These 42 cheap, clever things genuinely make life better


Have you ever bought something just because you were feeling bummed out? Apparently, you're not alone. According to Psychology Today, a study found that 62% of surveyed shoppers had bought something as a way to make themselves happier. If you're trying to partake in some of that retail therapy, check out these cheap, clever Amazon products that'll probably brighten your mood.

On this list, you'll find small, simple gadgets that'll take the work out of menial tasks (like the food chopper with a built-in egg separator and the motion-activated soap dispenser). There are also organizers for everything from the trunk of your car to your closet, along with clever things like scented yoga mat sprays, cable wranglers, and even bacon grills for your microwave. To make it easier for you to shop, I rounded up all the affordable upgrades that I think you'll like.

So if you're looking for cheap products that'll genuinely make life more enjoyable — whether you're cooking breakfast or doing yoga — keep scrolling to start shopping.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


The chopper with a built-in egg white separator

Not only does it have an egg white separator built into the top, but this chopper is also made with sharp stainless steel blades that power through vegetables, ice, nuts, and more. Use it to make hummus and salsa, or even use it to whip some eggs for omelettes.


A pack of vertical hangers that can help save closet space

If your closet is packed to the brim, these "magic" hangers can help open up some space. Each one is able to hold up to five garments (or 6 pounds), and they hang downwards so that they take up less room on your closet rod. Unlike other metal hangers with sharp edges, these ones are made from durable, rounded plastic.


This bag sealer that helps keep your snacks fresh

Most of the time, air gradually leaks into your snack bags no matter how tightly you tie them — but this bag sealer makes a seal that's completely airtight. The built-in blade means it also doubles as a box cutter in a pinch, and it's made from high-quality ABS plastic. Simply press and pull it across across your snack bag to seal it shut — no pre-heating is required.


A cleansing yoga mat spray that comes with a microfiber towel

Suitable for all types of yoga mats, this spray won't leave behind any slippery residues as it cleanses away sweat and bacteria. It's infused with eucalyptus essential oils that give it a lightweight, uplifting scent. Plus, the formula is completely non-toxic as well as eco-friendly. Each order also comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth for added value.


The toothbrush holder that keeps your bristles protected from dust

No matter how clean your bathroom is, flushing the toilet releases waste particles into the air that can contaminate your toothbrushes. This holder solves that problem by having a built-in cover on the top that helps keep your bristles protected. It has enough space for up to four toothbrushes, and the plastic construction is BPA-free.


A leather pocket that installs onto the side of your center console

Add two extra cup holders and a side compartment to your car's center console with this removable pocket. It's made from durable leather, and it's designed to fit most cars. One Amazon reviewer even wrote that "this slipped right into the channel between the rear seats in my Honda HR-V. It is easily removed and stored when not in use, and now my passengers can enjoy a little convenience, too."


This handheld massager that works all over your body

Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your palms, this handheld massager helps ease aching muscles all over your body. The legs and knobs are set at the ideal angle to reach deep into your trigger points, and it works great when used with creams and oils.


A magnetic cable holder that works with all types of cords

Put this magnetic pad on your nightstand or keep it on your desk as a quick spot to stash a cable. The strong magnet works with any type of cable, and the compact size means it takes up hardly any space. Grab it in two colors: gray or beige.


The rechargeable vacuum cleaner designed for your keyboard

Use it to get crumbs out from your keyboard, or use this rechargeable vacuum for tiny messes on your desktop. It's cordless so that it's easy to maneuver around, and the filter is reusable — no need to buy any expensive replacements here.


An aromatherapy stick that can help relieve pain from migraines

Formulated with therapeutic-grade peppermint, spearmint, and lavender essential oils, this roll-on stick can help ease pain from migraines. Simply apply it to the back of your neck when your head first begins to ache; it won't leave behind any greasy residues, and the coconut oil base is lightly hydrating.


This soap dispenser that's hygienic and touch-free

With its built-in infrared sensor, this soap dispenser lets you get soap without having to touch the pump. The amount that gets dispensed is adjustable, and it eliminates any dripping, smearing, or waste. The stainless steel exterior is also resistant to fingerprints, and the soap reservoir is leakproof.


A plug with a convenient timer built into it

If you have a habit of forgetting to turn off your hair straightener, curling iron, or any other device once you're done using it, this outlet's built-in timer will turn it off for you. You have the choice between eight-, four-, two-, and one-hour increments, and there's even a "hold" option in case you want to keep it on indefinitely.


