These clever things will organize the sh*t out of your home

With these simple solutions, chaos doesn’t need to reign.

ByAlexandra Elizabeth
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Having a totally organized, Pinterest-perfect home can seem like a goal that’s impossibly out of reach. Who has the space? Who has the time? Who has the tools? But it doesn’t take an HGTV-level expert to manage mess and restore order to an unruly space. You can organize the hell out of your home step by step, with one clever product at a time until every spare item is sorted and the clutter is controlled.

Are messy bureaus your issue? Drawer dividers or honeycomb-shaped tray inserts might be just the fix you’re looking for. Always running late? An oversized dry erase calendar you can re-use for every month might solve your scheduling woes. What about an overflowing linen closet? You might benefit from some extra large vacuum bags, or better yet, an ottoman with a removable top that doubles as storage. And if lack of kitchen space has you down, there’s even a magnetic strip that lets you turn your stove into a shelf. No matter where you struggle to keep things neat, this list, packed full of forty ingenious organizational solutions, can help you meet your cleaning goals. Plus, they’re all highly rated by enthusiastic Amazon reviewers. So go ahead, get cleaned up.


This fool-proof kitchen organizer bin set

Become the master of your kitchen mess with these clear organizing bins. With eight in a pack, you’ll be able to store similar items together in a fridge, pantry, or even bathroom cabinets. Plus, the bins are stackable, meaning they won’t become their own cluttery mess when not in use.


The answer to your messy junk drawer full of loose batteries

Where are the fresh batteries when you need them? Right here, in this battery storage case, here to ensure you never lose track of those tiny AAAA batteries again. It features foam slots for loose batteries, plus a mesh zip compartment for full boxes. The container is shock-proof and water-resistant, and it even includes a battery tester too, so you can stop hoarding those spent batteries.


This customizable set of shower caddies with bonus hooks

Shower caddies are a great way to get shampoos and soaps off the ground and within arm’s reach, but it can be a struggle to find just the right size. This set of stainless steel shower shelves is wall-mounted via adhesive and can be placed at whatever height you like, ensuring your tallest bottles will fit. Plus, they can hold up to thirty pounds.


These clear bookends that create a “floating” shelf

Get the look of a floating book stack with these clear, acrylic bookends. They’re slim but sturdy and won’t add extra bulk, allowing you to organize your book collection with ease. These bookends stand about seven inches tall and feature rounded corners.


This cord organizer with a solution to any tangled wire trouble

Banish your rat’s nest of cables and wires with this cord management organizer kit. What sets this system apart is that it’s so comprehensive. With over 126 pieces designed to stick to your surfaces to hold cords in place, zip up a bundle of wires into a streamlined sleeve, and more, you’ll find exactly the right item to tackle your electronic messes. Wires beware.


This hollow-bodied laptop stand that’ll help keep your desk organized

Because your office deserves a little organizational love, get your desk in order with this aluminum laptop stand. Its sturdy construction supports weight up to eight pounds, and the parallel supports leave plenty of room for airflow, ensuring your laptop doesn’t overheat. Plus, the U-shape design leaves a hollow area just under your computer, making it the perfect space to store your keyboard and mouse when not in use.

  • Available colors: 3


These meal prep containers that work for cooking or eating

Whether you’re prepping meals or organizing lunch on the go, these meal containers have got you covered. Made from glass with BPA-free plastic lids, these containers are microwave-, dishwasher-, and freezer-safe. With an airtight lid, each container is leak-proof and stackable to fit in your fridge perfectly.


This set of rustic Mason jar bathroom organizers that will tie a room together

Getting your bathroom straightened up doesn’t need to be boring and tedious, it can actually be easy and chic. These mason jar accessories made from glass and metal give off a rustic vibe while keeping your cotton swabs, toothbrush, and more exactly where you can see them: no more rummaging around in the bathroom junk drawer. Plus, they even come with optional labels if you’re looking to take the organizing one step further.


This towel rack that doubles as wall decor

Make sure you’ve always got clean towels in reach with this wall-mounted iron towel rack. The mounts are rust-proof so they can be used to hang wet towels after use. Plus, installation won’t be a pain: the kit comes with all the tools you need, including a level tool to ensure a straight hang.


These handy wall mounts that will put your cap collection on display

The best way to tidy up your hat collection might just be turning it into wall art. The translucent plastic cap mounts can be installed with either adhesive or screws. Simply fold your hat inward, loop the sides over the hooks, and slide the button of the cap into the top slot. You can easily take your hats on or off the mount whenever you want to wear them.


This wall-mounted organizer that will never let you lose a tool again

Few things are more annoying than a garage full of rakes and tools leaning in an unsteady pile against the wall. Sort out your tools with this wall-mounted tool organizer that will let you easily see exactly where you put that hammer without knocking things over. Bonus: it holds up to thirty pounds.


