These are some of the most popular products on Amazon because they make life so much easier

From garlic-peeling gadgets to mini clothing steamers, these things are major time savers.

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Look — if I’m grabbing a product from Amazon, I want it to make my life easier (or at least my cleaning days a bit quicker). Life is hard enough as it is, so if there’s something out there that can save me time, headaches, or stress, I’m all-in. That’s why I made this list with some of the most popular products on Amazon that make life so much easier — and better.

Obviously, you’ll find plenty of time-saving items for everyday life like an automatic can opener, a miniature clothing steamer, garlic peeling gadgets, and more. There are also simple products like a cup holder expander, so you can easily take your favorite oversized water bottle with you everywhere — no more worrying about it rolling around the seat next to you.

Basically — this list makes your search for products easier, and all of them will make your life easier. It doesn’t get any easier than that.


A compact strainer that snaps onto your pots, bowls & more

This BPA-free strainer has a unique semi-circle design that snaps right onto your go-to pasta pot, skillets, and serving bowls. The flexible silicone and the two secure clips on each side allow you to drain anything with one hand, solving one of cooking’s most irritating problems. This dishwasher-safe stainer is also heat-resistant up to 440 degrees, so it’s perfect for draining pasta water.


These pet grooming gloves that are easy to clean

These gloves are made with gentle, flexible bristles for de-shedding, grooming, and bathing your pet. Simply pet your dog or cat while wearing these comfortable gloves with a universal fit instead of reaching for a grooming brush for a more soothing experience for your furry friend. Plus, you can throw these gloves in the washing machine to keep them fur-free.


These dishwasher-safe garlic peeling tubes that are so easy to use

This garlic peeling set comes with two silicone tubes that make garlic prep super quick. Each one is made with a textured design that removes garlic peels. Simply press on this mess-free peeler and roll it across your countertop or cooking surface for ready-to-chop cloves in an instant — no hand-peeling necessary.


This mini clothing steamer that gives you plenty of continuous steaming time

This clothing steamer is easy to travel with, but despite it’s compact size, it’s also long-lasting. The 15-inch tall steamer actually has a 240-milliliter water tank that gives you 15 minutes of steaming time, which is plenty to get wrinkles out of suits or curtains.


This soap-dispensing dish brush to de-clutter you kitchen sink

Put away that bulky bottle of dish soap, and just fill up this soap-dispensing dish brush. The brush handle acts as a mini bottle that holds a bunch of soap, so you won’t have to reach for more mid-dishes. Simply pull out your soap and unscrew the top of the handle to refill, press a button to dispense some suds, and scrub away with the nylon bristle brush for a seamless experience.


A mess-free lint roller that captures pet hair

Not only does this mess-free lint roller capture pet fur, but it also hides it away in the easy-to-empty compartment. Yep, this battery-free roller is way less gross than a sticky roller covered in pet fur. Plus, the unique material makes this pet fur solution completely reusable.


A vegetable chopper with 4 slicing and dicing blades

This BPA-free plastic vegetable chopper is so versatile. Of course, you get small and medium-sized stainless steel blades for dicing onions, potatoes, tomatoes, and more, but there’s also an easy-to-use spiralizer. This vegetable-catching chopper even comes with a blade for ribbon-shaped veggies, so you’ll come to this time and time again.


This stainless steel spinning organizer with 2 shelves

This 10.5-inch wide spinning lazy Susan has two shelves that are perfect for holding oils and spices in your pantry or your collection of skincare in your bathroom. Plus, the finger-print resistant- stainless steel is paired with a non-slip design and lips on the edges to avoid spills in your cabinet.


This compact device to add extra USBs to your laptop

To get a bunch more USB ports on your laptop, simply plug in this super compact data hub. It has a classic USB cord on one end to plug into your computer, while the other end has four USB ports, giving you room for everything you need. There are also four LED power buttons on top to control which of your USBs is active. It’s a simple yet effective solution with 69,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.


A cabinet-mounted jar opener that works on lids of all sizes

Instead of stuffing a bulky jar-opening gadget in your kitchen drawer, grab this slim under-cabinet jar opener. It comes with adhesive and screws to mount it to your cabinet so it won’t clutter your cooking utensil drawer. Plus, the non-slip design lets you open jars with one hand while you cook, and the unique V-shaped design will work on everything from extra large tubs of mayonnaise to nail polish bottle caps.


