat would love this squeaky stuffed animal that is designed to satisfy hunting insects and keep your pet entertained. Anytime your cat touches the adorable bee, it will make a realistic bee sound. The material is crafted from an ultra-soft fabric that is soft to the touch. “My cat has been playing with this non stop. I know this because I keep hearing the bzzzz. It's not loud or obnoxious,” wrote one shopper.


A sleek cat litter scoop holder with a 4.9-star overall rating

Keep your litter scooper off of your clean floors with this genius scoop holder. The modern design comes in black or white in the listing. It has an inner tray that is made of silicone and designed to fit most scoopers. The liner is removable, which makes the cleaning process simple.


This nonstick litter scooper with a comfortable grip & included holder

This cat litter scooper is backed by a 4.7-star overall rating and has garnered over 30,000 five-star reviews. Pet owners love the soft foam handle that ensures a comfortable grip. The shovel is coated in a nonstick base that helps minimize residue build-up and makes it easier to clean. It also comes with a furniture-safe adhesive hook so you’ll always have it on hand.


A bag of organic cat grass seed with a 4.6-star overall rating

This 1-pound bag of organic cat grass contains wheat, oats, rye, and barley seeds to aid in hairball control and provide nutrients such as vitamins C, E, A, and more. The seeds sprout in just four to seven days and are also safe for dogs, reptiles, and even humans.