These drawer dividers that let you customize your kitchen space

Silverware trays are great and all, but it can be hard to find an option that perfectly fits your drawers. And what if you want to make some slots bigger than others? Enter these bamboo drawer dividers, which can be expanded to fit different lengths and set apart at different widths. You can even use them in the bedroom to create designated spaces for socks, underwear, and more.


This giant dry erase calendar that will make scheduling a breeze

Get your schedule under control with this large dry erase calendar. It’s laminated and comes with five dry-erase markers and an eraser so you can keep re-using it for any month of any year. It’s got large, easy-to-read date boxes that’ll be able to fit any obligations the day has in store. Just hang it with the included tacks.


This three-part laundry bin that gives you no excuse not to separate your laundry

Sorting the wash into lights, darks, and colors is thought to prolong the vibrancy of the fabrics, but it can be a pain to get organized. This hamper, with three distinct and labeled sections, makes it a breeze to toss each item into the appropriate category right after you wear it. The frame is collapsible, and each bag holds up to two loads of laundry.

  • Available colors: 10


This genius drawer set that’ll class up any bedside table

This desk organizer and combo charging station proves that managing all your cables can look chic. The tray features two slots for wires that are fed through the back, allowing you to charge two items at once without seeing the cables. The bonus drawer at the bottom lets you keep valuable items safely tucked away. It’s perfect for nightstands, the kitchen, or the office.


This lamp that secretly doubles as a charger and power strip

Making the items in your office play double duty is a surefire way to get organized and reduce clutter. This desk lamp comes with three USB charging ports and two outlets. Plus, the LED bulb can be set to three different light temperatures so you can customize your office vibe.


This shelf that will solve all your lost-key problems

If you’re looking to tame the piles of keys, wallets, and sunglasses that have a way of accumulating in your entryway, this wall-mounted shelf with key hooks is just the ticket. Fashioned out of wood and metal, this organizer features a shelf at the top, so you can stage it with an accent plant or diffuser. Or, you can just use it as extra storage.

  • Available colors: 5


This storage case that will save your sunnies from scratches

If you’re tossing your sunglasses from your face to a spare junk drawer, it’s possible they’ll be hard to find next time you need them, and probable that they’ll be covered in scratches too. This sunglasses storage case can fix that, with soft pockets for up to eighteen pairs of sunglasses. Use the lid to prop them up and display your collection, or keep it shut to keep dust out.


This leather caddy which makes lost remotes a thing of the past

“Where’s the remote?” is an age-old question that haunts many living rooms. Answer it for good with this leather remote control holder with space for five remotes of varying sizes. It spreads out your devices in an attractive fan shape, so you’ll always be able to spot the one you need. It has an impressive 4.8-star review after over 3,000 Amazon reviewers weighed in, too.


This airtight food storage set with chalkboard labels

If your kitchen cabinets are a place of chaos and half-empty boxes, this set of airtight food storage containers are an easy way to restore order. Each set contains a variety of container sizes and universal lids, so you never need to worry about finding the right match. The clear design means you’ll always know when you’re running low on cereal, grains, pretzels, or whatever else you use them to store.

  • Available options: 4 pack, 6 pack, 7 pack, 14 pack


The organizer that keeps mops, brooms, and other supplies out of the way

To keep your cleaning supplies organized and off your floor, this wall-mounted mop and broom holder is a refreshingly simple solution. The tool slots are designed with rubber so nothing slips out, and the holder itself is sturdy enough to handle up to 50 pounds, depending on where you mount it. With weather-proof stainless steel material, this mount can also be used outdoors to store tools like rakes and shovels.


These under-the-bed shoe bins that keep all your kicks organized

With these sleek shoe organizer bins, you can turn wasted under-the-bed space into another closet. The bins are available in two designs: one for standard shoes like sneakers, slip-ons, and sandals, and one just for boots. Made of tough canvas material, each bin features a sturdy handle, a zip-around design to keep out dust, and a clear window so you can easily see what’s inside.

  • Available styles: 2


This charming kitchen shelf that adds three layers of storage

It’s not often that “organizing your kitchen” and “adorable” belong in the same sentence, but this three-tiered shelf is an exception to the rule. Made from bamboo and metal, this corner unit is perfect for stacking spices and oils where you can easily see them, or even using the built-in hooks to make a mini espresso corner fit with hanging mugs. The bottom unit can even be turned straight so it fits flush against the wall.


This lightweight rack that adds tons of extra bathroom storage

If space is tight in your bathroom, consider this over-the-toilet rack. It has three shelves to store overflow products, as well as a rack on the top shelf for hanging towels. Setting it up is easy. Just mount it to the wall for extra stability.

  • Available colors: 3


These simple stacking drawers you can use almost anywhere

Sometimes a simple set of stackable drawers like these are all you need to tackle your office or kitchen clutter. The mesh metal basket drawer design lets you easily see what you’re storing, making it a breeze to find at a moment’s notice. Plus, they come in five bold shades so you can match them to your space.