The compact, water-resistant tracker that helps you find easily lost items

This Bluetooth Tile tracker pairs with an app to help you keep track of easily lost items — think keys, wallet, purses, etc. It will ring as long as your misplaced item is within 250 feet, and if it’s farther than that, the Bluetooth tracker will show you the last pinged location. Unlike other trackers, this one works in reverse and has a button on the back to help you find your phone (even if it’s on silent). It has a little loop to go on your keychain, and the compact design won’t make your keys super bulky.


These silicone baking mats that save you a bunch of cleaning time

Bake cookies or roast vegetables on this set of oven-safe silicone baking mats to avoid a bunch of stuck-on food and a sheet you need to scrub for an hour. Each food-grade mat will be cookie dough-free when you pull it out of the oven, thanks to the non-stick design. Plus, it’s easy to wash off left-behind baking crumbs with soap and water.


This portable charger that’s scratch-resistant for travel

This portable charger is not only slim enough to tuck in your bag, and it also only weighs 7.5 ounces, so it’s lightweight enough to carry around while you travel. This sleek charger has a micro USB and USB-C port to charge, and each battery will power up your phone from 0 to 100% twice over. Meanwhile, the scratch-resistant cover won’t get ruined in your suitcase or purse, so you can always have it on hand — no more worrying about an uncharged phone.


A water bottle organizer that’s great in your fridge & cabinet

This shatter-resistant organizer is an easy fix for water bottle storage in your kitchen cabinet. The stackable design is also perfect for stacking a bunch of bottled drinks in your fridge, so they’re always within easy reach. Plus, the clear design means your new bottle organization won’t look bulky.


This compact tool that helps you quickly hook your go-to bracelets

Instead of giving up on your favorite bracelets when you’re getting ready, grab this easy-to-use closure tool. The clip holds onto one end of your bracelet, so you can quickly clasp the other end. — no need to ask your roommate for help. This handy tool is also compact enough to keep with all of your jewelry.


An automatic can opener that fits in a kitchen drawer

This electric can opener might just be more compact than that manual opener cluttering your kitchen drawer. Obviously, the biggest perk is that this compact tool opens cans for you while you cook. It has an easy-to-use single-button design, and you can lift the entire lid off when it’s done thanks to the magnet.


These hanging pantry organizers that give you more space

This over-the-door pantry organizer actually gives you more space for ingredients without re-doing your pantry shelves. When your shelves are overflowing with food, the hanging design adds 24 storage pockets to your pantry, and they work great for condiments, sauces, spices, and even boxed goods. You can also use this in the hall for cleaning supplies or bath supplies because it has a slim 18-inch wide design that works even for smaller closets.


A super secure car organizer with tons of pockets & compartments

This car organizer has straps on each side, so your groceries, emergency tools, or road trip supplies won’t fall over in the trunk. The collapsable design, which can be used at half-size or totally out away has a large waterproof compartment with adjustable dividers that are perfect for sorting groceries. Plus, you get a two pockets on the side and a few mesh slots for extra storage.


These portable makeup remover wipes that help you avoid rinsing your face

Made with plant-based, compostable fibers, these makeup removing wipes make so many steps of your routine easier, even when you’re traveling. At the end of the day, these super soft towelettes let you avoid messy products and rinsing your face. Plus, this micelle-infused pack quickly handles makeup mess-ups in the morning.


A fast-acting meat thermometer that takes the guesswork out of dinner

Use this meat thermometer with a built-in temperature chart instead of waiting around and guessing when your chicken is done (or straight-up burning dinner). These highly-rated thermometer will tell you the temperature of your food in three seconds, and it also saves on dish time because the water-resistant design is easy to wipe clean. When you’re all done, the temperature-testing probe folds right up to fit in your drawer.


These baggy stands that help you pack food into zip-top bags

Clip your go-to zip-top food bags onto these stands before pouring your leftovers or chopped veggies into them. You can adjust the height of each one to fit whatever size of food storage bags you prefer, from snack to gallon size. Meanwhile, the clips hold them open, so you don’t spill your leftovers on the countertop or wish for a third hand.


