These weird, common problems you deal with actually have clever, cheap solutions

You’ll never have to deal with these inconveniences again.

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It’s easy to grow used to annoying everyday problems and forget that there are plenty of cheap solutions out there to fix them. And guess what? Those solutions are available on Amazon.

Whether you’re trying to get unwanted insects under control around the house, finally keep track of your socks on laundry day, or even control the amount of sunlight shining into your room while you’re trying to nap, the following products will undoubtedly help improve your life and solve the issues you’re dealing with.


Problem: Your rugs keep curling up

Solution: This rug tape that will secure your carpet in place

This double-sided rug tape is a must for preventing your rugs from curling and slipping and keeps them secured in place. It works for any floor type ranging from tile to wood, and even works on carpet. The heavy-duty adhesive is durable but doesn’t ruin your floors with a sticky residue. You can buy a roll in 20 or 30 yards.


Problem: There's a draft coming in from your door

Solution: A door draft stopper that blocks out wind

If your heating bills tend to pile up, you may want to give this door draft stopper a try. It blocks 50% of wind from slipping into the gap of your doors. The thick foam works to seal the space and can easily be trimmed to fit any space regardless of the size.


Problem: You run out of toilet paper at the worst time

Solution: This holder stand that stores 4 rolls of toilet paper

Never be without a roll of toilet paper again, thanks to this free-standing holder. This holder will look great in any bathroom in the home, based on its simple yet impressive design. This helps make your toilet paper become more easily accessible, as it flawlessly stores up to four rolls. It’s made from a stainless steel matte black, and currently has an impressive 4.5-star rating on Amazon.


Problem: Your pictures on the wall are crooked

Solution: A laser level with incredible reviews

Over 7,000 Amazon shoppers have rated this laser level five stars. Whether you need to hang mirrors, photos, shelves, or artwork, this level features two backlit bubbles and has a 360-degree rotator that attaches to the wall to accurately project lines from any angle. It also comes with the two batteries you’ll need to get it up and running, so you’ll be properly decorating your walls in no time.


Problem: Your room smells musty

Solution: This deodorizer that plugs into the wall to fight germs

This sanitizer and deodorizer plugs into the wall to instantly eradicate germs and airborne mold and reduce unwanted odor thanks to its powerful UV-C light. Removing the bulk factor of most air purifiers, this plug-in is a fantastic solution to keep in your kitchen post-cooking or on deck in every bathroom. It’s also great to plug in near the litterbox if you have a cat.


Problem: You've noticed bugs are starting to come in

Solution: An indoor insect trap

If you find yourself running into unwanted guests more often than not, this indoor insect trap is a must. It features a UV light, a powerful fan, and a sticky glue board that all work together to catch mosquitos, moths, fruit flies, and more pests. The sleek design will sit pretty wherever you decide to keep it.


Problem: Your neighbors are too loud

Solution: These noise-canceling earplugs

Give yourself the gift of a good night’s rest with these noise-canceling earplugs. They are crafted from a comfortable silicone material that sits comfortably in your ears. Whether you’re trying to focus at work, sleep on the airplane, or get some meditation in, these plugs work wonders for drowning out the noise. Unlike many other earplugs, these ergonomic plugs can be both reused and washed.


Problem: There's too much clutter in your home

Solution: A pack of storage cubes to organize your belongings

Available in a pack of six, these storage cubes are a game-changer for organizing miscellaneous belonging around the house. Whether you need storage for your towels, linens, toys, or even office supplies, these lightweight bins fold up and are easily accessible. They come in 10 solid colors, from pink to black, to best match your home’s interior. Each cube measures 11 by 10.5 by 10.5 inches.


Problem: You can never find your keys

Solution: This Bluetooth tracker that’ll find them for you

The stress that comes with misplacing your keys or phone can be solved with this Bluetooth tracker. It connects to the Tile Mate app and can locate any of your items up to 250 feet in range. Grab it in a pack of two or three, or start with just one to test it out. As one five-star reviewer raved, “My daily morning frustration routine was either looking for my keys or my phone. Now — as long as I have one I can find the other.”