The car seat organizer designed to fit into nearly any vehicle

Smaller than most removable cup holders, these seat organizers are designed to fit into pretty much any car. They're water-resistant since they're made from durable PU leather, and each order comes with spacers that let you adjust how wide the gap is between your seat and center console.


A tray for cooking bacon in the microwave with minimal mess

Cooking bacon in the microwave doesn't come without splatter, so help keep it contained with this microwave bacon cooker. The vented cover allows steam to escape so that your strips stay crispy, and the ridges on the bottom collect the grease drippings. The best part? You can also use it to make sausage links, pizza rolls, taquitos, and other snacks.


These liners that help keep your oven and grill clean

Simply add one these liners to the bottom of your oven, and it'll collect any drippings or crumbs so your appliance stays tidy. The non-stick exterior makes it easy to clean, and it's versatile enough that you can also use it on your grill. Cut it to size, and you're ready to cook.


A filter that removes sulfites and histamines from your wine

Reusable as well as BPA-free, this filter helps remove the histamines in wine that can possibly leave you with a headache in the morning. It's designed to work on all types of red, white, and sparkling wines without changing their flavors. Many reviewers wrote about how it "really works," with one stating that "after drinking, I don't get the same heavy head and the mornings are better as well."


This high-quality oil sprayer made with real glass

Many kitchen oil sprayers are made with plastic. However, this one is not only BPA-free and food-safe, but the reservoir is made from durable glass. It's small enough that you can take it with you to the office for lunch, and you even use it for salad dressing.


A stovetop espresso maker made from stainless steel

You don't need to pay for expensive restaurant espresso when you have this stovetop maker. It's made from high-quality stainless steel, and it's designed to work with induction cookers, electric stoves, ceramic furnaces, gas stoves, and more. Plus, the handle is heat-resistant to help protect your hands.


This device that lets you connect Bluetooth to your car speakers

Apparently, cell phone usage while driving leads to 1.6 million crashes every year. However, hands-free devices have been shown to help reduce the risk of a crash, which is why this Bluetooth receiver is useful. It connects most smartphones to car speakers for seamless phone calls and music. Unlike other receivers, this one allows for up to two Bluetooth connections at the same time, and the rechargeable battery lasts for up to 10 hours when active (or 200 hours on standby).


A brush that scrubs all the way down into tall glasses

Not all scrubbers are long enough to fit all the way down into tall glasses — but this one is. The three suction cups on the bottom let you attach it to the side of your sink for added sturdiness, and the parallel bristle brush ensures that the outside of your cups are also clean.


The spoon that lets you dunk cookies without dropping them

If you're not paying attention, your cookie could disintegrate if you dip it into milk using your hand. This spoon, however, holds your cookie from the bottom to help prevent that from happening. "I'm actually fascinated by how simple these are, yet how wonderfully they work," one Amazon reviewer wrote. "A great gift for an Oreo lover! Very pleased!"


A paper clincher that doesn't rely on wasteful staples

You won't have to buy any replacement staples when you're using this paper clincher, as it punctures your sheets of paper in a way that binds them together. It can handle up to five sheets at once, and it's ergonomically designed for easy one-handed use.


This adjustable tablespoon that helps you save space

If your kitchen drawers are cramped and overflowing, this adjustable tablespoon can help save you some space. It increases in .5 teaspoon increments from .5 teaspoons up to 1 tablespoon. The champagne satin finish is a nice touch, and it's made from a durable blend of zinc and alloy.


A universal socket that works on screws, nuts, and bolts

You don't need to own an entire collection of sockets when you have this universal one. Made from durable vanadium steel, it's designed to work on screws, bolts, and nuts — even ones that are stripped. "Instead of having to go through my whole set to find the right one, I was able to seat this perfectly on the screw and extract it," one reviewer wrote. "What a time saver, and it worked really well!"


The pet hair remover that's reusable

Unlike other pet hair removers that require wasteful refills, this one is endlessly reusable. Just dip the brush into the base, then pull it out to have all the hair removed. It's also great for lint as well as pet hair, and there's zero electricity required.


A high-definition Bluetooth speaker that's waterproof

Able to play music for up to 12 hours, this Bluetooth speaker is completely waterproof. The built-in microphone lets you answer calls hands-free, and it's great for days at the beach or even showers. It's available in six colors, including black, pink, green, mint, navy, and purple.


This easy-to-use system that organizes your shirts

If your drawers are overflowing with shirts, make sure to give this organization system a look. The interlocking dividers let you stack your tops, and you can pull items from the middle without disturbing the rest. When it's time to travel, simply transfer it from your closet to your suitcase — no folding required.