A versatile tablet holder that bends to fit anywhere

Clip this tablet holder onto your kitchen countertop while you cook, your desk while you work, or your headboard as you lounge with the sleek and secure clamp design. The 34.6-inch arm is so bendable, you can twist it and raise it for the perfect view of your tablet. This adjustable holder is finished off with scratch-preventing accents that are gentle on your tablet.


An easy-to-use measuring cup with adjustable measurements

This sleek tube-shaped measuring cup can be used for both liquid and dry ingredients, and has all the measurements you ned printed on the side. Simply slide the top tube to adjust it and create the exact size of measuring cup you need. It also holds up to 2 cups of ingredients, so you can easily toss your other measuring cups.


A magnetic screen door that’s easy to stick on your frame

This budget-friendly screen door sticks right onto your door frame with included tacks or the super easy velcro tape. Once it’s up, it has a magnetic strip down the middle that securely closes behind you. That means you (and your pup) can easily walk through it without unhooking anything, allowing you to pass through hands-free.


This cord-hiding electric kettle that has a cool-touch handle

The BPA-free design of this electric kettle is topped off with a cool-touch handle, so you can instantly pour your water after it comes to a boil. Plus, there’s a cleanable filter and a handy water gauge on the side, so you can see just how much tea you can brew. When not in use, this kettle looks so tidy in your kitchen cabinet or pantry because the 30-inch cord perfectly wraps up in the cord-hiding base.


An anti-pulling detangling brush with an easy-to-use shape

This compact hair brush has the easiest ergonomic shape to hold onto while you detangle your hair. It’s OK to use on wet or dry hair, because the flexible, knob-free bristles won’t pull your hair or cause breakage or frizz. Plus, the unique plastic bristles keep their shape — even after a particularly difficult detangling moment.


These reusable food wraps that come in fun prints & a bunch of sizes

These reusable food wraps work for wrapping all types of ingredients, sandwiches, snacks, and more, and because they’re washable, you never have to worry about whether or not you have plastic wrap or tin foil on hand. These wraps come in three sizes, and you can even use them to create an air-tight seal over a bowl of leftovers. Plus, the jojoba oil and beeswax in these cotton wraps make sure your food stays fresh.


A cupholder expander that lets you take your favorite tumbler in the car

Instead of letting your favorite oversized water bottle roll around in the passenger seat, stick this cup holder expander in your car. It sits right in your cupholder, and the top is completely adjustable for oversized or even super slim bottles. Plus, there are built-in pads on the base to keep your go-to tumbler secure, and the raised fit won’t mess with your other cupholder.


An immersion blender with a trendy milk frother option

Obviously, this immersion blender is handy for blending smoothies and soups, but it also comes with a bunch of handy attachments. You get a whisk to replace a bulky stand mixer and a trendy milk frother to amp up your coffee routine. No matter what you’re mixing, it’s super compact for your kitchen, and it comes with two blending speeds.


A portable white noise machine with 6 soothing sounds

Not only does this mini white noise machine look sleek, but it’s also free of an annoying cord. So, you can easily pack this battery-operated sound machine in your suitcase for easy sleep when traveling. You can choose from six sleep sounds, and this machine has auto-off settings after 15, 30, or 60 minutes if you prefer.


This bag sealer that replaces flimsy snack bag clips

This budget-friendly bag sealing tool lets you toss all of those flimsy snack bag clips that never really work. It has a miniature flat iron-like design that’s easy to use on a bunch of different types of snack bags, including chips, cookies, snack cakes, and more. There’s even an included case to keep this sealer tidy in your pantry.


A super versatile spray bottle that has a seamless mist

The unique nozzle of this handy spray bottle creates a continuous, wide-reaching mist. This reliable and lightweight mist is helpful for skincare, haircare, ironing clothes, cleaning, taking care of your plants, and more — especially because this bottle will work upside down. Plus, this aerosol-free sprayer is topped off with a comfy handle.


These durable, reusable food storage bags to avoid spills in the fridge

To avoid tears or leaking food in your fridge, pack away food in these super durable storage bags. The reusable material is thick enough to be tear-resistant, in case one of these food-safe bags catches on something in the fridge. They’re finished off with a leak-proof closures that are also color-coded by size.