  • Available colors: 5


The extra-slim cabinet here to rescue your bathroom clutter

A narrow bathroom doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice storage, all you need is a specially designed slim cabinet you can fit perfectly within skinnier spaces. Ideal for storing cleaning supplies or stashing some extra toilet paper, it even has a top shelf so you can stage your space with a succulent or candle. Plus, over 13,000 Amazon reviewers have given this organizer a five-star rating.

  • Available colors: 2


The most comprehensive toothbrush organizing system you’ve ever seen

This wall-mounted toothbrush system is the answer to any oral care organization issue you’ve ever had. It comes with a toothbrush rack to hang up to four brushes, a built-in toothpaste dispenser, and even two magnetic cups for mouthwash that hang upside down so they can properly drain. It even includes an extra storage drawer for things like floss and toothpicks.


This modular shoe rack that actually keeps your kicks clean

Some open-air shoe racks can collect dust and grime, but these fully enclosed shoe storage boxes keep your kicks pristine. They’re modular and stackable, so you can customize the shape to turn any spot, be it under the bed or in the closet, into extra shoe storage space. They’re available in gray, blue, pink, and purple.


This hanging wine rack that will free up a ton of cabinet space

A hanging wine rack has tons of benefits you might not have considered, like preventing dust from accumulating inside the glass and freeing up extra space in your cabinets. This rack, made from gold-hued iron, can fit up to twelve glasses and comes with all the necessary mounting hardware. The art-deco design doesn’t hurt either.


This hanging organizer that turns the back of any door into covert storage

The key to organization is creating extra storage space wherever you can, and this over-the-door organizer will have you optimizing every last square inch. It doesn’t require any installation — just use the three adjustable hooks to attach it to nearly any door (it fits varying door widths). It has an impressive 24 pockets in total and, depending on where you use it, can be used to stash anything from spices and sauces to toiletries and makeup.

  • Available options: 1-pack, 2-pack


This hidden solution to crowded cabinets

If extra kitchen utensils are constantly spilling out of your cabinets, consider this over-the-door organizer to get your clutter in check. Made from steel, this organizer can hold up to five cutting boards or similarly sized items. It even comes in a wall-mounted version if you’re short on cabinet space. These are also available in a two-pack.


This drawer organizer that can be installed in seconds

Smaller items have a way of getting lost in dressers, but this drawer organizer that slips directly into your drawers will make that problem a thing of the past. The honeycomb shape creates 18 inner compartments that are perfect for storing underwear, ties, socks, or even jewelry. You can even trim the sides for a custom fit.


The simple solution to stray books and papers

If excess paperwork, books, or magazines are spilling out of your office or kitchen, sometimes a simple solution is the answer. These file boxes contain six slots and will give your stray documents a sleek silhouette. Reviewers rave about the price and convenience, with one writing, “These are easy to assemble, are sturdy, arrived in one piece, work perfectly.” What more could you ask for?

  • Available colors: 3


This convenient, rotating tie organizer that saves closet space

Consider this the tie holder, reinvented. This hanging tie rack can hold up to twenty ties, de-cluttering your closet in the process. It not only has rungs, but clips to hold your accessories in place and prevent slippage. Plus, the hanging handle rotates 360 degrees so you can easily access ties at a moment’s notice.


This smart-looking ottoman with hidden storage

To get extra-organized, make your furniture work overtime. This ottoman features a hollow center and removable, quilted lid that allows you to use it for storage as well as a footstool. Be it linens, toys, or workout gear, you’ll be able to keep it out of sight but perfectly organized. It’s foldable, too, so you can store it flat when you’re not using it.

  • Available colors: 4


This compact desk organizer that tidies your work space

If you’re limited in desk space but need major organizational power, consider this steel mesh desk organizer. It features two file slots, a pen compartment, a small slide-out drawer for pins and clips, and a slanted memo pad holder. This humble organizer has an impressive 4.5 star-rating and doesn’t take up much space.


This cleaning caddy that will keep you on top of mess management

Keeping your space organized and keeping it clean can go hand in hand. Help yourself do both with this cleaning caddy. Its four-gallon capacity and easy-grip handle allow you to lug several bottles of product and supplies from wherever you choose to store them to wherever the mess is. It’s available in three different colors.


These space-saving hangers that help you take advantage of vertical closet space

If you’re tight on closet space, you’ll want this three-pack of S-shape hangers that allow you to take advantage of your vertical space. They feature five rungs instead of just one, so that you can fold and store multiple pairs of slacks, scarves, ties, or anything else. Their stainless steel body allows them to stand up to the extra load, too.


This easy solution to organize your gadgets and electronics

If your space is a constant tangle of wires and cables, this travel electronics organizer is here to the rescue. It features padded dividers, mesh compartments, and elastic slots to secure headphones, chargers, tablets, and more. At just 3.5 inches wide, it’s perfect for travel. Plus, it’s waterproof.


This container that keeps your breakfast bagels fresh

Yep, even your meals can get more organized. This bagel container stores up to six bagels in airtight, water-proof conditions, keeping your breakfast fresher for longer. It’s dishwasher and microwave safe as well, making it a handy new addition to your kitchen.