Problem: There's too much light coming into your bedroom

Solution: These adhesive window shades that come in a pack of 6

What makes these paper window shades so great is how easy they are to install. After you measure and cut the blinds to your window length, just simply peel the adhesive strip and stick it to the top of your window frame. The shades may seem lightweight, but they work to keep the light from coming in and provide UV protection during the day.


Problem: Your windows don't offer much privacy

Solution: This rainbow window decal with a 4.6-star rating

Nearly 50,000 Amazon shoppers are obsessed with these rainbow window decals since they’re a cheap and stylish way to increase privacy without blocking the natural sunlight. The film comes in 11 different sizes that work for most window frames. These work with static cling and don’t have a sticky adhesive, making them reusable and easy to reposition.


Problem: Mud gets tracked into the home

Solution: These indoor & outdoor door mats that have an anti-slip bottom

Incorporate these affordable door mats both indoors and outdoors to prevent mud from tracking onto your floors. The mats are made from a super-absorbent fabric, so whether it’s raining or snowing, they’ll soak up water. The bottom of the rug is crafted from an anti-slip rubber to secure the mat in place. Since they’re fade-resistant, they’ll look good for quite some time.


Problem: Your cutting boards are drying out

Solution: This oil & wax kit made to restore your wooden cutting boards

With an impressive 4.8-star rating, this cutting board oil and wax kit works to restore your kitchen utensils crafted from wood. From your cutting board to wooden spoons, and even wood countertops, the citrus-scented formula has proven to revive and restore, while preventing future damage. It’s made with carnauba wax, beeswax, and mineral oil.


Problem: Your dog gets hair all over your car during trips

Solution: This car seat cover made for your pup

Over 40,000 pet owners are obsessed with this best-selling car seat for your dog that prevents fur from getting all over your seats. It easily attaches to the back of a headrest or can loop through the seat belt buckle for a secure and sturdy fit. It’s made from waterproof material and is big enough to fit in most car sizes ranging from an SUV to a sedan.


Problem: Your freezer is filled with ice chunks

Solution: This freezer mat that prevents ice build-up

Available in a pack of two, this anti-ice freezer mat is a genius hack for preventing frost and ice build-up. Just use them as a shelf liner to sit underneath your items and you’ll instantly notice a dramatic decrease of frost. These are a great way to easily add a little more space to your freezer.


Problem: Produce goes bad too quickly

Solution: These storage bins that help keep produce fresh for longer

These storage containers are incredibly effective for extending the life of produce. They are designed with a carbon filter and vents that improve airflow to keep your fruits and veggies fresh, preventing your groceries from going bad right after they’re bought. Each container is 4.3 quarts, which is the perfect size for a bag of lettuce.


Problem: You can never find the right spice you need

Solution: A rotating spice organizer

This revolving spice rack is a neat way to store your spices and make your spice drawer less of a disorganized mess. The sleek design will sit pretty on your countertop. It has two tiers and comes with 12 empty jars that you can fill with your own most-used spices. They’re easy to wash and refill, just in case you ever want to add a new spice to the mix.


Problem: Your pantry is littered with coffee mugs

Solution: This chic mug holder tree

Instead of letting your mugs pile up in the pantry, try this mug holder tree that can store up to six cups. The wooden design features an anti-slip pad on the bottom that won’t scratch your counters. Thousands of Amazon shoppers even use it to organize their jewelry and other accessories. You can get it in black or yellow.


Problem: Your cat won't stop scratching your couches

Solution: This scratch guard that protects your furniture

Being a pet owner is super rewarding, but it also comes with some downsides — like expensive furniture repairs. These 17 by 12-inch anti-scratch shields have an adhesive back and are the best solution for protecting your couch from sharp paws. They come in a pack of 6, 10, 12, and 18, and can easily be cut to fit any size sofa.


Problem: Sorting laundry takes too long

Solution: This hamper with two compartments

This hamper makes the task of sorting laundry a whole lot easier. It has two different compartments that are great for dividing lights and darks, or clothes from intimates. The durable, lightweight design makes for easy transportation. The best part? This hamper comes with a secure lid so your room won’t look like a mess with overflowing dirty clothes.