This linen couch caddy that keeps your things close & stays put

This six-pocket couch caddy will give you a designated spot for your remotes and tablet. It’s made with a durable linen fabric that you won’t mind draping over your couch and has a flexible design that lays flat against your arm rest. It also has a non-slip texture, so it won’t slip off your sofa no matter how many devices you pack into it.


A miniature multi-tool that’s helpful all around the house

It’s worth adding this rust-proof multi-tool to your kitchen drawer or cleaning cabinet. It has a compact design that easily fits a drawer, and with 13 built-in tools, you’ll use it all over the house without digging through a bag to find your flat screwdriver, pliers, and wire cutter. There’s a bottle and can opener for the kitchen as well as a knife, so you’ll truly use this everywhere.


These vacuum storage bags that seriously help with bulky clothes

You don’t have to worry about these vacuum storage bags puffing up on your closet shelf after you pack them. Instead, they have an airtight design with a double-seal design to keep them nice and flat. There’s even a triple-seal valve to keep all of the air out after you use your vacuum or the included hand pump to shrink them down, which also makes these incredibly useful for stress-free travel.


A salad spinner that doesn’t take forever to clean

This salad spinner is worth the extra step to avoid soggy — or even worse, gritty — salad. It has a one-handed design for washing your greens, but it won’t add a bunch of extra cleanup after dinner because the pieces and the entire lid comes apart for quick cleaning. It’s also topped off with a non-slip knob that’s adjustable to fit in your kitchen cabinet.


These floating shelves that make reaching for bathroom products easier

Instead of digging through cabinets for skincare, lotion, and toothpaste, simply stick these durable floating shelves on your bathroom wall. They have a U-shaped design that holds up to 17.5 pounds each yet looks super well-designed and put together no matter what — or where — you put on them. Plus, you get three easy-to-style sizes, so they won’t look too plain on your wall.


An adjustable cookbook holder that matches your cutting board

This budget-friendly cookbook holder won’t look out of place in your kitchen because the bamboo finish will match your cutting boards. It has durable page holders on each side that fit even your largest cookbook — up to 1,500 pages. You can also adjust the angle and pop your laptop on this holder if you prefer digital recipes.


These car hooks that let you hang up backseat clutter

You don’t need anything to clip these handy hooks on the headrest of your car seats. Simply slide them onto the headrest and hang up whatever clutter is hanging out in the backseat, whether it’s a purse, water bottle, tote bag, or shopping bags. Each one holds up to 13 pounds, so you can feel confident putting heavy grocery bags on these too.


These nesting containers with lids you won’t lose

This microwave- and freezer-safe food container set comes with matching and impossible-to-lose lids. These airtight lids have secure clasps that lock onto the containers when you’re packing up food. Plus, these clasps lock the lids onto each other, so you’ll never lose them in your kitchen cabinet, and the entire nesting set stores neatly.


This smart speaker that’s small enough tuck anywhere

This Echo Dot speaker is tiny enough to tuck away in any room of your home, so you can always hear that music you asked Alexa to play. With voice control, you can also chat with Alexa or change to the next song — even if you’re not near the base. This compact speaker also acts as an intercom, timer, and hub so you can set up a smart home for lightbulbs, smart switches, and more.


A stainless steel tumbler with 135,000 five-star reviews

This stainless steel tumbler might look like your usual travel cup, but the lid is way more secure. It has the classic sliding design to open the lid and take a sip, but it also has a magnet to prevent spills when it’s closed. Plus, this unique lid tops off an insulated, shatterproof, and dishwasher-safe tumbler, so you can truly take this anywhere.


An extra-large utensil holder that rotates 360 degrees

This budget-friendly, oversized utensil holder has a rotating base to help you quickly find your go-to wooden spoon. It also has a handy divider inside to keep your spatulas and whisks organized. Plus, it won’t get grimy because you can take this divider out to clean food spills. Meanwhile, the fingerprint-resistant stainless steel looks rather sleek on your counter.


This hair dryer brush with anti-tangle bristles

Go ahead and run this hair dryer brush through your hair without worrying about a bunch of tangles. The combination of pin and tufted bristles actually detangle your hair while you create a blowout, saving you a ton of time in the morning. Of course, this frizz-reducing brush also has a 360-degree swivel design to avoid a tangled-up cord. This updated model has a longer-lasting motor for faster blow-drying.