These 32 useful products under $40 on Amazon have an extremely loyal Reddit fan base


It sounds a little strange to say that I'd trust an online community with just about anything, but truthfully, Reddit has become my go-to anonymous panel for all unanswered questions in my life. This includes the question, "What should I buy next?" I'm a lot more likely to purchase Amazon products that have a loyal fan base on Reddit, because if certain items keep showing up over and over again in all different subs, it's likely for a reason.

Whether I'm looking for headphone recommendations or moral advice, this community of (mostly) thorough, well-spoken individuals is there at all hours of the day and night — and their system of upvotes helps to ensure that the most worthy of responses get the most eyes. This is true across all different categories, but for a savvy shopper, subreddits like r/BuyItForLife and r/shutupandtakemymoney are a goldmine of great recommendations. Sometimes even the more popular channels (like r/AskReddit) will make it to the front page with a post like, "What product was 100 percent worth your money?"

If said post happens to blow up, thousands upon thousand of Redditors will comment about their genuinely life-changing purchases, and anyone reading can use it to source their next great buy. Below, I've listed the best of the best — and they're all practical, highly recommended, and under $40.

1. These top-rated earphones that cost just $13

"A good pair of in-ear headphones. Nothing beats listening to music on high quality," wrote Reddit user PlebianTroglodyte, who specifically suggested Betron BS-10 earphones. In addition to their 12-millimeter drivers for well-rounded, crisp audio, they also come with three different-sized ear tips for an ergonomic fit. Best of all, despite their 4.4-star rating, they cost just $13.

2. A weighted blanket for stress and insomnia

"Just bought a weighted blanket. Best sleep I’ve had in years!" wrote LegendofRyder, and evenstarauror confirmed: "I have anxiety and some mild sensory processing issues ... Got a weighted blanket last Christmas and it has been a total game changer. I sleep through the night every night with it." This one from Fabula Life has cotton on the outside and glass beads on the inside; it also has a seven-layer system and individual stitching to ensure that the weight stays evenly distributed. Get it in eight different weight options.

3. This cult-favorite coffee press that'll save you tons of money

"Best ROI: a $30 Aeropress," wrote Reddit user khug. "I was terrible at making coffee, would spend upwards of $10/day on americanos and drip coffee (Starbucks and hipster places). Now I make better coffee at home and I don’t have to go anywhere." This cult-favorite has close to 6,000 reviews on Amazon and comes with everything you need to press rich, non-bitter coffee right at home.

4. A 10-foot charging cable — or three of them

A "10 [foot] phone charging cable," wrote IdontevenI. "I didn’t realize how much I needed it," and it's a sentiment that has been repeated all over Reddit. This pack of three MATEIN 10-foot charging cables gives you freedom all over the house. The nylon cord is braided for extra durability, the fast-speed charging is compatible with Androids and other micro-USB devices, and the seven color choices offer something for everyone. (Here's a similar option for iPhone users.)

5. One reversible belt for two color schemes

Black and brown are considered the two standard staples in terms of wardrobe color schemes — but it doesn't have to be one or the other. "Double sided brown and black belt. Whenever you need to use the other color, you just turn it around," noted JacobD6. Reviewers love the Beltox reversible belt because it's well-made, constructed from 100-percent genuine leather, and has an alloy buckle that swivels around so you can showcase the black side or the brown one.

6. A quality humidifier that fits on your bedside table

"A humidifier for my bedroom. I sleep like a princess now," commented coffeenkink, who later disclosed that their unit of choice was a mini humidifier from Vicks. This tiny gadget fits effortlessly on your bedside table, but still has a half-gallon tank that can run for up to 20 hours on one fill. It doesn't require any filters, and it has a single intuitive dial that controls the mist output.

7. This tracker so you're no longer the person who loses their essentials

This one's for the person who's always misplacing their keys, bag, wallet, or phone. "A Tile for my wallet and keys," lookitzvance wrote. "I used to be the friend in the group that would hold everyone up accidentally because I always lost my belongings riiiight before leaving for somewhere. Those small beautiful little pieces of plastic have completely eliminated that issue." The Tile Mate key finder can either create a beeping noise or help you track its location using the app. If you lose your phone, it also works backwards — just press the tile, and your phone will ring.

8. This sealer so you can stop throwing away food

According to chungen91, a "vacuum sealer for food" is definitely a worthwhile investment. "We get our meat from a friend who raises it and vacuum seal everything. We never have to throw any freezer burnt meat away." The White Dolphin food sealer is highly rated on Amazon because it's affordable, compact, and easy to use. It even comes with some free vacuum bags.