A portable air conditioner that's powered via USB

Weighing less than 2 pounds, this air conditioner is very portable. You can also use it as a regular fan or humidifier if you're not feeling too hot, and it purifies the air as it passes through. The best part? There's a built-in LED night light.


This insect catcher that's critter-friendly

If you'd prefer to catch and release your indoor critters rather than exterminate them, use this insect catcher. The long handle keeps you far and away from the bug, and the bristles close up when you're ready to transport it. The device is effective on all types of critters — spiders, moths, stink bugs, cicadas, scorpions, and more.


A pair of laces that you'll never need to tie

By adding these elastic laces to your shoes and sneakers, you'll never need to tie them again. They lock into place and won't shake loose — even if you're exercising. One size is made to fit all, and you can grab them in fun colors like pink, purple, blue, or classic black.


The massage ball you can use all over your body

No matter whether your shoulders, neck, back, or legs are sore, this massage roller can still help soothe away soreness. The ball spins a full 360 degrees so that it glides all over your body without a hitch, and it can even help improve blood circulation after a strenuous workout. Choose from four colors.


This electric callus remover you can use in the shower

This electric callus remover has a waterproof exterior and uses rolling files to help soften and remove unwanted calluses. Each order comes with three roller heads, and there are two speeds to choose from depending on how fast you want the rollers to spin.


The cold brew coffee maker that's extra compact

Whereas most cold brew coffee makers are bulky, this one is compact so that it takes up hardly any space in your refrigerator. The borosilicate glass construction is heavy-duty, and the reusable mesh filter is made from rust-resistant stainless steel. Many reviewers wrote about how it's "easy to use."


A door laundry hamper that helps save you space

No matter whether you have a cramped closet or a small bathroom, this laundry hamper can help you save space. It's made from high-quality Oxford fabric, and the included stainless steel hooks can hang over any standard door or closet rod. The best part? There's a zipper on the bottom that makes it easy to dump your clothes out.


The hydrating facial cleanser formulated with hyaluronic acid

Not only is it great for cleansing your complexion, but this facial cleanser is also made with hyaluronic acid that helps moisturize dry skin. It's paraben- as well as fragrance-free, and the formula is non-comedogenic so you won't have to worry about it clogging your pores.


This screen that keeps your laptop private from certain viewing angles

Tired of people reading over your shoulder? Putting this privacy screen on your laptop will help because it blocks the view from anyone looking at your screen from an angle. It works especially well on planes, subways, and in other public areas, and you have two methods for installation: use adhesive strips to attach it to your screen, or attach the slide-mount tabs onto your screen's frame (tabs and adhesives are both included).


The water bottle designed specifically for your pets

You don't need to carry around a clunky bowl for your pet to sip water on the go when you have this pet water bottle. It's made from BPA-free silicone, and the built-in bowl on top makes it easy for your pet to sip when it's filled up. Not to mention, the bottle itself shouldn't leak.


A camera lens kit designed to work with your smartphone

Not only does this smartphone camera kit come with nine clip-on lenses (fisheye, wide angle, telephoto zoom, macro, and more), but it also comes neatly packaged in a protective travel case. One reviewer wrote, "These lenses are very easy to use, they attach snuggly and without scratching the phone or falling off. And the resulting images are pretty stunning."


The mounted shower caddy that doesn't require any drilling

Just clean your wall beforehand, and the ultra-strong suction cups on the back of this caddy will let you mount it — no drilling required. There are multiple hooks where you can hang your loofahs, scrubbers, razors, and more. Plus, the ventilated design helps prevent moisture from forming.


A pair of stands you can use for phones and tablets

Despite their compact size, these stands are durable enough that they can hold up to 11 pounds each. They also fold in half so that they're easy to take with you, and you can use them with any tablet or smartphone that measures between 6 and 11 inches wide. Most iPhones and Androids are compatible.


This heavy-duty organizer designed for your trunk

Made from durable Oxford canvas, this storage bin is designed with a tie-down strap system that keeps it from sliding around in your trunk. You can also put it in your front seat for any items you'd like to keep easily within reach, and the pockets on the front are large enough that they can even hold coffee mugs.


A mounted organizer for your TV remotes

If you keep losing your remotes and the organizer itself, be sure to give this mounted one a try. You can't lose it, since it stays put on your wall using the included adhesive. Plus, each one is able to hold up to two remotes. It comes in two colors — black and white — and you can opt for a two-pack in case you want one for another room.