Problem: You constantly lose socks in the wash

Solution: This genius laundry tool that keeps your socks in order

This genius SockDock laundry tool will solve the mystery of the missing sock on a weekly basis. Not to mention, it will also save you a lot of time. This handy product stores up to nine pairs of socks and can go straight into the washing machine. When the load is done, you’ll be thrilled to find each sock with its mate. The SockDock is available in four different bright colors, like hot pink and blue.


Problem: You can never find a pen while working from home

Solution: This desk organizer that stores all of your office supplies

This mesh desk organizer is a wonderful solution for storing your pens, paperclips, and to-do lists. It comes with two slots, a pen holder, and a mini shelf for Post-it notes. The minimal black design will match any office interior, and it’ll ensure you always have a pen handy before a big meeting.


Problem: You don't get the most out of your jarred food

Solution: These tiny spatulas make sure you get every last drop

Save yourself a trip to the grocery store with these tiny spatulas that will ensure you get every last bit of your jarred food. They come in a pack of six with three different sizes and are an absolutely genius way to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Aside from peanut butter, these silicone sticks also work great for beauty products, such as foundation and moisturizer.


Problem: The staircase gets hard to see at night

Solution: This pack of LED lights that doesn’t require a ton of assembly

Keep your hallways and bathrooms lit with these sleek adhesive LED lights that seamlessly stick to the walls. The battery-operated lights are available in a pack of six and come with a mini remote so you can control the brightness from bed. The set comes with 18 batteries, so you’ll be ready to set up these lights instantly.


Problem: You're using too much toilet paper

Solution: This bidet that will save you tons of money

When it comes to cutting down costs, I’m all ears — and this bidet attachment is a great way to save money. The bidet doesn’t require plumbing, making it easy to install, and it has four different water spray settings that clean your bum. You can control the pressure on an easy-to-reach dial. “A fantastic product for those who want to be truly clean! This will save you on toiletries in the long run as we now no longer use large amounts of tissue and wipes. Simply spray, and dry yourself. This also saves on plumbing bills for clogs and backups,” a five-star reviewer wrote.


Problem: You have no place to put your trinkets

Solution: A sleek shelf that mounts to your wall

This five-tier shelf is available in eight different colors. It easily mounts to your wall to display your favorite picture frames and trinkets in style. Not only is it a smart way to maximize your space, but it adds the perfect touch to any blank wall. Thousands of Amazon shoppers raved about the easy installation, while others admitted to using the shelves in their kitchen to store spices.


Problem: Your window sills are overrun with plants

Solution: This best-selling stand that has 7 spots for plants

Plants are a chic and natural way to spruce up your home, and this plant stand will make your succulent addiction a little neater. The three-tier design can hold up to seven pots that will look gorgeous on your balcony or against the wall. Plus, you can’t beat the price. Over 6,300 shoppers rated it five stars. One reviewer raved, “I love the quality of this plant stand. It is very sturdy and truly does hold a great deal of weight...They include protective gloves, a mallet, extra pieces, and even a tiny gardening tool set!”


Problem: You keep forgetting to charge your phone

Solution: The lamp that that USB ports to charge all of your devices

This night lamp features a variety of built-in USB ports so you can charge up to four devices at one time. Whether it be your phone, Airpods, or Amazon Kindle, this lamp that sits on your nightstand makes it easy to remember to plug in your everyday gadgets overnight. Aside from its chargers, it also has a sturdy wood base and is available in 10 great colors, some of which have a pull chain feature added.


Problem: You leave lights on in the house

Solution: These light bulbs you can schedule

There are so many reasons to make the switch to these smart light bulbs. By setting them up with the Vont home app, you can set the timer, control the brightness, or turn off the lights even when you’re not at home. They’re also entertaining — these bulbs are compatible with Alexa Voice control and can sync up to your favorite song. The color-changing feature might just be the best part.


Problem: It's become hard to organize your mail

Solution: This mail organizer that mounts to your wall

Keeping track of your mail is harder than it seems; good thing this mail organizer is here to help. It comes with a wooden hook and mounts to the wall for a chic rustic style. On the bottom, it also has removable hooks that you can use to store your car keys or even the key to your mailbox. With organization like this, you’ll never be late with a bill.