9. These patches that aim to alleviate hangovers

"Hangover patches," wrote losleyworth, who went on to explain: "Basically vitamin-infused patches that you can apply to your skin before a night of drinking. It definitely helped curve some hangovers for me." Just place one on your arm, shoulder, or back for roughly eight hours, and your body will absorb the B vitamins and Taurine, both of which aim to alleviate the symptoms of a hangover.

10. A high-quality power strip

Apparently the best purchases are often simplest, which is why this comment from patches402 got almost 3,000 upvotes: "I bought an eight outlet power strip with surge protectors and 4 usb charger plug ins built into the power strip. I have everything on my entertainment stand all plugged in and a phone charger that reaches from there all the way to the couch."

11. A $30 tire inflator that plugs into your car

"An electric tire inflator, for $29.95. It's so convenient to add air to the tires where you live rather than going to gas station air pumps - especially in winter weather," according to Back2Bach. Just plug one end into your car's DC port and fasten the other around your tire. It even has an LCD screen and a built-in LED flashlight.

12. This brilliant way to scrape your tongue free of bacteria

After several users recommended a tongue scraper for a life-changing dental routine, yParticle suggested, "Try something like the Tung brush for even better results. It's like a wide low-profile toothbrush, so no gag reaction." The soft but short bristles are especially effective at removing odor-causing bacteria from the tongue, and the curved handle reaches effortlessly into the back of your mouth. This set comes with four brushes, each color-coded for different users.

13. A portable battery so you're never left with a dead phone

"Portable phone battery. All the time I waste looking for a charger when I'm out is now time I waste on Reddit," wrote JuneSayers, and countless other users jumped in to plug Anker specifically. This brand is known for their compact, powerful banks, and this one in particular has over 11,000 reviews. Its 10000mAh battery can charge the Galaxy over two times and the iPhone up to eight. It's also lightweight, fits in the palm of your hand, and comes in four colors.

14. This gadget that preps garlic in three seconds

"A garlic press," wrote dingusreviews. "Before, I had to peel and mince garlic, get my fingers all sticky... now the garlic press does it in 3 seconds. It even simultaneously peels it. 10/10 it's basically black magic." Since it's made from zinc alloy, it's aso lightweight, durable, rust-resistant, and cleans effortlessly in the dishwasher.

15. These wool socks that are a favorite on r/buyitforlife

"If anyone hasn't made the switch yet, get wool socks," wrote quickscopemcjerkoff. "They will change your life. I have thick pairs for boots and winter time and thinner pairs for work and warm weather. They aren't itchy, don't get swampy, and are super comfortable." Koolaidolio then jumped in to say, "People down at /r/buyitforlife swear by Darn Tough wool socks" because they're made from 61-percent real Merino wool and last an extremely long time. This pair comes in seven different colors and five different sizes. Available sizes: S — XXL

16. This litter system for cleaner cats and better breathing

"Most recently, the Tidy Cats Breeze litter system," commented Reddit user Bobra_Bob. "It's a godsend on my asthma. No more ammonia!" Instead of sand, this system uses dehydrating, dust-free, ammonia-blocking pellets that let moisture pass through onto the disposable pad underneath. It comes with everything you need to get started, including the pellets, the pads, and the box itself.

17. "Literally the best pencil I've ever picked up in my life"

According to ismokecrayolas, "A metal graphing pencil will be the last writing utensil you'll ever buy if you don't lose it." User xyzzyss then responded, "If you're looking for a legendary mechanical pencil for that cheap I'd suggest a Uni Kuru Toga. literally the best pencil I've ever picked up in my life. It has a tiny mechanism that rotates the lead as you write so it's always a perfect uniform line weight."

18. This no-hassle appliance that might just become your best cooking buddy

"Buy a rice cooker," wrote ArielRR. "I think that is a tip that I really need to share. You can get a decent rice cooker for cheap." This compact rice cooker fits up to 8 cups of cooked rice and is simple to use thanks to its easy-to-read control panel. The handles stay cool to help spare you from burns, and there's a timer to count down while your rice cooks.

19. Some smart bulbs that you can control via your phone or voice

"WiFi lightbulb," taylynanastasia wrote. "If you've never spooked your roommate/significant other by flickering the light in another room, you've never lived." This set of three from BERENNIS doesn't require a hub, yet it still allows you to choose from millions of colors. Control them with the free app or your voice — they're compatible with Google Home and Alexa.

20. This keychain tool that could save your life

Reddut user writingthefuture noted that a "seat belt cutter/window breaker tool" is well-worth the affordable price tag. "No one thinks they need one until they do." This one is compact, lightweight, and easily attaches to your keychain. It also comes in eight different colors.

21. This streaming device that replaces your cable

According to MADDOGCA, "A Roku. I've saved my parents almost $1000 a year by getting them to cancel their cable subscription and replacing it with Hulu and Netflix. They tell me they don't miss cable one bit." The Roku turns any television into a smart TV by giving you on-screen access to your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Prime Video, Sling, and more. Just plug it into the HDMI port and navigate through thousands of options using the remote or the free phone app.

22. "The best" dry shampoo out there

"Batiste dry shampoo," Cutesy_blogger said, and a second Reddit user agreed, "I think I've tried every dry shampoo in the world and Batiste is the best." This value pack comes with three original-scent cans for just $15, and it's a number-one best seller because it's lightweight, volumizing, and targets oil and dirt so hair feels freshly washed.

23. An air fryer for crispy, delicious snacks

"An air fryer," wrote short_long_short. "I don't know how it works, but I've been eating mozzarella sticks all week and I've never been happier." Another user responded, "It's like a microwave for all the sh*t you can't microwave. We love ours." It's rare to find a unit under $40, but the Chefman TurboFry is affordable, well-rated, easy to use, and has a 2-liter basket. Reviewers have given it a 4.4-star rating because everything from chicken tenders to veggies come out hot, crispy, and delicious, all while using minimal oil.

24. This brilliant hack for hot take-out

"One of those insulated thermal bags," wrote tek9jansen. "Every time I've gotten take-out or fast food to take home I've put it in the bag and it's still warm by the time I get back." (Other users said they're also great for groceries.) Get two reusable, insulated bags from NZ Home, both of which are sturdy, extra thick, and easy to carry and store. They're also available in medium and double-extra large.

25. This toilet stool that Redditors can't live without

Another Reddit cult-favorite is the Squatty Potty — a toilet stool that positions your legs in an ergonomic position, so your colon can straighten out and going is much less strenuous. "It really makes a difference for me. Pooping without it is very frustrating now. No more long periods of time spent trying to push out the stubborn logs," wrote paperrclipp.

26. A gadget that boosts your WiFi signal

"Spend $20 on a WIFI repeater," depressed-Throwaway5 advised. "Now I can finally watch Netflix in my bed until 4 am without using all my cellular data." This one from TP-Link is easy to install and boosts your signal for strong, smooth WiFi throughout the house. You can even set schedules and control access.

27. These breathing strips that users call "a miracle"

Reddit user armyof_dogs said, "Breathe Right strips, they’re so great at helping you sleep with a cold," and HesSoZazzy agreed: "Tried these once when I was desperate. The claims sounded so absurd. I don't question them anymore. They're a miracle." Instead of medications or supplements, these strips fit right over your nostrils to lift and clear nasal passages. They even have a soothing lavender scent to help you drift off to sleep.

28. This tool that makes fabrics "look like new again"

"A fabric shaver. It shaves all the little fabric pills and tufts that form on a garment by natural wear and tear, and help it look new again. I've saved nice wool coats and fleeces that were starting to get frumpy," wrote WhoThrewPoo, who purchased the Beautural brand from Amazon. Judging by the upvotes, 6,200 people agreed. With three shave heights, two speeds, and one protective net, this battery-operated gadget rejuvenates sweaters, coats, yoga pants, curtains, and even couches.

29. A drugstore shampoo and conditioner that "you deserve"

"Good shampoo and conditioner," wrote vomirrhea. "I used to use cheap crap for most of my life and my hair got really thin and brittle ... Guys. Gals. People. Everyone. You deserve better than Suave." This user then went on to say that OGX is their "favorite drugstore brand, due to the fact you can find a little something tailored to every possible want and need." Since the dual set is packed with biotin and collagen, it adds thickness and volume while simultaneously helping your hair to feel clean, hydrated, and nourished.

30. These "life-changing" underwear that dry so fast

Reddit users across the board tend to agree that high-quality underwear can make a massive difference in your life, but one user in particular noted a specific brand: "Ex-Officio are life changing. Give them a try," said jen1170, while jrk1841 agreed, "Never going back after trying these." They're comfortable and efficient thanks to their well-ventilated, quick-drying mesh fabric that's optimized for travel — and they come in women's designs, too.

31. A non-stick silicone baking mat

"Silicon baking sheets, like Silpat!" wrote ElElseEle. "We use them for snacks and meals and baking and making candy in the microwave (can pour it out to cool without nonstick spray) no more parchment paper." In fact, they're great for everything from broiled fish to macaroons, and because they're made from non-stick silicone, they're easy to clean and help to preserve your pans.

32. This leak-proof travel mug that preserves temperature

"A good to-go thermal cup," said motherofkatana, and Salchi_ replied, "Contigo! I've had [two] of them so far and they're perfect for hot or cold!" Thanks to the vacuum-insulated stainless steel interior, this mug keeps contents hot for up to five hours and cold for up to 12. Since the top automatically seals, it's also leak-proof and spill-proof — and the entire design is BPA-free. Mic may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Mic's editorial and sales departments.