Problem: Your bathroom vanity is too messy

Solution: This acrylic organizer for your makeup & jewelry

This top-rated vanity storage organizer is an essential item for anyone who struggles with messy makeup or tangled necklaces. It has nine compartments in various sizes and is made from clear acrylic plastic, so you can visibly see all of your makeup and accessories. It’s also easy to clean, in case you have a foundation spill, and has gained an impressive 4.7-star rating on Amazon.


Problem: Your kitchen is covered in oil splashes after cooking

Solution: This splash guard that’s a major cooking essential

Say goodbye to oil stains on your clothes and stove with this splatter screen. The guard attaches easily to your pans or pots, ensuring your countertops and hands will be protected from hot oil splashes during cooking. It’s made from stainless steel and comes in three different sizes, ranging from 11.5 inches to 15 inches.


Problem: Your sweaters always pill

Solution: This fabric shaver with over 10,000 5-star reviews.

Instead of putting your favorite sweater in the “get rid of” pile, try this fabric defuzzer that helps restore your knits back to life. The gentle stainless steel blade is designed to pill fuzz, get rid of lint, and trim loose threads in just seconds. The rechargeable and compact design also makes it perfect for travel.


Problem: You never seem to find a USB outlet when you need one

Solution: These wall chargers that feature 3 USB ports

Reviewers rave that this USB wall charger is "perfect" and "great for traveling,” especially since it has a 100-240 volt input that’s perfect for international trips. It features three different USB ports, so you can charge all of your day-to-day devices in one spot without having to remember to bring multiple cubes. The affordable price tag includes a pack of two and works for most smartphones on the market.


Problem: Your TV remote always gets stuck in the couch

Solution: This remote holder that mounts to your wall

This remote holder mounts easily to your wall to keep all of your remote controls from going missing. Designed in the United States, the back features a removable adhesive that secures to your wall in just seconds. That said, you can also take it a step further using screws, which are included. It holds up to four remotes of various sizes.


Problem: You have no place to put snacks while watching TV

Solution: This side table that clips onto your sofa

This best-selling armrest tray is amazing because it attaches easily to your couch, creating the most convenient side table for your remote and coffee. It comes in three different solid colors such as white, black, and brown to match any living room aesthetic. Since it clamps on, no assembly is required — and you can easily store it elsewhere when not in use.


Problem: Your basement gets too cold, regardless of the season

Solution: This incredibly cozy blanket that’s reversible

Keep yourself warm and cozy while cuddling up with this incredibly soft throw blanket. One side is crafted from a microfiber cashmere, while the other side features a faux sherpa texture. It’s available in 11 different colors like red, grey, and blue, and comes in various sizes to best fit your bed or couch. This blanket is washer and dryer-friendly, so you never need to worry about spills or crumbs.


Problem: Your tile grout is stained

Solution: This tile paint market that will make your bathroom feel brand new

This tile paint marker has over 14,000 perfect five-star reviews. It’s the cheapest and easiest way to revive your grout back to fresh white, instead of having to constantly scrub the floors or shower. The fast-drying formula is made with non-toxic eco-friendly ingredients, making it a product you can feel good about.


Problem: Your jewelry has gotten dull

Solution: A jewelry cleaning kit to revive your favorite silver pieces

This jewelry cleaning kit is the most effective way for reviving and bringing your silver necklaces back to life. The top-rated formula instantly removes tarnish and rust stains and is perfect for all types of accessories including earrings, rings, and bracelets. One five-star reviewer, Melissa, wrote, “I’m actually in shock at how well this worked. My necklace looks brand new. And it was quick. Took like five minutes.”


Problem: Your outdoor steps are slippery

Solution: This super durable anti-slip tape that has incredible reviews

Prevent slipping and sliding with this durable anti-slip tape that you can put directly on your stairs. The adhesive strip is made from a strong waterproof material that provides traction to your steps. It can easily be cut to work for any length size and is suitable on all types of surfaces including wood, tile, concrete, stone, and more. It’s also great to use on ladders and entryways.